RaceDayCT Poll: Who Will Win The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Event At The Speedbowl?

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series returns to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl for the first time since 2016 Saturday for the running of the Belltown Motors/Fowler’s Auto Wrecking 100 presented by CBYD 811. Today’s poll question asks, who will win the event? Vote below.


  1. MMTTS @ the Speedbowl Forum Pick 6 says

    MMTTS @ the Speedbowl Forum Pick 6

    Forum Pick 6 Rules
    First Place………0 points
    Second Place….2 points
    Third Place……..3 points
    Fourth through the final finisher assigned points equal to their finishing position.
    “Mulligan”-Worst finish (aka highest score) dropped from scoring leaving your 5 best counting toward your final score.
    Any car that doesn’t show, has an equipment failure or otherwise doesn’t make the feature to be assigned a score equal to the number of feature starters plus one and can be dropped via the mulligan.
    Lowest point total wins.
    Tie breaker- All six picks scored.

    Entry List (Not final-watch for additions and subtractions)

    0 Mike Holdridge
    00 Craig Lutz
    1 Dave Etheridge
    3 Andrew Molleur
    3G Matt Galko
    4 Tommy Barrett
    5 (or 75) Chris Pasteryak
    06 Les Hinckley
    06MA Samuel Rameau
    7NY Michael Christopher Jr.
    07 Kyle Bonsignore
    9CT Chase Dowling
    11CT Dylan Izzo
    11 Ed Flemke Jr.
    13 Todd Szegedy
    19 Anthony Bello
    20 Max Zachem
    21 Richard Savary
    21 Tyler Barry
    25 Ronnie Williams
    25CT Anthony Flannery
    25 Brian Robie
    27 Derek Robbie
    28 Buddy Charette
    33 Paul Buzel
    40 Ryan Preece
    46 Jeff Rocco
    50 Ron Silk
    51J Rob Janovic
    55B Robert Bloxson III
    55D Ryan Doucette
    55CT Teddy Hodgdon
    57 Keith Rocco
    58 Matthew Brode
    60 Matt Hirschman
    66 Timmy Solomito
    76A Kirk Alexander
    76P Jacob Perry
    77 Matt Gallo
    81OTodd Owen
    81Z Josh Zentek
    88 Woody Pitkat
    89 Matthew Swanson
    176 Dana DiMatteo

  2. AlJ…. 7ny 25 60 88 81o 57

  3. Fast Eddie says

    7ny, 50, 60, 5/75, 81, 21

  4. I Wanna Play says

    7ny. 60 , 50 , 40 , 00 , 81

  5. 60, 40, 88, 66, 50, 57

  6. 57, 88, 60, 7ny, 50, 40

  7. 28, 7NY, 57, 60, 81Owen, 50

  8. Fast Eddie says

    Sorry doug, didn’t see it before. My 81 pick is for owen.

  9. csg 60 57 88 50 7ny 9ct

  10. Here goes
    49-60-7ny-25 (Williams)-50-9ct

  11. MMTTS @ the Speedbowl Forum Pick 6 Update says

    MMTTS @ the Speedbowl Forum Pick 6 Update

    AlJ…. 7ny 25 60 88 81o 57> Please indicate which 25 or it will be the MulliganPlease indicate which 81 or it will be the Mulliganthere is no 49. Please pick again or it will be the Mulligan<

    Little help please.

  12. Hillary 2024 says

    45 cars now entered. And for all you alchies, adult beverages will be on sale Saturday for the first time in a long time.

  13. I Wanna Play says

    Wednesday Night at the Speedbowl. Shawn and Crew has the place looking good . The 2 sets of stands in turn 1 and 4 are gone and Paved . Lots of new picnic tables everywhere. Talked to Shawn and has secured a beer truck for Saturday and future days on schedule. Walls all painted and even saw garbage bags in all the cans. Nice details .
    More Food Carts for Tri Track .

  14. I Wanna Play says

    81 O

  15. Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make this show in person. Anyone know if it will be broadcast on the internet. I looked on Flo and Racing America and didnt see it on the schedule as of today.

  16. CSG,
    There won’t be any streaming of the event.

  17. AlJ… 7ny 25williams 60 88 81o 57 … revised

    thanks for heads up,, sorry i missed it…

  18. MMTTS @ the Speedbowl Forum Pick 6 Update says

    MMTTS @ the Speedbowl Forum Pick 6 Update

    AlJ…. 7ny 25 60 88 81o 57 Which 25?????
    Eddie…7ny, 50, 60, 5/75, 81o, 21
    Wanna..7ny. 60 , 50 , 40 , 00 , 81o
    Big City..60, 40, 88, 66, 50, 57
    Earl…57, 88, 60, 7ny, 50, 40
    Rich…28, 7NY, 57, 60, 81Owen, 50
    csg 60 57 88 50 7ny 9ct
    Ken L..49-60-7ny-25 (Williams)-50-9ct There is no 49?????

  19. Thanks Shawn. Any reason why it won’t be streamed? The earliest I could leave would be 6pm if everyone went right, which would get me down there around 7.15 assuming the cops dont stop me, It looks like they have a 4.30 start time So I would miss a bunch. Maybe I will check in see where they are at on race monitor.

    anyone watch the xr tour type modifieds from Northwilksboro? the track looks really good. Hirchman started up front and won tonight. Last night it was Ryan Newman. They had a pretty good crowd. Nice to see a successful reopening.

  20. CSG,
    I guess they couldn’t come to a feasible deal to make it happen.

  21. 25 Williams…Roger that

  22. It was on the Racing America schedule at one time included in the subscription. Perhaps the absence of an elevated area like an announcers tower to locate the camera or infrastructure for production. Maybe the owner simply didn’t like the idea of showing the race to anyone that wasn’t a paying customer.
    Disappointing but certainly not a surprise.

  23. Hillary 2024 says

    I thought I was seeing things but Tim Connely was racing the mystic missile down in Wilksboro. Not sure if it was the actual missile that had been for sale.

  24. Looks like Vault Productions will be covering the event. I’d guess that at some point starting the next day replays will be available on Facebook and YouTube if they follow their established script. The product will be sub standard compared to what we’ve become used to but it’s the Speedbowl so allowances have to be made and it will be free.

  25. Hillary, 2024,
    Yes, Tim Connolly was competing in an old Mystic Missle car from the old Bob Garbarino stable. My understanding is that it was a car Connolly purchased from Garbarino.

  26. Doug,
    I don’t know if “substandard” is really a fair term to use in regards to the Vault Productions videos that will certainly be available. Obviously the Vault Productions product will not be live. I’m certain the product Sid DiMaggio and his crew end up producing will be of great quality and bring more much depth to the story than a single-camera live shot of the event.

  27. Suitcase Jake says

    60-7NY-50-40-25 Williams- 9CT

  28. Hillary 2024 says

    Substandard Doug? Really?? Over 80 cameras including drones, tons of on board cameras, track cameras, wrecker cameras, the return of the Webby cam. Even Dafella is drooling with anticipation. This Saturday is going to be huge.

  29. After logging that comment quickly I checked out for the night then thought after, hmmm, “substandard”, not the best choice of words. Now in the light of day with the morning coffee I’m going to make another mistake and say way too much getting into more trouble as I try to extricate myself from the sub standard gaffe.
    So what is the standard in local short track racing anyway? It sure isn’t Stafford theirs is borderline big time with multiple camera’s, full production with replays in sync with the diamond vision screen. The standard is pretty much the rest. One camera, basic replays, the racing action tied into the announcers booth and live. See that’s the key, live and viewed off a platform like FloRacing or Racing America you see it live on your personal big screen TV. Vault Productions is not live and is not tied into the announcing so you get a lot of engine roar and the race call in the distance. On Youtube the video’s get views generally speaking in the hundreds. Tepid because they are replays, not live. Giving it away free not good either. We want to pay for subscriptions, we want to see advertisements included in the stream cast it all perpetuates the availability of more content availability. That’s why I termed it sub standard and I don’t think that’s wrong if you are being objective.
    Being objective you have to say a lot about the Speedbowl is substandard. The rest rooms, bus, blanked out billboards, media access, pre season rules updates, late schedule and schedule conflicts in season, car counts, rotating general managers and the big one ownership. It’s exhausting trying to list everything about the Speedbowl that’s sub-standard if you’re being objective. But there isn’t anything about racing that’s objective and especially if it’s connected to the Speedbowl. Clearly the long suffering Speedbowl faithful view this race as a coming out party. They’ve rejoiced in seeing racing after the renovated track re-opened but this is different. It’s going mainstream in a big way and they have every right to be joyous they deserve it. The Speedbowl fan base is one of the few things about the place that isn’t sub standard in fact they excel.
    Now you can add the lack of a proper stream cast to the list of things that is substandard about the Speedbowl and it has zero to do with Vault Productions that are in a class by themselves. Creepy Bruce yet again is missing an opportunity. Streaming live puts the facility live in front of the most people which means all the sponsors of all the cars in the race get to hear their name live in cyberspace. This race very likely to be sold out more then ever means a live streaming audience could likely be in the thousands. All excited and all viewing and listening to the race called live complete with multiple mentions of all those sponsors. It’s a gigantic missed opportunity in my view that you can put right at the feet of the one person that could care less about extending the reach of big time local racing events.
    I don’t have to list everything that “Sid” DiMaggio and Vault Productions produces nor say what he and they mean to local racing. I hold Vault Productions in the same elevated regard as RacDayCt. Each indispensable to local racing, each with no competition in their category and each capable of leaving holes so big should they close their doors they would be impossible to replace.
    So what’s the bigger picture two days out. A local fan says there will be brews, a wider food selection, picnic tables and all the makeup in place to look the best. Meanwhile one of the most knowledgeable fans is saying he’ll check in on Race Monitor, won’t be seeing any of it live and won’t be hearing any of the sponsors of any of the cars. We still don’t know if RaceDayCt will be at this epic local event the mere question of his presence ridiculous in it own right. No live video, no live excitement, no exposure and the energy that could have extended throughout all of the tour modified fanbase wherever they are limited to the property owned by Bruce Bemer. Sounds about right.
    I apologize for using the term sub standard in connection with Vault Productions. In fairness however considering the magnitude of the missed opportunity what they will offer is sub optimal in my view.

  30. Sharpie Fan says

    Does anybody know what the bag policy is at Waterford? Will we be allowed to bring cooler bags in this Saturday?

  31. Doug,

    Dont feel too bad about your substandard comment. I have had to walk back a few comments in my history here. The forum allows the user an unedited voice which can sometimes get the user in trouble whether intentional or not. What is great about the forum is the users. They are knowledgeable, opinionated and fans that I truly believe really want the best for the sport. These users will call you out for saying something that is factually incorrect or defend someone/something you speak Un highly of if they disagree with your opinion. It is probably the best and worst part of this user community. They are also a great resource where you remember part of a story and can fill in some of those pesky details. No one is going to agree 100 percent with everything said here, and that is fine. The banter is what makes many of us keep coming back to the same story over and over again.

  32. Doug, if you please, my picks
    60, 50(silk), 25 (williams), 06 (hinkley), 40, 00.

  33. To CSG, and others inquiring about streaming on Aug. 6:

    Just following up on the questions and confusion recently about streaming of the Aug. 6 Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series at the Speedbowl. Up until a couple days ago Racing America was advertising that event would be broadcast through their service. It’s been relayed to me by Speedbowl management that Racing America was willing to do a pay-per-view stream for the event, but their offer to do that included none of the revenue for pay-per-view sales being returned to the track or the series. It was also relayed to me that Racing America was told multiple weeks ago by track management and series management that they were not interested in entering into a pay-per-view arrangement, but despite being told that they continued to promote on their website that they would be broadcasting the event. I do know that Speedbowl general manager Sean Foster is an advocate for live streaming of events, but that the terms of this deal were just not fair or feasible for track management to accept.

  34. Hillary 2024 says

    I’ve never heard about any issues with bags. I’d guess no glass. Obviously no outside alcohol allowed to be brought in. But people do. Add another one. 46 cars now entered. Haven’t heard from Dafella in a while. Someone out to check up on him.

  35. Sharpie Fan says

    Great. Thanks Hillary. Some tracks are more strict than others.

  36. Hillary 2024 says

    What’s the bigger picture two days out Doug? There have been plenty of complaints here and elsewhere about the speedbowl not selling alcohol. To the extent that even many wouldn’t go because they couldn’t enjoy an adult beverage. This weekend for the biggest modified race around, they now can. I personally could care less about that or streaming. I attend races at race tracks in person. For those that can’t, I feel for them. They’ll just have to wait a few days to watch the race online. I also think that Foster is doing a good job for the short amount of time he’s been there. Would the current improvements have been done if the other guy was still there? Who knows. All I know is Saturday I believe will have the place buzzing like it hasn’t buzzed in some years.

  37. Thanks Shwan. I completely understand the Speedbowl’s position on this one. This is shaping up to be one of the best modified fields of the season. I hate to miss it. I am looking forward to Sids Views tape delayed coverage.

  38. 45 cars, I believe the highest car count this year for MMTTS, for that matter any New England Tour type modified race? Am I correct Shawn?

    Should be one hell of a show!

  39. Earl,
    That is correct. Spring Sizzler had 41 cars attempt to qualify, which is the highest car count for a Tour Type Modified event this year.

  40. Fast Eddie says

    It’s great that the facility is being worked on, but why would you take down two grandstands before what will most likely be the biggest race they’ve had in the last 5 years? I know the 2 old stands may not have been in great shape, but the new stands aren’t all that big either, maybe 1/2 the size of of the old ones. I wonder if they are preparing for an eventual new one in turn 1?

  41. Hillary 2024 says

    46 actually. If they all show up. Almost 20 will fail to qualify.

  42. Regardless if one of Bemer’s gang has no interest in races that are streamed. Or another observes that the stands are “packed” when they clearly aren’t. Or another says that the SK feature with 10 cars was understandable because of factors beyond the tracks control and a great race in any event. Or another maintains repeatedly that the racing at the track is the best in New England none of that addresses the roll of streaming local races does it? Is it important and will streaming help advance the sport or not? Is it a nice little add on that some tracks engage in that isn’t really that important or will it be critical for tracks to stream races to maximize their investments in the future?
    I’m fairly well convinced that many of the leading tracks view streaming as a critical element to their future growth. That may change this off season as tracks drop the service but as of last winter the expansion continued for regional asphalt tracks. Stafford’s back stretch loaded with signs and they just added another contingency sponsor this late in the season. It’s not hard to imagine that the involvement is very much related to announcer mentions of sponsors all through the race program heard crystal clear by people anywhere live as the race plays out when people are most attentive.
    So far we have the Speedbowls side of the story that puts the decision that was made in the best possible light. I’m not convinced at all it’s the entire story but lets say it is. Why wouldn’t you take the Racing America deal?
    Experience matters and even NASCAR experimented with streaming laying out money to learn about the service and building an audience while giving it away for free initially. Seekonk dipped their toe in the water with FloRacing for the Open Wheels Wednesday race and experienced problems. This would have been an opportunity for Waterford to get experience with a service that could expand their reach in the long run and ultimately make them more money at no cost to them. Why wouldn’t you take that deal if your goal is to grow and expand in the future?
    Many of us have routinely paid the PPV price to see the races at Thompson on Racing America. There are a lot of races that are PPV on Racing America most notably those from North Wilksboro Speedway currently. The Racing Guys who might have promoted this race at Waterford have their Claremont event coming up which is PPV. Is the implication from this that Michaud & Mayberry and The Racing Guys get nothing from streaming their events? Or could it be that in setting up a new track there are additional costs the first time out that need to be considered with revenue sharing coming later? I get why Bemer’s gang take what they say at face value but why should anyone else just accept this bad deal story when numerous other well respected promoters seem to find value in streaming services through Racing America?
    This may be conjecture on my part but not completely out of the realm of possibility. This was not a General Manager decision, it clearly rose to the level of ownership. Bemer is comfortable with Vault Productions, they play by his rules and are a known quantity. The YouTube model is to reimburse content providers based on views so one might assume Vault Productions derives some kind of revenue that may or may not be shared with the Speedbowl. In any event for the same reason the owner makes it clear he does not want anything negative said about him or the Speedbowl to the point of excluding those that don’t agree with those terms There are no potential surprises with Vault Productions.
    Currently there is a thread on RaceDayCt dealing with a the Stafford SK division. Observations were made about a jingle in the race where a number of people gave their perspective of the replay that expanded into other track happenings an indication of increased fan engagement compliments of FloRacing. When we have tour modified race that’s streamed which most are, frequently there’s a great response in social media and in this forum with many seeing it live. We all share the excitement together. Whether at the track or at home all have paid something for the right to see it and all are on the same page sharing the result especially when something happens that’s special. Not the same the day after.
    It’s my belief that streaming races is not just a nice little ad on service but a meaningful revenue stream to tracks seeking to become more successful in the future. Creepy Bruce doesn’t really have much of a future, he’s got his fiefdom down on the shore and pretty much has the outside influences that could be problematic like media exposure made to feel like they are not wanted if they don’t play by his rules.
    One of the Bemer gang who knows enough about the guy to observe when he’s at the track right down to filling a propane bottle smacked me in the chops recently with a reality. That he works 7 days a week at his other successful businesses to help cover the losses at the Speedbowl. If we’re to believe that and it could very well be true that’s the answer. The owner has no future nor the track for that matter under his leadership. What is important is maintaining the integrity of the fiefdom walls for now and forward looking services like live streaming that would be a no brainer to most tracks not a factor at all for the shoreline oval.
    Will this MMTTS race be the launching pad for other big events in the future that should be the goal shouldn’t it? Or once the MMTTS leaves is it back to anemic car counts and one or two of the Bemer gang chiming in on occasion telling us how great the races were and what we missed?

  43. MMTTS @ the Speedbowl Forum Pick 6 Update says

    MMTTS @ the Speedbowl Forum Pick 6 Update

    AlJ…. 7ny 25Williams 60 88 81o 57
    Eddie…7ny, 50, 60, 5/75, 81o, 21
    Wanna..7ny. 60 , 50 , 40 , 00 , 81o
    Big City..60, 40, 88, 66, 50, 57
    Earl…57, 88, 60, 7ny, 50, 40
    Rich…28, 7NY, 57, 60, 81Owen, 50
    csg 60 57 88 50 7ny 9ct
    Ken L..49-60-7ny-25 (Williams)-50-9ct There is no 49?????
    Bobf…60, 50(silk), 25 (williams), 06 (hinkley), 40, 00.

    RaceDayCt poll choices…60-57-7ny-40-50-other

  44. Doug;
    Out of the box thinking on posting the poll results of Racedayct nation in that order here.
    Consider posting how that finishes out when you do your results maybe? Not that you need more “work” mind you, i get it!

  45. Roger that.

  46. I Wanna Play says

    New Management didn’t have time to fix everything I’m guessing. Can’t wait for some action racing.
    Stay hydrated folks.

  47. Getserious says

    Hey Doug, my picks for today:
    9 Dowling win
    7 Christopher
    88 Pitkat
    60 Hirschman
    40 Preece
    50 Silk

  48. Getserious says

    If I’ still ok to do this change (it’s 4:25 here) I will change out Silk for Williams-25. Thanks

  49. 🍹🍹🍹Liz Cherokee🍹🍹🍹 says

    40, 60, 07, 9ct, 88, 89 Enjoy a cold beverage on a hot weekend boys!

  50. Sorry Ms Cherokee but the time stamp on your entry in 6:41 well after the event began so your entry disallowed. It will be scored however and if a winner full crowing rights allowed.

  51. Liz Cherokee says

    Thanks Doug. I was a little tipsy and lost track of the time and if I had even submitted an entry to begin with… 😂 It’s always fun to see if I can complete with all you knowledgeable motorheads on your own turf. Best!

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