Rain Forces Postponement Of Dunleavy’s Modifiedz Night At Stafford Motor Speedway

With an ever-changing weather pattern going from bad to good and seemingly back to bad again, Stafford Motor Speedway officials have decided not to chance it for the evening.

Stafford officials announced that tonight’s inaugural Dunleavy Modifiedz Night at the track has been rained out.

The event will now be run on Friday June 9. The entire schedule that was set to be run Friday will be run June 9 and the fireworks that were scheduled for Friday will also be part of the June 9 show.

“We hate to postpone events especially new events that everyone is so excited about,” Stafford general manager Mark Arute said in a release. “With such a full schedule for the Dunleavy Modifiedz special we need maximum track time and current weather conditions will not allow for that. We’ll give it another go June 9th, we’re all looking forward to this big event for the weekly guys.”

The track will also have their special Military Appreciation Night pricing in effect for June 9 (half price general admission with proper identification for active or retired military).

Stafford returns to action next Friday playing host for the first time to the first year Modified Touring Series for a 125-lap event.


  1. Thank you Stafford. I have been looking forward to this event and did not want to be forced into deciding if rain delays was worth it. These guys deserve a sparkling night.

  2. darealgoodfella says

    Good call.

  3. Joe White says

    why not just have it on Saturday night? No conflict with Waterford.

  4. Dareealgoodfella
    Good call

    Get help it was raining
    That’s a good call

    Please think b4 u text

  5. tick mike says

    Stafford needs to make Saturday there rain day and let everyone know ahead of time, It is supposed to rain again this Friday. If Stafford is the king of short tracks they need to start acting like it Most fans don’t care about the 20 modified racing series at least I don’t . There is no better race then sk racing at Stafford lets go guys open Saturdays for rain outs at least some.

  6. Tick Mike,
    I think one of the factors that comes into play that people don’t take into account with short tracks like Stafford “building in” next day rain dates is that that the bulk of the employees that help make these tracks go are part-time folks who work other jobs or have family commitments and can’t alway just wing it and be there for the next day because it rains on Friday.

  7. tick mike says

    Shawn as I said ‘let everyone know ahead of time’ if the people who work there on Friday can not make it – all of them- then no race but if they plan ahead I think they could do a rain date. Matter of fact I remember the Bowl running on a Sunday last year, I get what you are saying but they don’ even try.

  8. Stick to the ticks Mike

  9. tick mike says

    your a joker right wise ass

  10. Thanks for the in depth comments on rain

    TrCk is wet no race
    Track dry we race

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