TFR Restructure Completed And Now Focused On The Future

(Press release from TFR Distribution)

Well positioned for growth and racing excellence for years to come

Loudon weekend is a time to celebrate a decade of excellence for the LFR Chassis 001, which debuted here in 2014. LFR has dominated the modified racing scene, earning a reputation for unparalleled performance and innovation. Top drivers have consistently chosen LFR chassis, leading to numerous victories and championships. Their commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology has solidified LFR’s position at the forefront of the racing world. In conjunction with celebrating this milestone, TFR (Owner of both Troyer and LFR Brands) is pleased to make some exciting announcements about the future of our business.

During 2023, Rob Fuller and TFR engaged Mid-Market Management Group (“MMMG”) to reposition TFR’s operations to capitalize on its competitive advantages and set a course for growth and prosperity. Almost immediately, MMMG encouraged TFR to outsource the fabrication of Troyer and LFR chassis, and components to TFR’s exacting standards. TFR’s strengths have always been best-in-class design, technology utilization (design, manufacturing, race prep), and consistency of performance at the track. By contracting with high-quality manufacturers, TFR can focus on its strengths, knowing that the chassis, parts, and components it sells are produced with the latest technology to the highest standards.

Outsourced Manufacturing Completed

TFR is pleased to announce that it has outsourced manufacturing of their authentic Troyer and LFR parts and components to some of the biggest and best names in the racing industry. Companies such as CRP, Hamke Race Cars, Spafco Race Chassis, and Joes Racing have all partnered with TFR to produce the best components and parts in the industry. 

β€œWe have invested in CAD drawings on every Troyer and LFR part to ensure repeatability and be able to make adjustments when needed,” stated TFR owner Rob Fuller. “These drawings have allowed us to easily outsource manufacturing by providing our OEM a specific CAD drawing for each authentic Troyer and LFR part. We have also invested significantly in new jigs and fixtures for the Troyer chassis to improve quality and increase manufacturing productivity, allowing TFR to distribute the highest quality parts while keeping costs down.” 

TFR can now focus on redesigning the LFR Chassis to distinguish it from others and reinforce its position in the marketplace as the leader in design and on track performance. The Gen 3 LFR design is set to make a debut in early 2025.

Kurt Mathias’ Support of TFR

In the spring of 2023, MMMG introduced TFR to Kurt Mathias, the former owner of Boston Billiard Club & Casino (now Gate City Casino) in Nashua, NH. Kurt attended the races in Loudon last year and saw firsthand the presence and importance of Troyer and LFR in racing. Kurt had once dramatically transitioned his business to meet the demands of his marketplace, and since Loudon, has provided financial support for TFR’s transformation.

“My business had been through a transition similar to the one Rob was embarking upon when I first met him. I knew it to be costly and time-consuming, and without outside guidance and financial support, it was an emotional time for me, my company, and my family. I wished I had someone to support me during that period,” Mathias said.

“I was fortunate to get through the process and develop a profitable and growing business. I could see that Rob was on the right path and agreed to provide him with the financial support I was never afforded. TFR has hit its milestones, and the company is ready to move forward at full throttle. I am so impressed that I recently extended my commitment to Rob to complete his journey. I am excited to participate in TFR and ensure its future success.”

With Kurt Mathias’ guidance and support, and the outsourcing of manufactured parts, TFR is ready to race forward. The track ahead is clear and we are excited to support the racers and race teams we love, stay a lap ahead. Race on!

About TFR

TFR Distribution, located in West Boylston, MA, is the distributor and owner of the LFR and Troyer Race Car brands. Our dedication to research, commitment, and precision ensures that every customer receives the best equipment available. Troyer Race Cars is a highly respected name in the NASCAR Asphalt Modified and open Modified industries. With roots deeply embedded in American motorsports history, Troyer has been a leading modified chassis brand since 1977. In 2019, Rob Fuller took over the Troyer brand, enhancing engineering and inventory levels to unprecedented heights. By 2022, Troyer secured a NASCAR Championship, a milestone that had eluded the brand until Fuller’s LFR brand entered the modified racing scene. LFR, founded in 2014 by owner Rob Fuller, aimed to develop the most advanced Asphalt Modified chassis design to date. Originally established in Mooresville, NC, LFR Chassis later relocated to West Boylston, MA, to focus on providing superior customer service to Northeast racing enthusiasts. The successful merger of these two prominent brands has brought great benefits to both Troyer and LFR customers nationwide. For more information about TFR visit,

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