Woody Pitkat And Jimmy Blewett On The Latest Unmuffled

On Episode 142 of Unmuffled we have some fireside chatter to kick things off and then catch up with Woody Pitkat and Jimmy Blewet

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  1. Track Talks with Tequila. What is that like back of the hauler talk? Not very structured with minimal preparation more of a free form type of deal. Reen basically interviewed himself. Ask him one question and he’ll go on forever about every nuance of his life if you let him. The Kopcik visit more like banter you’d here in the pits. Tell you what, women may have a long way to go in closing the pay gap but the cuss word gap is definitely gender neutral. Kopcik took the early lead with eff this and effing that but Cassie Rocco I do believe eventually beat him out. Reen as well. First asking if he could swear in the interview, given the green light and by the time he’s done he’s throwing out F bombs all over the place. Must be the tequila right or is that the way you younger folks express yourselves all the time?
    Track Talks must be more for people involved in racing to listen to. Kind of like just chatting in the paddock. A good amount of time whining about critics in social media and in this venue. We’re “irrelevant” apparently and they don’t pay much attention although surprisingly know a lot about what’s said. I get what they’re saying. We’re irrelevant when we talk about their missteps like serial DQ’s and the most knowledgeable race fans around when we cheer them. The entire dynamic of race fans and racers expressing themselves symmetrical. Instead of fans shouting and giving the finger to drivers in victory lane through the fence it’s now done on social media. Instead of racers giving them the business back or grumbling in the paddock they get to call us irrelevant in podcasts and among their own private groups on social media. Works out pretty good on the whole wouldn’t you say?
    I have to say I do like Kopcik’s general delivery he sounds like he’s getting to a place of maturity with regard to his racing exploits but still has some work to do. The shear number of times he’s gotten DQ’s for one reason or another in recent history is unique. He clearly lives in a gray area where he tends to find a third party instigating the DQ based on exigent circumstances outside of the actual rules infraction. He’ll turn the corner on that eventually and either take the blame or simply not point the finger. Finger pointing fine for a 7 year old blaming his sister for stealing a cookie right before dinner, doesn’t work so will with adults.
    If Cassie Rocco says she won’t let her husband have access to social media is that a fact or is it tequila fueled spousal bravado?
    Everyone wants to be Woody. The guy may be a jerk in person although I don’t see how that’s possible. i know in this interview he sure pushed all the right buttons and he does it so effortlessly. Well spoken, engaged, informative with diverse interests. Solomito already has “The Natural” handle in racing but if anyone deserves it it’s Pitkat. While other drivers like Kopcik are feeling confrontational with critical fans on social media Pitkat’s engaging. It’s impossible to be critical of the guy quite the opposite. Everyone wants to be Woody. Woody doesn’t even need a cleaver handle he’s just Woody. Seems to know everyone and everyone seems to like Woody plus he’s a Pat’s fan. Please Shawn ask him how he feels about the Pat’s for 2023 I shouted while listening but no such luck.
    Sure was hoping to root against perceived dive bomber Blewett this year in the 85 we all have to have some bad guys don’t we? Blewett is so personable and genuine dad gum it. Handling his SK chores so capably, traveling so far to be a part of the events at Stafford every week the 85 is like an attention magnet during races.
    I have to ask, serial profanity in a public setting is it completely accepted now? I do love using naughty words in private conversation but as exclamation points used strategically When you’re addressing an audience of hundreds or thousands of people do we all want to be Dave Sapienza’s with no discipline whatsoever. Or is expressing yourself without effing all over the place still a sign of respect for your audience and those that can’t control themselves reverting to the less attractive aspects of racer stereotypes.

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