Brian Robie Disqualified From Monaco Modified Tri-Track Win At Seekonk; Teddy Hodgdon Declared Winner 

Teddy Hodgdon (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

It was seemingly a Cinderella story in victory lane Thursday night at Seekonk Speedway.

Brian Robie scored his first career Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series victory at Seekonk, which came with a massive $20,000 payday to the winner.

As it turns out though, the Cinderella story was just too good to be true.

Following the event, Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series officials took Robie’s motor for further inspection. 

On Friday Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series officials announced that Robie has been disqualified from the victory for declaring he was running a 604 crate motor which was found to have component changes that don’t allow it to be identified as a 604 crate motor. 

In a statement from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series, managing partner and director of competition Ed Bennett cited major component changes to Robie’s motor for the disqualification. 

“Robie’s car was not a 604 crate engine as identified,” the statement read.

Robie will be credited with a 27th place finish along with the corresponding payout and points.

Robie was running a declared 604 crate motor for the event. Per the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series rulebook, drivers running the declared 604 crate motors are allowed the advantage of running at a lower weight than teams running traditional Open Modified motors or Tour Type Spec motors.

The penalty gives second place finisher Teddy Hodgdon the victory and moves Kyle Bonsignore to a second place finish and Joey Cipriano III to a third place finish. 

“Obviously I’d like beat him on track, but the tech officials have to keep the integrity of the sport,” Hodgdon said. “If that’s how it has to be, I’ll take that any day. 

Hodgdon went from earning a $6,000 second place payday to taking home $20,000 for the victory. Bonsignore will now earn $6,000 and Cipriano will collect $4,000. All other positions from Thursday’s finish will move up one spot in the finishing order. 

Hodgdon became the 21st different Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series winner since the series’ inception in 2014. He is the second first-time series winner in two events this year. Stepen Kopcik got his first series win in the division’s 2024 opener at Thunder Road International Speedbowl on May 26. 

Hodgon was making his 10th career Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series start. His best finish before Thursday was a fourth place at Thunder Road on May 26. Hodgdon leads the series standings after two of eight events.

“It’s definitely the biggest payday that I’ve won,” Hodgdon said. “It will go a long way for the next couple races. We’re leading the points no matter what for [the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series] so that will have a big momentum shift going into the next couple races. We’ve been able to close out races which has been our struggle with Tri-Track specifically. So being able to do that and have good points finishes going on is going to be crucial for the later part of the season.” 


  1. Marshall says

    Uuuuuugggggghhhhh this sucks. Is it just me or have there been a lot of engine DQs this year? Any report on how they figured it out? I’m probably more interested in what the Robie team has to say about this, particularly how they thought they could get away with it. Is there anyone who could do an article explaining how a post-race engine inspection is handled? Does tri track require engines to be sealed?

  2. Good call by Tri Track officials – rules are rules. All to save 25 lbs and 1% left side

  3. I guess there is a bunch of cheated up 604 crate engines out there. Two disqualifications on the same day at two different events. I am happy tech actually reviews the competitor’s equipment for compliance to the rules. All the drivers should think they are getting a fair compensation and if they work hard follow the rules they may have a shot at the win. If enough cars get caught and punished maybe people will not try to bend the rules as often. If people stop cheating maybe costs will not rise as fast.

  4. Henry Lecomte says

    So basically he cheated on motor and weight should be penalized next race by starting from the rear no matter what. Also it takes away from Teddy’s fans not getting him his moment to shine

  5. Fast Eddie says

    This goes back to a post under the Thompson 604’s. I was wondering why more of the NHSTRA 604 mods wouldn’t consider running Thompson, and Rich made mention to the fact that they were allowed to make certain modifications, where Thompson was using sealed 604’s. I’m making an uneducated guess that Robie’s engine was an NHSTRA engine.

  6. Richard Fitzwell says

    This is what happens when their golden boy doesn’t win.

  7. lol @ the people who don’t know the whole story and just think he cheated

  8. Richard Fitzwell,
    Who’s the Golden Boy?

  9. so if I’m getting all this right…

    Robbie had an opened 604 motor.

    tri track rules allow opened 604 motors.

    Robbie tried to take a weight break that was only intended to be for sealed 604’s.

    Robbie claims an official OKed his situation and weight requirements pre race.

    Looking at tri tracks rules, the weight tiers are divided into “sk, Sunoco and Sportsman mods” “Tour type mods” and “spec engines”

    Nothing about 604’s of any type is specifically mentioned anywhere, from what i can tell.

    “sportsman” NHSTRA mods appear to allow rebuilt 604s. Unsure of what parts are allowed to be changed and how the relates to robbie.

    At the end of the day, i understand tri tracks stance. and probably even agree with it.

    But, this problem is probably a lot clearer if they had a rule book that is more than ~3 pages long. There’s a reason the NWMT rule book is ~150. some may not like that many rules, but there isn’t much that it doesn’t cover and make clear.

    Moving forward, if someone is running a non-standard engine package, both sides should be required to put into writing where things stand if there is any uncertainty. If the team is honest about what is in their motor, there should be clear weight goals given by the series. you need this type of certainty if you are trying to blend engine packages.

    Again, I get what TRI track is doing. But they haven’t exactly quoted a clear rule yet, either. And it’s not exactly a great look for this to be settled the next day instead of before.

  10. Bruno Sammartino says

    The Golden Boy? That would be Arnold Skaaland!

  11. Good call. Some might say; it’s only 25 lbs what’s the big deal? Taking 25 lbs off the car can make a big difference if taken out of the right places. 1% left side doesn’t sound like much but is again a big difference. What it comes down to is simple: Don’t cheat.

  12. “sportsman” NHSTRA mods appear to allow rebuilt 604s. Unsure of what parts are allowed to be changed and how the relates to robbie.

    It appears there is no NHSTRA rules any more. There are the Mad Dog Modified and Claremont/Hudson/Lee rules package otherwise known as Race Day Productions (No connection to Race Day CT).

    Mad Dog Modifieds-pretty clear you use a sealed 604 crate engine with seals in place.

    “. In the event that the engine sustains internal damage or wear that requires the removal of the GM- factory installed seals, the engine has served its life and must be replaced”

    Brian Robie won a Mad Dog Modified race at Monadnock on 4/20/24

    Claremont/Hudson/Lee-604 with seals in place but they also allow rebuilt 604 engines by the “RPM Alliance” a group of 8 authorized engine shops plus RPM Racing Engines of Vermont.

    Brian Robie won a feature Sportsman Modified race at Claremont on 4/28/24

    “tri track rules allow opened 604 motor”

    That may be strictly true but it not like you can open them up and fiddle with anything you like. RPM Alliance engine shops can do authorized rebuilds that’s it as far as I can find.

    The MMTTS says what engines are allowed then defers to the rules of the series of origin to enforce their rules as far as I can see. Their rules appear to be outdated with no mention of 604’s. It used to be SK’s aka Sunoco Modifieds at Thompson were the only underdog engine ala Stan Mertz and Woody Pitkat years ago. They break that engine down, see a part not authorized by the Stafford Speedway rule book and the disqualification is easy to enforce. Sunoco modifieds were the same rules as SK’s, ACT/PASS changed that just recently to mean 604 type it gets confusing.

    Perhaps all MMTTS teams have been told by series management what is and is not allowed but the rules should have some reference to 604’s one would think. The McGunegill racing engine mentioned. ACT/PASS and Mad Dog Modifieds are pretty clear, GM seals in place period. Everything that came from GM in place with minor exceptions to the oil pan and oil coolers in some cases. The RPM Alliance rebuilt engines might be mentioned as well. RPM Alliance Seals in place with all RPM Alliance internal engine parts used period.

    According to his web page Brian Robie is a mechanical engineer that worked for a time for the Department of Defense so it’s pretty clear he knows what’s in his engines. His best lap time second only to Hirschman. Sure Seekonk is a giant skid pad but horsepower still is important.

    Robie has won in the 604 class at Monadnock and Claremont. If it was the same engine with a cam that was not GM issue one would think the engine was illegal at Monadnock. Perhaps at Claremont as well if the cam wasn’t legal by RPM Alliance standards.

    I’m just a civilian but civilians should be able to follow the bread crums and see why a rule was enforced. MMTTS rules don’t have to be specific about parts but perhaps consider doing a better job listing the source rules of engine packages allowed including 604’s and the RPM Alliance rebuilds. The MMTTS letter while ingenuous assumes we all know why the cam was illegal. It should say it’s not a part number in the 604 GM engine nor authorized by the RPM Alliance or any other track or sanctioning body with written rules for 604 engines.

    If the fan base is off the rails on social media perhaps the lack of specificity is part of the reason. They stopped at the cam. All the nonsense about not returning the engine in baskets to prove you’re good guys is irrelevant Any attempt by the team to deflect to a dyno test is irrelevant. Just list the cam part number and manufacturer, say it’s not authorized by GM, the RPM Alliance nor any other track or sanctioning groups rules. Won’t stop the misinformation but may help.

  13. Rules exist for reasons.

    Law and order!!!!!

  14. Crazy in NY says

    Doug’s word salad not withstanding all the noise about it being a crate or unsealed or a “approved” engine means nothing. There is no cam rule in the TT rulebook. The engine in question was declared by Brian to the head of tech and a race weight was assigned to him. Of course he would need that to do that proper pre race set up/scaling in his shop before the race. So when Mrs Managing Partner says tech was stopped when the cam was “discovered” it calls the integrity of MMTTS into question in my mind. Then throws in the “break” he got in the tire corral for some alleged violation is just a smoke screen in my view. So it comes down really to one side or the other lying because both stories can’t be true. btw I’ve known Brian for a while and I can’t recall him ever having an issue in the tech barn for an engine violation, so I know where I stand on this. As the TT drifts even further from its roots……. Sad.. a long time TT supporter is getting the short end of the stick but…… It matters not what the rulebook says, or what a series official may have told you in this series it’s what the Managing Partners say it is. Race on….

  15. Crazy in NY,
    So the entirety of your opinion of this situation is based on your 100 percent conviction that the person who was caught cheating is telling the absolute truth. I know this from 30 years of covering short track racing, I can literally count on one hand the amount of racers who got caught cheating and then said “Yes, I was actually cheating.” And as for the text of your comment, any respect it might deserve goes entirely out the window when you show your true colors as a good old typical misogynistic bully like so many others in this sport. The fact that instead of using someone’s name (someone who has earned the respect of many people across the realm of motorsports) you instead use a belittling term to ensure you get your point across that you look down on any woman who has earned any type of standing or status in the sport. Well done. People like you are part of the reason people outside of short track racing still look down on everything about short track racing.

  16. vance richenberg says

    good to see doug again

  17. Crazy in NY, you must truly believe all those in prison must be innocent.

    It’s rigged, right?


    Just remember, Ryan Newman was a non-factor after he was caught with that cheated up motor. Newman was a big nothing hamberder after that car was caught with a big cheat.

  18. Crazy in NY says

    OMG, where is the dark corners or your mind did you dig all that up? My God where do I start. I’m a (misogynistic bully) because I didn’t refer to her and him by name? LOL too funny in the face or your #1 boy dareal who runs Mellissa Fifield gratuitously up and down the flag pole on a regular basis and has now for how many years? Not a peep out you then…Hmmm curious. Your 30 years and you’re an expert on cheaters as well? How convenient. In your “expert” 30 years has a racer ever been wronged by a series? Could ones’ ego not allow them to right a wrong? Absolutely is a word i DID NOT write of course because Robie could be lying just as you may be. Look we stand on different lily pads you and I. You have press privileges to protect so of course you have to favor one side. ( btw) managing partners is a phrase used in many corners surrounding TT and you know that. It’s NOT my term. Bottom line Robie is lying cause you respect Ed and Renee so they aren’t. But again. This your sandbox and your call. And I respect that even if I don’t agree.

  19. Marshall says

    For those saying MMTTS rule book doesn’t specify anything about the 604 engine, it also doesn’t specify anything about the 350 engine either. What it does refer to is the SK and Sunoco modified types, which run factory sealed 350s and factory sealed 604s respectively. From my point of view the MMTTS rule book is not meant to be ridiculously detailed because these teams regularly run at different tracks that have their own detailed rule books, and MMTTS tries their best to let all those different sets of rules run a fair race together.

  20. Crazy In NY,
    A long span of reading comments like this has certainly taught me how to read between the lines. Again, she has name and you know her name and instead of using her name you chose to refer her the way you did. Again, not hard to read between the lines of the term you used to infer she just someone’s wife who responded to the matter at hand.

  21. Rafter fan says

    As usual, nothing generate posts on RaceDayCT like a DQ …

    Doug’s post sums it up well – apparently, a “604 modified” is a “Sportsman Modified” for Tri-Track rules rules interpretation purposes. And, Robie’s engine must have violated “weekly track rules” – i.e. Claremont, Hudson, Lee or Monadnock rules(?).

    Although it’s clearly sarcastic, isn’t Crazy’s “Mrs. Managing Partner” reference more or less accurate? It drew a chuckle from me and I still have great respect for Renee D.

  22. Rafter Fan,
    I’ve read enough comments from CrazyInNY over the last 10 years to understand exactly why he wrote that the way he wrote that, and it certainly wasn’t to show her any respect for her role with the series or her standing in the world of motorsports.

  23. Crazy in NY says

    …..and MMTTS tries their best to let all those different sets of rules run a fair race together……. Wrote Marshall

    And if that were the case Robie would not have been Dq’d. He called FIRST to see what they would allow for his cam changed 604. He ran that weight until ….. he won. Then….the “fun” started. His “cheating” cost him 20k.

  24. Crazy In NY,
    OJ said he didn’t kill Nicole and Ron too.

  25. Crazy in NY says

    Crazy In NY,
    OJ said he didn’t kill Nicole and Ron too.

    And a jury aquitted him.

  26. Crazy In NY,
    Yup. And you probably believed him too.

  27. Crazy in NY says

    Crazy In NY,
    Yup. And you probably believed him too.

    Nope..he was guilty as sin. But like the TT/Robie thing Shawn, what you and I think doesn’t matter. The lying parties here know the deal. Someday soon you may figure it out.

  28. “From my point of view the MMTTS rule book is not meant to be ridiculously detailed because these teams regularly run at different tracks that have their own detailed rule books, and MMTTS tries their best to let all those different sets of rules run a fair race together.”

    That’s kinda the problem here, by the sounds of it, isn’t it?

    The tour doesn’t have a 150 page rule for funzies. They do it so that everyone understands the playing field. No one should ever have to ask a technical question on the NWMT, because the rule book probably has the answer.

    I don’t envy TTs position to try and balance engine packages, but that’s what they are choosing to do. And it doesn’t mean they can’t have a clearer paper trail when doing so. You have to expect teams will try and create a package that they feel could give them an advantage.

    If a package gets an approval for a certain weight, I don’t see what’s so hard about adding it to the rule book each time. If you end up with 10 packages in your rule book. So be it.

    Do I take Robbies claims at face value? Not really. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think there was a conversation at some point in time, where one side misheard/misinterpreted what the other side said. I think there is a world where robbies team GENUINELY feels they were approved to run that specific engine at that specific weight.

    It IS on the sanctioning body to prevent that. There should be no uncertainty on these things. Hand the teams a sheet of paper at the beginning of the day, make them “claim’ what their exact engine package is and hand it over before practice, at which time tech will review it and confirm what their weights should be. Both sides can keep a copy. Information like that is one of the first things.a team has to fill out on a NWMT inspection sheet.

    If the team’s engine doesn’t match what they claimed it was in post race tech, it’s about as easy of a DQ that you can have. And you have a paper trail of them being dishonest.

    And if tech misread or misjudged an engine package, that the teams were completely honest about with their claim, take it on the chin and move on, and make changes for your next race if desired.

  29. To keep this as narrow as possible and apologies to Mr. Todd Owen a “what if”.

    “What if” Owen brings his well known SK to Seekonk with the same result and the engine taken for examination. MMTTS tech pulls the cam and it does not conform to this spec from Stafford rules which are as follows:

    “K15 or P55 cast core camshafts must be used (Billet steel cores are not permitted). The maximum camshaft bearing journal size is 1.875″ (475mm). Camshaft may not exceed .550” +/- .005” lift at the valve with zero lash.”

    That’s an easy DQ isn’t it? A declared SK type car and engine getting the weight and left side weight benefit but at the point the cam is changed it’s no longer Stafford legal. If it’s not series of origin legal in this case Stafford it’s not MMTTS legal.

    Why would the 604 tinkering be any different? Why are there all these attempts to obfuscate a clear rules violation is believing MMTTS tech the issue? I thought the fan base respected the MMTTS management does that change when they make an unpopular call and the knives come out?

    Check this out it’s an example of the detail GM provides in documenting what goes into their crate engines. I don’t know if this is current but in any event you can see the detail.

    The cam included:

    “CT400 (604) Engine Camshaft Specifications P/N 10185071 camshaft is installed the CT400 (604) engines. It is a roller camshaft design and uses hydraulic roller lifters. This camshaft has a red dab of paint located near the camshaft gear for identification. See section on valve lash for proper lash and procedure.”


    “ all the noise about it being a crate or unsealed or a “approved” engine means nothing. There is no cam rule in the TT rulebook.”

    That statement looks to be proof on how a statement can be a fact but be misinformation with out context being added. It’s absolutely true there is no cam rule in the MMTTS rules. It’s also 100% true there are no detailed engine specs listed because that’s not the mission of their rules. Their rules like New Smyrna, the Turkey Derby, Islip 300 and other open format are to make sure the car in question is following the series of origin rules and to outline only variations designed to compensate for competitive disadvantages between series and engine packages.

    So this entire saga is only a thing because a car with a non tour modified engine won an event with a huge payout. That’s unfortunate but the good thing is it’s a teachable moment for future events that should insure the integrity of cars declaring for the weight advantage. Might even help shine a light on breaking seals, tampering and the art of faking new seals that is shown in detail on any number of YouTube videos.

    Could MMTTS done a better job with addressing the 604’s in the rules and with public outreach to explain it, you betcha. Objectively speaking however if the cam numbers aren’t the same the drivers to blame and a righteous call. Absolutely no reason to take a popular win away from well liked underdog and the furry it would unleash other then a painful call on rules violation.

  30. Crazy in NY, please, please, please tell who the lying parties are!!!!!

  31. It’s hard to believe that a racing series would DQ anyone if they didn’t feel the team didn’t cheat. Why would they want to jeopardize their series reputation- having a 604 win their series race has to be good publicity and attract more cars. I haven’t seen a written explanation from the 25 team…. This situation is between the 25 and Tr-track. Tri-Track put their explanation out for all to see – The 25 team has a choice to do the same or not.

  32. I can’t believe a racing series would not DQ a cheater and jeopardize the integrity of the series and future car counts.

  33. Crazy in NY is one of those that believe everything is so unfair, he and his ilk are always being victimized, and the prisons are full of innocents.

  34. Marshall says

    @zig the MMTTS rules cite the other large rulebooks so that teams can bring their car from another series or track and say, “I’m following that rulebook.” Then they just have to make the adjustments called for in in MMTTS rules. So you can think of the MMTTS rules being very long since they include all those other rulebooks.

  35. marshall, that may work decently well for the teams running tour type packages.

    what about the rest?

    Option 1 is “SK, Sunoco and Sportsman Modifieds”

    Sk rules are probably known enough.

    What is a Sunoco mod these days? The thompson sks, or the thompson 604?

    What is a sportsman mod? There are several divisions that use that name.

    What’s a mad dog mod fit into?

    I believe there have been 602’s that have tried to race. What are they considered?

  36. “What is a Sunoco mod these days? The thompson sks, or the thompson 604?”

    Love your posts but you’re a Tour loyalist and enjoy throwing darts at MMTTS. Quite the scamp disguising objectivity but the end goal pretty obvious.

    My guess, the MMTTS knows exactly what rules apply to every series, engine package and spec that races in their events and have them all in their data base. If the public is confused about Sunoco 2023 and before vs Sunoco 2024 going forward they have every right to be. However that’s a public relations issue for the series not a rules enforcement issue.

  37. Marshall says

    @zig the MMTTS rules are up to date as of 6/23/24, so a Sunoco mod is a Thompson 604. The mods at Lee, Hudson, and Claremont are called sportsman modifieds under the Race Day Productions banner. The Mad Dog mods should probably also be added as a possibility since they aren’t called sportsman, but their rules are very similar to the RDP sportsman rules as they draw from the same group of teams. Both divisions allow 602 engines, so most likely anyone bringing a 602 to a MMTTS race will fall under “sportsman.”

    Looking elsewhere the Race of Champions series has a 602 crate sportsman division and that rulebook is mentioned at the top of the MMTTS rules. Riverhead also has a crate division that uses 602s, and Riverhead is a NASCAR weekly series track. You could argue that since ROC calls their division “sportsman” that anyone coming from that division is entitled to the sportsman weight class, but since Riverhead doesn’t call theirs a sportsman division they are not entitled to that weight advantage. If that were the case and the MMTTS doesn’t have a weight rule that covers your type of mod, the rules of your track or series would given, so they would follow the Riverhead rules regarding overall and left side weight. My guess is MMTTS would be fair and let teams coming from both series run the same weight as long as they were running a sealed 602 crate engine.

    That’s the sense I’ve been getting from this whole incident. The teams bring their cars, say what rules they’re following, and largely get the benefit of the doubt and allowed to race. I’m betting this whole situation wouldn’t have happened if Robie has just told them he was running a modified 604- he would have been put in the touring weight class and been allowed to race and keep whatever place he finished in rather than be DQ’ed. But that might have aroused its own set of suspicions…

  38. You both say you think “sunoco modifieds” means the 604 cars, which is not how i would interpret it. That division was called “sunoco 604 mods” and they just made it a point to rename it “Thompson sunoco mods” when they reshuffled the schedule. that makes me think the are saving the “sunoco mod” name for the next time they try SK’s there again.

    And yes, that is a pedantic. But that’s kind of how rule book reading is.

    And i have 0 doubt tri track knows what they want the rule to be. They aren’t the only ones that have to have 0 doubt.

    I was thinking, does Tri track have any sort of independent appeal system set up like NASCAR? If not, they should.

  39. Hillary 2024 says

    It’s obvious to me that a Sunoco mod is a 604 mod. But if Thompson’s goal was to confuse everybody then mission accomplished.

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