Fueled Up: Jimmy Blewett Grabs Surprise Whelen Modified Tour Win At Stafford Speedway

Jimmy Blewett celebrates victory Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

Jimmy Blewett celebrates victory Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – Since last year, drivers of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour have been desperately searching for a way to beat Doug Coby at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Friday it looked the same as it’s been for a while for Modified Tour action at Stafford: Another Coby runaway.

In the end it wasn’t the competition that beat a dominant Coby, but rather his equipment.

And when the dust settled it was Jimmy Blewett celebrating his first Whelen Modified Tour victory since 2009 in the Stafford 150 Friday at Stafford Speedway

The race was extended to 157 laps because of late cautions. 

It was the first victory for Blewett with the Bob Garbarino owned Mystic Missile team. Blewett, of Howell, N.J., joined the Garbarino owned team before the start of this season.

“It was definitely hectic, but we don’t give up,” Blewett said. “This team of guys right here … they’ve got big hearts, they work hard on this car week in and week out. We knew it was just a matter of time before we got there, we weren’t sure what the circumstances were going to be. Bobby [Santos III] had a good car, [Coby] was good. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get them tonight. But the cards fell our way.

Coby had come into the event having won the last three Whelen Modified Tour events at Stafford dating back to last October’s NAPA Fall Final at Stafford.

After leading 140 of the first 143 laps, Coby slowed on the backstretch under green on lap 144 having run out of fuel, bringing out the caution and handing the lead to second place running Bobby Santos III.

“We think the fuel pump crapped out,” Coby said. “Not much we could do about it. We’ve had a good run here with no mechanical failures pretty much ever. We take our lumps and move on.

“I think we showed we had them covered tonight. We’ll just come back here again for the Fall Final and hopefully we have the same car we had the first three times here, it’s just ridiculous how good it is.”

On the ensuing lap 151 restart, Santos slowed at the wave of the green flag with his own fuel issues, setting off mayhem behind and putting Blewett out front.

Blewett held off second place finisher Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, N.Y. on the final restart. Brendon Bock of Franklin Square, N.Y. was third.

“You’ve got to put yourself in that position,” Blewett said. “We worked all race long to put ourselves in position for the end and that’s what we’ve been doing since the start of the season. We might not have had the fastest car but we tried to show as much patience as we could and gain as much track position in the beginning of these races to have ourselves there in the end and at least have a shot at it. My guys showed why they won that pit crew contest. They got me off of pit road and gained me about five spots.”

Bonsignore thought he had taken the lead the restart after Coby’s issues.

“I’ll get an explanation,” Bonsignore said. “I’m not too upset about it. All in all it’s a good night for us. But when do get the lead and they tell you to go back to third, you lose your mind for that split second. … To finish second, we were running fifth with ten [laps] to go, so to gain a couple extra points on a night when we didn’t have the best car, that’s what you need to do.”

It was Blewett’s sixth career Whelen Modified Tour victory.

“Sometimes people doubt your ability to do this,” Blewett said. “That was one of the main reasons I came back. I felt like I had some unfinished business. I felt like I could still get some wins out here.”


  1. All and all,a pretty boring race, LFR car’s had them covered,and Showtime passed more cars in pits than on track I think, not to exciting

  2. Congrats to Jimmy Blewett and the Mystic Missile Team. The first of many wins together.

  3. Sounded like their was at least acouple good laps. Another mod tour (bore)……

  4. Ray Skoglund says

    Good win for Jimmy and Team,
    I Love when a dedicated owner gets a win !!!

  5. “Didn’t know if we could get Doug” What made him say they? The 6 seconds Doud was ahead of him? He didn’t even mention the 44 car had to run out of fuel as well for him to win. Yes a win is a win but getting them this way is crappy for any team. If I was a modified team in that race I would be at work now trying to figure out why we are not even in the same ball park as the 2 and the 44 at Stafford. That was a embarrassment at a whole new level.

  6. Was the 2 car the first to run out of gas ? CARBURETOR !

  7. Look, there is more racing going on than the lead car. I’ve said it numerous times, this season is about 2nd place as long as the 2 car is allowed to do what it is doing.

    It was a good race. Look at the results and the top 12 or so finishers. Look where they started and where they finished. Many cars moved up quite a bit. All those cars had a great race, and it was fun to watch.

    If not for the 2 car, there is a pretty level playing field with the remaining cars. The 16 is pretty good, but not as absurdly as the 2. The points are tight. Only the 2 car can afford to have multiple bad races. Heck, the 2 car can sit out a race, or two, and still have a good chance at winning the championship, that is how absurd the 2 car situation is. And so early in the season. No other car can afford a bad race, DNF, etc. A good race can move a car up a couple places. Pay attention to where the cars are in points, and where the cars are in a race and it gets pretty exciting when you realize that only a couple points separates some cars and they can not afford to screw up and lose a spot. If a car puts together a couple top 5 or top 3 runs, it can leap in points. Pay attention to points and it gets pretty tense watching what is happening on the track.

    These drivers know where they are in points and who they have to pursue and pass, and who they have to make sure never gets past them. It’s like the Tour de France where all the riders are marking each other to know where the gaps are and where the threatening riders are. But the drivers have to be extremely careful so as NOT to hurt themselves. There are lots of little races going on within the race.

    The pit stop was awesome. Sure wish there would be live pit stops at Loudon.

    As far as the finish goes, it was incredible. With just a few laps left, it was the 2, 44, and 4 leading the rest, with the 58 and 51 in the mix. Then the 2 goes down with a mechanical failure, and then the 44 goes down with a mechanical issue, and the 4 takes over the lead with four good cars right behind him. Talk about drama!!!!

  8. A great win for a great race team and driver!!!

  9. wmass01013 says

    2 crew said the fuel pump went, still had fuel in car
    44 not sure if same or not
    the 58 passed the 2 early then went back a lil
    Stafford not an easy place to figure out, the 2 and 44 have the setup

  10. The LFR cars ran out of fuel because they were a half a second faster than the cars that finished! Maybe LFR should come up with a dominating fuel cell now!

  11. Jerry Fascione says

    the only embarrassment is somebody (mark says) who doesn’t have enough class to congratulate a team on the victory. they may not have had the fastest car but they won. If the 2 and the 44 crashed and the 4 won would that be the same? It’s not over till the checkered flag falls and you have to make it to that point the 2 and the 44 didn’t. Congratulations to the whole 4 team on a great win.

  12. wmass01013 says

    mark the 16 lead all 200 laps at monadnock, a short track, is that not embarassing

  13. James Scott says

    Right on Jerry!

  14. Mark, if you want to get the rest of the field competitive with the 2, the engines and carburetors of the 2 will have to be confiscated and thoroughly examined. When one car, such as the 2, does what it is doing, it is not the fault of the rest of the field. Do you understand that? Look at recent history with the 36 and 7NY. The rest of the field had nothing to do with the cheating that the 36 and 7NY were doing.

    NASCAR should take the carbs of the 2 and have other cars run them in the races, and issue a brand new, sealed box carb to the 2 to run in races. Anybody from the 2 team reading that is having an acute myocardial infarction at just the thought.

    The only embarrassing that is happening is on NASCAR. This 2 car debacle has gone on way too long. NASCAR just isn’t looking hard enough.

  15. Congrats to the 4 car on the win. After that win I would go back to the shop and try to find a half second so they have a shot at the 2 car. If they find only a couple tenths then they will have a shot at the 44 car. To say it would be a good race if the 2 car was eliminated is a joke too. The 44 car was in no way challenged for second. 16 car won at monadnock. That’s true. It’s a bullring. Anyone can win at those. Don’t care. Tell me who wins at Thompson, Stafford, Loudon and Bristol because that’s what matters on the tour. Riverhead and that dump called monadnock do not matter. BTW, are we all still saying that the turn around by the 2 team, which is now beginning to be apparent with the 44 and Lia is now running better, has nothing to do with the one common change that all these teams made? Because I’m sitting here in the boiling heat in the south and really need a good laugh. Maybe Nascar is letting all the LFR cars run illegal carbs. Wait……..that’s it! Ureeka! Those cheater carbs need more fuel and that’s why the LFR cars ran out of fuel! Maybe those cars are not better after all!

  16. Andy Boright says

    “Look, there is more racing going on than the lead car”. I have heard that phase too many times to count from appologiest of different spec car groups after explaining away another racer where the winner starts in 3rd, and there are about 2 passes for the lead under green flag conditions.

    I have no idea whether the race was a good one or not (from most of the feedback it sounds like a typical WMT snoozer). Rather than pay the $30+ to go to Stafford, I instead went west to Albany Saratoga, were I saw an outstanding racing program for $10, which included watching the big dogs race 3 wide for the lead in the modified feature.

    You people in CT lead such sheltered lives, there really are better racing options out there that cost less as well.

  17. W mass. Come on man. Congrats to the 16 on his win as well. What did he win by .19 over second? No that’s not embarrassing just a good race and a great result by the 16. I was not at Stafford but when my friends want to leave because the leader has 2 seconds on second place and second place has 2 seconds on the rest of the field battling for third…..that’s embarrassing yes. If you don’t get that you have never turned a wrench on a car in a competitive environment. How many laps has the 2 car lead at Stafford with his new car? Something like ALL but a couple. Yes, embarrassing to the field. Comparing the 16 win at monadnock and the 2 cars performance at Stafford is ludicrous at best. If I was on the 4 team I would not be happy with that win. That’s all I am saying. I am sure there are others out there that would agree and others that would disagree which is fine. If you think they should be happy with that win then that is a example of complacency. That will lead to failure in most competitive sports that’s all. Again congrats on the win 4 crew but don’t be complacent.

  18. I wonder what happened to all them cup carbs when the cup wint to F/I ?

  19. The 2 finished with 145 laps, which was 12 laps down. Clearly it did not run out of fuel. There was something far more serious than running out of fuel. They could have thrown some fuel in and got back out there. Santos was 5 laps down, and it does not take that long to splash some fuel in to make it a couple more laps.

    But think of this… two cars from supposedly top notch teams both running out of fuel in the same race. What a coincidence. Talk about embarrassing. Running out of fuel for two teams such as these would be profoundly embarrassing.

  20. wmass01013 says

    things break
    weather happens, did u see Pocono and buescherr and fog
    just because guys break or wreck and u win is not bad
    getting beat for 200 laps YES BAD

  21. Mark, is your last name Trump? 😏

    You have the same attention span as Trump… none.

    The 44 is nowhere near the results of the 2, the 8 is nowhere near the 44. And the 01 was running the LFR last night and was the back marker to the back markers. The 44 happened to hit a setup last night.

    The 4 and the rest of the field does not have to try to find a half second or more to run with the 2. NASCAR needs to do its job and establish a level playing field.

    The 44 was 7th and 8th the previous races at Stafford this season, not really world beating at all. The 44 sits 13th in points. The 4 is 4th in points, and I’m sure the 44 would prefer to be in 4th place.

    If I were on the 4 team, I’d be ecstatic with the win last night. The 4 won, the 2 DNF’d and that closed the points a bit. Put more points over the 44. The 4 jumped a couple spots, would have even if it came in 3rd. The 4 lost some crazy leads when it appeared they had it sealed, getting taken out (twice by the 2 last season alone), and equipment issues. It comes around. It’s a part of racing. A big part of racing, like or not, is capitalizing on mistakes and misfortunes of others.

    What’s going on with the 2 car is embarrassing to NASCAR, not the rest of the field. NASCAR goes through the motions, but to say we looked and didn’t find anything is what is truly embarrassing.

  22. Good win for the 4. It was just a matter of time. While I agree the 2 team are the guys to beat it was the 16 that led every lap at Monadnock and it’s the 16 team matching the 2 win for win. It’s at least a two dog race. It ain’t over yet. Coby wrecks himself at least once a year. That’s coming too. LP

  23. It was an interesting night… the 3 blew an engine, the 2 had mechanical issues and DNF’d, the 44 had mechanical issues and DNF’d, the 8 was black flagged for some sort of mechanical issue.

    And all other cars benefitted. Just as the 2, 3, 44 and 8 benefit when other cars break. I’ve never heard of an owner or driver turn down a win or points because another car broke.

  24. Dareal, so where did the 15 car finish At Stafford earlier this year? You know, that car that doesn’t run that ran twice this year and was in contention for both wins. Second to the 2 in case you can’t remember. Now they have a LFR employee on the 44 and they run second. Stumbled onto a set up you say? Hhhmmmmm. To bring up the 01 is pointless. The 01 has a spek engine also does that mean spek engines are junk? Come on dude. Keep comments relative here. The bottom line is the only car that could even see the 2 was the 44 and the fastest in practice was the 8. Just facts here. All I got. I’m here at Bowman Gray sitting with a group of real racers laughing at these comments. The LFR cars look good here too. Funny how the cars that win here weekly don’t show for this big race. Might not be quit legal I’m thinking. A whole other story we won’t get into. Maybe one day you will come clean with your issues against LFR. I think it’s great what’s going on. Sick of watching 25 Troyer cars that were running 1980 technology run in circles. JMO. Oh, and most others as well in the south! I think those northerners are just a little upset that a southern company came in and just cleaned house in their first shot. Hatersgonnahate.

  25. Yep. They ran pretty good here too. 3 LFR cars in the field and they ran 1-2-3. Let’s hear the haters come out with the excuses on this race. Maybe they all share the 2 cars carb. Unbelieveable. I’m going back to the beer stand!

  26. Mark, please do not try to make this a North-South thing. Y’all haven’t made it up to Loudon in years, since y’all sucked whenever you did. And at Bristol, y’all are the back markers to the Northern cars. So bring your LFR cars up to Loudon in September to get y’all selves laughed at for trying. And enjoy the Northern Hospitality.

    Many of the drivers on the NWSMT roster have norther roots. Factually, 2nd and 3rd place. Gary Putnam is a back marker up here, but 8th place in points on the southern tour. Yeah, real impressive. Be thankful you have northern boys running down there to show y’all how it’s done.

    The 2nd place car at the Stafford 150 this weekend was the 51, a SPAFCO. What are you talking about? The 44 finished 17th, 5 laps down. The last four races, the 44 is 12th, 27th, 20th, and 17th. And this is with the LFR Wizard on board. You bragging about this? Let me remind you that the 44 is 13th in points. Just the facts. And the factual statistics are the 44 has been in a full throttle nose-dive the last four races with the LFR Wizard on the team. I think that LFR Wizard isn’t going to last much longer. He’s supposed to be an improvement.

    LFR chassis are 1, 5, and 13 in points. The 2 is not doing what it is doing because of the chassis, that is for sure. Same for the 8. The 44 is a mess. If the LFR chassis is that good, then the 44 team is a disaster. What else you got?

    Bringing up the 01 is certainly relevant. Isn’t it the twin to the LFR 15? It is in the same B&W paint as the LFR house cars. Y’all yuk it up like the LFR chassis is the silver bullet. That’s right, the 01 ran an LFR at the Stafford 150 last night. LFR, and it ain’t working miracles.

    So I hope to see you boys at Bristol. Or you can pull a Trump and say it’s not worth your time. Oh yeah , say it’s rigged!!! LOL!!!! Looking over the 2015 results, the southern cars didn’t do that well at Bristol. Haven’t even tried running at Loudon in years. A couple of you used to run Loudon. Never did well at all. Loudon is a big boy track. And most of the better running southern teams have northern guys… Suess, GBIII, etc.

    So sit there in the Nut House yukking it up. Ya’ll never run with the northern cars.

    Facts, just the facts. Something you need to acquaint yourself with.

    Congratulations to the 4 Team, great win.

  27. My son and I made the trip to stafford and had a good time watching not only Rowan Pennick win a thrilling SK race,and also a good tour race.No one had anything for the 2 but great racing throughout the field.It was worth the price of admission just to see everyone’s most popular turtle drift high coming slowly out of turn two and our heroes screaming by her at a torrid pace.Amusing to see the 26 lapping her.We had a hoot.I love the mods! P.S.I still think she will be the cause of a bad one someday as she is certainly not improving at all.Still Nascar leaves her out there.It will be on them.God willing it will only be damaged equipment

  28. I agree ^

    Just waiting for the 01 to cause a big wreck one of these days. What’s the point of even being out there? She’s been out there for years and I see no improvement. Getting lapped 10 laps into a 150 lap race at a half mile track, then having to let 26 other cars go by the rest of the way is not getting valuable seat time. Just a waste of $$$ for that team in my opinion. Get in an SK or SK light and figure that out first!

  29. CARBURATER !!!

  30. So LFR got laughed at in Loudon? They won the all star race and finished 1-2 in the big race. Wow man. You must have stock in another manufacturer. A nose dive you say with the 44? They went 2 years without a win and they have 2 in the first half of this year with a different chassis. They were the only car that could even stay on the same straightaway as the 2 but they are embarrassing? Wow. I am talking about the 15 finish at the sizzler. Like I need to bring up every detailed fact. I was talking about chassis manufactures in the south and you start slinging team names and drivers names which is normal for underachievers actually. Wow. Wade Cole is in a Troyer so let’s talk about his stats. I am mature enough to know when you compare variables we need to stay realavent with teams that can win. 2 16 51 58 44 8 4 9 etc etc but in order to make you feel good you bring up the one back marker that they have with the 01. Hope it makes you feel good while sounding pathetic. You remind me of arguing with my 10 year old nephew so I’m out. Wow. Just wow. I’m sorry I even commented again. I admit at first it was fun but now I just feel frustrated on account of ignorance…….again.

  31. The 01… I was hoping we can have fun and discuss racing without the 01 coming up, after all, the 01 doesn’t race. But that car is bad, real bad. We all know how slow that car is, so why were its front brakes glowing orange and throwing sparks overtime entering? The real cars would blow by her in the same spot her brakes were lighting the place up, and their brakes were not lit up. The fast cars’ brakes would have a slight glow when they were racing for position and going in deep. And it seemed that the 01 was always in the way in the turns, never on the straights. That car is bad, the driver stabs at the brakes and the gas, she is very erratic.

    People say she should go to an SK or SKL… she’d get destroyed in those divisions, and I doubt she could drive one of those cars competitively. Heck, she wouldn’t be competitive if she drove her Tour cars in those divisions.

    The 01 wouldn’t be competitive in the southern Tour.

    But she’s the most popular driver!!!!

    Congratulations to the 4 Team!!!! Great win.

  32. Mark, y’all bring up your LFR WSMT cars up here to Loudon in Sept and see how they do. LOL!!!! They’ll suck as they always did, regardless of chassis.

    Are you Donald Trump? Buhlieve me, you need to focus. Honestly.

    The 44 is in a nose dive, with the LFR chassis and the LFR Wizard. Look it up, look up the FACTUAL statistics.

    You are clearly without a clue. This proves what I have been saying, and right from your fingertips:

    “They were the only car that could even stay on the same straightaway as the 2 but they are embarrassing?”

    It takes three things to go down a straightaway: horsepower, horsepower, and horsepower. Chassis do not make horsepower, engines and carburetors do. LOL!!!!! You walked yourself right into that. If a team cannot get a chassis to go down a straightaway, they have issues a chassis brand cannot fix. The chassis has nothing to do with the way the 2 runs away on the straightaways. Going down a straightaway is easy. A good engine can make a bad chassis look good. The great chassis cannot make a weak engine more powerful. But there are limits to how bad the chassis can be before even a good engine and carburetor can no longer compensate. The 44 chassis exceeds those limits of what the engine can compensate most of the time. At the Stafford 150, they got lucky and hit a setup that enabled the engine to haul that chassis down a straightaway to nip at the 2. That’s all that means. Look up the 44 stats… that car is in a full throttle nose dive, even with the LFR wizard on board.

    Mark says: ” I am talking about the 15 finish at the sizzler. ” Why? Why bring up the 15 and the Sizzler? That’s old news. The 15 did not run the Stafford 150. Or was the 15 being run as the 01? LOL!

    You, and the rest of the LFR shills, make like the chassis is the exclusive reason any one of those cars has any success. Well, why doesn’t that apply to the 01, and the 44? The 44 was successful years ago with a Troyer, then sucked, then bought LFR, still sucks, brought in the LFR wizard, still sucks. The 44 struggles started in early 2014, and hasn’t gotten better. Sometimes they show up, but most of the time they suck. It’s sad since they had a great 2013 season, and they were expected to continue that high level of performance, and Santos is definitely a great driver. So the only thing it can be is chassis and car prep. So the LFR has not helped the 44, and that was the reason for the crew chief change, which also has not helped.

    Take the carburetors and engines of the 2 and put them in just about any other car running in the top 10 and there will be a HUGE jump in performance of that car.

    Let me remind you that the 44 is 13th in points with the LFR chassis and LFR wizard crew chief, and is in a full throttle nose dive. That’s what the FACTUAL statistics say.

    Mark, this thread is about the Stafford 150, won by the 4 team. Please focus and stay on topic.

    Congratulations to the 4 team!!!! Great win, great perseverance.

  33. Ok. I’ve stopped laughing at you long enough to type one last note that anyone who has more than 3 brain cells is aware of. A good handling car can get in the throttle sooner and more aggressive than a ill handling car thus making the car faster in the straightaway. Your the same dude that said the LFR cars don’t run and the only one that does has a illegal carb. Your being proven wrong on a serious level now. I bring up the 15 because you were quoted saying that car can’t run. It ran twice and was a contender in each event. You bring up the 01 and say that car is horrible. That comment right there shows everyone in racing your intelligence level because you believe it’s the car. Wow dude. So let’s put her in the 2 and see what happens. You waste your time bringing up the 01 when we discuss chassis performance. Weak bro. Weak.
    Another thing, ALL the LFR cars that are racing come from NC so there is no north and south there. Just south and I am well aware how they run up there by now. I feel bad having to explain this to you honestly. You should be a lawyer or public defendant because you can spin some crap with the best of them bud. You sound like Casey Anthony’s attorney. Wow.

  34. Mark don’t waste your time,there is nothing this guy doesn’t know ,or at least he thinks he doesn’t,and he thinks that was a great win,I’ll bet nobody on that team thinks it’s a great win ,when your a straightaway behind the top 2 cars

  35. Mark said, “A good handling car can get in the throttle sooner and more aggressive than a ill handling car thus making the car faster in the straightaway.”

    And thus you are saying that the 2 is the only car that has a setup that works that good at all tracks and rarely misses a beat, that is so far ahead of all those other teams that have been doing this decades. So why then, when a car does have an outstanding race at Stafford where they dominate, they can’t ever repeat that performance again with the same car? The only way a car is so dominant, so repeatedly, so consistently, is with a big power advantage. Look at how TC “dominated” with the 36 and big carb, and how Newman “dominated” with the 7NY and those strategically placed air leaks. When those cars were getting away with the extra power, they ruled, just like the 2 has been doing. They didn’t do what they did because they had a superior chassis. Heck, they have the same chassis everyone else had. But they had big POWER, really HUGE power. Y-U-G-E POWER!!!! Intoxicating power. Addicting power.

    Mark said, “Dareal, so where did the 15 car finish At Stafford earlier this year?” and “I bring up the 15 because you were quoted saying that car can’t run.” Please find that quote you speak of, where you said I said what you said I said about the 15 in this thread, that made you reply to it. Go ahead, find it. Let me know what post that was by the date/time stamp.

    Mark said, “Another thing, ALL the LFR cars that are racing come from NC so there is no north and south there. Just south and I am well aware how they run up there by now.”

    Mark, you think that the LFR is just slick. Well, you WSMT cars running the LFR can come up here and be back markers to everything else. You know that the WSMT cars can’t compete with the northern cars, regardless of the chassis. Your boy Burt Meyers never came close to being competitive against the northern cars. Looks like your LFR boys need more than a chassis. LOL!!!! Why can’t your southern boys run with the NWMT? Same chassis, right? LOL!!!!

    So Mark, consider this… what do you think would happen to the performance of the 2 car if it ran the SPEC engines and carbs from cars such as the 99, 75, 64, 58, 56, 46, 36, 26, 24, or 18. Go ahead, take your pick of engines and carbs from those cars, which ones will enable the 2 to continue its dominance?

    😜 😝 😎 😛 🤔

  36. DA REAL
    Where or how do you come up with the sewage ? It’s more than obvious you have never driven or set up anything except your shopping cart at Walmart. Even John Force has to control his HP to get down the straight away. The 2 car has a whole program that is a winning…( OK try and grasp this term) COMBINATION. No ones wins with horsepower alone.
    BUT please don’t stop posting….because I love to laugh out loud when I read your garble ! !

  37. speed kills says

    these guys with LFR cars were top runners with other chassis.. no surprise however big carb and gear/trans equals poor fuel mileage ..NASCAR isn`t looking hard enough or chooses not to do so..

  38. space-tre, there have been cars that hit the setup and drove away from the field. Santos (with a Troyer) and Pitkat (with the Buzz Chew Troyer) had some incredible individual races, and were never able to make it happen again or consistently. Why couldn’t they take that magical setup and use it again and again and again, and get the same outstanding result?

    However, with an engine or carb, a few extra lb-ft can make a difference, as we all see, consistently.

    NASCAR made themselves look like complete idiots with the 36 and 7NY debacles. They keep setting the bar higher and higher. Can’t believe they haven’t figured it out yet.

    I think Mark had an acute myocardial infarction when he read the suggestion to put the SPEC engine and carb from a regular car into the 2.

    Congratulations to the 4 Team!!!! Great driving, great pit stop.

  39. The late Norm Case who built 1or2 engines,used to say ,boy that handling makes my engines look good,but I’m sure the genius has an answer for that too

  40. Joe Lajoie says

    The only time you’ll get crickets for an answer from dareal is when you ask him what are his qualifications are besides being a bleacher creature.

  41. Just my thoughts... says

    If I recall correctly, when Ryan Newman was winning all those races at NHIS , it was officials from the Truck Series that found the problem with the 7NY, not the WMT officials. Perhaps it is time to bring some new eyes in, or maybe Jimmy Wilson wants to see Coby win a few more Championships. Many fans left at lap 100 on Friday night, the “Coby Show” is getting old. Congrats to Showtime and the 4 team, you are not the first team to benefit from the leaders problems and you won’t be the last. A win is a win, got to take them anyway you can get them! Again, Just my thoughts…

  42. just my thoughts… says, the end of the 7NY was planned. It was impressive. After the 7NY “won” the Loudon race, it went straight to tech, and immediately the carb and pushrods were removed, and the intake was pressure tested. I don’t think the other top 5 cars were given this tech treatment, only the 7NY. There were some Big Cheeses involved, I forget their names. Way above Jimmy Wilson types. It leaked, and leaked, and leaked. With the pushrods out and carb off, the intake should be able to hold pressure. After that, the car was impounded, sent to NC Research Center for dissection where the air passages were found. I’ll never forget watching the 7NY being rolled out of tech, escorted by NASCAR officials. Why NASCAR allows itself to be made a fool for so long by the 2 is bewildering.

    As far as the Stafford 150 goes, I was surprised at how many people were leaving about lap 100. I thought the race was over at one point, there were so many people leaving, but still had like 50 to go. The 2 car is ruining the Tour just as the 36 and 7NY did.

    And of those that are ragging on the 4 for a “crappy” way to win the Stafford 150, look back to the Loudon race where the 2 took out the 6, 4 and others, and the 2 went on to win. Talk about a crappy way to win. But then, the way the 36 and 7NY were “winning” was also pretty crappy.

  43. Historical note – in 2011, I believe the 36 won 3 times after it (and the 51) was penalized for an illegal carb at the Icebreaker.

  44. Historical note – in 2011, the 36 DNF’d 3 times, twice in accidents, and did not attend multiple races. Finished in 9th place. What a way to waste 3 wins.

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