King Of The Crate Prelim Format Announced for SK Light Modifieds At Stafford On July 17

The SK Light Modified division will compete for the title of King of the Crate on Wednesday, July 17th at Stafford Speedway. The format for the new event will feature two 15-lap preliminary races with the top-12 in each race transferring to the 40-lap King of the Crate feature event. The event will accompany the GAF Modified Masters Open Modified 100-lap, $12,000 to win event. 

The 40 lap event will feature over $12,215 in prize money including $2,100 to the winner. 

“The SK Light Modified division has featured some great battles over the years and we are excited to put a new marquee event on the calendar for the teams,” explained Stafford GM David Arute. “The preliminary format is an opportunity for all drivers to turn some laps to try and make the feature.”

Between their 15-lap preliminary and 40-lap feature race, SK Light Modified teams and drivers will be tested, running 55 laps compared to their typical 28 laps. With a limited number of drivers qualifying for the 40-lap feature, a good run in the preliminary race will be vital for anyone who wants to take home the King of the Crate crown. 

“Being a midweek event we wanted to try something different,” continued Arute. “We now have a unique format for both the GAF Modified Masters for the Open Modifieds and the King of the Crate for the SK Light Modifieds. We’re looking forward to making this an annual can’t miss event on the Stafford Speedway calendar.”

Previously announced the GAF Modified Masters will include time trials, heat racing, a pole dash, and a 100-lap, $12,000 to win feature event. Full event details

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  1. I like the format- they should add a bonus for a driver to win both events. That will get everyone scrambling for rides in both divisions – 5k should do it.

  2. I agree. I like the format. I am encouraged with the comment that they are planning on making this an annual event. They keep showcasing their SK light division. Perhaps they will add some laps to their weekly feature and allow pitting in the not-too-distant future. If they are good enough to be show cased on a regular basis maybe we should treat them better than a second-class division. The division puts on a pretty good show and is usually supported with the largest car count at the track. An easily and quickly replaced flat tire should not park a car for the night.

    Another bad forecast for this weekend. Some big races at Stafford, Star .and NHMS this weekend. I hope the weather plays nice. Not sure if it has been discussed on here yet, but NH has the mods going off after the Xfinity race at somewhere around 6pm Saturday. I Know its one of the longest sun light days of the year, but there is no room earlier in the day to run them before the Xfinity tv window? what if the weather becomes an issue. Are we going to shorten the Xfinity race because they go into the modified time slot? I don’t think so.

  3. CSG,
    As far as Loudon goes, that’s the unfortunate part for the Whelen Modified Tour when they go to a track and our third of three on the rungs of importance for that weekend. Gone are the days of Cup Series practice on Friday, so that Saturday schedule is just packed and the Whelen Modified Tour ends up being the victim of that packed schedule. It will be interesting to see how everything goes on Saturday, especially with weather possibly making the puzzle even more complicated.

  4. I do not agree with increasing the laps of a normal SKL race – this division is fun for the car owners, drivers and fans with the 20 lap sprint. It’s a whole lot cheaper to run 20 laps, no crash cart, no radios. If the SKL teams want more, move up a division. I do agree they weekly purse should be more – double of what is is now.

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