Shane Sicard Earns J.P. Sicard Triple Crown Championship At White Mountain

(Press release from White Mountain Motorsports Park)

Kasey Beattie, A.J. Sicard and Paquette Take First Career Wins at White Mountain

The 2022 J.P. Sicard Flying Tiger Triple Crown Series went out with a bang Saturday at White Mountain Motorsports Park as twenty Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers converged onto the North Woodstock high banks to close out the first championship of the season. Although Jason Woodard battled hard, it wasn’t enough to take another White Mountain crown as a couple young guns took down career first wins on J.P. Sicard Saturday.

After Shane Sicard and Kaiden Fisher took down the heat race qualifying wins, it was Jody Sicard and Jason Woodard who started off the final round of the J.P. Sicard Triple Crown Series on the pole following their plus-4 qualifying efforts. Using the American-Canadian Tour plus/minus handicap system, the Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers faced fierce competition in the qualifying rounds as they prepared for their first Championship of the season. On the start of the 75-lapper, Woodard took off like a rocket from the outside pole as the field sorted itself out behind him. 

Woodard began to hit the tail end of the field by lap 20 on his blistering pace as his son Tanner Woodard and Fisher stalked him from behind. All the while, J.P. Sicard Triple Crown points leader Shane Sicard was hung out to dry in 8th-place and out of the championship picture until lap 37. As the field came around the White Mountain quarter-mile, Matt Potter spun around in turn two bringing out the first and only caution of the event. On the restart, it was Woodard vs. Woodard with the elder once again choosing the outside and escaping the field after the green. 

As the field again spaced out, both Tanner Woodard and Kaiden Fisher were all over the 68VT machine of Jason Woodard. While Tanner powered down on the inside, Fisher was glued to Jason’s rear bumper as the threesome shaved in and out of lap traffic. Under the checkered flag it was Jason Woodard taking the second win in a row followed by Kaiden Fisher and Tanner Woodard. In the background, Shane Sicard slowly made his way through the top ten and took fifth place, giving him the two-point advantage over Jason Woodard to take the J.P. Sicard Flying Tiger Triple Crown Championship.

The Foley Oil & Propane Late Models put on a flag-to-flag barnburner for the crowd on hand. Led to point by Mike Jurkowski and Kasey Beattie, the two battled door handle to door handle for the first ten laps until Beattie finally got the edge on the outside. As Jurkowski tried to settle in, Jesse Switser flew in underneath to battle for the second spot as Bryan Wall Jr. and Stacy Cahoon stuck around for the show in fourth and fifth. By the halfway point it was Beattie by a straightaway and it was the battle for second between Switser and Wall. At the line, sophomore racer Kasey Beattie took down his first ever Foley Oil & Propane Late Model victory followed by Jesse Switser and Bryan Wall Jr. after their spirited battle.

The Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Models made their return to White Mountain Motorsports Park for the final tune-up before the big $1,000-to-win event on September 10th. The 40-lap feature went haywire on the seventh circuit as a huge pile-up in turn one brought out the first caution flag of the event. Kristian Switser, Erin Aiken, Jacob Roy and Matt LeBlanc all ended their day in the carnage while Ken Marrier returned to the track without a hood to compete. On the restart Tim Paquette and Eric Pomasko jumped off from the pack out front with Paquette getting the advantage and leaving the field behind. Following the long green flag run to the finish, Tim Paquette earned his first Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Model win after wrecking out of the race on Midsummer Classic Saturday just two weeks ago. Two-time winner Nick Anderson took second while Nick Skillings took third in his first visit to White Mountain this summer.

The Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis nearly put on a barnburner of their own. Scott Senecal led the early goings even as the field was squared up all around him. Jillian Baumgardner to his outside, youngster Jason Goodbout Jr. on his tail with Tyler Thompson in hot pursuit around Senecal. Jillian Baumgardner would slide into the lead by lap six with Thompson overtaking her on lap ten. The first and only caution would come out at lap 21 for the spinning Dave Driscoll in turn one, ending Thompson’s half-a-track lead. Thompson chose the outside with point leader Chris Moulton to his inside, fighting hard in the closing laps but it was Tyler Thompson who prevailed followed by Moulton and Todd Derrington.

In the Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Division, Austin Sicard started on the pole and never looked back in their 15-lap feature event on J.P. Sicard night. Even under pressure from veterans McKenna Merchant and Logan Farnsworth, the young Sicard never faltered on his way to the first win of the next generation of Sicard Family Racing. Austin Sicard posted his first win in the Dads 4 By Kids Division at White Mountain followed by McKenna Merchant and Logan Farnsworth to round out the podium.

Next up at White Mountain Motorsports Park is the return of the Maine-based Wicked Good Vintage Racing Association. These aren’t your grandfathers’ antique racers, these good ole boys and girls race hard each and every lap for the win, sometimes that leaves donuts on their vintage doors! Joining them will be the Foley Oil & Propane Late Models, Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers, Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis and Wayne’s Market Dwarf Cars. Post Time is set for 6:00pm with full race day schedule and pricing to be released soon.

J.P. Sicard Inc. is locally owned and operated in Barton, Vermont and known across the Green Mountain State as a reputable partner in construction projects big and small, residential, commercial and municipal.  Starting with a single piece of machinery in 1992, J.P. Sicard Inc. has grown to become one of the top subcontractors in the State of Vermont and a proud, longtime sponsor of White Mountain Motorsports Park. For projects big or small, J.P. Sicard is the one to call today! Find them online at

For more information, contact the White Mountain Motorsports Park offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit You can also follow us on Facebook at @WhiteMtnMotorsports.

White Mountain Motorsports Park – N. Woodstock, NH

J.P. Sicard Flying Tiger Triple Crown Championship

Saturday, August 13, 2022


Wells River Chevrolet Flying Tigers – J.P. Sicard Round #3 – 75 Laps

1.         68VT    Jason Woodard           Waterbury Ctr., VT

2.         18VT    #Kaiden Fisher             Shelburne, VT

3.         55NH   Tanner Woodard         Waterbury Ctr., VT

4.         2NH     Michael Clark              Littleton, NH

5.         4NH     Shane Sicard               Barton, VT

6.         35DG   Colin Cornell               E. Burke, VT

7.         37VT    Kyle Streeter               Waterbury Ctr., VT

8.         31VT    Logan Powers              Middlesex, VT

9.         49NH   Jody Sicard                  Gilmanton, NH

10.       23VT    Matthew Potter          Marshfield, VT

11.       22NH   Michael Potter            Plainfield, VT

12.       60NH   #Thomas Smithers VI  Gilmanton, NH

13.       92VT    Jaden Perry                 Hardwick, VT

14.       77NH   Bryan Wall Jr.              East Kingston, NH

15.       23NY    Cam Gadue                 Highgate, VT

16.       23NH   Michael Potter            Plainfield, VT

17.       73VT    Larry Underwood        Fairfax, VT

18.       21VT    Jon Boutin                   Fairfax, VT

19.       82NH   Frank Sweeney            Belmont, NH

20.       22VT    Travis Patnoe              Wolcott, VT

Foley Oil & Propane Late Models – 50 Laps

1.         45NH   Kasey Beattie              St. Johnsbury, VT

2.         25NH   Jesse Switser               West Burke, VT

3.         77NH   #Bryan Wall Jr.            E. Kingston, NH

4.         42NH   Mike Jurkowski            Claremont, NH

5.         83VT    Stacy Cahoon              St. Johnsbury, VT

6.         27NH   #Cam Huntress            Rochester, NH

7.         32VT    #Ryan Ware                E. Burke, VT

8.         04NH   Shawn Swallow           Groveton, NH

9.         78NH   Quinten Welch            Groveton, NH

10.       17NH   Tyler Jones                  N. Woodstock, NH

11.       07NH   Mark Patten                Belmont, NH

12.       97NH   Pat Patten                   Belmont, NH

13.       64NH   Tyler Chase                 Newton, NH

Ammonoosuc Asphalt Mini Late Models – 40 Laps

1.         93NH   Tim Paquette               Bennington, NH

2.         55        Nick Anderson             Oxford, MA

3.         11        Nicholas Skillings        Henniker, NH

4.         85        Mike Viens                  Seekonk, MA

5.         471      Eric Pomasko               Peterborough, NH

6.         37        Dustin Jackson             Bethlehem, NH

7.         1NH     Kenny J. Marrier         Newfields, NH

8.         5          Erick Banks                  Bristol, NH

9.         31        Brett Jackson               Bethlehem, NH

10.       16        Kristian Switser           Waterford, VT

11.       90        Desmond Skillings       Antrim, NH

12.       7          Matt LeBlanc              Berlin, NH

13.       33x      Erin Aiken                    Claremont, NH

14.       5VT      Jacob Roy                    Danville, VT

15.       66        Normand Raymond     Sherbrooke, QC

Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank Strictly Stock Minis – 25 Laps

1.         51        Tyler Thompson          Lincoln, NH

2.         15        Chris Moulton             Pepperell, MA

3.         57        Todd Derrington         Littleton, NH

4.         09        Jack Hayes                   Littleton, NH

5.         14        Jillian Baumgardner    N. Woodstock, NH

6.         92        Jason Goodboul, Jr.     Lincoln, NH

7.         4          Donnie Baumgardner N. Woodstock, NH

8.         17        Les Washburn             Bethlehem, NH

9.         1          Scott Senecal              Lisbon, NH

10.       16NH   Kristian Switser           Waterford, VT

11.       16        Adam Sicard                Barton, VT

12.       22        Brendan Clark             Dalton, NH

13.       10        Gavin McGinnis           St. Johnsbury, VT

14.       19        Dave Driscoll               N. Woodstock, NH

Dads 4 By Tool & Supply Kids Division – 15 Laps

1.         01        Austin Sicard               Gilmanton, NH

2.         99        McKenna Merchant    Waterford, VT

3.         22        Logan Farnsworth       St. Johnsbury, VT

4.         90        Kyle Goodbout             Lincoln, NH

5.         18        Parker Perry                E. Corinth, VT

6.         6          Connor Charbonneau  Groveton, NH

7.         4          Bentley Robbin            Bradford, VT

8.         32        Kylee Potter                Marshfield, VT

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