RaceDayCT Poll: Your Thoughts On Long Caution Free Scenario In Whelen Mod Tour Phoenix Communications 150 At Thompson

Sunday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Phoenix Communications 150 proved to be one of the most uniqute series events every at Thompson Speedway. Race winner Eric Goodale lapped all but five of the other 23 cars in the field and led by as much as six second late in the event. After a lap 13 caution for a multi-car incident in turn four, the race went green from a lap 16 restart to the checkered flag. Championship contender Ron Silk was one who was openly was critical of NASCAR for not throwing a caution when opportunities arose to do so.

Today’s poll questions ask what your thoughts were on the long caution free scenario during Sunday’s event? Vote below.


  1. love to see caution free races… not sure what to say about tire ware,, but nascar could allow larger/reserve gas tanks,, anyway that’s racing…

  2. Open wheel fan says

    Very boring race to say the least. Could have used a caution but never came. The modified tour division is not what it use to be. Low Car counts and out of 24 cars only 5 capable of winning. Tri track races are more exciting and put on much better race. You can not compare tri track to modified tour. Been going to modified tour races since its inception and rarely are they exciting races. Waterford Tri Track race had it all over modified tour race . I don’t blame tracks for taking modified tour off their schedule. The car counts will continue to shrink and you will be down to 19 cars. Sunday race was very boring race and not exciting for fans. When a car nearly laps the field says it all. The 150 laps is too much for the modified tour. They are not good shows at all. Tri track has it right and very high car counts. Nobody was walking out of Thompson having anything good to say about the race.

  3. … when they had opportunities to do so, right? This implies like Silk said, possible fluid on the track, cars scraping the wall (potential debris)… that’s the way I voted, but I’m all for long green flag runs, it’s part of the deal… I just don’t support officials throwing bogus cautions, just to bunch up the field.. even if you may want one..

  4. Hillary 2024 says

    As far as the world series is concerned that was probably the worst wmt race I’ve ever seen. To not have the championship determined at Thompson was a big mistake.

  5. “The modified tour division is not what it use to be.”
    Geez, ya think?

    “Low car counts and out of 24 cars only 5 capable of winning.”
    7 different cars and 9 different drivers have won races this year.

    “You can not compare tri track to modified tour. ”
    I beg to differ. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

    ” Sunday race was very boring race and not exciting for fans.”
    Sure for some but that’s always true no matter what race. On the other hand many people supporting the race playing out as is did and saying they enjoyed it?

    ” Tri track has it right and very high car counts.”
    For sure the MMTTS has it right. As for car counts not always. 23 for the opener at Monadnock.

    “Nobody was walking out of Thompson having anything good to say about the race.”
    Not one? Aren’t we being a little hyperbolic on that observation?

    So why does the Tour have to be bad for the MMTTS series to be good?
    Silks 16 car can’t seem to find the winners circle in 15 NWMT races but found it in one MMTTS race.
    Four terrific teams with four terrific drivers still statistically capable of winning the championship going into the final race. How is that not an ideal situation?
    Hirschman going into the final MMTTS race at Seekonk with a 27 point lead over Matt Swanson will be a good race in all likelihood but can’t match the drama of what’s coming up at Martinsville.

    Conclusion? It takes a village to put together a well rounded and compelling tour modified season. So to speak.

  6. Its a race,no one can predict what will happen,what next a half time break or stage racing…nothing but crybabies and yes the Mod Tour is by far the most boring and less entertaining division of all the modifieds.

  7. I talked to a couple of people who were at Thompson all weekend. Consensus opinion was the Mrs race was the best of the weekend. Whalen was boring. Overall the racing wasn’t great over the weekend.

    I went Saturday only. The open mod race was good. Pass there weren’t any cautions and only 14 cars. I was hoping to see more of a seekonk presence there. it stunk to the point I am now thinking of skipping Waterford show. Supers started 6 cars 4 finished. they need to find a way to allow 350 supers to run with them to get a good field. ACT wasnt bad. Sk could have been better if the didn’t have that wreck early. I didn’t wAtch the pro 4 or mini stock races. it wasn’t the greatest day of racing I have attended but I was happy I went. I got to support Thompson a little and see some friends. I was very happy to hear they are co.ing back for another year.

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