Triple Play: David Arute Gets Third SK Mod Win Of 2022 In Senator’s Cup 50 At Stafford 

David Arute celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – David Arute closed out the 2021 season at Stafford Speedway by scoring his first career SK Modified division victory in the final race of the year at the historic facility his family operates. 

It was a long awaited celebration for Arute in the track’s premier division. 

In 2022 the waiting hasn’t been long at all between celebrations for the Tolland driver. 

Arute got by Mike Christopher Jr. for the lead on lap 35 and went on to victory in the SK Modified Senator’s Cup 50 Friday at Stafford. 

It was the third victory of the season for Arute, who got his first win of the year on May 13 and his second on July 1. 

“I’m speechless right now,” Arute said. “End of last year I was just hoping to get one win this year and that would be a huge year. To get three wins with such a great field here, this is just awesome. Three years in one year. A year ago I was just so excited to get one win. This is unbelievable.” 

Ronnie Williams of Tolland was second and Christopher, of Walcott, third. 

Caution flew on lap 30 with Williams leading, Christopher in second, Bryan Narducci third and Arute fourth. 

On the restart it was it was Christopher and Arute in the outside lane getting by Williams through turns one and two. 

Williams was critical of the track conditions before the restart. 

“I was too nice for too long with [Christopher],” Williams said. “I knew we had a car to win. That last caution, it was a sand pit down in [turn] and I just got loose and [Arute and Christopher] were able to get by us on the outside. The track probably wasn’t ready to go green. It sucks for these guys. We should be in victory lane right now but we’re in second.” 

Christopher was elated to find the podium after struggles for much of the 2022 season. 

“Considering the season we’ve had it feels pretty good to be up here,” Christopher said. “Battling for the win, being able to come out here and put a show on. From what I heard on the radio it was a great race. [Narducci, Williams, Arute], me, I feel like we put on a show.” 


  1. Boy can Williams cry , I think it’s about time he grows up , Arute had to work for that win , Williams thinks it should be handed to him , hard hit by Rocco hope he’s ok

  2. Chad Luginbuhl says

    Elect, the 50 was the leader at the last caution the 82 and Artue passed the 50 before the start/finish???

  3. bill michael says

    congrats,great win!

  4. Great race. Best one I’ve seen so far this year

    Already looking forward to next Friday

  5. Chad, I agree i think if it was any one else a caution and restart would happen. But that’s an Arute in that 75 car,

  6. Chad,
    Nobody passed Williams before the start/finish line.

  7. wmass01013 says

    Shawn 1000% wrong while didnt notice live, if u go watch the SK feature on FLO, CLEARLY AT the 36:50 Min mark of video the 82 is well ahead and the 75 by a tire is in front of Willams!

  8. What are you guys taking about? There’s no rule that you can’t beat the leader to the line. It’s based on who fires in the restart box first

    And cmon you think they didn’t call a restart back because David was in 4th on the outside? You’re reaching

  9. When all else fails read the rules.

    “Green Flag (Start of Race)
    For all starts and restarts, all cars must remain in their assigned starting position and in their assigned lane until the green flag is displayed. The flagman will wave the green flag when the leader, P1, “fires” somewhere in the start box (as designated by the lines at the end of turn 4). At no time shall P2 be ahead of P1 as they come through turn 3 and turn 4, up until the green flag is waved. ”

    It’s not that complicated. The green thrown when the leader fires off inside the box. Since P2 can never be ahead of P1 until P1 fires off there should be no circumstance where P2 can lead P1 by the second line of the start box.
    Both Williams and Christopher fired off before the box. Then Christopher is ahead of Williams in the box it was all just a mess. Should have issued a warning and restarted.
    End of the race with a bunch of contenders chomping at the bit they deserved a righteous start. That was the opposite of righteous.
    Flagman error in my view. It happens all the time it’s just in this case it materially gave the outside row an advantage that affected the outcome.
    Williams was right but right or wrong it’s a bad look in victory lane.


    Rocco’s hit was ugly. SAFER barrier before the break in the wall would be a very wise investment. As for the race, Arute won it fairly. Racing at the family plant you are always going to hear some malcontent claim favoritism. Watching him mature as a driver he’s learned to win and deserves the credit untarnished.

  11. Chad Luginbuhl says

    Thank you, Doug!!!

  12. Chad the start box as Doug mentions is not the start finish line as your referring to , as Christopher says some people will always think those two Arute boys will be given preference or allowed to cheat , those are the last two they have to worry about cheating

  13. “Flagman error in my view. It happens all the time it’s just in this case it materially gave the outside row an advantage that affected the outcome.”

    Race control has cameras on the start box and makes the good/bad start call.

  14. The rule refers to the “flagman” and it was used in the generic sense. Clearly everyone is connected from the flag stand to race control and beyond for that matter. Working as a team with each having a measure of discretion I would imagine to make calls based on what they see and share with each other.
    Tapley said in an interview on Unmuffled in 2019 that in traveling home he reviews the decisions or lack of them in his head and in some cases second guesses himself. I’d bet he had a conversation with himself about the no call.
    There are bad restarts literally all the time it’s just the majority are not blatant nor consequential so they pass on a lot to keep things moving. You can pass on the outside before the start/finish line you just have to do it mainly between the second line of the box and start/finish line.

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