Speedbowl’s Jacob Perry Adds New Sponsor And New Division For 2017 Season

Jacob Perry celebrates victory in the Mini Stock division last year at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

New London-Waterford Speedbowl driver Jacob Perry announced Tuesday that his Jacob Perry Racing team will partner with Tick Free Organic Tick Control for the 2017 racing season at the shoreline oval.

The 15-year old Perry will begin his second season as a full-time driver in the Mini Stock division at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in May. Perry also announced that he will make his SK Modified division debut during the 2017 season at the Speedbowl.

Perry thanked Ginny Deluca and Michael Meyhoefer, owners of Tick Free Organic Tick Control for joining his team as a marketing partner.

“This season is definitely going to be one to remember,” Perry said. “I’m extremely excited to be sponsored by Tick Free Organic Tick Control and can’t wait to see what the future will bring. Its truly great to have such a sponsor for this season. Every sponsor is truly important to us but this one seems to stick out. I can’t thank Mike enough for his continued support in my racing career and can’t wait to see what the future holds for JPR.”

Perry is expected to make his SK Modified division debut at some point during the season driving the No. 21 APE owned car regularly driven by his father Dennis Perry.

“I absolutely can’t wait to get to race with the best in the business,” Jacob Perry said. “I can’t wait to run wheel to wheel with Keith Rocco and Ted Christopher. Or in TC’s case nerf bars. It’s truly an honor to be able to have this opportunity and I certainly plan on making the most of it. I believe this partnership will benefit the both of us and can’t wait to see what we can do in the future.”

After successful years in the youth ranks in Bandoleros, Perry made the jump to the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Mini Stock division at Speedbowl in 2016. He finished his rookie season with three victories and was seventh in the standings.

“We plan on working even harder than last year so that we can improve on our very successful rookie season,” Perry said.


  1. Dougdacheater says

    Is this tick company the new mr rooter? They seem to be on every car in the field

  2. Good Luck Jacob Perry!Young Perry has been carefully coached by a family of respected race car owners and drivers.He shows respect,patience and great car control all while staying stoked for a win.He may get his wish to run with TC,s nerf bars soon enough.However,TC better watch out for this ‘Young Buck”.This will be a great year at the Speedbowl for all of us.

  3. Has there been a promoter/chief steward named?

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I think it’s a big jump from a mini-stock to an SK modified, but I’m sure “the teacher” will keep a very close watch and guide “the student” accordingly. Lots of luck to the Perry family!

  5. Old man racer says

    Wow! 7th place in a mini stock and talking trash.
    I see a hard learned lesson in respect coming.

  6. a couple of thursday practice runs alone on the track and he thinks hes ready for the sk? how about moving to the light division first and get your feet wet. it’s a big jump from mini stock

  7. “Old man racer”;Several feature wins and competitive all year is not properly reflected in your” 7th place” comment..Further Jacob is not “talking trash”,you may be.Perry will be working every available hour this winter to prep two fine race cars for the speedbowl.He is an enthusiastic,articulate young racer with a fire burning in him called RACING.He is no different than any modern day hot shoe that has been racing since he was five years old.I ‘m afraid the “hard lesson of respect”will be learned by those who stand in his way.

  8. Will the new Speedbowl GM be announced at tonight’s banquet?

  9. 450mike,I think 7th place speaks for itself and the only trash talking on this thread is you and young mr Perry

  10. What, nobody has ever seen a ministock driver jump into an sk and become successful? Kyle James comes to mind. It will kinda stink not getting to watch Dennis Perry battle it out for a champion this year though.

  11. Just having fun because there are no races to go to this Sat night. in CT. I definitely enjoyed watching a young up comer (Perry) win in the minis despite the overall 7th in standings. Curious what “hard lessons of respect for those who stand in his way” means? Perry seemed to be a clean driver, is he changing his strategy for 2017? I just hope his “teacher” is not RC III, that fad was short lived when he tried to teach others a hard lesson.

    Also much appreciation to his new sponsor. I am not affiliated with Perry or Tick Mike but they are trying to keep this local racing thing going.

  12. Hey Art,I’m the one talking.Jacob Perry was simply “stoked”.Oh yes indeed,Kyle James brought home the bacon after making the switch to modifieds from mini stocks.

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