Unique Format, Big Money For 9th Annual NAPA Auto Parts SK 5K At Stafford

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

The NAPA Auto Parts SK 5K returns to Stafford Speedway Friday, August 5th for the 9th running of the $5,000 to win SK Modified® event. The NAPA SK 5K has become the biggest event of the season for the SK Modified® division with an impressive list of past winners including Ted Christopher, Rowan Pennink, Ryan Preece, Chase Dowling, Ronnie Williams, and Mike Christopher. The 2022 edition will feature prize money in excess of $30,000. 

Stafford teams will be dealt a new twist this season, official race distance will not be determined until the cars are on the grid for the feature. Race distance options of 60 laps, 70 laps, or 80 laps will be randomly drawn.   

“The NAPA Auto Parts SK 5K has always been a race where we mix it up and try and have some fun,” explained Stafford Speedway General Manager David Arute. “Changing it up with the laps adds another challenge for the race teams.  We’ll see who can conquer the SK 5K and take home the big payday.”

The NAPA Auto Parts Gambler’s Challenge also returns to NAPA SK 5K night adding an additional $5,000+ in bonus money. For a $100 entry-fee SK Modified® teams can enter the NAPA Gambler’s Challenge. Stafford Speedway will match all entries, 25 entries translates to $5,000 in bonus money available. At the conclusion of the feature event the winner will randomly draw how the bonus will be distributed: all to the winner, split amongst the top-3, top-5, 6th to 10th, or 11th to 20th. 

“Between the purse, NAPA Gambler’s Challenge, and our weekly contingency bonuses the total prize money up for grabs for this year’s NAPA SK 5K is over $30,000,” continued Arute. “Pretty strong for what could be a 60-lap race.”

The 2022 season has been another incredibly competitive year for the SK Modified® division with 8 winners through the first 12 events of the season. Defending track champion Todd Owen holds a 62 point lead over two-time track champion Ronnie Williams. 

Tickets for the 9th Annual NAPA Auto Parts SK 5K are now available online at StaffordSpeedway.com/tickets

For more information, visit www.staffordspeedway.com, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. ha,, what’s this,, saw BIG MONEY in the title,, and,, Hirschmans name did not appear once???? another week,, another story,, i guess. (thank goodness)…

  2. Turn One Fan says

    Sk’s do 40 laps on a regular Friday for $20. If it turns out to be 60 laps for $30, not so great!

  3. Yeah, I don’t get the hoopla of this event. They lost me on this event when they spent over 30 minutes introducing the drivers having them walk thru the stands one time. Its good money for the drivers which is great, but it doesnt do much for me as a fan. Didn’t the SK’s have an annual 100 and 150 lap races back in the day. I seem to remember always looking forward to them. It’s been a while maybe 10 to 15 years removed from them. I would be more interested in seeing them bring those back, Maybe run a 113 lap race in honor of TC.

    I got a megamillions ticket for tonight. Those numbers come in and I will buy a race track and implement all these great ideas I have. The track will probably be for sale the following year and I will be the subject matter of documentary on how to lose 750 million dollars in a year.

  4. Wonder if the Tri Track race the next day will effect the crowd

  5. I’d love to see twin 30’s with the field inverted for the second race. Have the first race payout be biased toward the front runners to prevent sandbagging. New tires and adjustments would be allowed between races.

  6. Rafter fan says

    The uncertain race distance gimmick is not new – it was used for the first few SK5Ks, before Stafford settled on 109 laps for the most recent events. I hope it ends up at 80 laps this year.

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