Eric Goodale Wins Whelen Modified Tour Bush’s Beans 150 At Bristol Motor Speedway

Eric Goodale celebrates victory at Bristol Motor Speedway Wednesday (Photo: Jim DuPont)

Eric Goodale celebrates victory at Bristol Motor Speedway Wednesday (Photo: Jim DuPont)

In 2014 Eric Goodale scored his first career Whelen Modified Tour victory in familiar territory, winning at his home track Riverhead (N.Y.) Raceway.

Saturday Goodale got win No. 2 by taking the show on the road. Far down the road.

Goodale held off Todd Szegedy to win the Whelen Modified Tour Bush’s Beans 150 at Bristol.

Goodale, of Riverhead, N.Y., was making his 112 series start Wednesday at Bristol. He got his first career series victory on June 28, 2014 at Riverhead Raceway.

Szegedy, of Ridgefield, held on for second and Donny Lia of Jericho, N.Y. was third.

The race was started early in the evening but storms forced a delay after 55 laps and the NASCAR officials decided to run the scheduled Camping World Truck Series event before concluding the Whelen Modified Tour event.

The Whelen Modified Tour event was restarted after 11 p.m. and cut to 100 laps from its originally scheduled distance of 150 laps.

Goodale became the seventh different winner in eight Whelen Modified Tour events run at Bristol since 2009. Sprint Cup Series regular Ryan Newman is the only multi-time Whelen Modified Tour winner of the event (2010, 2011). Other winners include Lia (2009), Ron Silk (2012), Mike Stefanik (2013), Tommy Barrett (2014) and Ryan Preece (2015).

Series points leader and reigning series champion Doug Coby finished fifth. Justin Bonsignore, who came into the event as Coby’s closest pursuer in the standings, wrecked early in the event and ended up 33rd. Timmy Solomito, who came into the event third in the standings, was 27th.


  1. ModFan Homtracks says

    This seems unbelievable again!! How the Mod tour is treated at this track is like a one legged, ugly, freckled faced red headed step child. To go all that way to start, stop, wait then only run 100 laps is not worth it. This same thing happened the last time I went. Congrats to Eric. I do like him and he’s quietly had a great year so far. Mod Tour officials and you, Jimmy Wilson, give up this race. They really don’t want you there!!

  2. Another NASCAR DISASTER ! A joke … Awful ! Race cut to 100 laps after all these teams travel there . Totally wrong . You had 4 nights for 4 races . Give the tour the smallest window again. Is not a true win if it didn’t go the full distance . Hope the drivers get together and never make that trip again …. Waste of time and there money and vacation time . Mr. France and the other heads of NASCAR need a smack to the head …. And when at New Hampshire give them a little more time and respect there as well ! All the mod teams … Your the best and sorry you got screwed again.

  3. The teams don’t want to b there either.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I don’t understand why the race couldn’t be run Thursday in it’s entirety. An 11:00 p.m. restart is RIDICULOUS!! Most of the field spends a lot of money to go there. They’re not going for the prize money, which should be doubled through the field to help with their expenses. They’re going to RACE!! NASCAR should at least run their complete event and offer some respectable prize money.

  5. Congrats to Eric and Goodie,they’ve been fast all year.I agree that BRISTOL SHOULD BE OFF THE SCHEDULE and maybe N.H. also.The treatment is beyond the pale,and don’t forget the fans are also disrespected.At N.H.we had to wait for the gates to open while practice was going on.Got up early missed breakfast to stand like fools with the natives getting restless while we were ignored.

  6. When are you people going to get it through your heads? THE MODIFIED TOUR IS NOT THE MAIN ATTRACTION. You aren’t being belittled here, there are 3 divisions racing this week that are a bigger priority than your modifieds. Stop acting like victims and see it from the track’s and/or sanctioning body’s point of view. There are huge dollar TV contracts at stake. The people in charge of the events this weekend have a huge staff on hand that probably spent close to 20 hours at that track yesterday.. do you think any of them planned or wanted to stay there all day and night? Do you think the track wants to pay all these people for extra hours? Throughout the bad weather and moving the show around TV time, they simply cut down the laps for you to get a show in. Is it that hard to understand their reasoning for it? Stop acting like you’re being treated like second class citizens. You modified people complain non-stop. This race is a great spectacle so be happy you were invited, put on a good show, and express some gratitude to the people who spent extra hours making sure you guys got a show in.

  7. JOEY !!!!! SHUT UP…Would love to see you in the parking lot… LOL. Those ‘ OTHER DIVISIONS ‘ SUCK OK. It’s people like you that know nothing about racing. was it a 100 lap race JOEY or 150…..yeah 150. Thanks for your input. Long couple of days there to not even run a full race. We race to the finish line every race… You guys race to an overtime line. gay ! OH JOEY ! Overtime line most races that is awful. MODIFIED RACING …..NOTHING BETTER. JOEY… have your faults but I still like you. Get this race off the schedule….CONGRATS To ERIC no matter what.

  8. OH JOEY….got the race in ? 100 isn’t 150…get the more than half way stuff… was just a wasted trip for all. enjoy your cup weekend JOEY. All 3 top series are just awful. Look in the stands. ENOUGH SAID. MODS ARE THE BEST SIMPLE. NEWMAN WHO ? LOL

  9. Long Time Fan says

    Congratulations to Eric Goodale and team. Great to see you in victory lane. It sounded like that car was pretty stout and you did what was required to get the win.
    The complaining here is amusing. The NWMT isn’t the premier division this week unfortunately, it’s disappointing they get shuffled around because of the weather but what can you do? It’s still an opportunity for the series and drivers we love to showcase their skills on a big stage. NASCAR could’ve said screw it and called it a race after the rain came. There’s always complaining about the length of the races by some folks, and that they should be shortened to 80 lap shootouts, that’s what you got. I felt the intensity would of been even higher knowing there weren’t as many laps to completion of the event. I was disappointed they weren’t going to go the full distance but still happy the race got going again, even if it was abbreviated. jmho

  10. Bring the sks to Bristol.ya something to think about….does anybody know if TC was in the line up ….

  11. Nascar mods will love racing at Oswego in a couple weeks. Sharing the evening with the winged supers makes for one of the best open wheel shows anywhere. Can’t wait!

  12. One of the reasons they probably to cut the laps was because the insane amount of yellows in the beginning of the race. Reading the live updates it seemed as if they junked at least a dozen cars in the first 50 laps. The drivers are likely to blame for much of that. It sounded like at times there were multiple wrecks going on at different parts of the track at the same time on the same lap. The mods have done this at Bristol several times and even at Loudon a couple times too. And as much as the people here like to bag on the “slow drivers that should not be out there”, it always seems like it is the drivers near the top of the points causing the wrecks in races like this.

  13. Joey is right except one thing – most teams don’t want to be invited – who wants to take a week from work to run this show. Richmond on a Saturday would make more sense. The three other series like it because it’s their JOB

  14. Joey the mods are the best division in nascrap. Every division should be given the same respect the money and work put in all nascrap divisions is the same just on a different economic scale.. don’t invite a division if you can not accommodate them and give respect to Thier huge effort to be at the event..

  15. Totally agree what a complete waste of time.

  16. Congrats to Goodale. Huge win. Heading home to make it two in a row. Not sure why people are bashing Loudon. The mods are pretty much headlining Saturday events there now. I agree with Joey for the most part. Rain messed everything up. My big issue is they should have made the call to reduce race during the 4hr delay. To shorten the race during “halftime” break was wrong. Didn’t need the break if the race is only going 100.Did they even run 50 green flag laps? The track is closed on Thursday so running today not an option. Personally, I think Bristol should be a 200 lap event.

  17. Joey they would not hav cut any of the other three divisions down. The cup cars would have raced until two if need be like they have done a few times in the past years

  18. Fast Eddie says

    Support divisions should be treated with the same RESPECT as the “main attractions”. In many cases they’re putting as much if not more hard work into their cars and teams than the “main attractions”. Oh, and they’re doing it mostly if not all on their own money, not with megabuck corporate sponsorships. It’s a four day event with four categories; it can’t be impossible to adjust the schedule, even if they are adhering to TV commitments.

  19. Mod Man- FYI, I am a huge modified fan and I despise what the upper tier of Nascar has turned into. I’m trying to get you to understand that when the mods are invited to these cup weekend shows they are no longer the main attraction like at the Spring Sizzler, Icebreaker, World Series, ect.. The problem is modified people act like such primadonnas and can’t seem to deal with that. IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL… you’re still getting big spotlight despite not being on LIVE TV. Look at what the track, it’s workers, the sanctioning body, and TV crew had to go through to get this 4th tier race in. Nobody wanted to be there after midnight so it’s ridiculous that you’re complaining about your precious modifieds being shortened by 50 laps.

  20. This is not the first time a race had laps reduced due to weather. During one of the Loudon weekends during the mid 90’s a massive thunderstorm swept through causing a really long delay. Somehow the track was dried out before dark. They finished the Busch North race that was running when the storm hit. Next they ran the Modified race at a shorter distance that originally scheduled, but only counted the green flag laps towards the total.

  21. Maybe Joey should put out the $8,000. – $10,000. it cost to go there! Maybe he would think a little different then!

  22. I think it is funny the same people complaining about the mods getting shortened and bumped are the same people that complain that divisions like the darestacks at Thompson and the minis and stricklys at Waterford should be bumped to make way for the tour. You guys need to face it you guys were the equivalent of a mini stock or darestock this weekend at Bristol. So much crying and its hilarious. Not a single person forced any one of you to go to Bristol. Yes the race is on the schedule, but you choose to go. If you don’t like it don’t run that race and face the point loss. Do you think every Nascar driver likes to go to every track on the schedule? Do you think every driver likes a race shortened by weather or any other reason? Here is something some of you need to realize…..MODIFIED RACING IS A SMALL PART OF THE RACING SCENE!!!!!! If modified racing was that big of a deal I would imagine you would see more top drivers making it big, and the race would not be tape delayed for 2 weeks. The only people that care about modifieds live in the northeast.

  23. Steve- I see your point. It’s a bit of a hassle to gather crew members willing to make the haul. However, I’ll bet if the mods were taken off the schedule 5 years down the road people will be saying “I wish we still went to Bristol that place was awesome”. I will be sad if it gets removed because from what I gather, it’s quite the experience that I hope to see someday.
    Tire guy- It prob costs 4X that for the top 3 tier divisions to go there. $8,000-10,000 is nothing compared to the money contracted for TV and the track’s expenses. My point is that you’re not priority #1 on these weekends and mod people cant seem to accept that. Another thing, I may be wrong here but I cant imagine people were too upset to find out they got to load up 50 laps early. 18 hours is a long time hanging out at a loud racetrack like that.

  24. JOEY….YOU MAKE ME LAUGH. Race will be off schedule for next year and all will be fine……..


  26. Frankie tree says

    The Tracks should take care of there weekly divisions. Added laps for there local fansearch and stop passing away the owners money for cheap gratitude. NASCAR don’t care about your local track just there bottom line . Wake up people.

  27. Warren27sk says

    Every once in a while the Tour gets stung and gets to feel how the weekly racers their series tramples on feel.

    High gate prices, jacked around schedules, sit and wait for hours more than normal, can’t pit here, can’t stand there, bump this division, more show then racing with introductions and wasted down time. The list of how much the Tour is a pain to weekly racers is endless but it’s part of racing. When you become low man on the totem pole, deal with it like so many others have to.

  28. Tire guy says:
    August 18, 2016 at 9:54 am
    Maybe Joey should put out the $8,000. – $10,000. it cost to go there! Maybe he would think a little different then!

    the owners of the modified teams know that their race may be shortened or the time changed due to the TV commitment that NASCAR has to FOX for the truck race. if they dont like it, they could simply not go.
    the irony is that when there are good paying races close to home for these guys, most dont attend!
    they wont attend the Seekonk 10k to win race that is in the middle of the week and is alot less expensive to run, but they’ll drive 800+ miles to support a sanctioning body that has been screwing them for 20 years. if you’re surprised when NASCAR give the modifieds the short end of the stick, then you have a horrible memory! it’s happened time and time again for years.

  29. Fast Eddie says

    The mini-stocks at Thompson & Waterford and the DARE stocks at Stafford can be rescheduled when there are weather issues along with other divisions, as they are WEEKLY divisions. Chances are real good those competitors will be at that track next week to compete. That’s a big difference from a TOURING SERIES, where in this case many race teams spent a bunch of their own money and time to travel 1500+ miles to race. Nascar should step up and reward them for their efforts by giving them the opportunity to run a complete race.

  30. ….couldn’t the other stuff be juggled around so the modifieds could start at say, 4:00 instead of 6:00? It seems like that would solve the problem.

  31. Anyone know where the race results are? NASCAR still has published them on Home Tracks yet.

  32. Fast Eddie says

    The Chrome Horn’s live coverage had the results. Click on the event name at the top of the page and it will load.

  33. These are not modifieds their kit cars.

  34. Ahahahahahahahahah anyone that went there I do not feel sorry for you ! nascar did their classic bait and switch on you .

  35. The comments are on fire ! Love it ! The true race fans are mod fans and your support of the best division there is . Yes needs some work like getting out from under NASCAR ! Combine with the TRI-TRACK GUYS… The TRI-TRACK TOUR . See ya NASCAR . Nice Jim … Lol. Bob please keep quiet ! Anyway most real fans agree it was a joke and costly to teams and fans that went to support the tour . As far as LOUDON… Great race all the time … Just give them and extra hour to play with before going to tv for the awful xfinity race there or horrible truck race ! Also put in Lights and have he mods go 200 laps under the Lights on a Friday ! NASCAR your at fault again…. Look at your attendance every week ….these mod teams don’t need you !

  36. Phil you make some excellent points … They have been getting screwed really since the tour ever started . All this oldest series in NASCAR is crap and sick of hearing it . Break away from them . Boycott and start your own series …. NASCAR you simply suck ! Oh wait trucks … Xfinity … Cup …. All boring . Were is Rusty Wallace and Ward Burton . That’s when it was fun…/

  37. Long Time Fan says

    So what about the actual race? I was unable to attend and followed on the live updates. Anyone who was there have anything to say about the racing that took place? Newman seemed to be a non factor. Did Preece lose it on his own?

    Bonsignore and T Solomito with poor finishes. Do they rebound coming to Riverhead? Will Coby stumble at all or is another championship a given?

  38. Bristol will be back on schedule Mod Man. It may unofficially already be. They mods and Bristol have multi year deals going. I think the mods should be there twice a year but that’s me. Martinsville use to be on schedule 2 and 3 times a year. If it didn’t rain, there would have been no issue. If you run race at 4pm what does everyone do for 3 hours before trucks start?

  39. Phil makes some Great points . Get away from NASCAR ! How about the TRI-TRACK MODIFIED TOUR ! Something needs to be done . First look into this idea … And do not put this crap race on schedule . Only fans there were the crews …. Mid week in Tennessee . Hello ! Awful …. Lights at Loudon and 200 laps of mods on a Friday night ! Loudon need to show more love as well !

  40. Also, congrats to Doug Coby on locking up the 2016 championship. Another trophy for the black duece.

  41. Tc not on tour
    Where you been man

  42. Joey, you say 8-10k is nothing? Really? That is a ton of money to spend for teams that do not have the funding and equipment that the cup teams have. And the purse does not even cover the expenses so with that said money wasted never mind the cost of repairs if you get wadded up! I can tell you have never owned a race car!

  43. I would rather see the WMT back at Martinsville!

  44. wmass01013 says

    I wouldn’t mind race being 100 laps just scheduled 100 not shortened
    yes wmt is number 4 on list, JUST WAY IT IS cup, xfinity and trucks have sponsors, tv contracts and track contracts worth a lot more than WMT, WE CAN ALL SAY racing better in WMT but is what it is
    if u don’t want to go to Bristol to race then DONT, MANY teams have never seen a track for a mrs, roc, tri track, mts or and open show for a lot more money and less expense so don’t cry now
    I would love to see 1 or 2 races at RICHMOND but with DAYTONA owning it, highly unlikely
    I was @ THE LAST MARTINSVILLE race and there are more people in the BEER line @ STAFFORD any Friday night than @ Martinsville that day. that was sad
    the sealer or whatever BRISTOL put down def affected both TRUCK AND WMT racing so that def added to the bad racing
    race was scheduled @6, weather happened and it affected both series so u can say start at anytime and weather will always play a role
    Thursday is FANFEST during bristol aug. race from 1-9 with tons of activities and the CUP HAULER PARADE at night and do how many people do u think would show up on thurs @ a140.000 seat track to watch the WMT finiish the race alone?

  45. Liz Cherokee says

    It looks lots of folks woke up with a bee in their bonnets and missed yet another nice run by Melissa! You should all just chillax with a good bottle of cabernet sauvignon on Friday night and watch the race on television…

  46. Liz …. Really ! Back to the kitchen and make me some cookies for race day ! Mods rule … Got screwed and won’t be there next year ! Love the Richmond idea ! Martinsville too…. Melissa is a cute girl … Daddy has money but go to sk lights and work on it . Or daddy can let me drive it I am sure I can stay on the lead lap …. Just take your foot off the brake and you will do better … Seriously I give her credit … But just go down a level and practice and learn …

  47. Muddbus461 says

    This is a joke and a poor excuse for a modified series.40 of the first 75 laps run under caution.The SK’s do better than that.If it wasn’t for the ISMA Supers at Oswego I’d try and sell my tickets…..

  48. Hey mudd mouth … Really sk’s are awesome at Stafford except they are the worst at cautions . There 40 laps takes longer than the tours 150 . Sell your tickets and stop crying … Supers are not that great . Push start and re-fuel and push start … Sounds fun . Let the tickets go and do yard work … Man … Some people are really funny !

  49. Muddbus Don’t give up the Tix the supers at Oswego are hands down the best race anywhere just go get a nice sandwich and some beers during the modified snore. That track is a true racers race track the snore might be ok to watch there but that girl could get seriously hurt with all that boiler plare round there .

  50. Jim you can go with mudd mouth … Like a date . Wow this site bringing true love together . True on Melissa getting herself or someone else hurt …. Don’t understand her dads thinking ! Bristol the mods will never see you again… Wish they could say that for NASCAR ! Oswego is a awesome place and mods put on a great show . No clue what Jim is trying to say

  51. humphry- please re-read my post. I’m COMPARING the $8,000-10,000 to what a truck/xfinity/cup team spends and gets in return. I’m also COMPARING to the multi million dollar TV deal that is tied to these series. I’m COMPARING to the money the track has invested in a 4 day weekend.. the manpower and the overtime hours they were getting paid to stay after midnight. And you probably shouldn’t assume that I’ve never owned a race car.. you just never know.

  52. Lotsa good comments here but the fact remains,nascar could accommodate all four divisions if they gave a hoot.They don’t and i think that is the bottom line.Doug Dunleavy told me he had talks with nascar at the banquet and said if they could move the shootout to after the points race like maybe Sunday morning he could get big money has fallen on deaf ears.I think Shawn should interview him and get his ideas on the issue.Just because your not the top draw at the show is not a valid point.Fri and sat at N.H. is mod people almost exclusively.Unlike the other divisions we are there for practice,qualifying and the race.That should count for something especially since these are not one day shows

  53. Many people left after the truck race finished and didn’t even care to watch the end of the mod race. the mod race was full of ARCA braking drivers in the first half and little passing in the second half. When Justin broke and hit the wall nobody lifted and wrecked another 5-6 cars for no reason he kept the car right on the wall giving enough room for people to get by. The mods haven’t been well paid for a long time and unless owners and drivers begin to stand up and complain there won’t be a change in that.

  54. Fast Eddie says

    If nascar put just a little more effort and $$ into this series, I think it would be much more successful than either of the K & N series. Look at the popularity up here, and it’s at the bottom of the nascar food chain. With the quality of modified racing in general, I don’t think they would have a lot of difficulty growing the series. BUT… apparently nascar chooses not to.

  55. I’m from the 70’s so I can understand you having no clue . The tour will never be what it was supposed to be . Think , (if you’re pea brain will allow you to ) the word modified . Maybe go get a dictionary and start with M okay ? The true racers and car builders are gone nascar has killed the modified as I know them .did you ever build a mod on the floor in a garage ? Hey daddy will you buy me one of these ? Let’s mane some car builders I will start tell me where they are .. Art Barry … JMHO I have a right to that agree or disagree

  56. For the people saying all teams should quit and join with other series they will never do it. Even with all their complaining, certain owners have come to the conclusion their cars can’t leave the garage or drivers think they can’t put on a helmet for anything that is not a WMT event. Even if other races pay better. It has never made sense to me why they choose to do this. In dirt late model racing you see drivers from the 2 major series jumping back and forth to run in the bigger paying races from the other tour when their schedule is open.

  57. Green flag racing at Bristol is incredible. Laps click off very quickly. There were a few cautions, I’m pretty sure mostly due to cars spinning all by themselves. The Mods should have more practice time, since they rarely run there. This could reduce the yellows.

    The Bristol track crew sucks. They took forever, as in way too many yellow laps, to remove cars or clear incidents. Simple incidents took several laps for them to just figure out what to do and then more laps to do it. Absurd. Bring Northern track crews down.

    The Mods should get 200 laps at Bristol.

    The Modifieds on the Bristol track are awesome. No doubt about it and is the reason why I made the trip. While I was driving there I was telling myself this is crazy, but once you see and hear a Mod on that concrete and banking, you are addicted. Seek a program. The Mods are a few MPH faster than the trucks. I highly recommend it, at least once.

    The 51 broke something in the RF/steering exiting 4 and went into the front stretch wall, other cars were collateral damage. The 3 got T-boned, major damage. The 16 had some sort of contact and blew a tire and maybe other damage. The 4 spun while in P4 with about 5 laps left, bummer for them. They got better after the pit stop and were pursuing a spot. The southern cars were out classed. Huge gap between the northern car and southern cars. The southern cars showed up to a gun fight with wet towels. Many “top” southern cars (1,4, 28, 33, …) had incidents, all by themselves. Newman was just a regular car.

    Cars were being worked on during the postponement. There was much protesting going on. The NASCAR Officials were being pounded. Lots of arms waving and yelling. This might be the reason for the delay in results being posted. Numerous cars are at risk. Lots of people were pissed off. The 58 was one of those cars. The damaged/troubled cars that were worked on rejoined the race like nothing happened. There was tons of work being done on these cars. The 58 actually broke somehow and had to be pushed off the track, and the delay came at the right time, and it rejoined the race up front and went on to win. This presents a HUGE problem and precedent.

    Running a Mod at Bristol is indeed an extremely special opportunity, and falling out due to damage is a huge bummer. But when a postponement presents itself as an opportunity to get the car running again… what are you going to do? These cars should not be allowed to resume their positions. They were effectively knocked out, a DNF. If they had worked on the cars while the race was happening, as if no postponement happened, they would be many, as in dozens, of laps down, if they could have gotten the cars running before the race was over. This is a very bad situation.

    As far as the weather goes, there was a huge mistake made. The track was sitting in clear weather between two strings of storms for all day before race time, and it was obvious on radar that there would be weather delays later in the program. It was sunny and hot all day before the race. It was obvious on radar that the racing program was at risk. The Mods should have been started earlier, maybe an hour to an hour and a half. That’s all. Then we could have run the full 150 and contiguously. The place cleared out after the truck race, just a tiny fraction of the already anemic crowd stayed to watch the completion of the Mods.

    Another interesting fact is that it costs $35 for a ticket. A mod race and a truck race.

    The 01 was lapped in just 8 laps. It was a HUGE hazard on this track. The racing line was down low in the turns and drifted up high along the wall in the straights. No place to hide for a car like the 01.

    The competition caution was interesting. Indeed, there are teams with anemic pit crews. A car had just one person servicing the car.

    It is stunning that the truck series has all that sponsorship. All trucks have major sponsorship. Yet, there are very few people in the stands and the trucks are televised. Same for the Nationwide series. Very few people go to these races, the stands are barren at these races. But yet they are televised.

  58. Fast Eddie says

    Jim, I’m not sure who you’re talking down to, but to answer your question, Art Barry of SPAFCO Race Cars is the current crew chief on Matt Swanson’s WMT team.

  59. Fast Eddie, Kenny Barry is the crew chief.

  60. Not so fast …. EDDIE. You need to get your facts straight . Ken Barry is the crew chief on the #89 of Swanson . Art is still around and running his 21 in tri-track races . Has Liz made cookies yet ? Lol

  61. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal, great race report and commentary! Thanks!

  62. not many fans at the track anymore. Fans will watch what they want, so if it’s the trucks they like then they show up for that race

  63. Crazy in NY says

    Jim you can go with mudd mouth … Like a date . Wow this site bringing true love together . True on Melissa getting herself or someone else hurt …. Don’t understand her dads thinking ! Bristol the mods will never see you again… Wish they could say that for NASCAR ! Oswego is a awesome place and mods put on a great show . No clue what Jim is trying to say

    No clue is right. Oswego is an old worn out race place. ROC races there have been snooze festivals the last few years. No outside Conrail specials. Don’t see it different for the Tour either. 2 gets out front…it’s over, Now they have been putting compound down and maybe after the ROC 250 I’ll have
    to eat my words (hope so) but the Palace has lost much luster lately.

  64. Jim I agree with you. I go back to the sixties mod, run what you bring. Money they make today doesn’t pay much more than it did 20yrs ago.its sick if they want to build these kit cars they call mods , then let them . It’s all money today … is that a good investment a 80 thousand dollar car to win $6000 if your lucky. Drivers don’t care it doesn’t cost them anything to race,owners pay all expenses.the days of the home owner building a race car in his garage are over. Modified means you build it different from someone else look at Langhorn penn back in the sixties no two cars were alike and well over 100 cars entered…..that’s what a mod is ,not a kit car like I see today where all the cars are the same or equal

  65. To close out this subject …. Bristol should not be on the schedule moving forward ! And leave the NASCAR banner behind and pave a way for a new series that will treat all teams better !

  66. The Modifieds are awesome at Bristol. I think the teams want to go there, I think they love to go there. It’s a great track for the Modifieds. Why do the 33/38, 26, 01 and other non-competitive cars go? They aren’t going to lose points of any meaning if they didn’t go. They go because it is pure bad azz, to say they ran at Bristol. There are many teams that have nothing to gain and all to lose by going to Bristol, but they still go.

    I think there should be a combo race at Loudon for reciprocity. Get the southern cars up here.

    This event would have been awesome if they started the Mod race about an hour earlier to avoid the KNOWN incoming weather. The night would have ended earlier for all. That was just negligent. Most of the crowd showed up just before the truck race, and left right after the truck race. I get to the track early on dubious weather days just in case something like this can happen.

  67. BOB gets it !!! . It is all about the money because nascar is a business . In short if you could go int a dealer and buy a Troyer modified and drive it on the street than the mods would be the main event hands down . Take the Camry or fusion emblem off the front grill and they all look the same to me .

  68. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Dareal was actually making sense. Maybe next he will realize that the LFR house car has the track record and isn’t a “sub par performing car” after 3 races they have 2 seconds and a wreck going for the lead. Every time that car ran its beat the 2 car. Just saying. I won’t push my luck though. Baby steps. Maybe they are using the 2 cars carb!

  69. DAH – real you’re second sentence says it all ! YOU THINK the teams want to go there yea I bet they all love the whole week of travel and missed work . You think , every time you think you weaken our nation . Can’t wait for kimbo dice to meet you

  70. Mark, it is alarming for me to read that you think I am making sense. I never would expect you to get it.

    Mark, not to worry. You are still a useless shill. Szegedy in a well equipped and set up Troyer, CD, etc. will be a top contender, as he has for years. Szegedy can actually drive and does not depend on anomalous equipment to be successful. Szegedy makes cars look good, always has. Mark, what do you think would have happened if Rob Fuller drove at Bristol? Would you blame the driver or the chassis? LOL!!!! Why do you think Fuller took himself out of his cars and put a real driver in? LOL!!!! Because Fuller’s driving was making his product look worse. Put Fuller in the 2 or 8 and he’ll probably wreck out as he usually did in his own car.

    So Captain Obvious, why don’t you give us a run down of all those LFR cars that were in the Bristol race, where they started and where they ended up. Go ahead. Why haven’t you done that already? Oh yeah, they didn’t do well at all, especially your southern LFR cars. Yeah, that LFR chassis still doesn’t have the magic to help those southern teams compete with the northern teams. 😎

    Hey Mark, SPEC motors and carbs are all the same, right? Take the SPEC motors and carbs from the 18 and 99 and put them in the 8 and 2. See how that works out. See what the LFR chassis can do with those motors and carbs.

    When all is considered, there is no statistically significant, conclusive and irrefutable evidence that your beloved chassis is any better than the SPAFCO, Troyer, CD, etc. The teams that are running them are doing just as they did before. And you have to acknowledge the contribution of the driver and inequality of the engines and carburetors.

    Mark, you are an outstanding shill. Great job. Did you go to Trump University?

  71. Jim, where was Kimbo dice? I didn’t see him at Bristol. There weren’t that many people there, so his celebrity status should have made him a standout. Did he make it out of the parking lot?

    Y’all should come up here. We have plenty of large parking lots at our tracks. Y’all might get lost and never make it out of the parking lot. But our tracks are big boy tracks, not like the kiddie tracks y’all run down there. I think that is why the southern cars can’t compete with the northern cars, y’all rarely run on real grown up adult race tracks.

    Well Jim, like I said earlier, many teams have nothing to gain and all to lose, but they still go to Bristol. It is rather conclusive and irrefutable that they want to go, therefore, I think they want to go. And the cars in the hunt for points, if just one car goes, they all want to go. See how that works? No, you don’t. You have to think to understand that. If they don’t want to go, then why do they go? The championship is pretty much decided, only a couple cars have a chance. That means almost 30 other cars could stay home and save big bucks and lose nothing. Jim, think about that and give me an answer. Please, don’t hurt yourself.

    Maybe you can see the Mods at Bristol someday and you’ll understand. Even you would be able to understand.

  72. Dareal… Have you or anyone else heard anything else about teams working on their car during the long break? I kept on asking the Speed51 live updates about if teams were doing that. They even posted an update about the #51 working on the car. They never responded back as they usually only respond to stupid questions like ” is this on live tv ” That would really bother me if nascar let teams go back out that worked on their cars. Cars should have basically been impounded. This is one of the few things nascar actually does right generally. They run a professional show… Shawn… Have you heard about this?

  73. RaceDayNH,
    The points are updated through the Bristol event on the NASCAR Home Tracks page.

    Whelen Modified Tour Standings

  74. RaceDayNH, I was sitting on the backstretch, watching the 64 get a nose job repair, a crew man using a big hammer to straighten out the nose, with NASCAR Officials standing nearby watching. This was all going on while the trucks were running. Cars were being worked on as if completely normal. I saw other team members, crew chiefs, owners, etc. being extremely vocal to NASCAR Officials while waving their arms and pointing to all the cars that were being worked on. I can assure you, many people saw this and are aware of it. I have heard from others who are aware, who have heard from others about this. There are several cars, including cars that placed well, that should be DQ’d. Before the delay, the 58 had to be pushed off the track. When the race resumed, I was shocked to see several cars placed as they were as if nothing happened, and scored as if nothing happened.

    That is just not right.

    If you watch the race, pay attention to the damaged cars, that look to be out of the race, and what cars miraculously are back in the race, where they were when the race was postponed.

  75. So let’s see how the southern cars did…

    Ebersole finished 9th, the highest finishing southern car.
    Seuss finished 11th
    Bohn finished 16th
    Measmer finished 17th
    Putnam finished 18th
    Gerstner finished 20th
    K. Bonsignore finished 25th
    Civali finished 26th
    B. Meyers finished 28th
    J. Meyers finished 29th
    Dauzat finished 31st
    GBIII finished 34th
    Bertuccio finished 35th
    Pickins finished 37th

    I have to pause, I’m laughing so hard. I’ll be right back.

    The 99 of Jamie Tomaino finished 21st, the 38 of Wade Cole finished 22nd on the lead lap, and the 01 of Melissa Fifield finished 24th.

    Mark, what’s your excuse? Where were those mighty LFR southern cars? This looks normal, per past combo events.

    😆 😋 😜 😝 😎 🤗 🤔 💩 💩 💩

    Congratulations to the well placing legal competitors, whoever they may be.

  76. Da real,it’s obvious.Why else would people from New England/L.I. and upstate N.Y. drive 2 thousand miles round trip rather than compete closer to home.chassis motors and carbs not withstanding

  77. Wow I was trying to give a half ass compliment and hit a nerve. The LFR cars had the pole and finished 2-3. Not bad. This isn’t a north south statement it’s a LFR is a souther chassis and they are doing better than anyone comment. Just when I thought you fell and hit your head and started to make sense you prove me wrong. Still a dill hole.

  78. Liz Cherokee says

    So what if they worked on their cars? You would think I do because it probably cost Melissa a top 20, but I think working on the cars makes them safer and the race better overall.

    When I’m at the store getting ingredients to make my famous macaroons, I’ll be sure to get some small packages of those new apricot scented aloe vera tissues for you all to try out at Oswego. Maybe the apricot smell will give you a fresh outlook while the aloe will keep the tip of your nose conditioned so you don’t get that soreness that comes from crying too often.

  79. Mark, you are not in any position to give a compliment. No Mark, it is not a chassis concern. It’s a SPEC engine and carburetor that is more equal than others concern. If the chassis is as good as you delude, then the results should show every LFR car on top, consistently, crowding out the other chassis manufacturers. That isn’t happening. Put the engines and carbs of the 2 and 8 in a TA1 or TA2 and you’ll see similar results. Heck, even an old Troyer will do great with the engines and carbs of the 2 or 8.

    You’re okay with putting the engines and carbs from the 99 and 18 in the 8 and 2? You think the 2 and 8 will still run the same as with their own precious SPEC engines and carbs? LOL!

    If the 2 or 8 were running a TA1 or TA2 with their engines and carbs, they would be having the same results. If the 2 had a TA1/2 and put all those laps on it at the private track rental sessions where it has accumulated hundreds, if not thousands of practice laps, instead of the LFR, they would be having the same results as they are doing now.

    Mark, in the face of overwhelming facts and evidence, you are still hung up a chassis as the unilateral cause of a result. You are so wrong.

  80. Long Time Fan says


    I’m confused, you continually state it’s not the chassis contributing to the 2 teams dominance, that it’s the hogged out, gutted carb that NASCAR has failed to catch on to. As well as whatever they have going on with their spec engine program. I’m not an LFR guy. The way the 2 car has performed this year I could possibly see some validity to your theories. But, how do you explain the past two races? Bonsignore was the car to beat at Thompson last time out. The 2 seemed average at Bristol. So, why the fall off in the 2 cars performance recently? Did they put the legal carb on for Bristol with all the upper series officials present? Or, are the other teams beginning to catch up?? Genuinely interested in your theory.

  81. wmass01013 says

    dareal u keep saying they should have moved the start time up because rain was coming, does MLB MOVE up a ball game form 7 to 5 if rain on way?

  82. wmASS01013, the WMT is not in the MLB last I knew. But what’s your point?

    Let me inform you that hardly anybody was there for the Mod race, the fans showed up for the truck race, and then left after the truck race. I really don’t think more than a couple hundred people were in the stands for the mods. And we were there early enough so that the race could have been moved with hardly anybody missing out.

  83. Long Time Fan, here are my thoughts…

    These are the variables:

    Chassis: includes the frame, weight placement, suspension geometry, springs, sway bar, shocks. That is not at all exclusively attributable to the manufacturer.

    Let me be clear… Mark is posturing that the LFR chassis is exclusively the reason why teams that are using it are “dominating” when a LFR car wins a pole or a race. I’m only seeing one car in a potential dominating position, the rest that are using the LFR are just like the rest or the same as they were with the other brand chassis. So why aren’t all cars running the LFR dominating like the 2? SPEC motors are supposed to be all equal, and their carbs. Must be something else other than the chassis frame, therefore it can not be all about the chassis. The chassis also includes weight, springs, sway bar and shocks. They can make or break the perception of the frame. A chassis, the frame, can not do exclusively as Mark and the other shills are asserting.

    The past two races… At Thompson, the 2 was dominant. The 51 had a stellar night and was able to race the 2. Hey, as good as the 2 is, it won’t win everything. That would be very stupid. That would be like a poor idiot that robs a bank and goes and buys a brand new Lamborghini. Red flag. Especially since they have been well ahead in points for a while and as of a couple races ago can pace to win a championship. The 2 came in second place… okay, I don’t see a loss in performance there. They have not dominated at Thompson this year as they did last year. The 51 had a great run at Thompson. Let’s see if they can back that up at Thompson again, and again, and again. If they found that magic setup and can repeat it, or was it a bolt of lightning. Or did the carb get bigger? Cam base circle get smaller? A couple years ago, Pitkat had an incredible run at Stafford in the 88, completely dominated and was untouchable. Out of the blue. Never did it again, not even close. You would think they took notes so they could do it again. That the 2 does it over and over and over really disqualifies the chassis as a contributor. No other car can do it over and over and over, and you know they are running the same set up that worked the best for them. They aren’t trying something radically different every time they go to the same track.You have to realize that many of these people have been doing this for decades. They have a setup that works. Now it comes down to horsepower.

    But tracks change, weather changes things, so the exact same setup will not work the same every time. But exceptional horsepower and a chassis set up in the ball park will. Make sure the carb is jetted correctly and you are good to go.

    But a big carb or reground base circle of a cam can do wonders. It can drag an imperfect, but good enough, chassis around a track and make the chassis look great. A really great chassis will never make an anemic engine look great.

    The 2 was teched at Thompson earlier this season even though it finished outside the top 5. The cam was checked. Only one cylinder. Only car to have the cam checked. Insufficient tech. It was all show.

    At Bristol, the 2 did not win, but was better than ever at Bristol. The 2 has a horrible history at Bristol and this was probably its best finish at Bristol. So no big deal there. It was not dominant, did not qualify on top either. It had to work for where it finished. Had the race gone the full distance, the 2 might have done much better, or the leaders could have tanked. I think they were pleased to be where they were, given they usually suck at Bristol. Whether that is set up or driver, you decide. They probably did not get to a good set up in Bristol practice that could make the most of the horsepower with the ease they usually do. Many cars can run flatfooted, the 2 lifted in qualifying. Was that driver or setup? The 2 car did not qualify in dominating fashion.

    Even with outstanding horsepower, you can’t be sloppy or lazy with the chassis set up. You can waste all that horsepower. Horsepower can not overcompensate for a bad setup. A car with the most horsepower and a really bad set up can be beat by a car with less horsepower and a superior set up. But there are limits. A 350 out of the normal street Chevy pickup has no chance at all regardless of chassis setup.

    The 2 has far superior horsepower, it is obvious. And it has a pretty good set up, consistently. And keep in mind that tires are very variable. Sometimes you get some not so great tires. Watch the 2, where does it excel? It doesn’t take horsepower to turn at less than full throttle. It really doesn’t turn better than other cars, it is not superior in the turns. But it hauls on the straights like no other. That takes horsepower.

    I don’t think the 2 car performance has fallen off recently. It’s still up there. It was out front at Thompson and the 51 had something for it. That was a two car race, the 2 and 51. Ever hear the saying “If you can’t beat them, join them.” ? Let’s see what happens with the 51. Are they getting better, and if so, how? It is a SPAFCO, not the magical LFR. Is it horsepower or setup? The 51 was with the 2 all night at Thompson. Let’s see if it is repeatable. The 51 has been pretty good this season, had a couple incidents. Pretty much the same for the 16 with the Troyer. They have pretty exceptional power too, but not that great that they could drive away as the 2 does. They had to race for what they achieved, except Monadnock.

    No car is making news for its ability to turn. It is all about the straights. That is horsepower. The 2 drives away, that is its anomalous strength. It is consistently equipped with exceptional horsepower. The SPEC engine program was supposed to prevent that.

    Are other teams catching up? If you can’t beat them, join them. I think that is possible. It is so very tempting, and easy, to massage a carb, or grind a little off a cam base circle, etc. It isn’t exclusively due to the chassis frame. No way, no how. All the LFRs are not at the top of the standings. Clearly it is not exclusively the chassis frame that is enabling the 2 performance level. The 51 is a SPAFCO and the 16 is a Troyer, the 44 is a LFR.

  84. Dude get a life already!

  85. Hey, the 7NY was a LFR chassis? Can anyone confirm that? I see reporting of Newman and Fuller working together at Bristol.

  86. Jim, am I ruining your delusion?

  87. It is too bad that the race was cut by 50 laps. It could have been pretty exciting, many of the southern cars were wrecked out of the way. The lead cars after the intermission were the 58, 05, 8 and 4, and they put distance on the 44 and 2. The 4 came out better and was pressuring the 8. It would have been pretty good to see those cars go at it for an additional 50 laps. The 44 and 2 did not keep pace with the lead cars after the pit stop/intermission.

    The 05 was lucky the race ended when it did, it was fading and would have finished much further back after another 50 laps. Surprised it was fading so quickly right after the pit stop/intermission, and the 44 and 2 were not much better after the pit stop. The 44 was very fast right before the pit stop and I expected that car to come out roaring after the pit stop. That didn’t happen.

  88. Thank Jim. Good lord! I just want this guy to post the 2 car stats from 2014 to 2015 and he just won’t do it. Then when he is done post the 44 results from 2015 to 2016 and he just turns a blind eye. He’s so busy living in his world if BS he can’t see the reality kicking his azz! The speck engine is a better engine and the LFR is a better chassis which is leading to better racing. We will see this guy on the news some day!

  89. Folks, SPEED51 has a report about the penalties and working on the cars during the red flag.

  90. wmass01013 says

    I have to take the side of SLY SZABAN, he has been a crew chief for so many yrs for the 16 and with Stefanik before and WE ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL KNOW u cant work on a car UNDER RED FLAG so if HE WAS TOLD 3 TIMES YES, AND OTHER TEAMS WERE WORKING ON THE CAR under red, SOMEONE FORM NASCAR TOLD THEM YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, don’t hide in the MUST BE A MISCOMMUNICATION BECAUSE ITS LOUD AT BRISTOL EXCUSE, own up to YOUR OFFICAILS WORD, I swear to god these people who run MOD TOURS NASCAR, VMRS are such ego maniacs ITS A WONDER ANY TEAMS SHOW UP.

  91. Jimmy Wilson needs to be promoted immediately.

  92. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal & Mod Man, I stand corrected. Sorry for the miscue!

  93. Shawn, have you seen/received a NASCAR PR, or any other info about the penalties? Looks like 5 teams were penalized for working on the cars during the red flag. That is pretty big news. I hope you dig into this. It was strange watching all the cars being worked on with NASCAR officials right there hanging with the teams. It certainly looked like NASCAR gave the green light to work on the cars.

  94. darealgoodfella,
    There have been no PR announcements. There were in-race penalties, typically nothing announced for those.

  95. Liz can’t wait to try your baking ! You sound very frustrated . Time for a battery change …lol. Cost Melissa a top20 ? Really ? She is a cute girl trying her best but stop … Liz enjoy yourself ! Enough of this subject and the cheating stuff … The 2 is cheating and we know it. They will get caught and I will have a good laugh ….

  96. Joe Lajoie says

    I think we’ve uncovered the identity of dareal!
    He’s none other than Cole Trickle!

    Harry Hogge: What do you know about stock car racing?
    Cole Trickle: Well… watched it on television, of course.
    Harry Hogge: You’ve seen it on television?
    Cole Trickle: ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you’d be surprised at how much you can pick up.
    Harry Hogge: I’m sure I would.


  97. Joe Lajoie says

    And without naming names (besides the obvious), it really is funny how some people can’t understand the simple concept that if someone can get back on the gas in the corner sooner and harder than someone else it makes them look like it’s got more horsepower. But noooo, it’s GOTTA be horsepower. They MUST be cheating.

  98. Mod Man, that battery comment is priceless. Many were already thinking that, but it is funny to read it.

    I am suspecting that Liz and Jeffery are a couple.

    Liz, what cost the 01 a top 20 is that not enough cars dropped out.

  99. It looks like Solomito and four southern cars were penalized for working under red flag conditions.

  100. Without naming names (besides the obvious and the oblivious), it is amazing how after all these years, make that decades, one particular car comes up with a {ahem} ‘setup’ that enables it to get into the gas so much earlier than the rest of all those other cars, and leaves the rest of the field behind the dust.

    hehehehehe… that’s really funny.

    That’s not what the 36 and 7NY were doing when they were so far ahead of the rest of the field.

    It was … wait for it… horsepower. Horsepower gained by illegal means.

    The 01 had some nice paint/graphics at Bristol. Think that made a truck or Nationwide team give her a look? Nah, she’s looking to go right to Cup.

  101. Fast Eddie says

    I try to always be positive and supportive in my comments, but that’s about to go down the tubes!!!!!! I think it’s absolutely HORRIBLE that Nascar wouldn’t have confirmed if there was a mistake made by officials AND OWNED UP TO IT! Miscommunication due to the noise at the track… REALLY?!?!? Info from a top team with a chance at the championship… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? They’ve been around WAY too long to jeopardize their season by working on the car under a red flag… UNLESS THEY WERE REPEATEDLY TOLD IT WAS O.K. TO DO SO!!!!!! Are these officials by any outside chance RELATED TO ROGER GOODELL?!?!?!?

  102. Jimmy Wilson needs a new job.

  103. Aren’t all those NASCAR Officials on the radio, with noise reducing headphones? Anybody listening in should have heard the miscommunications.

    Five cars is too many to have the same “miscommunication”.

    Shouldn’t somebody have said, “Hey, you sure you wanna let them do that?”

  104. The Bristol event has been a media mess. Even today, the summary is a mess. It has been a chore to find the entry list, schedule, qualifying results and there still isn’t an event summary recap page posted on the HomeTracks site. Sometimes, links took you to last year’s info or 2012 info. Some of this can be found, but it is haphazard, as if it wants to be obscured.

    Come on NASCAR, you need to be much better. The teams, owners and fans deserve much better.

  105. I’m suspecting Liz and Jeffery are one and the same, so lets all chillax and toast Melissa on a really strong run.[on I 81 that is]

  106. Steve Devine says

    When is the wonderful Nascar officials gonna step in and yanked motors and send them down to the RD center like they did last year 3-4 times? Should be any race now?

  107. They yanked the motors and certified all is well. They checked the 2 cam (one cyl) and declared all was good. They look at carbs and call it good.

    Clearly all is not good.

    Therefore, NASCAR is without a clue.

  108. There’s a new report on the penalized cars. Pretty interesting and sad.

  109. There’s a new report on the penalized cars. Pretty interesting and sad. On Speed51.

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