Breaking News: Current Thompson Speedway Oval Operators Returning For 2023 Season 

The Thompson Speedway oval will remain active once again for the 2023 season (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – RaceDayCT has learned exclusively that the Thompson Speedway oval will be active in 2023 and operated once again by the partnership of Cris Michaud and Tom Mayberry. 

While all details concerning the 2023 schedule have yet to be solidified, Michaud confirmed to RaceDayCT that he and Mayberry will return to operate the track once again. 

Michaud said he expects to once again have a six-event schedule for 2023. The 2023 season would mark the third consecutive season for Michaud and Mayberry overseeing a regular schedule at the Thompson oval. 

“I’m a believer that you’ve got to give things three years [to work],” Michaud told RaceDayCT.

Michaud expects to inform competitors of the decision to return at a meeting later this morning at Thompson. Sunday marks the third day of the three-day Sunoco World Series at Thompson.

The Icebreaker and Sunoco World Series will once again bookend the schedule in 2023. Beyond that, it’s still a work in progress. Michaud said he expects the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour to return for a likely August event and also as part of the World Series card, as was the case this season.

“Cris Michaud seems like he’s a straight up guy and they’re putting their necks on the line to do this for us racers, so that’s pretty awesome to me,” Sunoco Modified and Outlaw Open Modified regular Todd Owen said. “I hope this weekend is worth it for them and they have a good weekend. … I’ll try to come back and support them as much as I can.” 

Michaud is co-owner of the American-Canadian Tour, Thunder Road International Speedbowl in Barre, Vt and White Mountain Motorsports Park in North Woodstock, N.H. Mayberry owns the Pro All-Stars Series and Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford, Me. 

Michaud and Mayberry first teamed up to put on a September Whelen Modified Tour event and the Sunoco World Series in 2020 at Thompson. Those were the only two events run on the oval at Thompson during the 2020 season. Track ownership had originally intended to operate the oval in 2020, but opted out of that plan after COVID shutdowns began in the spring. Michaud and Mayberry came to an agreement with ownership in mid-summer of 2020 to put on two events that year. The pair came back with six event schedules for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. 

Michaud and Mayberry introduced the Tour Type Modified Thompson Outlaw Modified division in 2021. The division has struggled at times to attract cars for the Wednesday night events from June to September. Michaud said they will look at a change in format for the division for 2023. For Wednesday night events the division will run 50-lap races with no tire changes during the event. 

“We had a meeting with some teams in September, we talked to them, trying to kick around some ideas,” Michaud said. “I’m sitting there looking at Ryan [Preece] and Tommy [Baldwin Jr.] that drive up from North Carolina and I’m trying to figure why the guy who is 15 miles down the road isn’t there. One of the things that people were saying is that it’s tough to get crews for the middle of the week. People have to take days off from work. Well we try to listen. Hopefully it’s something that can work. 

“We’re going to do a Dash for Cash with the Open shows. We’re going to still pay the $5,000 to win, but it’s going to be a 50-lap, four tire race. So hopefully that is the reason why the teams aren’t coming and we can see if that works.” 


  1. Whether you agree or disagree, I’m in the “God bless these guys” camp on this one.
    Thank you gentlemen! Appreciated greatly by this fan.

  2. Suitcase Jake says

    Promoter’s of the year !! thank God Thompson has a Future.. !!
    One can not argue that Thompson puts on Great Shows… Great Race
    holding my breath they had enough fuel .. Years ago we could only get 125 laps or so on 22 gallons now to get 150 laps is amazing to me . These
    Robert Yates Engines really sip the fuel compared to the built ones …
    Loved it… Race stragedy was with the teams who set the car up for the
    LONG RUN… As the car burns fuel it tightens up…. Start out on the free side
    and let the car come to you as the laps tick off… Lots of guys got really tight
    with no caution… The guys who started out free really kicked butt coming
    thru the field… 58… 7NY… 92…79…. got it right… good job…

  3. I Wanna Play says

    Not really excited….
    After late cancelation this summer . It hurt other track in area who could have run a show.
    Not enough officials to go around to many track sharing same people in tower and as officials.
    Find it hard to believe there’s not enough people who want to work these events when tracks run shows against each other .
    Just Saying..
    Thompson can run Thursdays or Sundays like they used to.

  4. I Wanna Play,
    No, they can’t run Thursday’s or Sunday’s. I could go into the littany of reasons why they can’t, but we’ve been over all that before multiple times. And I’m not sure what other track got hurt by any schedule change at Thompson this year.

  5. wmass01013 says

    I would go the route of maybe instead of 50 laps races do a 61 lap Evans race, a 66 lap Blewett race, the 76 lap July race so still no need for stops hell we just say 130 plus lap no stop race.

  6. Reading between the lines, if one of the promoters during their finale is saying on the record they’re in for next year, one can surmise the World Series was an overwhelming success. They knew the front and back gate approximately, RacingAmerica money and had to know they were having a very good three days or wouldn’t have been so chatty on the record. My question is do they think inter season shows are necessary to keep teams engaged to make the IceBreaker and World Series work? Or do they honestly think the sprint format will convince the guy a couple miles down the road to miss some work to make the show?
    I suppose it’s water under the bridge but if you were talking to Michaud I’m hoping the hand tag deal in victory lane came up. After all this is an ACT/PASS promotion, they set the protocols, RaceDayCt is a unicorn deserving of a wide berth and everyone should know it.
    This is the last accolade promise. A great reporting weekend. I don’t care how many helpers you have you write the stories under a lot of pressure and this year did a bang up job. You have to get the basics all correct and that box is checked like always. This development announcing ACT/PASS is back along with getting a driver not known for being vocal to open up about the way the Tour race played out after a three day grind….just terrific.

  7. A BIG THANK-YOU to Mr.’s Michaud and Mayberry for continuing with the Thompson oval! A lot of the “small field” racing still had some good competition between the teams that showed up. I’ve been to 12 out of the 13 events run and will gladly continue to do so!

  8. A few things would help get cars on Wed Nites

    Sprint races and no need for pitt rd. Pitt Rd takes atleast 3-4 guys minimum. Its hard to get crew help, and infield pitting requires even more bodies just to race.

    Shorten the program: open the pitt gates at 4 so guys can work and still make the show. Run timed practice and abondon heat races. If only 20 cars why do we need heat races, its a giant waste of time.

    Tires: Allow teams to pre purchase tires, it shouldnt take over an hr to stand in line to pay for tires

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