RaceDayCT Poll: Iced Coffee Or Hot Coffee?

In the coffee game, what keeps you running? Vote below.


  1. Hillary 2024 says

    If ice beats out hot, I don’t buy it. Clearly a recency bias due to the warm weather recently. Shawn you need to have this poll in the fall. That way one day may be hot, the next cold.

  2. my favorite,, popular brand- black label (diet-decaf) in gallon jugs,, cut with 50% water… am i showing my age and finances???

  3. Hot Decaf.

  4. I’m generally a hot coffee guy but a shout out to Treehouse brewery, they make amazing cold brew.. Monochrome.. hit the spot this past week.

  5. How about this for a refreshing geezer pleaser?
    Any number of tea’s to chose from that can have health benefits. Nature based stevia root for the sweetener and good old lemon known to promote digestion.
    Speaking of geezer’s two former forum favorites are promoting a tour mod race up in Claremont tonight. They could have been the “Guys” that captured the Speedbowl lightning in a bottle but oh well, water under the bridge.

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