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Viciousness A Foolhardy Response For Those Riled By Thompson Speedway Changes

You know what happened the day after the first short track racing facility was opened? Somebody complained about the way the track was being operated. Ok, forgive us for a small bit of levity at this moment of pain, but customers constantly complaining about how the track is run is just part of the fabric […]

Big Tease: Phantom Series Operator Announcing 2020 Speedbowl Events Is An Awful Decision

It’s one of the most common questions thrown about when it comes to short track racing in Connecticut.  What’s going on with the Speedbowl?  And it’s been a question that’s been quite difficult to answer for the last 12 months when it comes to predicting the future of the historic New London-Waterford Speedbowl.  This much […]

Don’t Hate The Player: Scorn Aimed At Fifield Reeks Of Sexism With Whelen Modified Tour

“She needs to give up.” … “NASCAR should throw her out of the series.” … “She’s the worst driver ever.” … “Why does she keep coming back?” … “She’s always in the way.” That’s the behaved stuff in general you’d read when it comes to mentions of Whelen Modified Tour driver Melissa Fifield on social […]

Father Time: Bob Potter An Entertainer For The Ages In Connecticut Short Track Racing

They are the men and women that pilot vehicles built from the first piece in the hopes of finding speed and domination of the competition.  They strap themselves into rides that they know could very well cost them their lives.  And yet, they jam the accelerator and put on a show.  They are the performers […]

No Muffler Needed: Villifying Doug Coby For Demonstrating Passion Is A Bad Look

Classless. Jackass. Poor loser. Crybaby.  And those were some of the tamer descriptions of Doug Coby that pocked social media Saturday following Friday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Stafford 150 at Stafford Speedway.  Oh and wanker, let’s not forget wanker.  For years we’ve heard the argument from so many fans from the highest levels to the […]

Castigating NASCAR Superstars For Disconnect With Short Track Racing Is Absurd

Jimmie Johnson is a seven-time Monster Energy Cup Series champion and certain Hall of Famer who has through his career proved himself to be a model citizen among his peers and an impeccable ambassador for NASCAR as a whole.  Though Johnson has never been one to moonlight at short track events, or even make many […]

But They’re Trying Hard: When Did Short Track Racing Become So Soft?

Editors Note: Immediately following the publishing of this column the Facebook posting referenced in the column was removed from Facebook. Social media. In short track racing – like in all walks of life – it can be something powerful and positive and also evil and devastating. February 18 marks the 40thanniversary of one of the […]

Driver X: Cheating

— Driver X is a veteran short track driver who has victories in multiple divisions and has been around racing since childhood. On a semi-regular basis, Driver X will bring an anonymous viewpoint from inside the paddock to RaceDayCT. The views and opinions expressed by Racer X are not necessarily the views and opinions of […]

Trend Setter: Never Giving Up Lands Ryan Preece Right Where His Dreams Hoped For

Admit it, you didn’t think this would happen. Nobody really thought this would happen. Well ok, nobody but Ryan Preece and his staunchest supporters thought this day could really happen. Two years ago when the the Berlin native and NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour veteran was languishing mid-pack or worse with JD Motorsports in the NASCAR […]

Terry Eames Deserves Better Than Dishonest Labeling As He Takes On GM Role At Thompson

It’s the way of the world today. Voices voices, everybody has a voice. The problem is there are no rules when it comes to what people can say. Social media, primarily Facebook, is such a powerful medium. Powerful for good, and at the same, powerful for evil. There’s no fact checking on Facebook. There’s no […]

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