Rough Campaign: Mike Christopher Jr. Outduels Jimmy Blewett For SK Mod Senator’s Cup Win At Stafford 

Mike Christopher Jr. celebrates victory in the Senator’s Cup SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – With an average finish of 15th place over the first five SK Modified events in 2023 at Stafford Speedway, it’s fair to say the frustration was setting in for Mike Christopher Jr.

On Friday Christopher released some of that frustration on the rear bumper of Jimmy Blewett to storm to his first win of the season.

Christopher passed Blewett for the lead on lap 45 and never trailed again on the way to victory in the 50-lap Senator’s Cup SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford. 

It was the 10th career victory in the division for Christopher and his first since Sept. 9 of last season. 

“This year has been a bit of a struggle for us,” Christopher said. “This is our backup car. The other car is still apart at the race shop. We tested twice in a row, including today. We have been struggling but I’ve gotten a lot of help and feedback from the good people in the racing community.”

“I’m just excited. I’m kind of speechless. I didn’t think I was going to be here.”

Blewett, of Howell, N.J., was second and Anthony Bello of Newtown third. 

It was the fifth podium finish in six SK Modified events this season at Stafford. Blewett was caught up in a wreck before the start of the SK Modified feature last week, which was the only event that hasn’t resulted in a podium finish for him this season. 

Christopher started on the pole and led every lap until Blewett used a diving move into turn three on lap 39 to take over the lead. 

Christopher was able to stay within striking distance of Blewett and on lap 45 Christopher got into Blewett’s back bumper going into turn three and got him up the track enough to get under him in the low lane and go back to the lead for good. 

“When I was behind him I felt like my car was better,” Christopher said. “I got a good run off of [turn] two [on lap 45]. He ran a little Hink and you run The Hink you pay the price. I just got into him and that’s what happens.” 

When asked what running The Hink is Blewett was perplexed. 

“I don’t even know what he’s talking about,” Blewett said. “I don’t even think he knows what he’s talking about.”

Christopher explained “The Hink” as when a driver leading the race slows and blocks the low lane in the closing laps.

“Pull down the straightaway and block the bottom lane when someone has the run,” Christopher said. “You block, you pay the price. At the end of the race, you can’t tolerate that.”

Blewett said he’ll “repay the favor” when the time is right. 

“He was desperate for a win,” Blewett said. “I’ll just leave it at that. I like those guys. I have respect for those guys. I’m not going to say anything more.” 

The red flag came out on the event on lap 24 when Marcello Rufrano made heavy contact with the backstretch wall. 

After a long delay the race restarted, but not for long. On the restart 13th place running Stephen Kopcik jumped out of line in turns one and two and put Tyler Hines into the wall. 

Christopher once again held the top spot on the next restart. On lap 26 Blewett got by Keith Rocco to take over third place. 

Caution flew again on lap 27 for the stopped car of RJ Marcotte with Christopher leading Dylan Kopec and Blewett in third. Blewett went by Kopec for second on the lap 27 restart and went stalking Christopher. 

“The car was a little off tonight,” Blewett said. “Last week we got into the fence. The guys had a lot of work to do. [Crew chief JJ Vece] and them guys put the car back together during the week, but we were just missing a little something here tonight. Just a little too tight. I feel like if we weren’t that tick tight he wouldn’t have been able to sniff my tail there.” 

Mike Christopher Jr. poses with the Senator’s Cup Friday at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)


  1. Art Roraback says

    Congratulations to Mike Jr. for running a great race and to Jimmy Blewett for being an absolute class act as he has been all season long.

  2. steve jesus says

    It’s also OK to bring a cheat sheet to your final exam because you know you’re smarter than the others right? Great example of sportsmanship there kid. Hope young kids weren’t watching you cheat your way to first place. So much for honor and integrity.

  3. i think. it must have been uncle Ted that taught him that move. And if he has been cheating, why hasn’t he won since last year? He should be winning and running up front like Blewett.

  4. Henry Lecomte says

    It’s easy to call someone a cheater when your car or and driver are not winning I’m sure Blewitt has used that Horn in his career. Great job Mikey

  5. steve jesus says

    I do not have a “car or and driver” in the race but I do know the ubiquitous ” bump and run” when I see it. In other sports they call it interference and penalize it, but it auto racing it’s called ” moving the other guy” and celebrated. If your kid knocks down another kid in order to score a goal in a soccer game it’s a foul but in racing it’s OK. Earnhardt and Ted Christopher made livings out of this bush league move. It’s cheating period..


    the bar was set for this move (ruling) by Stafford years ago when real side by side two groove racing ended . so Blewitt will retaliate and it goes on and on and on.. what a joke .

  7. Fast Eddie says

    I always thought that was called “brake-checking”, used by many from time to time.

  8. Hillary 2024 says

    Like Blewett said Christopher was desperate for a win. At least he didn’t wreck him. Is it impossible to pass on the high side these days?

  9. If you really want to talk about bump and run, check out Bowman Gray stadium it happens quite often at that track.

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