Speedy Return: Alexander Pearl Gets Second Consecutive SK Light Mod Win At Stafford

Alexander Pearl celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Last Friday at Stafford Speedway Alexander Pearl scored victory in the SK Light Modified feature.

It marked the first victory for the Salem driver since June 4, 2021.

Friday at Stafford Pearl made sure there would not be another year long drought between victory lane celebrations.

Pearl drove away from the field over the closing laps to win for the second consecutive week in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature.

“I’m extremely hard on myself and I have high expectations,” Pearl said. “The last year was pretty difficult. We were in the points hunt, but we weren’t really there ya know. You just have to dig hard. We had a really good car and I knew the wins would come eventually. We’ve finally hit on something that we didn’t have last year.”

Tyler Barry of Preston was second and George Bessette Jr. of Danbury third.

Pearl got under Barry in a fight for the lead on lap 11, with the pair coming to the start/finish line side-by-side. Pearl was able to get the advantage off of turn two on lap 12 and went unchallenged the rest of the way.

“I just had a really good car,” Pearl said. “I can’t thank my dad enough for putting together a really stout piece. I’m speechless again, two weeks in a row. I didn’t expect it starting deep.”


  1. Too bad it was the last event for Joe Coss he finally really came close to pronouncing DESAULNIERS correctly. Not quite but close. Now we start all over again with Rickey, Dodge surely won’t ever get it right.
    “They” don’t call him the “Mad Pup” the announcers do and as he gets older and enjoys more success it will get more trite and counter intuitive. Jackie Arute had it right with the “Rooster”. Cocky but lovable. He’s got talent for sure but there’s a lot more there. A third place, he’s exuberant after the bad start to the season but is looking right into the camera making his points. He’s a natural. He’ll need more on track success but I’m thinking total package if he can produce the win record.
    Happened again at the start. Cars darting out of line, dad Vinnie subbing for his rightfully suspended son goes flying into the infield and a caution. Karma?? I’m betting race control told the drivers to stay in their lanes at the start because they did and it was like magic. No immediate chaos funny how that works. Then the fast cars don’t get collected at the start, do get to move up and it’s an actual race instead of a demo derby. 4 cars not able to finish the race whereas the prior week it was FOURTEEN!!!
    If it was race control say it at the start of each race. Stay in your lane at least for a half a lap for Pete’s sake.

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