Race Director Tom Fox Leads Group Of Resignations At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Tom Fox (Photo: Tiesha DiMaggio/Sid’s Vault Productions)

In January Tom Fox celebrated his return to what he called his “favorite track” when it was announced that he would return to a position he had previously held as the racing director at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Tuesday Fox announced that he is resigning from his race director’s position at the track. Fox cited issues surrounding the recent arrest of track owner Bruce Bemer for his decision to walk away from the position. 

Fox is part of a group of a number of track officials resigning, including the track’s chief steward and chief handicapper/scorer. 

Bemer was charged last week with patronizing a trafficked person.

“I’m uncomfortable with a working relationship as close I have on the organizational chart with Bruce,” Fox told RaceDayCT. “It’s too close for me to be comfortable with the allegations that are involved.

“I’ve asked him repeatedly to put out some sort of a press release to explain that we’re going to try to move forward and that he was going to step away from everything, to try to do some damage control and I can’t make that happen in a timely fashion that works for me personally. It’s just a personal decision. I respect everybody’s position on how they feel and how they’re going to react to all this. This is how I’m handling my decision.”

Chief steward Eric Webster, who had served as racing director last year, also confirmed to RaceDayCT that he has resigned his position. Webster is the son of the late Charlie Webster, a four-time track champion at the Speedbowl. Eric Webster spent 11 seasons as a competitor at the track and has been an official at the facility since 1996. 

Chief handicapper/scorer Julie Winsor, who has been an official at the track since 1995, also confirmed to RaceDayCT that she resigned her position with the track on Tuesday. Linda Corliss, who has also worked as an official overseeing events at the track since 1995, also confirmed to RaceDayCT that she will be resigning from the track. 

The 53-year old Fox turned his first laps in competition at the Speedbowl when he was 15 years old. After a long and successful career in competition at the track, he took on a official’s role at the facility and served as the track’s race director from 2009 to 2011.

“It was a very tough decision, as my heart is with the competitors down there, many of whom I grew up with, raced against and respect on and off the track,” Fox said.

Fox also serves as the director of racing operations at Stafford Motor Speedway, a position he has held since 2012.

Scott Gregory, who is currently overseeing management of the facility, was not immediately available for comment. Gregory said last week that track officials expect the facility to open as scheduled for Blastoff Weekend May 6-7. 

Bemer was the high bidder in a foreclosure auction of the Speedbowl in October 2014.


  1. This is devastating news. I would say now the season is in jeapordy for sure. I was really hoping they could hold it together and racing could go on, I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end for the bowl.

  2. Steve wake up, these people did the right and only thing they could do this is much bigger than the Bowl

  3. James Scott says

    Agreed Elect.

  4. Victor Phillips says

    Everybody was worried about keeping the Speedbowl open. Then Bemer came along and gave everyone hope. Now it appears like a devastating blow and the track is once again in uncertainty. If everybody leaves the track is doomed. I loved the, New London Waterford Speedbowl, when only the bombers and modifieds were the only divisions racing and would hate to say that I outlived it. Who is going to run the place if everybody runs away?

  5. Good for you guys. Thank you for offering up the Speedbowl to the gods of virtue-signalling and self righteousness. The Speedbowl didn’t hurt anyone, a monster did. And he should suffer grievously. Why should the old girl have to suffer? Nobody supports the owner, nobody has for a long tome. People support the track, and the track only, and the old girl needs a friend. I hope everybody keeps patting themselves on the back when the wrecking ball comes.
    “Gee, I miss the ‘bowl but at least we didn’t indirectly support a criminal.”
    You don’t turn your back on your friends.

  6. Dave Monroe says

    I would hate to see the actions of one man lead to the demise of the Speedbowl. The physical structure is not the concern, but rather the competitors, the folks who work there, and the tradition of generations of fans that have sat in the bleachers in support of the sport. Bemer needs to stay away, and allow the track a chance to go on , in spite of him, and the allegations against him. What he is accused if is heinous, and deplorable, and he will have to answer for that. The fans, and competitors don’t deserve this tainting, and will hopefully persevere in spite of Bruce Bemer.

  7. I said this in an earlier comment. If you support the Speedbowl, it doesn’t mean that you are supporting Bruce Bemer. It means that you are supporting the fans, the drivers and owners by keeping the place alive. If everyone walks away now, the Speedbowl will surely be gone. Think about it. You’re throwing everything away.

  8. Moshe and Bob Npt, you are entitled to your opinion, but I really think you are way out of line.

    These people are doing the right thing, and if you sit there and tell me that if you were Tom Fox or Julie Winsor that you would not resign, but stay? No.Way.

    You can not be in a position like that, that close to Bemer organizationally, and stay.

    Now, I could be reading into this, but the fact that they all seem to be resigning in the same time frame tells me that either they have some more knowledge /guidance on what Bruce’s situation is and actions his legal team will be taking OR they know something else going on in terms of a group trying to lease the track from Bemer and will come back under the management of the leasing group.

    I think the former is most accurate, but i hope for the latter.

  9. This is just a way for everyone to distance themselves from Bemer before the new owners step in,….. Keoo your eyes on the ball race fans…the Bowl Will Live!!! Big announcement comming soon!!!!

  10. darealgoodfella says

    Bemer owns the NLWSB, the two are one in the same. You can’t deny that fact, or rationalize it to sound like anything else.

    It’ll just be really creepy going there while he owns it. I know I won’t be spending money there until this is resolved.

    Just like sponsors and advertisers are pulling out of Fox news over the O’Reilly/Ailes sex abuse payouts. Will you be upset when Fox News goes under?

  11. You cant support the track and not support that amimal.when and if he steps away things will be different..

  12. Anyone that thinks this place would run with that guy at the helm is in DENIAL ! How he could even think he would be accepted back there and it would be business as usual is beyond me . I commend tom fox and everyone else that bolted .

  13. MARK STANTON says

    Just my two cents but I do understand both sides, however Tom Fox’s statement of asking Bemer to step back and turn the reins over to a new management team, is really best for everyone. Some may have seen my comment before , but I’ll restate it, The Speedbowl is 66 years old this year, tied for 12th as the oldest circle track in the USA (Riverhead is the other) Bruce is but a tiny spec in that timeframe, killing it now would be a dis-service to past drivers, car owners, long time fans, and those that lost a small fortune in the last go round with Terry Eames, The Korteweig family and the owners/operators before them. Personally, I don’t think Bruce will ever be seen there again And don’t think that Nascar is just sitting back watching, I’d bet there has been some pressure from that direction as well. If we could all take a deep breath and let a few cards play out before the obituary is written it just may sort itself out. Tom, Julie and Webby are all fine people that share a passion for the Bowl and if a new team takes over I’d hope they’d return.

  14. MARK STANTON says

    And Shawn Monahan……(sorry I forgot you above)

  15. Dennylee says

    As season nears; we all are suffering for something we did not do. We have worked hard on our cars in the off season. I understand all the negitive comments. I feel the same but we did nothing wrong. He will get what’s coming to him. We just want to race. Coming to the track should show support for the employees, car owners and drivers. All the years of racing at the bowl should not end by the acts if one man. We are all bigger than him. We will be still racing as he sits in jail. Hope to see u all opening day

  16. I predict the bowl will be better than ever, give it some time, their are a lot of good people out there that feel the way all of us due ……the bowl lives on ……

  17. Someone-that-knows says

    Maybe, Just Maybe a Well-Respected ex-racer is in the process of purchasing/saving the Speedbowl,

  18. Thanks Mark
    I believe tom and crew are 100 percent correct to step away
    This is a very sad day for all mankind
    Hate the sin is the way to go
    Thanks for reading my comment
    Respectively yours Jeffrey

  19. Jerry Fascione says

    Nobody supports that monster and if officials have to step away let them I don’t blame them. But you cant condem race fans for wanting to see the Bowl survive. Just remember when we loose another track we will never get it back and we have lost far to many good ones.

  20. Bob Npt. says

    I hope all the optimists are right.

  21. Victor Phillips says

    I’m not saying that those who have quit are anything less than the driving force of the Bowl. I’ve always liked, Tom, Julie, Webby, and some of the other people who have decided to walk and no body blames them. If the owner was in love with the Bowl like the rest of us he could finally do something right and at least offer the place to someone else at a good price, but seeing his record of giant WRONGS! I have no faith in him doing what’s right. He needs to unload the Bowl, QUICKLY!

  22. did anyone go to the job fair at the bowl yesterday? if so much said about this season?

  23. Grey Matter says

    I think the big question is.. who’s gonna pick up the pieces? Would Tom fox and the rest come back IF a new “owner” stepped forward? Most if not all of the Bemer related banners and associated items have been removed from the property from what I can see when I drive by. The bowl was just starting to get back to what it once was and then this bomb shell. The bowl has been rebuilt only to be torn apart and no one can blame the staff at the bowl for leaving or staying for that matter. The bowl is the bowl and those who race there will continue to love it for what it is, a great place to RACE. In my opinion the bowl is more exciting for overall track action than Thompson or Stafford and for these reasons, someone needs to get off the back side and make a statement on behalf of management. Just seems that management has turned their backs to the racers and fans of the bowl. Be decisive, right or wrong, the road of life are full of flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision. Someone needs to right this ship…

  24. Bob….. I don’t see it. Right now you have no one heading the race operations. So you have no direction as to who will be running the place. If I were a team owner, driver, or even a fan, I would be looking at other options to fulfill my racing fix. Fortunately, you up in CT have options. If something happened down here by me(LI), where do I turn. ONLY way the Speedbowl is saved is if he steps aside now, barring any injunction from him doing so, and put it into a trusteeship os some kind.

  25. Someone-that-knows says

    Maybe, Just Maybe a Well-Respected ex-racer is in the process of purchasing/saving the Speedbowl

  26. Ifuonlyknew says

    The only problem I see is the wonderful gov that we have, having lived with how the Feds work with thing there isn’t a way possible they could sell it quick the gov wouldn’t let them until there is some kind of trial which is sad, i bet give it a week and unfortunately u will hear the track is part of the Feds and it will go up for auction in a cpl years which is how they roll. Sad and I hope not but it seems as tho it is going to Happen

  27. Hopefully that well-respected ex-racer can get all the paperwork signed as fast as possible!!


  28. Aa

  29. If they are buying it they better close quickly… http://m.ctpost.com/local/article/Alleged-sex-traffickers-sued-11052092.php

  30. Well I just read that the Victims have filed a lawsuit requesting the courts to seize his assets for future payment of the settlements. If this happens the Bowl will not be sold to anybody but it will be auctioned off by lawyers to pay off the Victims.

  31. Today’s Danbury News-Times, has an article that the victims have filed a lawsuit against two of the defendants in this case. Their lawyer has filed “an application for prejudgment remedy against Bemer and Trefzger to relinquish their assets to satisfy a possible judgment later. ” It may already be to late for a quick sale.

  32. Dennylee 6X Super X says

    I hope a new owner shows quickly. We had a good showing at the car show. Got a sponser from that. Was in process of peddling the car for more. Now told he is withdrawing. Was going to use that money to get my engine back from refresh. So now it sits. Have talked to other drivers who’s sponsers have bolted. I don’t blame them. Us owners need that money to field our cars. Need something to break soon and they come back on board. This has affected everyone. Our opening day, if there is one; is in danger.

  33. Some of us have been telling you for a week this wood happen. The track isn’t being sold to anyone for quite some time. The government is in control. Game over for a while. TC did get a chance to buy back his cars at auction and down the road people will get a chance to buy the track but it’s finished for now. No quick sales or discount sales. This isn’t fantasy. Things work different in the real world.

  34. Someone-that-knows says

    Well I’d say that Thursday Early Afternoon is the make it or break it day…. that’s what I would say !!!

  35. Poprocks says

    NH Mark, exactly. Mike Serluca even went on a radio show last night commenting how the federal government couldn’t seized anything. And how many people we’re on his Facebook post saying just the opposite? They are in control. Nobody else is at the moment. Someone that knows, it doesn’t matter what you have heard nobody is buying the racetrack. The x racer that wanted to already tried and it didn’t happen.

  36. Mike Serluca says

    @pop rocks. Thanks for listening to the show. Always love the support. Do me a favor, go back and listen to what I actually said. I was referring to and specifically said the FEDS couldn’t seize the track unless they had a RICO case. Never said anything about victims of a lawsuit. By what I read, nothing is seized yet. Reading and listening are, once again, not your strong points.

  37. Sorry but after reading the stories on this I don’t see where bruce was found guilty yet. Yes he went to a pimp for hookers. Yes he paid for sex. Like that doesn’t happen every hour at the casino or local massage establishment. What happened to the prostitutes was horrible, but maybe Bruce isn’t stepping back because maybe he feels he had no part of selecting mentally unstable men and was just a John who paid for service. While the people in question do have the right to defend themselves by walking away, Bruce does have the option to be innocent until proven guilty.

  38. Tick mike says

    Our companies will not run away from backing the 78 SK the 21 mini or any other car we sponsor! There is no conclusion to this yet and we will stay! We WILL NOT SUPPORT BEMER, but as in a good old street fight when the fight happens and things get tough you see who has your back! People who run DONT!!! 6 X SUPER X sorry to hear what happened. Everyone needs to RELAX and lets see how this plays out.

  39. You may want to get your head out of the sand and open those eyes and maybe read a little bit. He already made a statement to police that was published by multiple news papers that he could tell one young man was off. He’s a monster plain and simple.

  40. if you are referring to me your the looosser who runs from the fight!!! we are gonna WAIT AND SEE IF THE BOWL GETS SOLD MORON!

  41. Dennylee 6X Super X says

    Thanks. It’s hard. Just came out of a 24 year retirement. Will just have to wait and see.

  42. That comment made above
    Like it is a regular hookers John setup
    It is not that
    Why would you read facts and then say other stuff

  43. Dennylee 6X Super X says

    Mr. Someone – that – knows: Thursday had come and gone. U say what now?

  44. Someone-that-knows says

    Offers now in Mr. Bemer’s hands. It’s now his move !!!

  45. Here it is April 13th and no news.Looks no good

  46. darealgoodfella says

    Sold yet? Any idea when this is happening?

    Read this: http://sidsview.com/2017/04/17/a-slight-change-of-plans/

  47. Thanks dareal,I guess I just got my answer to what will happen to Sids View.

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