Blackjack: Ronnie Williams Hits 21st Career SK Modified Victory At Stafford Speedway 

Ronnie Williams celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Ronnie Williams came into Friday night’s racing card at Stafford Speedway sharing 10th place on the track’s all-time win list for the premier SK Modified division. 

He left the track with sole possession of the position. 

Williams, of Ellington, drove away from the field over the final 20 laps to win the 40-lap SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford. 

It was the 21st career SK Modified victory at Stafford for Williams, a two-time division champion. 

Troy Talman of Oxford, Mass. was second and Bryan Narducci of Colchester third. 

Williams had been sharing 10th place on the division’s all-time win list with Rowan Pennink before Friday. 

It was the second victory of the season for Williams, who won on June 24. 

It was the perfect rebound for Williams, who had mechanical issues just before the start of last week’s SK Modified feature. 

“I can’t thank these guys enough,” Williams said. “It was a rough one last week, but this definitely makes up for it this week. … Hopefully next week we can do the same thing.” 

Williams went to the front early, but lost the lead to Talman on a lap 11 restart. But one lap later Williams got under Talman for the lead off of turn four and never trailed again. 

It was the second consecutive podium finish for Talman in SK Modified action at Stafford. He was third last week. He also recorded a second in the Sunoco Modified feature Tuesday at Thompson Speedway. 

“I could say we’ve got the momentum now,” Talman said. “Third last Friday, second at Thompson Tuesday, second again today. The car was great. It was just a tick free when I was running the bottom. But the thing was mint. Congratulations to Ronnie, he was just better than us tonight.” 


  1. What the heck is going with the 82. Starts on pole, and finished mid pack.

  2. Congrats to Ronnie, Adam, Les and the whole #50 Let’s Auto team. Great job.

  3. Stafford Lincoln Tech 80 Pick 6 Results says

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  4. Suitcase Jake says

    Great JOB DOUG …. You are doing a Great job !!!!!!! Shoulda coulda woulda …. take Preece … take Preece… Oh boy …. Didn’t take the late entry …………oh well……… That Teddy Hodgson is just as SOLID as STEEL …. TOP 5’s …..The Mad PUP did a Fantastic Job !!! not surprised at all ……… Raced with His DAD MADDOG at Thompson when he ran for the LaMountain Brother’s ….in Pro Stocks… He was Fast but always gave you a lane to race in…..He raced you clean as well.. But if you messed with him you would get payback equal to what you dealed out …The Pup really impressed with 7th place Finish… !!!! Great start to probably another long career turning left ….. !!!!!

  5. I was surprised bt Hodgdon, but shouldn’t have. Bessette ran a solid race, as did Owen. Woody made a tremendous save on front stretch in closing laps. He was hit and was all over the place and gathered it up and closed the deal. Great job Woody

  6. Let’s see, just off the top of the head what have been some of the things Stafford has innovated or if not introduced vastly improved on over the years.

    -one of the first to upgrade to state of the art lighting and sound systems
    -the in house video capability has been around forever
    -tidy, organized parking lot
    -clean, top of the line rest rooms
    -track specific divisions with their own rules the track sticks to no matter what
    -Didn’t invent the SK Modified concept but perfected it.
    -Didn’t invent the SK Light concept but perfected it.
    -The big ass TV. Not once but twice.
    -SRX series and network broadcasting to the track…..twice.
    -First track to offer a tour mod open format.
    -Dropped the NASCAR sanction then dropped NASCAR races.
    -it’s own unique licensing format
    -safer barriers
    -safety and conduct rules to the point of being anal about it
    – first to have no smoking grand stands
    -family friendly atmosphere before most every other track
    -mind numbing array of beer choices and Double Hooked Bar.
    -first to find a way to open first in the pandemic
    -first local asphalt track to offer streaming on a weekly basis, improved it and now is the state of the medium for local tracks.
    -foster an atmosphere that promotes female drivers participation and now Stafford has a very strong group of female drivers including a current champion.

    It’s exhausting trying to remember it all but just one more if you please. The first person of color in the announcing booth and not in just any event makes his debut in an open with greater viewership. Is there anything Bonssa Tufa can’t do?
    Has Owen had a chance to remove the sand bags from his car yet after that singularly unspectacular SK run on Friday? Why not, he could have taken the night off and still been comfortably in first place in the standings.

  7. Suitcase Jake says

    Doug, Pray tell … Who was the Original SK or where did this come from ? I always thought it was Jack Arute’s baby , Like Anthony Vendetti the Godfather of the Pro Stocks at the Cement Palace.. Pray tell >>.??

  8. I can’t believe you pray tell(ed) me. Thinly veiled sarcasm noted so lets see if I know my stuff.
    The first year of the SK’s at Stafford was 1982 when they replaced to Sportsman division (Jerry Marquis in the 73 dominated) that had been dying a slow death. They ran as the second division from 1982 to 1986 when they became the premier division in 1987.
    At the time the Danbury RaceArena closed in 1981 they had been running a sportsman modified division for a number of years. Bo Gunning actually won three races in the division before the track closed then moved on to Stafford. Plainville Stadium may have had a sportsman modified division as well before they closed and Speedbowl fans may be able to expand on a straight 6 sportsman modified division the track had for a while.
    Calling them SK’s was new but they were for all intents and purposes a sportsman division for 5 years and the sportsman modified concept had been around for a while before 1982.
    Give Arute and Stafford all the credit for elevating it to top of the card status and more importantly sticking with it. Especially during what could only be described as disastrous early years starting in 1987 when it was just SK’s and Late Models that were closer to Streets currently running at Stafford then what we see now on the track as Late Models.
    Arute came up with the name SK’s and elevated his sportsman modified division to premier status based mostly on economic necessity. However he was not the originator of the concept of a lower budget modified division.
    How’d I do?

  9. tires wins races says

    dougs not perfect for sure owen running on old tires duh

  10. Doug, I believe you are correct about Danbury running the “sportsman” class for several years before they closed. Danbury closed at the end of the ’81 season, and Stafford started the SK Modified division at the beginning of the ’82 season, basically using the Danbury sportsman rules to launch the season. Randy LaJoie got his start in Danbury’s sportsman division, and when they closed he moved on to run SK’s at Stafford and modifieds at Waterford before moving on to run the NASCAR North series.

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