The New London-Waterford Speedbowl; What You Read Next Will Shock You

What is happening with the New London-Waterford Speedbowl?

It’s the number one question whether at the track, by text message, by e-mail, through Facebook Messenger, on Twitter, etc.

Beyond smoke signals or soup cans connected by waxed twine, you name the vehicle for communicating in today’s world and it’s probably been used over the last month or so to ask me just that question.

And after telling most people that I just don’t know exactly what is happening right now, typically the next question is, “Why aren’t you writing anything on your website about all the rumors going around about a sale of the track?”

So read that headline again. It’s tongue-in-cheek, to prove a point about social media today and what is purported to be real or not and how people will be drawn to misinformation shared by others.

The point? Don’t be the person that believes it just because you “saw it on Facebook”. Don’t fall for it when they say they’re not about “shock” but they’re only posting information that has no factual basis whatsoever and no information from any single credible person actually involved. Don’t fall for and then share the misinformation being spread by those purporting to be “media” which could actually hurt the future for the Speedbowl.

I could have posted a story every day for the last month at RaceDayCT reporting rumors of the speculated-by-many fate of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. And I can guarantee, those stories would have generated tons of traffic and social media shares. I haven’t, for a reason.

RaceDayCT has reported the factual news involving the Speedbowl since March 29. That the owner of the Speedbowl was arrested. That much of the staff of the track chose to resign. That NASCAR rescinded their sanction and cancelled a scheduled Whelen Modified Tour event. That the 2017 schedule at the track is currently on hold with no real expectations at this point for the season to begin anytime soon.

Since this website was started in 2012 I’ve made it a point not to report on rumors or speculation. And in this situation concerning the fate of the Speedbowl, that standard is even more critical.

Reporting on rumors or speculation, most especially those spouted by those who want to remain “anonymous”, is not going to help anything happening right now. To the contrary – considering what I know from the main players right now involved – reporting any speculation from anyone will only likely serve to hinder any process taking place that could possibly mean the return of racing this season.

It can be a scary state of online “journalism” today. Purchase and register a domain name, type some words, take some pictures and hit publish .“Voila, we are the media.”

No, no, no. That’s not how it works.

Buying a calculator doesn’t make you an accountant. Grabbing a hose doesn’t make you a fireman. And having a website doesn’t make one “media”.

A story published today concerning the situation at the Speedbowl on a website that posts about racing locally – authored by someone who identifies himself publicly as part of the “media” – not only serves to not help the situation at all, but also stands as a textbook definition of why typing words doesn’t mean someone has any clue about the standards of fair and objective journalism, or even a cursory understanding of what terms involving the standards of fair journalism even mean.

This story published today was about an individual getting an anonymous e-mail purporting to be from someone who had understanding of a possble purchaser of the Speedbowl. The story then went on to document about a phone conversation involving someone connected to the source of the anonymous e-mail.

In describing the phone conversation and the decision to keep the person’s identity secret and anonymous, the writer of the article stated: “Many of you know me and what I say is what I do. What I do is what I say and “off the record” is just that!”

The writer then went on to write multiple paragraphs revealing information of what this anonymous person told him over the phone during what was stated to be an “off the record” conversation, and even went so far as to directly quote this anonymous person who was supposedly “off the record”.

Read that again, the writer stated it was an “off the record” conversation and then published all that was said and even directly quoted the anonymous source.

Merriam-Webster defines the term “off-the-record as: “given or made in confidence and not for publication.”

One step further, the New York University Journalism Handbook on Ethics, Law & Good Practice states of the term: “Off the record” restricts the reporter from using the information the source is about to deliver. The information is offered to explain or further a reporter’s understanding of a particular issue or event.”

Off the record, means you don’t report any information that was shared or spoken about during the “off the record” conversation, or even further worse, actually quote the party directly that has requested to be “off the record.”

The lesson is, be careful what you believe and share as ethical reporting on anything involving this situation. The parties involved are being quiet for a reason. Someone that doesn’t know what the term “off the record” means is clearly not understanding of what it means to actually report on a situation that is right now ultra-sensitive. A situation that the parties involved with want kept ultra-quiet so that it can be done right.

The fact is, those that think they’re helping by “reporting” what they think is some “exclusive” knowledge – from anonymous sources who won’t even offer what their credentials are to make them credible – is dangerous right now. It could actually topple the real hopes of something positive happening and moving along involving this situation. That is an absolute fact right now. Sharing paragraphs of “off the record” information publicly could very well destroy a possible deal.

Understand this, when there is a story – a real story with real facts – it will be here and reported with facts, directly from those involved.


  1. Grey Matter says

    I disagree with bashing another racing news outlet of whom I know exactly you mention. I feel this is classless and disgusting to slam any other page, site or what have you just because you disagree with their column or it’s content. All done in bad taste. I won’t be revisiting this page, not for the context you provided but because of your constant favoritism or racers (ask me how I know) and the lack of respect you have for the other columnists in the racing community. I have a feeling you won’t post this Shawn and frankly I don’t care. It’s plainly obvious you work for the Hartford Courant, another tasteless rag.

  2. Chuck Flynn says

    “Grey Matter” It would be nice if you would post your real name here, that shows class as well!

  3. Tony Membrino Sr. says

    Grey Matter, odd name Grey but whatever, as long as Pasta Fagoli was good last night Shawn, I’ll wait for your post when the facts become available to you.

  4. Thanks for keeping it real here and reporting just the facts. If I want rumors I can get that anywhere.

  5. Spectator says

    I agreee with grey matter on the favoritism. This is the preece,coby news. Other local kids trying to make a name in this sport get no love, if your gonna cover racing cover it all not just who you like and who doesn’t agree with you.

  6. Jeff Williams says


    How dare you point out that journalism or reporting under “off the record” circumstances is against the moral and ethical issues of said writing? Thanks for being honest.

  7. Fast Eddie says

    Shawn, thank-you for “keeping it real”. We don’t need any “National Enquirer” type stories that could possibly undermine whatever is possibly going on behind the scenes. It’s great to get the facts and if there are none to be had at the moment, then all we can do is to exercise patience and hope for something good for the Speedbowl, the racers, and the fans. If that other source is quoting “off the record” information, I think Shawn is not bashing anyone. He is once again very diplomatically stating the facts.

  8. Poprocks says

    Sounds like someone is upset that he didn’t get the email or phone call. Sorry you don’t like what they report. But the fact of the matter is they report on everyone regardless of personal feelings whereas you write about those that pay into your site. Who’s a shady “reporter”? That sir would be you. #ModOn

  9. Poprocks,
    I actually did get the email.

  10. Poprocks says

    A point you miraculously left out. Still a little hurt that they got a phone call and an actual conversation with the mystery man? Or did you get one of those too and leave that out as well. I’ve read the blog posting and see nothing wrong with what was written. It was actually meaningful and didn’t revolve just about the Bowl as you male it seem. I urge everyone who is on here defending Shawn to do the same and draw your own conclusions. I for one am glad that there are true race fans who are reporting on everything racing and that the only source isn’t you

  11. Keep up the good work Shawn.

  12. Mike Serluca says

    I also received an e-mail. I’ve also received a couple of phone calls. Could’ve been from Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny. I actually have been enjoying the rumors lately. Some of them are quite entertaining. My favorite was the “credible” text most people got a couple weeks ago that spread like wild fire. The only ones who are getting hurt in this whole cat-and-mouse game are the drivers, sponsors, and car owners. Fans can go to other tracks, as we have seen. Not as easy for drivers. I enjoy reading both of your guys’ stuff. You both have your own following and style. Keeps it interesting. Having worked for Bruce, nobody will know anything until after it happens. He holds info and decisions very close and anyone who comments or offers any information about a potential deal is clearly not in the loop directly. I’d consider that type of info to be “infotainment”. Either way, we all will wait and see what materializes.

  13. Well said, Shawn !!!

  14. Casual fan says

    Talking about Coby and Preece all the time is fair game because well…..they run upfront all the time and are your champions 4/5 last years. The fact is Shawn is 💯 correct here. As the great Trump says ….stop reporting “Fake News”.

  15. JimBinCT says

    In the world of journalism today, nothing reported should be trusted as fact. The days of unbiased reporting are long gone. You can only take what comes from all sources and consider it with critical analysis, hopefully discerning the truth. I do not trust ANYTHING I read on the internet as absolute fact without seeking out multiple sources to verify. Until I hear official word from the Speedbowl itself, the Town of Waterford, or the court system, everything else is speculation or as Serluca says “infotainment”.

  16. Is there any publicly available info re: the “operating permit” which must be issued to the Bowl by the Town of Waterford before the track can open? If a permit of some sort is required, I think permit status would be available from someone at Town Hall.

  17. humphry says

    Can’t wait to see what dareal posts on this subject. Should be priceless and I am standing by!

    Hey Mike, was that from the guy that knows a guy who’s second cousin twice removed remaried a woman who’s ex-husband made an offer to by the bowl? LOL………..

  18. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn, hang in there. It’s tough being caught between facts and fodder. The Deplorables want the fodder to support their view that everything is unfair to them, and the rest of us want the facts.

    Again, let’s look at the big picture. Bemer is in YUGE trouble, he has clearly been talking and admitting to some very heinous and disturbing acts. He was the target of a large law enforcement operation, including the FBI. That’s pretty serious. As Trump said, he wants to see law and order. But the Deplorables are having hissy fits demanding to know when the track owned by Bemer will open so they can go play cars. Bemer has many other things to think about, and getting the track open to serve the racers is not one of them, far from it. Here’s another shocker: Bemer doesn’t care about the racers. He is only looking out for himself, and the NLWSB is nothing more than a hobby for him. The NLWSB is small potatoes in his portfolio of enterprises.

    Reminds me of when Scalia died. Instead of a period of mourning, dignity, respect and concern for family and loved ones, the first concern was making it clear that President Obama was not going to be allowed to appoint a replacement Supreme Court Justice. So very sad. Bigly.

  19. When someone is a real journalist and decides that they will operate a web news site covering racing it shows.The only thing raggy about this site are comments and commentors on these threads.This writer certainly included.How many times have we shot first and found out facts later?

  20. dafake – I love the way you talk for Bemer as if you know his every thought and how he really feels.

  21. darealgoodfella says

    phil, look at Bemer’s age. NLWSB was his retirement entertainment.

    If you read the reports, Bemer owns several rather large and prominent businesses. The NLWSB is probably the smallest business in Bemer’s portfolio. If you had any business acumen, you would know that getting the NLWSB open and running to the benefit of the racers is not a priority. And then consider the severity of his arrest and that whole situation. Given the publicity, the NLWSB would probably operate at a huge loss until there is new ownership. Fans and racers have made it clear they are not going to the NLWSB under the present ownership. No racers, no sanctioning, no sponsors, no fans, means no revenue. It’s not in Bemer’s interests at all to open it up unless he wants to lose tons of cash. He’s going to have to sell, and that means he isn’t going to spend another dime on fixing the place up. That means that if the grandstand issue is real, it isn’t getting fixed.

    Anybody drive by recently and see work being done on the grandstands?

  22. Thanks for keeping us updated. Like someone else said, it won’t be official until a track, court, or town makes an announcement. Hopefully sooner rather than later for the sake of racers, crews, track workers, fans, etc. I’m sure they’ve already been looking for somewhere else to go.

  23. I am just a fan,a fan who jumped out of his skin for the first time when Glynn Shafer’s Mystic Modified 6 fired up in the back yard of a North Stonington village home.The thrill of that modified racing at the Speedbowl has never left me.It is with great anticipation that I read RACEDAY CT each morning waiting for some good news about our home track’s future.I love the Speedbowl.IEvery step I take toward the Pit Gate is both a step back in time and promise of another Saturday night of pure excitement.Yes I can visit another track and often do,however,the Speedbowl is much more than another place to race.Good Luck to all of us that find the Bowl our home track.

  24. Real – You make a lot of good points. Lets take a step back. Despite the disgusting allegations against Bemer he did save the track from extinction or becoming a mall or apartment complex. I will say he did a lot of positive things with the track putting money into improvements and renovations. He also created a huge season ending event called Bemers big show. Perhaps he actually takes pride in these accomplishments and would like the place to continue almost as his legacy. Maybe this could be a reason why he would be motivated to sell. He also may not care if the track burns down or never runs again. Thing is we really don’t know for sure we can only speculate.

  25. I support this web site, appreciate the content and Shawns work in the sport. A couple observations.
    The Hartford Courant employs a guy in the sports department named Jeff Jacobs. His role is opinion. He combines what he knows as fact and interprets it with his knowledge of sports to express opinions largely based on conjecture in many cases. He states that it’s his opinion. Nothing wrong with that. In fact opinion and fact interpretation is a thing now, wildly popular on TV, radio, blogs, print, everywhere. Sport, politics, entertainment. We all experience it every day. This is all not to be confused with comment sections that while I contribute and love them are sewers of misinformation.
    Now way over in left field, maybe to his credit we have an old school straight arrow named Shawn Courchesne. Who feels it is some kind of sin to journalism for him to express an opinion based partially on conjecture but guided by his extensive experience in the sport. I think that’s a missed opportunity. This article was a passionate lecture of sorts and look at the rapid fire comments.Compare that to the sterile pure fact event summaries that are kind of dry and elicit virtually no interest at all.
    Give it some thought Shawn. Opinion is fine if it is labeled as such. I anyway value your opinion.

  26. Some of the rumors remind me of the movie “Slap Shot”…

    Maybe some out there are pulling Reg Dunlop-style rumor mill moves in the hope that it’ll put an idea in someone’s head.

    I’m glad Shawn isn’t Dickie Dunn.

  27. Doug,
    It’s very clearly a column that I wrote offering my opinion. And it is labeled as such as the the bottom of the page.

  28. phillip Anderson says

    i would like to know whats it goin envolve in taking over the waterford speedbowl providing the f b i will release it i would like too see the dedicated racers come back there under the right staff taking over

  29. May I respectfully ask what this article is that was published?

  30. darealgoodfella says

    I’m still laughing at the headline. So many got drawn in by that, and and still have no idea what happened. Great bait-and-switch there, Shawn.

  31. Speed Racer 28 says

    Great article Shawn. Glad your sticking to the facts and not rumors👍 Can you get some press releases from Seekonk and report on them until the cloud over the bowl clears? Thanks

  32. Shawn,
    Geeze ya think? Clearly I understood the point you were making. You report facts, got it. And I understood the article to you was opinion. Got it. To me it was more an outdated, sanctimonious homily about what reporting used to be. But what is was, was original and entertaining and the responses showed peoples engagement. I was encouraging you to do more of it.
    Look you want to be a sterile, facts only kind of sports guy that gets one comment, your choice. But it’s a sport. Not national security.

  33. darealgoodfella says

    Like they used to say on Dragnet, “Just the facts.”

  34. Press release, press release, press release. Sometime it feels like a Late Model race at Stafford with 23 laps to go and the top 5 cars are spread out so far three car lengths is considered a tight race. All you do is hope for a caution flag to bunch the field up again in hopes of seeing some action.That’s what opinion brings to this site like this article. It’s a caution flag in a sea of promotional press releases and the hope of some excitement. And it was great.

  35. darealgoodfella says

    I prefer the facts. Facts are very rare.

  36. How about some pressure from the Media to get answers? Whats going on with the bleachers, whats going on at court? Whats going on with the Town Inspection? These are things that a reporter can go and verify and report on?

  37. Rich,
    While I understand the sentiment of “getting answers”, we’re not talking about some type of government entity here stonewalling a voting public that deserves answers. It’s a private business and quite frankly they don’t owe anybody any answers and don’t have to say anything. They’re not saying anything right now, and I really believe that putting “pressure” on those involved isn’t really going to serve anybody in any sort of positive way.

  38. I agree with Rich on these questions.What goes on at the town is public info.It would at least show if the statements from the track are true or not.It doesn’t put pressure on any private individuals at all.

  39. Shawn – I believe you’ve said that the Bowl is not expected to open “any time soon”, or words to that effect. What info led you to that conclusion?

  40. Crazy in NY says

    Shawn you’re 100% spot on with the above comments. Somehow some on here think because they are fans of the Bowl or have been going there a long time they are some how “owed” an explanation
    as to what is happening there. I’m sure the management of the place would love to know themselves but it’s far better to say nothing than go on with idle speculation and the absolute clubbing one takes when they get a fact wrong. A long open Sears store near me that I used to support closed it’s door for good. Sears didn’t /doesn’t owe me an explanation and life goes on. Guess what..I found another place to shop. All in due time at Waterford but since lawyers are involved don’t hold breath. If the Bowl somehow opens next week , more the better but until it does… your aggravation for something really important. Instead support Seekonk if you need a Sat night race fix.

  41. Rafter Fan,
    The track management put out a public statement announcing the postponement of the opener with no states expectations to start the season, only stating that an updated schedule would be released at some point. There has been no updated schedule released and at this point track management is not speaking publicly about the situation. That is all that I’m basing that opinion on at this point.

  42. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn said: ” It’s a private business and quite frankly they don’t owe anybody any answers and don’t have to say anything.”

    Perfectly stated.

    Shawn, these are petulant children you are dealing with. They are throwing temper tantrums, they want to go play cars and don’t care about the facts. They think Bemer, with all his legal issues, must still answer to them and their desire to go play cars at the NLWSB.

  43. Fast Eddie says

    Crazy in NY, Seekonk is a good “plan B” but if you’re looking for a Saturday night MODIFIED fix, you’re impatiently waiting for the MTS @ Seekonk on June 10th!

  44. Press release, press release, press release. The problem is not wanting reporting. The problem is Racedayct isn’t the place for that. It’s for promoting racing, not digging up information. Like taking information from press agents and posting it. Easy, peasy. And frankly until Bemer’s bit of nastiness and the complex mess it made there never really was a need for muck raking in reporting circle track news.

  45. Mike Serluca says

    It was from my next door neighbor’s cousin’s nephew’s Avon lady’s ice cream truck driver’s sister, who works with a guy who heard from a guy that his aunt’s brother’s mechanic’s Facebook stalker put in a bid with Jose Canseco and Dick Trickle’s jack man’s step son. So the info is pretty solid. It wasn’t an e-mail either. I got a message on my alpha numeric pager.

  46. wmass01013 says

    Lets all realize that there will BE NO RACING IN 2017 ATLEAST @ NLWSB so the MTS, VMRS AND TRI TRACK EVENTS are out of luck

  47. darealgoodfella says

    Hey Doug, you are welcome to go find Bemer and ask him what his plans for the NLWSB are. Let us know how that works out.

  48. You are being a bit of a scamp darealgoodfella indeed. But in another life as a reporter what a coup it would be to do the almost impossible and get an interview with the accused and craft the questions that might indeed give the public some insight into not only the immediate future of the iconic Speedbowl but it’s longer term prospects for survival as well.
    I can’t share the contempt you have darealgoodfella for race fans and race teams. I was a fan at Danbury Racearena, similar to the Speedbowl with passionate fans. I raced a car and know what it;s like to work a job and spend every night wrenching on the car and all nighters after I crashed it. So no I don’t think Waterford fans are “deplorables” as you say for wanting to know more nor race teams bad to want to “go play cars” as you pejoratively refer to them.
    These are troubled times for hard reporting. Reporters and those that investigate scandals such as this are under attack. Attack from the death spiral of newspapers that supported their efforts and attack from the top of government by a crotch groping, narcissistic, lying buffoon that freely labels any news that doesn’t fit his purpose as fake and shamelessly provides alternative facts to support his claims.
    Indeed we agree darealgoodfella that this scandal and it’s investigation is not within the mission statement of RaceDayCt . But I don’t agree that it is productive to consistently demean race fans and and teams nor encourage them to wear the cloak of ignorance you seem to wear so well.

  49. I would like to know since in the press release they stated the reason for the delayed opening was the bleachers due to weather conditions. We all know that is false, bleachers could of been built twice over in that time frame. As a reporter sometimes you have to dig to get facts, call a spade a spade? To the regular fan they may think the Speedbowl is going to open in a short period of time because of what got announced and published on this website that may or may not be facts.

  50. Rich,
    Sometimes you have to weigh the value of digging just to report something that ultimately really serves no valuable purpose in the big picture. If I was to report that all town approvals are in place to open and they’re not opening, what value does that serve to anybody involved? If anything it would only serve to make further reporting of the matter more difficult. It’s not as if we all don’t know there’s a legal aspect of this whole situation that is causing issues. Right now they’re choosing not to talk and it’s pretty clear the track isn’t opening this weekend and most likely not next weekend. Pushing management to say anything more really serves little purpose right now.

  51. Please don’t lose sight of the fact that Shawn is as much a fan as we are in many ways, and has chosen to make a living at trying to provide us with reasonable information about racing in our area. I think that what Shawn is getting at is that trying to “dig up” the underlying story might just hurt any chance that NLWSB has to possibly be sold and then ultimately reopen. And he doesn’t want to take that risk. It’s a balancing act that I feel shows an understanding of the RESPONSIBILITY involved in being a reporter.

  52. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, I don’t have contempt against the race fans of the NLWSB. Just the bratty ones that think they are entitled to know the details of someone else’s private business for their own self-serving purposes. And especially those that are trying to shame and badger Shawn into doing a pointless investigation.

    Doug, go ahead, call Bemer’s lawyers, the FBI, and the police department about the status of Bemer’s case. Go to the town hall and get the status of the permits, non-compliances, or lack thereof, for the NLWSB. You want to know, go find out.

    You and the rest of the fans and racers of the NLWSB are owed nothing by Bemer or the legal justice system. Nothing.

  53. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn said: “It’s not as if we all don’t know there’s a legal aspect of this whole situation that is causing issues.”


    Many still don’t get it.

    Proof: This column is needed.

  54. Thank you for the lively bantor darealgoodfella.
    To be clear this was what you said “As Trump said, he wants to see law and order. But the Deplorables are having hissy fits demanding to know when the track owned by Bemer will open so they can go play cars.”
    So your clarification is that it doesn’t apply to anyone that wants information, “Just the bratty ones that think they are entitled to know the details of someone else’s private business for their own self-serving purposes”. True some of us have expressed a thirst for more information but as far as I can see each has encapsulated it in respect and gratitude for Shawn and RaceDayCt. I’d say the proper metaphor for your summaries of peoples viewpoints is more like throwing a grenade. The target not really clear and the collateral damage extensive.
    On Bemers right to privacy you said “You and the rest of the fans and racers of the NLWSB are owed nothing by Bemer or the legal justice system.” Seems odd you would support Bemer’s rights but nonetheless that is somewhat inaccurate. The alleged crimes will be prosecuted by a State or US Attorney and considered crimes against the State. The State being us and the attorneys funded by the taxpayers. That makes it our business or at least it should. Unless you’re wearing darealgoodfella’s cloak of purposeful ignorance. Not stylish but a perfect fit.
    Thanks darealgoodfella. You’re a plucky fellow indeed and you’re insights very much spice up the conversation.
    Come on Speedbowl teams. Racing tonight at Stafford and no rain expected. Change those gears and come on up.

  55. darealgoodfella says

    The target is clear, the bratty, self-entitled ones. Made that clear over and over. No need to make up a metaphor. They think Bemer owes them, they are their own victim for having such an entitled attitude.

    Bemer does have rights. No doubt about it. That’s the law, even when admitting to the charges. Most importantly, he has a right to remain silent. He is smartly doing so.

    The racers have no claim against Bemer. None at all. Bemer can do whatever he so chooses with his track. He does not have to answer to or explain it to anyone. But if you really believe what you wrote, go into the FBI, police, District Attorney’s office, or go see the Judge and demand the information you thirst for. Go ahead. Tell them that you are a taxpayer and are entitled to know everything. If you are right, they should hand over the case files for you to copy. Go ahead, let us know how it works out. You can report it here.

  56. I think most of us believe that the Bowl has not opened, and will not open soon, because of the owner’s arrest, etc. However, the track claims that grandstand problems have prevented an opening. If we knew that all Town operating permits have been obtained, our suspicions would be confirmed. So, I view the status of Town permits as a fact that would relevant and interesting. Of course, the Bowl has no obligation to keep us informed. But, publicly available(?) info might be enlightening.

  57. Andrew B. says

    I don’t interpret anyone’s desire for more information to be “a sense of entitlement” or “demands” for information that they are “owed.”
    The race teams that have thousands of dollars tied up in equipment that were planning on utilizing it at NLWSB starting this month are technically owed any information, but COMMON COURTESY would dictate that someone in a position to do so, provide them with trusted, actionable information, even if at a vague-enough level as to not jeopardize anyone’s legal rights. Instead, we get “Baghdad Bob” obfuscation regarding weather and grandstand issues, with “at a later date” sprinkled generously throughout.
    Regarding Shawn’s refusal to sling dirt (or is that called investigative journalism? often hard to tell the difference), to each his own. For all we know, Shawn may already have obtained the inside scoop, but it could have come with a request to “not print this yet.” Feel free to wink twice if that’s the case, Shawn. 😉

  58. Andrew B. says

    Should have read: “…are technically NOT owed any information…”

  59. darealgoodfella says

    Andrew B., rule #1: Never talk about anything regarding pending litigation.

    Nobody is going to say anything. The interests of the accused take precedent over common courtesy.

  60. You should do this………. you should do that. Really darealgoodfella is that not the hubris of a fool presuming influence where none exists.
    Aside from your nonsensical meanderings what a challenge it would be. Perhaps one would start at Skylark Airport and the oil business in Glastonbury to see if someone would be willing to talk about the degree those businesses and their jobs were at risk. Maybe a disgruntled employee. You never know who will be chatty and people often know more then you would think.Stopping by Stafford Speedway and seeing if one of the Arute’s would be willing to express an opinion on the record regarding challenges facing the Speedbowl. Really, who has more experience then the Arute family on everything Ct racing. A trip to the Waterford building department would be next. Their most experienced inspector generally handles commercial property and knows every structure in the town well. That person may know something about the stands issues history and the status of current permits. That should all be public information.Hit the Speedbowl for sure. They’ve already said nothing but if you learned something in the preceding inquiries maybe that could be leveraged to get the management to expand on what they’ve already said publicly. Then the big one. Trying to contact the accused. No that would not happen.But contacting his attorney might actually be worth the effort. Make it clear that the questions you have pertain only to the status of the Speedbowl, the viability of the season and not the charges or case of the accused in any way.
    But the prerequisite to all that is experience, proper credentials and the existence of an audience that cares. Only a battled hardened veteran is qualified to handle this can of worms and the audience aside from we few here may be gone. Shawn in his replies contained in this string may have already told us in so many words. As weeks tick by with no word from the track nor rescheduling as promised it’s saying one thing loud and clear. It’s over for this year and this conversation is obsolete. The silver lining. There is racing at Stafford for Shawn to report and the SK and SK Light car counts at Stafford last night were outstanding so come on up.

  61. Bemer has no legal obligation to disclose his business to the bratty fans, just like Trump has no LEGAL obligation to disclose his tax returns to the bratty Democrats.

  62. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, you’ve put a lot of thought into this an all the possible avenues you can explore to find out more salacious information. Have you even considered that it might be in the best interests of the future of the NLWSB to just leave it alone? Nah, you can’t do that when you think it’s all and always about you. Yeah, you’ve invested in that bucket of wheel bearing grease and you are pissed that you aren’t going racing at the NLWSB. Too bad.

    Mike H, Donnie did repeatedly say he was going to release he tax returns. There is no legal requirement to do so, but he promised. Now he broke his promise and it looks like until he lives up to his promise, he’s a liar.

  63. I did you the courtesy darealgoodfella of reading your comments carefully and responding to what you said sometime using your own words. If you think I am a racer you clearly have not read mine which is disappointing but not unexpected. Nonetheless enjoyed the bantor. The issue is mostly dead to me as is the prospects for a season at the Speedbowl.
    And to Mike H all I can say is yikes. Placing Bemer and Trump on the same side of an argument to make a point. Creepy.

  64. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, racer schmacer… I don’t care. People that are hassling Shawn to go digging for nothing are targets for enjoyment. Anyone that is demanding the track answer to them, etc. deserves to be enjoyed any way possible. Shawn shouldn’t waste another electron on the NLWSB until something official is announced from the track or a law enforcement agency.

  65. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, the part about Mike H. putting Trump and Bemer on the same side… priceless.

  66. Sad to say, but the chances of racing this season at Waterford are unravelling faster than a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. It makes me mildly nauseous to think an FBI investigation has interfered with a racing season.

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