RaceDayCT Poll: Your Favorite 2022 Tour Type Modified Event In New England So Far

The return of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Saturday proved to be a resounding success. The event attracted a standing room only crowd to the track. The 44 cars attempting to make the feature marked the highest car count for a Tour Type Modified event in New England this season. 

Today’s poll question asks, what has been your favorite 2022 Tour Type Modified event in New England so far? 


  1. Stuart A Fearn says

    Comment click bate 😂
    Let’s get it going! I’m the sizzler to be honest

  2. Stuart A Fearn says

    Only voted for the sizzler since “the brawl to end it all” SK5K was not an option. That would have been a clear knockout winner round one

  3. Stuart A Fearn,
    Kept it within the parameters of Tour Type Modified events. When we have the poll for most entertaining on track brawl of 2022 I’m guessing that’s a runaway winner.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I voted for the sizzler, but the speedbowl is a very close 2nd.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Man, too busy at the race to think about replacing silk in my picks!!

  6. Given that Tri-Track doesn’t stream all their races, can’t pick them. Loved Thunder Road but the car count was lacking for a Tri-Track race and it wasn’t long enough for those fast lap times.

    I loved the Granite State races for the NWMT and hope that sticks around, I had a great time at all of them. I know their car counts have been lacking too but it’s still a big deal when nascar comes into town and a couple of our local guys even made a splash. I think it’ll be good for the tour long term to keep New Hampshire involved. I picked the Claremont race for this because it went off a lot better than I ever expected and had no clue they could ever run out of parking, never seen that at Claremont.

    My favorite mod races though have been the Whitcomb 5 races, they’ve been a little messy at times but they’ve been incredibly entertaining races.

  7. I picked sizzler also – only due to they had 3 modified races. Both were great shows – the next Tri Track at Stafford will be great also

  8. Sharpie Fan says

    Remember when the race at Loudon would have been the hands down favorite?

  9. Everyone still hasn’t come down from the high on his one yet so it’s completely logical it would be leading.
    The season ending one should really tell the story should there be a poll. The Sizzler and Thunder Road may make gains. The MMTTS race at Stafford still to be experienced plus the epic World Series and Haunted Hundred. Might want to go outside New England and include the NWMT New Smyrna opener as well that was pretty special.
    In any event pretty great season by gum.

  10. The bowl does great at a welcome back the Sizzler does awesome at a 50th anniversary during weather that was cold the bowl had ideal summer weather to be out hanging out hard between the two

    Lucky to have both venues in my state

  11. Hillary 2024 says

    Doug just because you’re not happy that the speedbowl is beating everyone out doesn’t mean that Shawn needs to add events or change the poll around for you. The race was great all by itself but it was much more than just the race that’s got the speedbowl in front. It was the atmosphere. The vibe. The whole day had a party feel to it. It was hot but the standing room only crowd was having a blast all day. I talked to people that drove from hours around that had never seen the place. They just couldn’t get over how great the place looked. This was the feel good story of the season. If you were there, you’d know.

  12. That’s interesting. I’m being scolded by a guy that still includes Hillary in his screen ID, a woman who hasn’t been relevant for 6 years, about being too biased.
    I think that entry is pretty objective but go ahead, kick the old man while he’s down. I’m on the wrong side of the three heaviest hitters in this forum Mr. Courchesne, the great Stuart Fearn and Darealgoodfella on various topics so what’s another kick in the danglers.
    Tell you where I was while you were enjoying the race of the decade at the Speedbowl and it sure wasn’t on the Barcalounger or by the pool. On a ladder a couple stories up in 90 plus degree heat painting, sometimes getting the exhaust from a tenant air conditioner. Not bad for over 70 aye. Sorry not thinking about all the happy people in Speedbowl nation but thinking about Mr. Courchesne’s comments on streaming races. I put my strongest arguments out there for it but he seems to be having none of it so I’m thinking what am I getting wrong. I’m in touch with Racing America trying to bridge that divide. More on that later hopefully.
    Like updating the year on your Hillary screen ID not wishing to move on I’m having a hard time moving on as well. Any time the name Bemer is mentioned but I don’t want to beat that drum again but do want to mention Robert King.
    Robert King, convicted of trafficking is quite a remarkable guy. Clearly no moral or ethical compass as evidenced by the tactic of introducing drugs to young men that were fighting their dependency. Offering food and shelter along with the drugs for the sole purpose of creating a dependency and debt he knew they could repay in only one way. But consider the shear time and persistence it took to get these fella’s into the fold. It’s really playing a long con. Only in that long con not stealing a person’s money or wealth using their own greed but stealing the last vestige of a person’s dignity with drugs.
    That’s the guy the owner of the Speedbowl was close to for over two decades and even employed. So when I read anyone trying to normalize Bemer like you did mentioning him “ hard at work moving things around to fit more cars in the lot” I can’t help myself.
    My entry on the poll by any standard was objective. I didn’t go to bat for the Sizzler and in fact didn’t even vote for it in the poll. Didn’t say one negative thing about the race on Saturday. You inferred I was being negative simply because of the lack of heaping praise on your choice.
    While you moved on from Bemer’s sordid history with the speed of the Road Runner Hillary 2024, that screen ID makes me think in a way we’re kindred spirits. Pretty much on the opposite side of everything but feel strongly about certain things with a tendency to have trouble moving on at times.

  13. I agree with Hillary – the atmosphere was outstanding – Such a laid back welcoming feel, having a choice to bring in food and beverages, great food choices with all the food trucks, – that is one thing that is better than most tracks that limit what you can bring in to the stands. I have to thank Call before you dig for handing out sunscreen… First time i have been in the new bleachers – thought they were comfortable enough was able to see everything but I do miss the old bleachers

  14. Hillary 2024 says

    Well thanks for the info Doug. Now that I’m aware that you are fully capable of actually attending race events, I don’t feel bad that everything isn’t streamed for you.

  15. chicken coop says

    Doug, you seriously need professional help, for your obsession with Bemer, is beyond infatuation…. or are you just jealous of certain activities? ……….

  16. I Wanna Play says

    The race at Waterford was Fun again. Big Crowd and lots of food and music by vendors. Place made big improvements in 2 weeks. Hope this helps car counts.

  17. Hillary 2024 on the Sizzler back in April

    -Having so many heat races and consis’s is a good problem to have I suppose. But 7-1/2 hours for four divisions was brutal

    – The food and drink prices were outrageous but that’s the new covid world we’re living in.

    .- I think the days of having the sizzler and other big shows a true 2 day event with all qualifying on Saturday and only features on Sunday are over.

    Hillary 2024 on the race last Saturday at the Speedbowl

    -Currently 44 entries on the list which is now the biggest car count of any modified event around.

    -The trophy for this race is one of the coolest and unique I’ve seen.

    -Stopped by today also. Place looks great. Awesome that the old bowl is having the biggest modified event around. Place is going to be packed.

    -Yeah maybe Thompson management should take note as to what Waterford is doing right.

    -How awesome was it to hear Ben Dodge and Gary Danko back together again?

    -Yeah Bemer is still the owner mudbus. He was even hard at work moving things around to fit more cars in the lot.

    -Cool to see Monaco’s old modified on display

    -You have to give credit to everyone involved that made this a resounding success but especially Foster.

    -The race was great all by itself but it was much more than just the race that’s got the speedbowl in front. It was the atmosphere. The vibe.

    -The whole day had a party feel to it. It was hot but the standing room only crowd was having a blast all day.

    .- I talked to people that drove from hours around that had never seen the place. They just couldn’t get over how great the place looked.

    Notice the difference in tone? Hillary 2024 has done some of the best commentary on the MMTTS race but you know what I’m reading. Relief. Shear unadulterated relief that after so many years of negativity surrounding the owner of the Speedbowl pure joy that the place got a big one in the win column. It’s good to see in any fan and good for the sport.
    Also noticeable the absence of credit for the MMTTS series who after all made it all possible.
    The old guy in the Barcalounger is going to be a continuing bit for you along with guy cringing in his basement I see. . Let’s see what bit can I hang on you. Hmm, how about Meep-meep. That’s you the Road Runner blasting away from the Speebowl owners past. So what do you think Hillary 2024. Barcalounger vs Meep-meep. OK that’s was fun but let’s get serious.
    These polls are like looking at pretty girls, Bemer excepted from the analogy of course. The one you saw last at or near the top of your list of the most attractive mainly because it’s the freshest in the mind. In the continuing afterglow emanating from the shoreline oval it may be in bad taste to measure Johnson’s but this is after all what the Speedbowl faithful want so lets take a deeper dive at a comparison.
    The Speedbowl MMTTS race gets the nod for being the biggest surprise of the season going from a backwater troubled track to a front page story touting a monster success overnight. But of course the Sizzler to this point is hands down the biggest, most successful event of the season and it’s not even close.
    The Speedbowl packed and unlike prior claims this time it actually was. But it has a smaller capacity. Is there any doubt that over the weekend or just considering Sunday a lot more eyeballs were at the Sizzler? And while it’s doubtful any pools were open in April as competition, Stafford unafraid to stream the entire two days for anyone pretty much anywhere to see and in fact promoted it.
    Stafford 56 support division cars in three divisions on Saturday plus 41 in the Duels plus a Pass points event. Sunday 72 cars in 3 support divisions plus the Sizzler. The Waterford regulars mustered 48 cars in 4 support division one of which was Legends.
    Dana DiMatteo shocked the modified world with a very popular win and was joined by the popular 7ny and another surprise K. Bonsignor but come on man! It may have taken far too long but the Sizzler podium after two days of hard racing produced a podium of Hirschman, Preece and Silk. Hirschman a surprise at Stafford going onto the SRX race.

  18. Some recency bias here. Sizzler was 100% the event of the year so far. I bet if you base it just off of viewership, in person and online Sizzler blows the rest of these out of the water

  19. Hillary 2024 says

    What an open port Dafella. What an open port.

  20. Hillary 2024 says

    It’s got to be that recency bias. What else could possibly put the Speedbowl at 38% and that one on July 29 at Claremont at 3%. I mean that was like ages ago.

  21. Indeed Hillary, I was right again. 🥱 Any open port in a storm, or other tracks not running as many events anymore, the 🚽 is there for the opportunity.

    And let’s not forget that the former guy insisted that his inauguration was the largest attended ever, despite what the evidence established. 😝

  22. Rafter fan says

    Great comeback event for the Bowl, regardless of who’s (Bemer, Foster, Tri-Track, Monaco Ford) given credit for it. But, is it sustainable?? When Monahan was GM in 2015 and 2016, the Bowl appeared to be thriving. Since then, a combination of Bemer’s issues and questionable GMs have left the track in limbo. Will Sean Foster have a Monahan-like run at the Bowl?

  23. All 🚽 GMs are nothing but 🧦 puppets of Bemer. The GMs can only do what the budget allowed by Bemer will permit, and at that, Bemer is most likely calling the shots as to what he wants done and then lets out the funds to do so. The GM is just a proxy.

  24. Fast Eddie says

    Hillary and Dareal, you must be partial to the WMT. 40+ open mods plus SK’s beats 23 WMT mods all day long for me!

  25. Fast Ed 👍

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