Bubba Wallace Fined $50K By NASCAR For Slam Of Alex Bowman After Chicago Cup Series Race 

Bubba Wallace (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

NASCAR announced Wednesday that Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace has been fined $50,000 for his aggressive slam of Alex Bowman following Sunday’s Grante Park 165 Chicago street course event.

Wallace was cited for for violating Sections 4.4.B & D: NASCAR Member Code of Conduct.

Bowman won the event. On the cool-dwn lap following the event, Wallace pulled up to Bowman and slammed the right side of Bowman’s car. The contact forced Bowman’s car into the wall.

Earlier in the event contact from Bowman sent Wallace spinning.

Wallace finished 13th in the Chicago event and sits 17th in the NASCAR Cup Series playoff standings. Wallace, who is winless this season, sits 45 points below the 16-driver cutoff line to make the playoffs.


  1. Marshall says

    An incident like this highlights what I think is a big safety oversight. I often worry about drivers on cool-down laps lowering their window nets and taking off their safety belts. They’re still going around the track at a significant speed. We know how dangerous a 30-mph collision is in a street car with no seat belts. Maybe at a street course the drivers won’t be going particularly fast, but they will be encouraged to get back to the pit area quickly, particularly the top finishers who will be needed for interviews. At a track like Talladega no doubt they are still going pretty fast down the backstretch will their window nets down and their seat belts at least loosened. I feel like during cautions it can be even worse. Cars will be stopped on the track with other cars passing by and the wrecked drivers will have their nets down and their belts coming off. I know the window net down is meant to signal the safety crews but it also seems dangerous to do it too quickly with moving cars still nearby. I think NASCAR should implement a rule saying your belts and window net need to stay in place until the all-clear is given by NASCAR unless there is an emergency like a fire. I think having a rule in place will eliminate the need for worrying about Alex Bowman being hit on the cooldown lap with his belts off.

  2. I agree with Marshall to a point. NASCAR should have a rule that drivers must remain belted in with the window net and helmet in place until they are safely stopped on pit road. Often the winner gets congratulated from their competitors by a side swipe, or bump on the cool down lap, which could easily lead to a wreck. Granted, what Bubba did was unacceptable, and he deserves the fine, the same could unintentionally happen from a driver saying congrats. Actually, Bubba should be suspended for a week, like Elliot was last year for walking Hamlin. NASCAR needs to reign this behavior in and set a solid example before it gets out of hand and someone gets hurt. At the same time they need to better define what acceptable behavior is. They want the driver to express their emotions, but to what extent? It seems acceptable for drivers to hit each other, but if a bystander gets involved, then it becomes unacceptable. The playoff format has made the stakes in each race so much higher as there are only 26 races to fill 16 spots, so I understand why emotions sometimes take over

  3. Marshall says

    @Rob P. I think wrecking someone at speed during a race is worse than bumping someone on a cool-down lap. Both are safety issues but one is clearly more dangerous and effects the outcome of the race, possibly with major playoff implications. I’m fine with a fine for a moderate post-race bump.

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