Green Flag: Waterford Speedbowl Expected To Remain Race Track Following Foreclosure Auction

Glastonbury businessman Bruce Bemer moments after he was the high bidder during a foreclosure auction of the Waterford Speedbowl Saturday

Glastonbury businessman Bruce Bemer moments after he was the high bidder during a foreclosure auction of the Waterford Speedbowl Saturday

WATERFORD – To the attending crowd of Waterford Speedbowl supporters Saturday afternoon, Glastonbury businessman Bruce Bemer was a mystery man when bidding began during a foreclosure auction of the facility.

When the bidding was over Bemer was being called a savior by those track supporters.

The 60-year old Bemer, owner of Bemer Petroleum in Glastonbury, was the top bidder – at $1.75-million – during the foreclosure auction of the 64-year old racing facility Saturday.

With bidding closed, attorney Garon Camassar – overseeing the auction – said “Congratulations Mr. Bemer”. Seconds later Jerry Collett of Waterford, Bemer’s lead consultant in the effort to acquire the track, announced to the crowd that the Speedbowl would remain a racetrack. The announcement garnered huge applause from those on hand.

In the months leading up to the auction many individuals were rumored to have been ready to step up and make their bids in an effort to keep it as a racetrack. Though on Saturday only four bidders registered for the auction, with two of those being Rocco Arbitell and Peter Borelli, the plaintiffs in the foreclosure action.

Bemer’s bid for the track must be accepted by a judge overseeing the foreclosure action before becoming official, though parties on hand said they expected that to happen.

Bemer and Montville businessman Bob Mrowka were the only two bidders not directly involved with case who showed up and registered for the auction. Mrowka did not make a bid.

Bemer said his intentions are to keep the racetrack operating as it has been. He said he has never been involved in racing outside of being a spectator at events. Bemer said his interest in the property was piqued after seeing media reports of the pending foreclosure in the spring.

“I’m very excited,” Bemer said. “I didn’t expect it. I didn’t think I’d be standing here before you today.”

Asked if current management of the track will remain involved Bemer said: “I hope so.”

Attorney Garon Camassar conducts the foreclosure auction Saturday at the Waterford Speebdowl in front of a group of about 100 track supporters

Attorney Garon Camassar conducts the foreclosure auction Saturday at the Waterford Speebdowl in front of a group of about 100 track supporters

Asked specifically if track owner Terry Eames would be involved Bemer said: “I’ve talked to Terry a few times. Possibly. It’s a very good possibility.”

Said longtime track competitor Rob Janovic Jr. of Waterford: “I’m thrilled. As long as they know what they’re getting into and they’ve got a vision and a plan. Whoever comes into, that’s what they need. … When the very first thing was that they announced it would be a racetrack, that means the first obstacle has been cleared.”

Said Bemer: “I think there could be some upgrades to the facility. I don’t think I could list them all out there right now.”

Collett, of Waterford, a longtime crew member and attendee of racing at Waterford, said he has been working as Bemer’s lead consultant regarding acquiring the property.

“I’ve been coming here since I was five years old,” Collett said. “I grew up right down the road. I used to sneak in the back, fall in the swamp, drink a bottle of brandy. … In life when you can get accomplished what you started out in the morning to do – no matter how big or how small – if you’re hungry and you get a hot dog your stomach is full. We came here to get the Speedbowl and keep it the Speedbowl and we accomplished that. … We did what we wanted. We knew all the support they have for racing here and it’s going to fly.”

Twice before Eames had staved off foreclosure auctions at the track. Saturday’s foreclosure auction was scheduled in January. In July 2007, Arbitell, a Southbury businessman and local racing supporter, along with his business associate Borrelli, stepped in to offer Eames and his ownership group, 1080 Hartford Road LLC, financing to avoid a foreclosure action being taken then by former mortgage holder Washington Mutual Bank. The deal with Arbitell was announced a day before the track’s auction date for a foreclosure in 2007.

In May 2008 Arbitell brought his own foreclosure action against the ownership group after former track operator Jerry Robinson failed to pay the Speedbowl’s property taxes.

Glastonbury businessman Bruce Bemer (left) fills out paperwork with attorney Garon Camassar after Bemer was the high bidder in a foreclosure auction Saturday of the Waterford Speedbowl

Glastonbury businessman Bruce Bemer (left) fills out paperwork with attorney Garon Camassar after Bemer was the high bidder in a foreclosure auction Saturday of the Waterford Speedbowl

Facing another pending foreclosure auction, Eames and 1080 Hartford Road LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in October 2009. A debt reorganization plan was accepted by bankruptcy court in January 2012 and the ownership cleared bankruptcy not long after that.

In March 2013, Arbitell and the rest of the creditors involved in the bankruptcy moved to have foreclosure action retaken against the Speedbowl ownership, which led to Saturday’s auction.

The bidding process was started by Garon Camassar just after noon on Saturday with Arbitell and Borelli bidding $1.195 to open the process.

Bemer followed with a bid of $1.5 million. Arbitell/Borelli countered at $1.55 million. Bemer came back at $1.6 million. Arbitell/Borelli countered with a bid of $1.7 million. Bemer returned with a bid of $1.75 million. Moments later William McCoy, the attorney for Arbitell and Borelli said they were done bidding.

Eames owes about $1 million to Arbitell and about another $1 million to the other creditors involved. The track had been recently valued at just over $3 million.

“We just wanted our money,” Arbitell said. “I tried to bid it up to get everybody’s money back but we couldn’t go any further. It was higher than we wanted to go.”

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  1. Tony mordino says

    Glad to hear this. A chance for Waterford to remain the great local short track it has historically been. A few improvements, with continued weekly racing and I’m sure you’ll make this place better than ever. Congratulations to the new owner and good luck.
    Tony Mordino

  2. common sense says

    Please don’t involve terry he’s got to go !!! Be smart and start over

  3. Very happy for racing to be continued at the speedbowl, now they need to get alot of stuff figured out, the main questions are what divisions stay, what rules, what purse will be in place and if nascar is the way to go. I for one will support this new ownership!

  4. justwanarace says

    Happy the hear the news. To Mr. Berner Please Please do not let Terry have anything to do with the operation of this facility. The last few years have been rough for many of us including owners and drivers alike. Congratulations!

  5. “I used to sneak in the back, fall in the swamp, drink a bottle of brandy. ”

    In that order?

    I’m damn glad to see that the Speedbowl will remain a race track

  6. great news

  7. Go with a fresh start. New blood, new enthusiasm, new racers, new fans, new and better results.Hell. we might even put a piece together.

  8. To Mr. Bemer, Yahoo!!!! You really don’t know what you have done, for the racing community, in the Waterford area. My father in-law had race cars for over 15 years, at the Speedbowl in the modified division, from the late 40’s to the early 60’s. My wife and I have attended races on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, for the past 30+ years. To lose such a piece of history, would have been a trajedy. Thankyou for realizing what a great adventure that you and the race fans are in for. Remember one thing. You are only as good as the people that work for you. Good luck in finding the right choices, that will make the Waterford speedbowl better than ever.

  9. Great news. Looking forward to a super season next year……

  10. Noooooooooooo Terry hire all new help including tech inspectors

  11. Thank you sir! We ruin a street stock and would be happy to help in any way! Please keep Eames away from the faculty he’s a joke this place can be a real good place for family fun! So happy top come back add long as the same ole cronies aren’t in charge!

  12. Paul Holmes says

    Good to see its still going to be a race track been going there for 30 yrs and racing there on Fri nites for past 4yrs can’t wait for spring now

  13. James Scott says

    This is great news! Thank you Me. Bemer. Like you, I have been attending the races since 1968 and the old place means a whole lot to me. If I were you, I would keep the track as grass roots as possible and make it affordable both on and off the track. I would show case the SK lites, the street stocks and the Wednesday night guys all on Saturday night for about 10 bucks to site in the grandstands. The first improvement to the facility would be replacing the Armco in the corners with new and installing a all new catch fence all around replacing the old rotten railroad ties and cable that has been there since 1951. I am glad the old girl will live on. Thanks again!

  14. Crazy in NY says

    Great news. Thanks Mr Bemer. I hope this good thing is infectious. At the other end of

    (at least the Modified world) stands Lancaster Raceway and it’s potential new owner

    waiting on the results of a successful US Open (tomorrow) with a possible sale or lease

    for 2015. I agree , clean out the old tired management and start fresh. Looking forward

    to a March opening at the Bowl’.

  15. Carl Finer says

    Carl Finer ,congradulations glad it is. Staying a race track, their isn’t any new ones being built, please lower the add mission fee.Thank You.let’s go racing.been coming there 45years,was coming every week now we can now afford once a month, and the bathrooms need to be condemned.Beer prices outrageous.announce cars before they come out so we can hear,please keep an no users.

  16. Carl Finer says

    Carl would also like u to keep the annoucers

  17. Carl Finer says

    Always remember West Haven speedway.

  18. Andy Boright says

    Is this the turning point in Waterford Speedbowl history, or are they just kicking the can down the road?

    Seems to me the problems that existed before (not enough fans coming through the gates every week, lots of rain outs) still exist. If the track wasn’t profitable before, just a change in ownership isn’t going to fix that problem.

    That there was really only one bidder on the property doesn’t say a whole lot about what business people think of the future of motorsports (specifically short track racing).

  19. Thank you Mr. Bemer! 🙂

  20. Thank you, Mr. Bemer!

  21. lets now get a new marketing group and make this a premiere race track.we need new race fans to get this going,it can be done….thanks mr.Bemer………………

  22. Harry Germaine says

    Contact Ben dodge the finest promotor ever

  23. I hope Eames isn’t involved or it will be run into the ground again

  24. Dick Burdick says

    James Scott made good point,make them all race on Sat night,that will fill the stands,and raise the excitement.Bring in new people to run the place,thats the only way to get back the race teams,and spectators that bailed years ago.Dont be lazy and hire the wrong people.

  25. Mr. Eames needs to go, if not gone then he needs to be put in a less powerful position,he needs to answer to someone, not have the finally say, he’s ran the track into the ground on more than one occasion, there are problems there with the tech people also, if your not on “the good old boy list” than your a outsider and they will find fault with your car, just ask the drivers there, also there needs to be some accountability of the flagmen, they start the race where where and when they want to, the field can be lose and they start it, the field can be tight and they start it, advantages going to track favorites, fair for all should be the goal, I commend Mr. Bemer for taking on a big chalange, get some people in there who are unbiased, no axes to grind, improve as you can, yes it may take a few years, don’t overspend so we the fan’s lose our track, I’d rather see it done well and once so we all can enjoy, Thank you Mr.Bemer, and good luck in this. hay maybe there’s a low interest state loan out there you can get to make things happen….

  26. Rick Raducha says

    I hope Mr. Bemer does contact Ben Dodge and perhaps even get some of the Stafford Speedway people, who are involved with marketing, to assist with promotions. New people I feel is a necessary step as the track has been stagnant far to long despite having some of the best racing in New England. That…the racing and teams supporting the the only reason in my opinion the track is not a mall. Thank-you Mr. Bemer. Please look at additional opportunities with management and support before you take the easy way and keep the top in charge. It is time to realize that it was not, and will not be successful unless you secure new, young and dedicated individuals. If I still lived in Connecticut I’d work for free to help with sponsorship just to hopefully get 2015 going as strong as possible. Best of luck to “The New Bowl”.

  27. Well there sure have been a pile of comments. Harry Germaine has posted what I would consider the most intelligent comment thus far. Second most intelligent is to get rid of Terry but Mr Bemer is obviously an intelligent business man and already knows what has to happen, everything else seems to be everyones christmas list of I wants. Now before that is taken as an insult by everyone, let the man catch a breath. Surly he hasn’t walked into this without a plan and he will come through. Only other things I will say is Mr.Bemer there is gold in those concessions and Mr Collett, if your going to be a close associate in a management then stop talking about sneaking in, drinking Brandy and falling in the swamp. Too much information nobody needs to hear.

  28. Congratulations to Mr Bemer For purchasing Waterford
    As a former driver of a V-6 modified and a pure stock at Seekonk I love short track racing
    I grew up in Ct and went to Plainville speedway and Riverside Speedway
    As a kid
    I was heartbroken when both of these tracks closed
    Let the sound of the tires squealing and the mighty motor roars continue
    The smell of the race fuel and the heart of the drivers continue for a long time
    The memories of racing at Hudson ,Twin State Star, Seekonk, are all great ones
    Unfortunately I never got to race at Waterford but would have loved to
    Let the new Era begin
    Thank You Mr Bemer.
    May your new endeavor be very successful
    William Wallace

  29. Rule number one; don’t contact Eames, Dodge or Stafford. Rule numbers 2 and up; Copy the old and super successful Danbury Racearena formula which goes like this; Cut all the grass, sweep all the asphalt, paint everything, offer great food and concessions. About the program; limit the racing to TWO classes with no JUNK classes. Just modifieds and modified jr (sportsmans, sks or whatever you want to call them). Make the rules and the cost of the cars inexpensive but they look nice. Too many junk divisions just waters down your product and dilutes the racing talent pool and money pool. Mr Bemer, feel free to contact me for more details.

  30. IF the new owners are smart the first thing they will do is can Eams. As for calling Ben Dodge, guess what folks, those on the inside know better than that. Dodge is not the savyor everyone thinks he is. Theres some real fresh blood out there with some really good ideas. Seek them out and go from there. If they jump into their decision they will be in the same boat as the Bowl is in now. The first thing they need to do is build credibility with the competitors and do what is necessary to woo the fans back to the facility. Waterford Speed Bowl over the years has been known as the only place fans watch racing from the bottom of a beer cup. Suggestion, talk to Brian Vance and a couple of the other Mod Tour people that know the ropes and work from there.

  31. Jeff Allain says

    Great News…Glad the Bowl is staying put! Thanks for keeping us updated by the minute Shawn!

  32. I am very glad that the bowl will live to see another day,but I truly hope Mr Bemer sees these comments and does not allow Terry Eames to continue to run this race track, he needs to go and buy a ticket and watch how it should be done. Yes he did manage to weasel his way into a few more seasons but what did he do with the chances he was given? NOTHING!!!!!!!! Get rid of him, bring in a person that knows what to do, get the cars and fans that Terry has ran off and lets rock on. So in short thank you mr bemer but please for the love of god get rid of Terry

  33. Than you..thank you… looking forward on taking my son there for many years to come…

  34. Hire Ben Dodge- The place would be ticking like a fine clock!!

  35. Thank you Mr. Bemer for stepping in a saving the Speedbowl.

    What seems to be the common thread on the comments is to not include Terry in the future of the Speedbowl which I agree with 100%. While he may have the passion he does not have the managerial and financial experience to sustain profitability which has been proven time and time again.

    Taking the Danbury approach of having just two divisions (modifieds and modifieds) is not the answer. Remember the other divisions put butts in the seats, bring cash through the gates and through the concession lines. For every lower division you eliminate they will go elsewhere and their fan base will follow.

    May I make a few suggestions; facility improvements absolutely, start with the safety/catch fence, ladies and mens facilities and spruce the place up a bit.

    Today it is all about marketing, having a business plan/model and sustaining profitability in a very challenging economy. The next time to watch a Nextel Cup race look at how many empty seats there are and just think, this is NASCAR’s premier level and you think the local level will not suffer more?

    Mr. Bemer, I will not tell you what you have to do as you are a very successful business man. You know what is right and as in every business and sport, the team with the talent and coaching is he team that will prevail. The best of luck and thank you again.

  36. Hate having to keep say this, but hate having to delete comment after comment here. We understand there’s plenty of passion involved with this subject and plenty of people have plenty of emotional investment in the place. That said, we’re just not going to approve comments that submitted simply to lob personal insults at people who have been involved with the management of the facility. Offering opinion is one thing, but we’re just not going to allow this or any other story to become a breeding ground for ugliness directed at individuals.

  37. Congratulations Mr. Bemer for the purchase of Waterford speed bowl, First and foremost I feel you need to clean house and start fresh, new tech inspectors, Hire Ben dodge as your track promoter, The man knows how to run and organize a race program and do not keep terry around. You are the new track owner Now. Upgrade the rest rooms and concession areas. Look at other CT race track rules and tracks out of state to try and make it so other cars can come from other tracks to race at you facility with minimal to no changes to their equipment. Looking forward to racing at your new facility next year, I’ll have a street stock.

  38. Great news and congrats to new owners. I hope a whole new crew is brought in to lead the new venture. Last thing anyone needs is people with questionable dealings in their past, at the Bowl or elsewhere. First thing needed is to build trust back with owners and drivers and new blood is the way to go in my humble opinion. Sure the place needs sprucing up but if you want it to look like Danbury it’s gonna cost you big. Not the wisest way to spend money now. What I hope to see happen is that competitors get involved. Help spruce the place up. Grab a paint brush. Don’t always rely on everyone else. You’ve been given back a place to race. Help make it a better place. It’s always easier to complain than take responsibility. The new owner may be a wise business man but he needs you racers to help him also make sensible rules to regulate the cost of competing while putting a better show on the track, and speaking as a fan who has a lot other entertainment options, multiple divisions with low car counts ain’t it. And…Do you really need a NASCAR sanction? What have you got, maybe 2 guys running for regional points who compete there regularly? Not sure what it buys you for what it costs you. I sure haven’t seen any help coming from NASCAR. If they were so concerned about their weekly racing series would they just be sitting back like they have while the Bowl struggled to stay open. I have pictures from Waterford in the mid- 60’s when I followed Teddy Stack in Sharkey’s cars, and in the background when you see the stands there isn’t a seat to be had. Probably 3,000 people there every week. That is what the track has to get back to somehow – maybe not 3,00 people but you keep putting 500 people through the front gate every Saturday night and you’ll be having another auction sooner or later. It’s up to all involved to make it succeed, not just the new owners. I wish you all well.

  39. Get a can of paint. Get some tar for the cracks in the track. Find a hazmat crew for the bathrooms (lol). Keep the grandstands wooden, the food greasy, and the awesome people up in the booth and at the concessions. Try to get Sid to come back (aka, free promoting). Increase purses. Make a new marquee event- the SK Nats 150 just isn’t cutting it anymore. Keep all the touring series happy. Make both the SK and Late Model races 30 laps. Keep Wednesday divisions on Wednesday and don’t make them run Saturday. Get some more cars on Wednesday, back to the car counts of the 00’s. Run some “double purse, double distance, double points” events for each division throughout the year to keep competitors happy. Add an open show or two.

  40. justwanarace says

    Good point Jason. The place has a good foundation but needs a facelift and it’s management realigned. Yes without a doubt Terry has to go but there are also some good people in place that with the correct leadership may work out fine. I would say the first thing that should happen is to address the drivers and owners and find out what concerns they have and let them know that they are a vital link to the success of this track. I would also beg Sidsview (wait, pay) to come back to the bowl, these guys are great for business and have done more for this track by way of promoting than any other form of advertising. As for other events at the track keep Wednesday’s running the car counts are good but we need more fans and oh ya payout the winnings with good checks because nothing says disrespect like paying out the drivers with rubber checks!

    Bring back SK 56 & 27

  41. Ive been reading comments and While I guess it’s not pc to bash management on this forum right now, I will say this. Hiring or keeping Terry for anything other than trying to get acquainted or keep sponsors is a mistake. I understand how you don’t want to promote bashing on management, but Shawn don’t you feel as though Terry has done everything and nothing to bring this track to its knees? I don’t know how he convince arbitell and boreli to loan him money in the first place.

    Unfortunately I don’t go there very often but it was/is the best racing I’ve seen anywhere and I love Stafford. Thereis no reason to change the racing part of Waterford, just everyone previously involved with the track.

    To my point

    How bad do the stands have to be for the town to shut down 75% percent of them. I just came from Thompson and they almost looked worse. I mean, really, that place is a gold mine. If I by some chance had the money I would have bought it. It’s been mis managed for so many years it’s disturbing. Catch fence falling down!! Reinforced cable ties, non existent. Armco barriers not bolted in place in turn 1 pit area. Not to mention officials and others pushing only the best thing they could have hoped for in sids view. Or Nicole, or countless other racers. I’m not saying everyone is going to sing kumbaya while holding hands but it’s almost like they gave up 5 races into the season this year. If Terry really feels bad or sick about it, it’s because he’s choking on the cash he walked away with. So really spare me the sob stories of Terry feeling bad about it. I’ve read 4 articles today from various sites all saying the same thing. Poor Terry. I say Yahoo for the racers. They might actually get someone running it that knows what the hell there doing. I’m so glad that guy is not the owner you have know idea.

    As far as rrepairs go I would do everything you can without breaking the bank. A new business venture with almost always lose money the first coupleof years but you can’t expect this guy to fix it all in 1 winter. Fix the safety risks, fix the management and officials, keep it affordable for fans and most importantly get Sid back there. It is free advertising that week draw attention to your facility.

    I hope you read it and post this because it REALLY AND TRULY is a great thing that just happened. I hoped this track thrives so my kids can enjoy it for years to come. Congrats mr Berner on rescueing this diamond of a racing facility.

  42. Fred,
    Nowhere did I say people would not be allowed here to criticize management. I said I’m not going to allow this to be a forum for lobbing “personal” insults at people involved in management. There’s a big difference. If you want to say the management stunk and offer your opinions why, that’s no problem. If you want to come on here and offers up schoolyard type personal insults directed at people who worked in management then it’s not going to get approved. It’s really not that complicated.

  43. My mistake Shawn, I don’t have any school yard banter to throw around. I just didn’t know where you drew the line. The people lobbing insults are probably the same ones that kissed those peoples a$$ all year long. Spineless Keyboard cowboys or cowgirls. Keep up the great work Shawn and thanks for bringing all the info as it happened Saturday.

  44. Don’t know much about the staff but as a drag racer and fan we need all the tracks we can get.I love going to the bowl to watch or race in the 100 foot drags but as we all know 95 is a nightmare especially on fri nights so I don’t get there as often as I’d like.
    I will say that I love the bowl and the relaxed atmosphere and thank you Mr. Bemer for saving it for us racers and fans.



  46. Ryan Gilbert says

    Great news! Thank you! I am sure as you know put together a team to surround you, Have everyone’s voices represented threw that team of consultants and staff (racers,owners,concessions,track crew and safety,track officials,marketing,media,social media,financial consults, in house fan consultant etc) Meet weekly ,listen to all. Success (or failure) usually comes from those you surround your self with and those voices you choose to listen to. Racers and race fans tend to be a very diverse demographic and their own breed, understanding them (as much as one can,lol) will help vastly. We ourselves go to the races every week and usually at least 2 a week if not 4 when CT. has 4 and out of state too. But most do not have a schedule or the finances to be able to do this but would love too. Get the volume up,in stands and car counts. Make it reasonable and fair price. Waterford had no business charging $17 for a regular weekly show….Wednesdays can be fun and somewhat inexpensive (compared to weekends around here),But you can go just about anywhere in this country to tracks all over besides CT. and get a Friday Saturday or Sunday tickets for $10 or so, dirt or asphalt! Headline the Wednesday show, It drove me crazy not seeing the SK-lites every Saturday?? I said at the very least why not run the SK-lites on the Wednesdays you don’t have them on that Saturday. Or run a Wednesday night SK-lite divisions as a headliner! Be very picky on what outside divisions you let visit. Sorry but it drives me nuts almost to point I do not want to stay when, 6 pro4- mods are on the track, or the vintage midgets,limit the NEMAS and Outlaws to a show or maybe two. Increase the feature laps on the SK,and SK-lites by at least 5 or maybe 10 more laps.With the “new” management hopefully you can entice and attract some of the regular SK teams that run Thompson and Stafford to come to Waterford (Penick,Pitkat,Preece,Malone and any others) They have a large following like TC and Rocco and what a show it would be weekly. The SKs are great to watch at Waterford now but bring in more cars and talent and oh boy. It would also be great to get drivers from the other tracks in the other divisions too, Why cant at least the 3 CT. tracks come together for rules that would allow the same cars with minor changes to be run at all 3 tracks. ???!!! I know most Thompson and Waterford rules are very similar and most cars can run both,But Stafford get with it. It will only benefit all the tracks to have more car counts and fans chasing cars from track to track. The tracks need to work together and if they do racing in CT. will be strong and last a lot longer. Have a 3 track season pass deal and/or two or three track weekend pass deal. Let the boys race, We do not need a Bowman Gray (tho their stands literately over flow every week) but the fans come to see hard racing give us a show let up a bit and let them race. The stands were full around here years ago when the drivers were aloud to race hard, this is short track racing! This weekend Thompson had some great racing and one of the best Whelen tour races I have seen in awhile. There was great side by side racing and bumper using threw out. Then when Penick and Silk were “battling” back and fourth side by side driving hard and rough the stands were standing and cheering on their feet having a blast like it should be all every race! Unfortunately we all were waiting for NASCAR to penalize them or make some point…And Hats off NASCAR they did not! That is the kind of racing we come for so give it to us. If it was not the last race I wounder if they were would have been more calls? Thanks again for saving Waterford we all have lots of memories their and how it used to be. Lets make more and better memories. We are with you! All you have to do is ask and I think you will be surprise at help and support you will find! Success to the future!! Just my 2 cents(more like 25 here) Till the next Green flag drops

  47. I wouldn’t get too excited yet. Listen to Gary Danko’s radio show. Terry has a couple months to get his act together and keep the track to himself. And Rocky Arbitell still thinks he will pull it off.

  48. Great news…Congratulations! This track will probably thrive under new management. Hopefully decisions such as forcing Sids view out with all their dedicated, hard work and free advertising, will not happen anymore. That was a sad day and almost the last straw for us but we made a commitment for this season and stood by it. I’m sure we will not return if Terry is still there. Forcing drivers away as well as fans and people who supported it all these years and too many poor calls on the track have made this place unbearable! How can Terry come up with money for this as someone commented in a previous reply. He had trouble paying the drivers weekly and even then, the checks bounced. I don’t see that happening. I hope the new owner can see through Terrys farce and move in a different direction! We love racing but if he is still there, we will find another track to race.

  49. EB,
    Sid’s View was not forced out by track management. Tom DiMaggio and his crew chose to stop attending events at the track.

  50. Yes, because of poor decision making at the track! They would have never left under different circumstances. Lack of respect and poor treatment led to this as it has with drivers and teams leaving!

  51. EB,
    Agreed. That’s fine. But let’s stick to posting facts rather than saying someone was forced out when that is not what actually happened.

  52. Will we ever get paid for racing the finale?

  53. Car Owner: I would imagine those that haven’t gotten checks yet would need to reach out to Terry Eames in some fashion. I’m not sure what his responsibility is as of now in regards to that.

  54. lmao.good luck getting paid.if u stood in line with the people terry has cheated out of money it would end in California.

  55. Shawn

    Based on Gary Dankos show. It’s it true Terry could some how still maintain his ownership of the bowl?

  56. Fred,
    Anything is possible depending on what Mr. Bemer would like to see happen. I only know what I was told the day of the auction.

  57. Matthew Best says

    He still has the right to redeem provided he can pay off the entire debt, or an agreed upon debt with all the leinholders, prior to the sale being approved and concluded.this is highly unlikely, as he also had other legal options open to him prior to the auction date that would have required a lot less expense.For whatever reason he chose not to explore these options and its my understanding from some of my coleauges that he couldn’t do so because he claims hes broke!The sad part is, its hard to find sympathy for someone who posts pictures of a grand house that they live in(which is leased at 4,500 a month)and high end automobiles as well as trips all over the country and so forth.These are facts and if shawn decides not to post this that’s fine.Its not a personal attack at Mr Eames or his Wife.The fact is again,if mr eames were a better buisinessman.This would not have happened.He also files for bankruptcy and didn’t pay thetrustee or follow through with the assignment of a auditor to oversee track expenses and operations.That is fact and can be found on the federal websight.then to top it off,stiffed the very attorney who filed the bankruptcy and the attorney promptly filed an lein against the track.also available on the state websight.Mr eames states in the press that the “track was not financilally viable”i have my feeling on this matter but others can decide for themselves.

  58. what I have heard is that anytime you have a nascar event at a track you have to pay nascar for the use of there name, Now I have heard that it was/is costing Waterford around $7000,00 for a Saturday night show, if that is the case I would tend to think that running Sk lights on wensday would be cost prohibited? I welcome reading any comments from anyone who know’s more about this, good luck Mr Bemer

  59. Stan, last I knew, the NASCAR sanctioning fee was a percentage (5% maybe?) of the total purse paid to NASCAR sanctioned divisions. I didn’t think the Wednesday show was NASCAR sanctioned, so it wouldn’t apply in that case. Even if they ran on Saturday, there is nothing saying that ALL divisions must be sanctioned.

  60. Good to see it stay as a track for next year and ready for a great 2015 season working with the awesome officals that we have at the Waterford Speedbowl

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