Purse Grows To Largest In Series History For Monaco Mod Tri-Track Open Wheel Wednesday At Seekonk  

Last week Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series management announced that their Open Wheel Wednesday event at Seekonk Speedway would feature a $20,000 to win purse as part of an additional $28,000 increase in the overall purse for the race. 

And since then the purse has only continued to grow, with an additional $5,500 added this week.

The additional money added brings the total purse for the event to $80,150, which will make it the highest paying Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series event in the division’s 11-year history. 

On Tuesday an additional $4,000 was added to the purse, increasing the payout for second, third, fourth and fifth place by $1,000 for each position. 

On Wednesday the series added another $1,500 to the purse, with increases of $300 for each position sixth through tenth. 


  1. Fast Eddie says

    WOW!! The payout looks amazing! This may be the first 40+ car event of the year! Thank-you to all who helped to make this happen!

  2. Love the additional money being provided to the drivers. I would hope this might entice a few Whelen guys to show up. Not sure how it fits with the Whelen schedule. It would be nice to see a 40 car field, and I hope we get it but…..

    I really think Tri track shot themselves in the foot when they changed their qualifying procedures a few years back. They used to have a straight up draw for heat starting positions. Now they go with practice times to set up heat races. The not so competitive cars would go to tri track races hoping to draw well start up front of a heat and hold onto a good qualifying spot through a short heat race. Now those teams are starting based on their qualifying practice times behind all the faster cars and there is little chance of qualifying well. While the Hirschmans and Silks of the world love the format as it rewards their dominance and takes chance out of the equation, the mid packers and back markers are finding it more and more difficult to sneak into a good starting spot. As a fan who doesn’t have any money tied into a modified car or driver, I really enjoyed the old format. You had excellent heat races watching Hirschy or Silk racing from a bad draw into a qualifying spot. You also had someone who never won a race starting on the pole trying to hold off a pack of dominant cars for a good starting spot. I can see why they changed it to appease their name drivers, but I think the format change really favors the haves v the have nots and the have nots have stopped showing up and it shows in lower car counts seen in recent years.

    just my opinion, but over the last few years the tri track races have gone from can’t miss events to another tour type modified race event in a calendar full of modified events.

  3. Suitcase Jake says


  4. With two weeks left, something tells me the purse will continue to grow!

  5. Marshall says

    @csg just watched a race where one of the slowest cars started second because of a wreck on the first lap of the heat race. It was pretty embarrassing watching everyone try to avoid him as he was lapped by lap 12. Some of these cars are REALLY slow and putting them in front even in a heat race on a short track can cause a disaster. So I’m not surprised the father drivers would want to start in the front.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    Wow, csg, great theory, and that may definitely be a factor in the TriTrack car counts.

  7. Kenneth Latham says

    I have been saying for years. Show the drivers/owners the money and they will show. And if they show, the fans will show. No reason we cannot have a $100K Purse in my opinion!

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