Ryan Preece Struggles Through Rough Event With XFINITY Series At Iowa

(Press Release from JD Motorsports)

Ryan Preece (Photo: JD Motorsports)

Ryan Preece (Photo: JD Motorsports)

NEWTON, Iowa – A mid-race accident and brake issues left Ryan Preece with a 34th-place finish in Saturday’s U.S. Cellular 250 Xfinity Series race at Iowa Speedway.

Preece’s Chevrolet was hit by another car on a restart, and a brake caliper locked up, forcing him to the pit. He parked the Chevy with 127 laps of the race’s 250 recorded.

“A tough night for us,” Preece said. “We could have finished a lot better on a track I really like, but the contact really hurt our car. We’ll bounce back.”

Preece stayed 18th in Xfinity driver points.

Erik Jones won the race, and Elliott Sadler is the series point leader.

Watkins Glen International hosts the next Xfinity race Aug. 6.


  1. Art where are you? You were pounding your chest after the Loudon race telling us Preece would make the chase this year, and will be replacing Kasey Kahne in the 5 car next year.

    Yes there was contact from David Starr, but did Preece miss a shift? Watch the replay of the restart, there was 50 feet between the 01 and the car in front of him. Then the crew chief tells him to pit, but he stayed out and got Flex Seal some TV time as he left a trail of sparks from a locked up right front.

  2. ben dover says

    preece is a joke. his family is a joke. his race team is a joke. two years from now he will be driving an oil delivery truck around berlin ct………sound like someone else?

  3. Ryan sucks as a driver.
    I know he has great heritage but he sucks.
    He’s completely out of his league and needs to realize he’ll only be a moderately successful modified driver and never if the caliber of Evans, Bodine, etc.

  4. Never!

  5. He’s like Jeb Bush.
    Useless unless the car carries him to the win.

  6. Evans and Bodine kicked ass down south. They knew how to build, set up, and race better than anyone else.

  7. You guys need to get a life. First year team. Give the guy a break.

  8. It will be ok
    Keep digging I believe you break the too rent soon
    I watch all his races and to me it looks like he is as good as any
    If you put ryan in Suarez car I believe he would win at least 5 to 6 races a year

  9. Wow
    How does he win then
    You people need to be banned from comment section
    Must be the dwi crew with suspended liscence
    Kid is great man
    Thanks ryan for all you do and the classy guy u r

  10. Being tough on a guy who is seeing these tracks for the first time, aren’t you?…..@ben dover, who are you talking about with the oil truck comment?

  11. Whats wrong with driving a oil truck
    Looser punk jerk
    I drive a oil truck

  12. O, this is hilarious. Ryan sucks as a driver. LOL…

    You are talking about a WMT series Champion, multiple Stafford and Thompson track SK championships, and someone who finished #4 in the nation in the Whelen All American Series.

    At least get your facts straight before you attempt to portray Ryan as a “sucky” driver. He obviously is not a sucky driver, but an exceptional driver, as his record clearly shows.

    As for the comment that Ryan is a joke, his family is a joke and his race team is a joke.. Well, I’ll point to his record above for the “joke” part. Obviously the facts speak differently.

    As for him and his family, well, I know Ryan and his family personally, and they are all great people. Again, short on facts, but you do seem to have a firm grasp on flinging hot air.

    His race team, well it is year #1 with a new team driving in a new series driving a new car.

    And, in spite of all that, proving yet again that he really is a champion, had it not been for getting caught up in a wreck, he would have had a top 10 finish at Loudon recently!

    Ryan is where he is today because he deserves to be where he is. He earned it! And even more important than his racing, he is a great person as are the rest of his family, and I am proud to call them friends!

  13. some guy, he wasn’t seeing this track for the first time, second time in 6 weeks


  14. You’re right Paul…and I change my mind, never let him drive a car again.

  15. Good job andre
    A man with facts in 2016
    A rare event
    Ryan keep plugging man
    You a class act and deserve all that comes to you

  16. Art only comments when there is something negative to say about Melissa Fifield

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