Tommy Barrett Jr. Wins Second Tri-Track Open Modified Racing Series Qualifier At Waterford

Tommy Barrett Jr. (Photo: Tim Bradbury/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Tommy Barrett Jr. (Photo: Tim Bradbury/Getty Images for NASCAR)

WATERFORD – Racing forays for Tommy Barrett Jr. have been limited over the last two seasons across the Modified racing scene in the Northeast.

Sunday the Millis, Mass. driver reintroduced himself to celebrating in a big money way.

Barrett won the second of two 35-lap qualifying events that will set the field for today’s 65-lap Tri-Track main event. The qualifying event paid Barrett $3,000.

“We struggled a little bit in practice,” Barrett said. “I can’t thank the guys enough, they made the right adjustments before the heat race. I was just able to drive up. Keith gave me a little trouble on the restart, but the car was real good. I can’t thank these guys enough.”

Barrett passed Keith Rocco for the lead following a restart with 20 laps remaining and never trailed again.

Rocco, of Wallingford, was second and Les Hinckley of Windsor Locks third.

The top 11 finishers in the 19-car heat transferred to the main event. Four drivers will qualify to the feature from the consolation.

Second heat qualifiers: Tommy Barrett Jr., Keith Rocco, Les Hinckley, Ryan Preece, Eric Berndt, Ron Frees, Matt Hirschman, Dwight Jarvis, Rowan Pennink, Kyle Trainor, Mike Holdridge.

To the consolation: Steve Masse, Mike Benevides, Shawn Thibeault, Craig Lutz, Bill Dixon, Dick Houlihan, Paul Kusheba, Jim Dolan.

Consolation Field: Chris Bakaj, Chris Pasteryak, Ken Darch, Troy Talman, Richard Savary, Sal Accardi, Scott Adams, Dan Meservey, Jeff Rocco, Steve Masse, Mike Benevides, Shawn Thibeault, Craig Lutz, Bill Dixon, Dick Houlihan, Paul Kusheba, Jim Dolan.


  1. Now he can buy some beer

  2. It’s good to see him back.The Guy makes one mistake and he gets the Pete Rose program.Would love to see him back on the tour.It’s un-American to banish a young guy like this.There but for fortune go you and I.

  3. All Tommy Barrett needs to do to race full time again is to go the NASCAR Program for substance abuse and he can get cleared. Anyone would think that after losing the top shelf ride he had and also getting shut out of the MRS series makes you wonder why he hasn’t done that. I agree that he can wheel a race car and the only one stopping him is Mr. Tommy Barrett. He has said that Mario was his mentor why doesn’t do that in respect for Mario ?

  4. Bill,I was unaware of that.I also wonder why that would be.Strange to think that those in his life wouldn’t have steered him that way.What are they waiting for?

  5. darealgoodfella says

    Art, could it be that they are still in denial, and going to a substance abuse program would be admitting to the problem? Substance abuse also has enablers, the people that go along with the addicted and make like nothing is wrong. Those enablers are often more harmful than the drug. Parents do not believe that their children can do wrong, and defend their children to no end. That is dangerous and enabling.

  6. Dareal now your calling the kid an addict it must be great to never have made a mistake you are a real peace of work

  7. darealgoodfella says

    Look, from the published history, there was not an isolated, single incident. There was a pattern. When careless, reckless, dangerous mistakes happen over and over, there is a pattern and a definite problem.

  8. You should have heard the heckling from stands when he was being interviewed. Doesn’t seem like he has many fans left.

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