RaceDayCT Poll: What Is The Biggest Tour Type Modified Event Before May In 2023? 

It’s just about a month until Tour Type Modifieds return to action for the 2023 season at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway. Today’s poll asks, what is the biggest Tour Type Modified event before May this season? Vote below.


  1. “speedweeks” should be the event, not splitting it up.

  2. Zig13,
    An “event” is one race, not a series of “events”.

  3. Let’s hope that the IceBreaker can build some rep and move into higher favor after this next event.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I don’t think the Sizzler should be in this group. I think it surpasses all of the rest by far! Engine analogy: These may all be “big blocks” but the Sizzler is the 500 c.i. Hemi with a 14-71 blower on nitro! Nothing else can keep up!

  5. wmass01013 says

    I will say the Richie Evans Memorial, while the SIZZLER has great History, to ME, Richie set the standard for all Modified racers, won Most every Event and Raced all others like a True Champion and winning that race to me is the Crown Jewel.

  6. I’m going to be a scamp now. No need to correct anything Mr Courchesne this is all caffeine induced rhetorical junk food.
    Accepting the fact an event is a race what do we call the entire process? The championship for the 5 New Smyrna opens or the Stafford opener. The Sizzler is the 100 lap race but the process involves two days. I’m so confused. Calling it a series of events is causing me great angst.
    Loving the motor analogy and conclusion it draws. Think it’s spot on for this poll. But in this comment I’m changing the definition of event to the process and the feature a race in the process. The entire process an event. Plus opening up a new can of worms. What will be the biggest event of the 2023 season?
    -5 Race New Smyrna Open Championship-forget the NWMT opener. It’s a race, a nice race, the interest will be high but it won’t be the biggest of anything in 2023. The 5 days that follow starting Monday are iconic. Even before they were televised we couldn’t wait to get the stories back from Florida on who was hot and who was not for the upcoming season. Thus New Smyrna definitely qualifies to be a contender for the biggest event in any year.
    -Thompson IceBreaker or World Series-pick either one or call it a tie. They’re both iconic, more racing festival then event. What qualifies an event as a festival you ask. A racing festival is an event so big you can’t possibly hope to sit through every race at the festival. You pick the attraction you’re most interested in not feeling you cheated yourself in the slightest having missed other races you had less interest in.
    -Sizzler- the Icebreaker and World Series are about quantity every bit as much as quality. Stafford’s two day Sizzler is two days of extremely high quality racing with the two days offering both mutually exclusive as well as interwoven races. Power packed, big money, off the charts fan interest, best car counts of the year across the board, massive exposure a “500 c.i. Hemi with a 14-71 blower on nitro” so to speak. OK that’s all excessively hyperbolic but still with an element of truth.
    -MMTTS- Thunder Road, Stafford, the Speedbowl a lot of fans are going to put something related to the MMTTS is the best category. Sorry none qualify here. One day, a few support divisions is a great one day value. The feature could be classified the best race of the year. But as blockbuster events go, none comes close to matching the significance of the four mentioned above.

    Thompson Icebreaker, World Series, New Smyrna Opens or Sizzler weekend. You could make a case for any being the biggest events in 2023 or any year for that matter.
    29 days to the NWMT opener at New Smyrna and 30 days until our NFL Playoff contest champion is crowned following the Super Bowl.

  7. Fast Eddie says

    Best of the year? I call it a tie based on the event duration. the World Series the best 3-day, the Sizzler the best 2-day, and the Stafford’s Fall Finale the best 1-day. I’m only considering the events I can attend, which is why New Smyrna isn’t on here.

  8. Fast Eddie says

    …..And 77 days until the Icebreaker!

  9. Pretty good results for the tour! 270 votes for Smyrna, 50 vote lead! Over 60% of the votes to tour races!

  10. Wow, so Stafford went from roughly 220 votes at the time of my last post, 4:09pm. To 313 in ~ 3 hours. All while new Smyrna got 0. 50% of the vote total they had gotten in the previous 40+ hours

    Statistically impossible

    Looks like someone bought some votes from some of those Russian bots or something because they didn’t like losing.

    What a shame. Makes you question any of the poll results here.

  11. Zig,
    Unfortunately, simple voting platform apps are entirely too easily manipulated. It looks like with this poll there was unfortunately people on each side that were doing some ridiculous things to move the votes. I don’t pay much attention to these after they’re posted. I did look at the results at some point mid to late morning and the Spring Sizzler was ahead. Now that late in the afternoon New Smyrna was ahead by 50 votes which would have been in my opinion done by someone manipulating the “one vote person” blocks. And then it sounds like clearly someone voting for the Spring Sizzler manipulating things late in the day.
    I do these polls for fun and fan engagement. They’re obviously not scientific. Every now and then people take them way too seriously and you see stuff like this.

  12. And to further it, Smyrna was fairly far ahead when I went to bed last night, so it seems like they went back and forth a few times.

    Shame that’s all these polls (everywhere, not here specifically) seem to turn into these days.

  13. Well, the mail in ballots were manipulated, and the Italian satellites were redirecting votes from one event to another. So sad that people have to be such dicks.

  14. People in this crowd had the savvy to manipulate the poll results? Very impressive if that’s the case. This poll near a record total vote for RaceDayCt polls is it not? Richmond gets 144 votes? I suppose that would be possible if every person that attended the race voted for it.
    Also impressed with Zig’s spin. This guy unfailingly writes some of the most compelling comments supporting the NWMT against all comers. The dipsy doodle grouping NWMT races against Stafford a unique spin.
    Here’s the thing. If we’re seeing Hirschman, Silk, the 7ny, Goodale whomever in an event be it at the New Smyrna opener or the Sizzler does the promoter substantially alter the quality of the race going in? Sure the NWMT may be black PeeDee vs Hirschman’s red 60 or the 7ny may have different drivers. Each with their own unique twists but mostly with the same exact potential to provide a great race from big names.
    It must just be our nature to root for something. Some of us are rabid MMTTS fans that can never say anything good about NASCAR. But come man, no track or sanctioning body has a monopoly on a good tour mod race.

  15. This is why we can’t have nice things, like a Most Popular Driver Award in the NWMT anymore. When an obscure, uncompetitive, unpopular driver wins it several times in a row, well, draw your own conclusion.

    NASCAR chose to end the award.

    So sad that the profoundly selfish actions of one ruins so much for so many others.

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