RaceDayCT Poll: Who Is The Favorite To Win The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series NAPA Fall Final At Stafford

More than 50 entries will be on hand looking to make the feature for the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series NAPA Fall Final Saturday at Stafford Speedway.

Today we need you to play the bookmaker for a Las Vegas casino that is setting the betting odds for the race. So if you were setting the odds who would be the favorite to win Saturday’s event? Vote below.


  1. Sure, good luck picking the winner of this event.
    Aside from the big names shown above it’s just amazing how this event has the right combination of attractions to draw so many cars. It all starts with terrific promoters, Stafford and the MMTTS gang. You’ve got the MMTTS teams, some of which might not be wild about the bigger track but show up to support the series and for the points. The heavy contingent of Stafford open teams are a natural fit for the race. Add in a few wild cards including Meyers,Szegedy and Preece plus the NWMT representation. Have an attractive non qualifiers race, make it one day and you end up with a melting pot type epic event.
    Don’t sleep on Hossfeld in the Cassella 25. It’s a good car and Hossfeld has a way of ending up in the front at the end of races like in the Gershow 2 at Oswego.



    Mr. Courchesne has established a separate space on his web site for our racing and NFL pick contests.
    You can access them any time by simply clicking the appropriate link under “RECENT COMMENTS” appearing in the margin of the RaceDayCt home page. There’s also two links in the footer just below the stories on the mobile front page.
    No more confusion trying to locate contests or results.
    Thank you Shawn for doing that and making our humble Pick contests easier to keep tabs on.

  3. Shawn, I must be missing something. I don’t see a recent comments link or the two links in the footer on the home page.

  4. Got it Shawn, never mind thanks!

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