Exclusive Interview With Ben Dodge On The Latest Unmuffled 

On Episode 133 of Unmuffled we have an exclusive interview with one of the true legends of Northeast short track racing, Ben Dodge. 

For the first time publicly Ben opens up about the health issues he has faced that forced him to step away from the sport earlier this year and where things stand now with his expectations for a possible return to the track. We also preview his Swap ’N Sell Show coming up Jan. 21-22 at the Big E and Ben offers plenty of opinions on the state of New England Modified racing heading into the 2023 season. 

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  1. Stuart A Fearn says

    I’ve only listened to 5 minutes but I can tell you this is a MUST LISTEN! What a heartfelt story as told from Ben Dodge himself. Ben is an absolute legend and turns out a hell of a fighter! God bless you Ben and stay strong!

  2. I suppose most will be thinking poor Ben he definitely was dealt a tough hand genetically from the family history and they’d be right.
    Thank you to Mr. Courchesne and especially Mr. Dodge for ending the speculation with a frank description of what the local racing icon has been up against. Hard to listen to but worth knowing.
    I’m not coming away with a feeling of poor Ben more the opposite, Inspired by his moxie. In the process of mending to the extent he can, looking to the future. Apparently has purchased another chassis for Dowling to campaign on a limited basis in 2023 and the pure Ben Dodge teaser for the upcoming Start Finish Productions Swap and Sell. Maybe some race announcing in 2023 we’ll see.
    So I’m 10 minutes into the Unmuffled and thinking man this is rough. Can I make it to the full 46 minutes? Glad I stayed. The second half a stream on consciousness soliloquy by Dodge expressing his views on the 2023 tour mod schedule. A wonderful, wandering trip through the people and history of everything and anything related to tour modified racing the journey interesting but you can’t help but wonder where is he going with this. Then when you start to worry a bit if he lost his place he wraps around to the beginning, tying up his point in a neat package and places it right at your feet for you to draw your own conclusion.
    The mellifluous voice that got my attention around 1980 is still there in spite of everything and hopefully we’ll be hearing it somewhere, in some fashion, at some event in 2023.

  3. A great interview with one of the great announcers and car owner that I had the privilege of working with on his SK modified. Great to have him out and about again. Wishing Ben nothing but the best.

  4. Best to BenDodge,, as saying goes.. “may not always win,, but ,, will always fight” ..

  5. Shawn – thanks for keeping us posted re: Ben & Matt. They are local racing institutions at whom we love to poke fun as they repeat their favorite expressions. Let’s hope we hear them both on the mic in 2023!

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