LFR To Focus On Sales, Service Of Branded Modified Chassis

Rob Fuller (Photo: Rob Fuller Motorsports)

Rob Fuller (Photo: Rob Fuller Motorsports)

When Rob Fuller began LFR Chassis in 2014 in Moorseville, N.C., the focus for him was building a better Modified. Developing a base of sales in building Super Late Model cars was also part of the business.

But ultimately for Fuller, who’s roots in racing lie with Modifieds, open wheel cars proved to be the love.

While Fuller has worked from the top to bottom of NASCAR’s levels of racing, his family’s history is in Southern New England Modified racing. And now Fuller will be bringing home that business focus of supporting Modified racing.

Fuller has sold the chassis manufacturing rights of LFR. Fuller’s company will now support and service its base of LFR Modified racers by utilizing the cars and parts that will be manufactured independently in North Carolina. Fuller will now focus his racing efforts on LFR brand customers in the Northeast. LFR Northeast in Stafford will be the sales and support center for the LFR brand Modified chassis.

“It’s a great thing for me,” Fuller said. “My heart is in New England Modifieds.”

LFR Northeast opened its doors in Stafford earlier this year.

“Fury Racecars [in Moorseville, N.C.] will be the manufacturer of the LFR Modifieds,” Fuller said. “LFR Northeast will sell and maintain the LFR customers in the New England area. The parts, manufacturing and process will not change in the [North Carolina] facility. The LFR Modified customers will receive more focused attention from the facility in CT. It’s a win win for all involved.”

LFR Chassis celebrated its first NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship in 2015 with driver Doug Coby and Mike Smeriglio Racing. The team went to an LFR Chassis after winning the series title with Coby in 2014. Coby currently is leading the series points in search of his third consecutive title and fourth overall.

LFR Chassis cars are also run by Donny Lia, who sits third in the Whelen Modified Tour standings, and Bobby Santos III, who is 12th in the standings.

NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour points leader Burt Myers also is running an LFR Chassis. Myers also won the 2016 Bowman Gray Stadium Modified division championship driving an LFR Chassis.

Fuller is the nephew of former NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champions Jeff Fuller and Rick Fuller. Rob Fuller is a racer himself, having made 20 career Whelen Modified Tour starts, two starts with the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour and four career Camping World Truck Series starts.


  1. The Realist... says

    Me thinks that Mr. Fuller went way overboard when he hooked up with the Eury’s right off the bat and couldn’t come even close to paying what he offered up in their “contracts”. That’s why the kid headed for the hills soon after.
    He then saw the light and it was in the super late model division. That’s where you can charge drivers and their daddies $8,500 a race to run the house car, even get a nice write up on Speed51 too. Tough to run those up front without someone that actually knows what they’re doing, so enter Jeff Fultz at another incredibly large “promised” salary.
    Then, when the parts start ripping right off the chassis’ without any contact at all on the track (see Corey LaJoie, Snowball Derby) because everything’s made out of .065 that you could step on and bend, it becomes difficult to reel in more fish.
    So, in the end, you come up with another huge smokescreen story about how you “sold” the business because it’s become too successful to manage (almost threw up in my mouth writing that last line) to the same to guys you owe an absolute bundle of money to.
    Sounds right to me… Congrats.

  2. Somebody has got to have something to say.The door is wide open.

  3. Fultz and Eury take over the whole company and rob fuller heads back to ct with nothing, and no one has anything to say? How long till the fender guys down south stop making modifieds.

    If you ever saw the massive amount of overhead at LFR you would see this coming. Hopefully they can get some kind of person who can fabricate up north to at least help some of the guys they sold this dream to.

  4. eddie flemke at raceworks has a jig for the LFR cars ….but after the deal he had with fuller to sell and fix the cars blew up also …..maybe that bridge is burned also ? …..onlooker is right on with the overhead at LFR ….my god 30 people million dollars in state of the art tooling….no less the buildings ….for what 10 mods built in two years …realist is also right on the .065 paper thin tubing ….the mods rear clip is all .065….083 front clip ….lightweight cars but not crash friendly…..

  5. So he “left” this wonderful, fast growing business he started to come back up north to service three modified teams that are using the LFR/Fury Modified chassis? He’s gonna make a living off that? Simple arithmetic says somebody has some explaining to do. Hey, if he had great people working for him, he could take off to go to the kids’ baseball games and such.

    Some time ago, I said this situation was a house of cards which a soft fart would take down. Well, somebody farted.

    The 2 and 8 will be back to Troyer next season, the 44 will go into limbo.

    Better hope Draco Springs is solvent.

  6. Why start a modified chassis business in North Carolina? The market is in New England.

    Never made sense.

  7. Facts Matter says

    Hillary goggle Draco springs a world wide global leader in spring manufacturing in business since the 60s they have a racing division. Fuller was at a test session today at Stafford selling cars even TC drove one. LFR bla bla bla

  8. Frank Rizzo says

    It sounds like he should have quit his family to spend more time with his business…

  9. You people are amazing. So Eury and Futz worked for free and LFR was missing payroll? That’s a good one. The first time Eury didn’t get paid he would be gone. As well as all the others. The car Corey ran was the first chassis I believe. Ever heard of RnD? At least they are trying things. I’m pretty sure they have had a couple design changes since then. The 25 mod tore up some parts as well I believed. Oh BTW Fultz and Eury do not own the company. Shows how many facts are actually on this thread. Wow. I wish this site would police this garbage. From what I see LFR is still in the modified business and focusing on the northeast. No different than buying a Troyer from Brad. He is a distributor. Why does everyone have to make this a mud out when its it a big story at all. A Guy named Fuller is focusing on mods. Wow. Shocker there. Dareal if LFR was developed in the north they would not have the product they have now. There are way more resources down there in that industry. I’m embarrassed to have to explain that to you.

  10. Just sitting here laughing. After hearing that those cars would never run, those cars would never sell, no one will beat a Troyer man I’ve heard it all and it was all funny then and is funnier now. Keep hating and being proven wrong so I can continue to laugh. I will mark this article just like I marked the ones from two years ago. Until then go on line and do something that will make you wake up. Count the win totals and poles on the 2 mod tours and tell me who has a better product. Haters gonna hate no mater what sport we are discussing. This one just has bigger losers than most I guess. I’m actually happy that it’s raining out because usually I don’t have enough time in my life to go on line and talk crap about something that means so little in life. Good day.

  11. Realist, I don’t see where he “sold” the company. I was told he did not sell the company. I read the articl twice and can not see where it says that.

  12. Facts Matter says

    Hillary Goodwhatever yeah LFR sucks never been to Oswego look what 2 cars are fastest in practice that doesn’t mean they will win whatever.

  13. Spot on facts matter. The fact is these cars are pissing a lot of others off. Good for the sport! Kudos to everyone at LFR keep up the good work!

  14. Realist. Here are a couple facts for you. My dad worked at LFR with Rob. He went into work one day in a bad mood and Rob called him into the office to ask him what the problem was. When my dad explained that I got accepted to a college that he couldn’t afford to send me to Rob took out his checkbook and paid for my tuition. No questions asked. He has paid car payments mortgages and credit card payments for some of his employees these are the facts. If you do not believe me you need to call some of the employees down there and ask what it was like to work for Rob Fuller before you go running your mouth like this, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I was taught at a young age that if I didn’t know the facts about anything to keep my mouth shut in the best interest of the people involved. I wish you were brought up with more common sense. Somebody told me about the comments on this site and I couldn’t believe it when I read it myself. I had no intentions on typing a comment but I know what Rob has done for his employees and these are the facts. Until you get your facts straight I would refrain from bashing anything that you know nothing about. I’d be willing to bet that you and the others on this site have never even said one word to this fellow yet you take it upon yourself to throw these outrageous comments out in the public. Unreal.

  15. DAH- REAL LOSER . Get a life you female

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