Holding Pattern: NAPA Fall Final Schedule At Stafford Speedway Gets Two Hour Delay

Stafford Fall Final Logo 2015STAFFORD – Mother Nature’s epic battle with the NAPA Fall Final at Stafford Motor Speedway continues this morning.

The events original schedule for last weekend was forced to be postponed because of dire weather forecasts.

Yesterday track crews fought valiantly to squeeze in the entirety of the Saturday schedule around multiple rain delays.

Now today there’s rain once again.

Stafford Motor Speedway officials announced this morning that they will have a two-hour delay from the original schedule. The new schedule for the day is listed below.




  1. Its a holiday weekend. Cant they try to just run later this evening and if that doesnt work just run tomorrow? Monday is supposed to be nice

  2. Liz Cherokee says

    Good thing they passed that law back in 2012 allowing liquor sales on Sundays. Looks like it’s going to be a long afternoon. Stolimoto!

  3. Only municipal and school workers have tomorrow off everyone else has to work

  4. I am watching the Weather Channel right now. It looks like it is going to rain all day.

  5. Well the sprint cup would run tomorrow. Sooo seeing how this is a nascar track then it would make sense that they would race tomorrow. As for who has the day off, its not just school workers and municipal workers.

  6. Future radar is showing the rain leaving stafford around 5:30, 6 oclock so turn the lights on and race

  7. Only fans there are the ones that are camping out, might have to call the race till nx week not looking good weather wise….

  8. Bob, next week is the world series at Thompson, if not ran today it will probably be cancelled completely

  9. Cars are going through tech.

  10. Sorry stafford absolutely stupid should have waited for better day

  11. So we would all have a chance to see

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