NASCAR Issues Penalty To Driver Andy Seuss For Actions During Whelen Mod Tour Event At NHMS

Andy Seuss (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver Andy Seuss was penalized by NASCAR for his actions during the Mohegan Sun 100 on Saturday at New Hamphire Motor Speedway.

Seuss crashed during the event after contact from Austin Beers. After getting out of his wrecked car on track, Seuss approached the car of Beers and made a guesture while Beers was pacing with the field under caution.

NASCAR announced the following penalty has been issued.

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver Andy Seuss has been fined $500 and suspended from NASCAR until the fine is paid. He will remain on probation until December 31, 2024.

The rule infraction is as follows:

12-8.1 Member Conduct Guidelines

1. Heat of the moment actions or reactions, either on or off the race track.

E. 1. Actions by a NASCAR Member that NASCAR finds to be detrimental to stock car racing or NASCAR.

9-4.2.1 On-Track Incident Procedure

A 3 After being directed to exit the vehicle, the driver must immediately proceed to either the ambulance, other vehicle or as otherwise directed by safety personnel or a NASCAR Official.

5 At no time should a driver or crew member(s) approach another moving vehicle.


  1. Becoming less of a fan of nascar says

    Of course NASCAR fined him. But I have not heard anything about Bubba cutting down in front of Gragson and stopping right in front of his pit stall so he couldn’t get out. Total BS. Even the commentators said something about that and a possible fine. NASCAR is so WOKE. Every advertisement they always have the top 5 guys in it, why is Bubba always there?

  2. That was awesome!!! Too bad he didn’t do the dick shake like Sap did a few years ago.

  3. Marshall says

    @Becoming What Andy Suess did is a clear safety violation- nobody wants to see a driver hit and killed for approaching a moving racecar as happened to Kevin Ward. What Bubba Wallace was not much of a violation- he stopped in an empty pitbox on a nearly empty pitroad to yell at Gragson’s crew. He didn’t get out of his car or bump into Gragson or serve at a crew member. Also Gragson wasn’t racing out of the pits, he was going to restart in the back after the wreck anyway. It’s not a good look for Bubba, but I don’t think NASCAR wants to completely police out every aggressive move that drivers make, especially ones that have no impact on the race.

    As for ads, Bubba Wallace is a great marketing tool for NASCAR because he’s 1) popular and 2) one of the few non-white drivers NASCAR has at any level. Of course they would use him in their ads. Daniel Suarez is also a frequent choice for NASCAR promos despite not being particularly high in points because he’s very popular in Mexico. It’s not “woke,” it’s capitalism.

  4. Best line in a long time …

    β€œIt’s not β€œwoke,” it’s capitalism.”

  5. Just Saying says

    Bubba Wallace is a nobody, I to wonder why he’s on all the ads for not accomplishing pretty much anything as for NASCAR. Well they pretty much screwed everything up over the last 15 years they should be ashamed of themselves. Nobody in the stands bleachers taken out hope you NASCAR executives are happy in your nice tidy suits, oh yeah, and don’t even get me started about winning a race after taking the guy out on the last lap and wrecking 15 cars an they give you a β€œthat a boyβ€πŸ™„

  6. What happened to Danica Patrick ?

  7. Marshall says

    @super fan she retired in 2018.

  8. Dareal your comment about SAP and the dick shake has me cracking up!!!
    That’s a good one!

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