New London-Waterford Speedbowl Releases Schedule For Opening Day Blastoff Event

The New London-Waterford Speedbowl announced Tuesday they will run an eight event racing card for their season kickoff Blastoff Saturday.

It was recently announced that longtime Legends team owner and former competitor George Whitney will lease the track from owner Bruce Bemer and serve as the general manager for the 2017 season.

The track was originally scheduled to open May 6-7 for Blastoff Weekend. Track officials announced the postponement of Blastoff weekend on April 26. Bemer was arrested in late March and charged with soliciting a trafficked person.

On June 5 it was announced that the track would open for the 2017 season under the management of Whitney.

The Valenti Modified Racing Series will anchor Saturday’s eight-event card, which will also include the track’s regular weekly divisions of the SK Modifieds, Late Models, Street Stocks and Mini Stocks.

Grandstands will open at the track at 10 a.m. with qualifying events scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. Feature racing will begin immediately following qualifying events.

The day’s full schedule can be found below.


  1. Dougdacheater says

    any information on a purse break down or points fund or anything?

  2. I give these guys credit. That line up along with the VMRS gives them a great chance to have a successful day. The price is great and the weather looks to be good. Fingers crossed for good car counts and a good crowd. And a shout out to the volunteers, yes volunteers that donated their time and effort to help get the track ready.

  3. Billy Vee says

    Well That old saying that by the time you realize that your parents were right your a parent yourself. Can remember my parents telling me to go to a different track. Those people out at the Speed Bowl were trashy low class people and your all proving them to be right. The money people should stick to busses because they were never anything to mention even back to that jalopy they called a Winston Cup car. Must be needing a tax write-off. Mamas do worry about your daughters, it’s your sons to keep an eye on. Remember dogs sleep with dogs.

  4. That is only 1 event, what is the schedule for the rest of the season?

  5. Positivity Pete says

    This is the greatest schedule in the history of schedules!

    This event is going to be Huuuuge, believe me!

    Believe me when I tell you that everything will be the greatest that you have ever seen!

    Greatest racing, greatest seating, greatest pricing, greatest officiating, greatest bathrooms, greatest PR, greatest hot dogs.

    They will never lie to you, believe me!

    Let’s make The Bowl great again!

  6. getserious says

    Holy crap, “Bobby Vee”. You make our familiar commenter “jeffrey” sound like a lucid genius. Remember, alcohol and keyboards don’t mix.

  7. Billie Vee, you sound like some scorned red headed step child that didn’t get his way. Maybe you are just jealous or possibly the guy that was shooting off his mouth saying he was going to be leasing the Speedbowl or even buying it. Either way this is the MRS and Jacks opportunity to shine! If they do that’s great and maybe its time for the MRS to pack it in after the dismal 14 car showing at Riverhead. Should the MRS be short of car count there is only one person to blame and it would not surprise me if the racetracks start reconsidering their decision to book MTS races as it is obvious they are hurting us fans expecting a good show with a decent car count and hi-profile drivers and teams in attendance.

  8. getserious says

    Wait a minute! $30 ?!? for a show that we don’t have any idea of the car counts? And on Saturday afternoon? $10, maybe. But count me out.

  9. Yea I got info from nascar
    Points are as follows
    Winners gets 5 points
    2nd place 3 points
    Rest get 8 points to be split
    As far as purses they have 60 bucks to winner and a free hot dog
    Last place gets a free French fry
    Also the stands are not ready
    I seen them setting up milk crates

  10. Fast Eddie says

    Here’s hoping for a good turnout of racers and fans for a successful event at the Speedbowl! $30 for an eight division card sounds pretty reasonable to me. I also like the early afternoon start. I’ll be there to support the racers, Mr. Whitney, and his team!

  11. James Scott says

    30 bucks come on! Whitney should take a huge step back and just concentrate on his core group of racers and fans. Forget NASCAR any other touring series and cater to the locals. This show should be 20 bucks max. I have 50 plus years there and will not step in the place until this scum bag owner is gone. But have fun If you go. This should be a regulars only event as all the remaining events this season.

  12. darealgoodfella says

    $30 is very steep for an event that it trying to get people to come back.

    Does the $30 include a couple beers, hotdogs, and other concessions?

  13. Billy Vee says

    The Speed Bowl great again? Sorry Donald Lady Luck has grown into a old lady out there. Alchohol and Keyboards, sorry, don’t drink but will say that listening to you Bemerettes Jeffery is a lucid genius. You guys will look funny with big ears on your helmets and a Bemerdog hanging out of your mouths.

    P.S. no i was never in the market to buy the track, lease the track or manage it.

  14. I am expecting a very poor turnout for this whole deal. 30$ would be very reasonable if was business as usual,but with the circumstances and all the unknowns is definitely going to keep even more people from going. The early start will also hurt as people work Saturdays and it’s been 5:00 start forever. I predict very low car counts and I don’t think even running the SKS last will keep people there,i just don’t see there being enough cars. As soon as the Mrs race ends people are out of there. I hope I am wrong but I think this is going to be very ugly. I will be there,but my return will be based on what happens Saturday.

  15. Crazy in NY says

    The sun rose in the East this morning, the Atlantic Ocean is still salty , Trump is still president and the daily diatribe continues by the “hoard” of malcontents who just can’t bring themselves to support the Bowl because of Bemer yet find plenty of time to come on here and tell us all the why’s and why nots
    about everything NLWSB. Give it a break already. If your not going ..GOOD for you…who the F cares?
    If you are …Good for you too supporting the place. I was told by some of you experts the Bowl was toast for the year. Done…forget it…no way. Give it a break already..

    Still I’m waiting for one of you experts to tell us what good a closed SpeedBowl does for anybody.

  16. As a car owner, I would be verry suspicious of running this race, their is no follow on schedule, this makes me believe it’s a 1 race prove it deal. If people support they will have more races, if they don’t it meets the grandfather clause.

  17. 2017 schedule says

    If you listen and read the quotes from the actual people in charge there, instead of reading the rubbish the mental midgets that populate Facebook post,they’re picking up the schedule from where it would be at now and finishing out the year with it except for some small changes due to having to reschedule touring series dates.

  18. We, mostly geezers is suspect, make predictions, pontificate and bloviate. A lot of rubbish for sure but many pearls pop up as well that makes it all worth it. My prediction is racers race. If there is a track, a program, the promise of excitement and competition they will come and they will leave their judgements and social commentary out on Hartford Turnpike. The crowd size who knows.
    I would like to ask Shawn at this stage if he cares to make a prediction of how the race program will play out in terms of car counts and the crowd size since he is the only professional here.

  19. Doug,
    I think that most competitors that have regularly competed at the track will be there. I think the crowd will be good, though I think the early start time will have negative effect.

  20. darealgoodfella says

    Where is the schedule for the entire season?

  21. Bill Strong says

    This whole “Bowl Strong” campaign has to be one of the most pathetic slogans I’ve ever seen. These “____strong” expressions are supposed to be used for people who have fought courageous battles such as cancer, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks. Aside from the racing community (actually about half of the racing community is showing support for the bowl since the recent events), nobody gives a crap about the battle of your precious speedway. It’s childish and makes the racing community look like a bunch of narrow minded hillbilies. I hope the Speedbowl can prosper through these troublesome times but this #bowlstrong expression is extremely discomforting. How do you have such an expression when Bemer is still the owner of the track that put us in this position?

  22. Fast Eddie says

    The original Speedbowl schedule is still posted on their website. It looks like they are going to try to keep to as much of the original schedule as possible.

  23. darealgoodfella says

    Bill Strong said: “It’s childish and makes the racing community look like a bunch of narrow minded hillbilies.”

    The shoe fits perfectly.

  24. Billy Vee says

    OK Tom, you win but go back and read all the postings. Have a good time out there Saturday and send me the tire bill.

  25. Is dareal slowly weaning off the stands and moving on to the schedule? For someone who’s not even going, sure seems to be obsessed. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.

  26. darealgoodfella says

    Nah, I can multi-task. Still very much interested in the grandstand inspection results. But the lack of a complete season schedule is something many of you will want to ignore.

    So today is Friday, when the news of the grandstand inspection is supposed to be revealed.

  27. darealgoodfella says

    dougdacheater said, “any information on a purse break down or points fund or anything?”

    Points fund? You are really optimistic.

  28. Anyone who waits for announcements from the speedbowl waits in vain

  29. Opening with the MRS for $30 is unfortunate, particularly with the Riverhead WMT event drawing TC and others away from the Bowl tomorrow night. But, at least it appears there will racing at the Bowl this summer.

  30. My initial reaction was to not attend, boycott the bowl. But it appears some people are seriously trying to get things resolved in terms of “racing at the bowl” and you have to at least respect the effort.

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