Eric Berndt Tops SK Modifieds At New London-Waterford Speedbowl 

Eric Berndt celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Mitch Bombard/TK Race Photos)

Three weeks, three winners in the SK Modified division at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. 

Eric Berndt joined the 2023 winning list Saturday by scoring victory in the 35-lap SK Modified feature at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. 

The first victory of the season was Berndt’s 23rd overall in the division. 

Timmy Jordan of Plainfield was second and Jon Puleo of Branford third. 

Berndt joined Puleo and Jordan as the third winner in the division in 2023. 

Jordan leads the division standings with Berndt and Puleo tied for second, four points behind Jordan.

Ray Christian III of Uncasville won the 60-lap Late Model feature.

Andrew Molleur of Shelton was second and Matt Lowinski-Loh of Milford, Mass. was third.

Jake Hines of North Haven won the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature. Tom Abele Jr. of Norwich was second and Tyler Chapman of Ellington third. 

Ed Gertsch Jr. of East Haven took the checkered flag for the 25-lap Street Stock feature but was penalized after the finish for moving Aaron Plemons out of the lead on the final lap. Shawn Gaedeke of Groton was declared the winner. Al Stone III of Durham was second and Corey Fanning of Mapleville, R.I. third. 

Dave Heliwell of Lee, N.H. won the 50-lap 350 SMAC feature. Brody Monahan of Waterford topped the 25-lap Truck feature. 


  1. What happened to the Waterford Speedbowl ?
    Is Scott Foster still GM ?
    I haven’t seen such a poorly run show ever.
    People didn’t know what was happening or why.
    I know Waterford can’t be faulted for on track incidents
    If you added up time racing and time wasted by management
    wasted time by management would win.
    No organization, at all, announcers ,officials everyone acted like we were gonna be there for the weekend. Maybe they need Ben Dodge to show a quick run show.
    Great to see Matt Buckler.

  2. Longtimefan says

    Most competitive racing in the state!! Literally every division has great racing. Some wild incidents last night, and some great passing. The small block supers are kind of monotonous, i wish they would bring the BIG BLOCK supers back, but the regular divisions are Great racing! when the sun goes down, the racing is even better!!

  3. Never said, racing wasn’t great it was between races and when so many problems arose they still had intermission.
    Deplorable The OWNER is NOT a Predator , he did what many others (not me) got mixed up with a prostitute and payed a high price for it.
    If it were not for him we would NOT have the Bowl. You have choice not to go to the Bowl.

  4. There arent many big block supers around. The last few times I have seen them they had less than 10 car fields. That was last year, both an ISMA show and that new PASS super mod series. I believe Osweego opens up this weekend. It will be interesting to see what they are getting for car count these days. The few times I have seen the 350 supers at Star they put on a good show. The same group of small block supers that was at Waterford last night is scheduled for Seekonks Wednesday modified show. I think it will be a good addition. Anecdotally, car counts seem to be down this year at most places with a few exceptions.


    Oswego had winged 350 supers for their opener…IF they didn’t probably more cars for the touring series at the bowl.. even the big blocks would spread out once the race gets going . it appeared the faster cars in the heats didn’t adjust for the cooler temps and were off come feature time .. when it gets interesting is with lapped traffic.. no passing flag…. WHOEVER is in charge of running the show, promotor /race director ? terrible job yesterday. Foster/Webster?? DUHHHH the engine on the track blower still malfunctioning. forever to clean up/pickup. the track crew is asleep ! the fire dept pickup drove in the opposite direction of the backstretch wreck/fire in the sportsman’s . it was clear the driver was injured ..someone thank god ran from the pits to put the fire out.. KUDOS to that guy.!! any word on that driver? funny I guess no one signs a hippa form at the race track ….. you don’t need an intermission… I guess since qualifying went off without a hitch they thought they had more time ? .more choices for the front of the house with food etc are needed PERIOD!! WFT is the issue! pricing outrageous. vendor when questioned said to me they are being gouged by the track for a portion of the profits .. yup pass the cost onto the race fan fools !!! .said it was still “worthwhile” to be there for now … yes its good to see / hear Matt Buckler however there was a live mic moment when he was on the infield that could have gone horribly wrong. he also was a little loopy but I give him a pass due to his medical situation. what he said on the mic was accurate . we do things real time an hopefully it appears we planned properly or something to that effect. said its always been that way at the “bowl” !!! TRUE FOR SURE MATT ! . biggest offender Ed Gertch claiming there was “no respect ” in the division spent his entire night trying to lift the rear wheels off the ground on the car(s) ahead of him… sportsman car count is going to take a hit after the carnage last night .racing still pretty good , stands 1/3 to 1/2 full . pits crowded (people) .. biggest surprise Sami Anderson after using the top at Stafford Friday not afraid to take it up high at the bowl. and the what appeared to be an old frank Ruocco car 91 skl (Hines) ? giving the moron Abele and his equally moronic owner Bert Marvin a taste of “running you how you run me” great move by the young man . Abele clearly disappointed during podium interview took accountability but too late bozo !! you LOST . bring back the Kortewegs !

  6. Hillary 2024 says

    Only race that went off without a hitch were the sk’s. Green to checker. I believe they said it was over in 8 minutes. Track crew is usually more efficient than they were. Not sure what their issue was. Great to see Buckler. Unfortunately he was part of the reason why the show dragged on. Hope he can get back to his usual self some time this season.

  7. Hillary 2024 says

    I know that Lee had 350 supers Saturday. Didn’t know about Oswego. So Waterford got 18 of them against two other tracks. That is very good if you think about it. Crowd was good up to the supers feature. Many had enough and called it a night. Nice to see 20 late models for their big race. Anthony Bellow was a surprise addition. I think that may have been his first late model race. Great finish for the Evans kid also. Scary wreck for the 50. Benevitas or however you spell his name. Saw the in car footage and looked like he thought he was clear and ran right up into Palmer. Looking forward to Sids View this week.

  8. What will the penalty be for the street stock driver who got a group of people together and jumped another street stock driver and beat him up in the parking lot? Should be gone for the rest of the year, or forever. This is what happens when you have criminal families racing.

  9. Waterford attracts all the best people.


    laptop and eyesek. marvins always been a hack .. a never was…just like Eric Webster… I guess the days of just the drivers working things out is over… like NASCAR says “have at it boys” ! WHERE WERE THE POLICE ? clearly the race director or GM has ZERO ability to keep the drivers in check. was there a mention about the streets in the drivers meeting ? do they still have a drivers meeting ??. feel bad lots of wrecked equipment ,along with bumps and bruises . Ken Squire ” there’s a fight, they have both lost, they are angry” LOL classic . cant wait for next week

  11. Tyrone Biggums says

    As far as the Street Stock fight goes we all know crackheads are gonna crackhead

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