Happy Returns: Ryan Preece Outduels Doug Coby For Whelen Mod Tour Win At Stafford Speedway

Ryan Preece celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Stafford 150 Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – Ryan Preece returned home to Stafford Motor Speedway Friday afternoon as the celebrated local hero of racing who spent the week as the biggest national story in the world of NASCAR.

Preece shocked many at the national level last Saturday in winning in the Xfinity Series US Cellular 250 in his second series start this year with Joe Gibbs Racing.

And while fans celebrated his return home Friday, when the night was over it was Preece keeping the celebration going hard.

Preece, of Berlin, used a lap 149 restart to go by Doug Coby for the lead and won the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Stafford 150 Friday at Stafford Speedway.

“I’m just riding this wave,” Preece said. “I’ve known because I’ve been racing for years, you can have a high and go and dominate everything and next week I could be running 15th and holding on for dear life and everybody would be like ‘Man, Ryan is off his game.’”

It was the third Whelen Modified Tour victory of the season for Preece, who won the NAPA Spring Sizzler 200 at Stafford on April 30. He also won at Thompson Speedway on June 14.

Coby, of Milford, was second and Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, N.Y. third.

Preece, who ran the Xfinity Series full-time in 2016, was making his second start for Joe Gibbs Racing at Iowa. He finished second to Monster Energy Series star Kyle Busch in the Overton’s 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 15. He was originally slated to run two events for Joe Gibbs Racing. It was announced earlier this week that he will run again for the team in the Xfinity Series event at Kentucky Speedway on Sept. 23.

Friday at Stafford Preece reveled in his return home.

“Racing here in the Connecticut based short tracks is what’s made me who I am,” Preece said. “One thing I will say is that basically this is the best racing in the country. Here at Stafford, Thompson [Speedway], Riverhead [Raceway], Seekonk [Speedway], all these Northeast race tracks, I hope people realize what great racing we have. I’ve been to a lot of short tracks and watched a lot and nothing compares to Modifeds.”

Preece qualified third Friday but was forced to start at the back of the field after his car was found to be too low after qualifying.

He made quick work of getting to the front Friday, but Coby proved the dominant force for most of the event. Coby went by Craig Lutz for the lead on the first lap and stayed there for the bulk of the event. Coby looked to be cruising away from the field late. But on lap 141 Bobby Santos III spun in turn two just after Preece passed him for second place.

The race restarted on lap 145, but immediately went back to caution for a wreck on the frontstretch.

The race then restarted on lap 149 with Preece, rolling on fresher tires than Coby, on his outside. On the restart Preece used the outside lane to get the advantage on Coby through turn one and cleared him for the lead through turn two.

Coby, who is looking for his fourth consecutive series title and fifth title overall in the last six seasons, remained winless in 2017.

“I got beat,” Coby said. “It happens. Ryan had a great car. I knew he was coming even when we were out front. The red flags and the restarts just don’t help. We spun the tires a little bit on both restarts. I thought I got a better restart the second time but he just had massive drive and he did a good job. We got beat tonight and didn’t get our first win of the season. But it’s coming. We’ve been really fast.”

Said Preece: “Man that race was an up and down race. I don’t know how many times I went to the back. I’ve got thank [spotter] Shawn Waddell for doing a great job. I think he’s more excited than I am. … I’ve got a great team here. They had a great pit stop. … These guys work really hard so the win’s for them. I’m just really excited to get this thing back in victory lane.”


  1. The guy will bring a tear to your eye. He’s a master deflector. Deflecting credit from himself and giving it to those that support him. Even with the recent national success he’s had his victory speech included specifically naming Northeast tracks and saying modifieds are some of the best racing in the country. Is there anything this guy doesn’t do well?

  2. Congrats to Ryan a true class act.

  3. Watching Ryan cleanly pick off those cars one and sometimes two at at a time from my fourth turn perch was what a fan dreams of! Your driver is on a roll and he’s going to win again…. You just feel it!
    Been to uncountable Modified races at Stafford since the 70’s and this was quite possibly the most exciting! The re-start was actually with two to go but Ryan cleared Coby between turn one and two on the outside and poweredby him down the backstretch. He dropped down low through three and four and stretched it out for another lap and it was over!!
    Didn’t feel bad at all for the haters in my section who’s tails were between their legs on lap 149!!

  4. darealgoodfella says

    Good crowd. Great race. The crowd stayed until the end. The 6 started in the back and hunted the lead down all race.

    There was lots of three-wide racing… kinda crazy. A big wad on the backstretch, and yet they all ran after they were pulled apart.

    Not sure what the one-tire-per-pit-row visit does. I guess it is better than a “competition caution” for a racing-stoppus-interruptus.

    Woody was doing great, got gathered up in a mess on a late restart. The 7NY hasn’t look that good all year. The 7NY was there, top 10 at least, maybe a top 5.

    The 85 had yet another disastrous event. Sad watching that.

    Must have been 10-15 cars at the end and anybody could have finished 3rd on down. The end was going to be between the 6 and 2, that was clear. Preece took over the lead on a restart. I would have preferred to watch him pass the 2 while racing. The 6 was like no other car… it could power around in the turns on the outside. No flux capacitor can do that.

    Looks like the 3 had car issues with just a couple laps left… it cost them. They were looking at a top 3-5, or better. The 3 lost the points lead, could have held it since the 16 was in that pack.

    The 2 brought out the big flux capacitor. It doesn’t help drive the car. When the 2 was all by himself, he was safe. When he had to race, it was all over, as usual. Need something other than a flux capacitor.

    Preece schooled Coby. Too bad Preece won’t be at NHMS to do it again on the big track. The 6 was great in the turns, where it matters. Anybody can run a straight. Preece simply outdrove the competition. Watching him move side-to-side looking for his opportunity was awesome. He searched for the opening and took advantage of it, and picked off the cars.

    Rough night for TC… didn’t finish anything, SK or Tour. Blew up, wrecked… the usual TC.

    Hey Liz, what happened to Mel?

    Very good event. It was nice to see the crowd stand and applaud at the finish. Don’t see that often enough.

  5. knucklesmahoney says

    That was a great race to watch. Man, Preece can drive a car. He came from the back of the pack twice. The 46 really impressed me though. Got the pole, was running second behind Coby for a while. He was actually in fifth place before the wreck on the front stretch, so not sure why he restarted the race in 8th. So much for Woody on that deal, this kid, and team just made him look silly. And contrary to dareal, Woody was never there in the mix at any point. His highest position at any point was 7th, but still quite away from the leaders. Also contrary to dareal, who clearly has bias against certain drivers, it was not the usual TC. Yes his motor blew in the SK, and he had a suspension failure in the tour, not a wreck. Oh and the 3 didn’t have car issues, it ran out of fuel, or are you not listening??

  6. If Coby has a weakness, it’s restarts. The point leader can’t run out of fuel. Can’t allow that. That could be the difference in October.

    Doug, how was the ticket line getting in?

  7. James Scott says

    Last night was one of those nights that will stick out in your mind for a long time. An epic run for Ryan Preece. A class act as well.!

  8. darealgoodfella says

    Hey knucklesmahoney, “suspension failure” due to hitting something? The RF wheel was bent up, tire was side-scuffed. Perhaps if he didn’t hit something the suspension would not have failed. It was a normal TC night, blowing stuff up and breaking things.

    Then I said, “The 7NY was there, top 10 at least, maybe a top 5.” You said Woody was 7th place. In my school, 7th place would be a top ten. And if he got lucky, a top 5.

    Yeah, I saw the 3 team attempt the refueling with a mini-can… too little too late. You don’t run out of fuel in the points lead in a short race. You don’t run out of fuel… ever.

    Doug, you sound like a real entrepreneurial guy… why not start a business that caters to people waiting in line. Have a service that fetches food and refreshments for those waiting in lines. I get 17%. But then, the line was only three deep when I arrived.

    NH Mark, just a season or so ago, the 2 was unbeatable on restarts. It simply drove away and had greater than a car length by the time it reached T1. That obvious HP advantage caused much consternation.

  9. Wow,a no hate zone!Ryan is the real deal.Knew it ever since the awesome nerves of steel run at the World Series Oct 2013.Shawn Waddell is a great spotter and Ryan is also terrific running that team.I think his Xfinity experience is paying off in everything he does.On to Thompson.

  10. Great a mention from Dareal. And thanks for not bringing up human body waste and cereal as you have been known to do. My question is this: You provide some really good observations at times and insights that are interesting. Why wreck it with the nasty and at times foul unprovoked attacks? I have to believe if people responded to you in kind using political attacks, human waste references and made up nonsense with no point it would chase many of the good commenters away. Give it some thought.

  11. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, you and I have very different ideas of who are the good commenters.

  12. darealgoodfella says

    Good to have Thompson so close after this race. I think all teams should be very pumped to do this again, it was a very good race.

    What do y’all think about the one tire per pit stop deal?

  13. It’s about civility dareal. Are you making a meaningful comment from your perspective and doing it in a civil way. You for some reason think you have the right to attack someone just because they don’t have the same viewpoint as you. The mocking and taunting bordering on viscous cyber bullying. And cowardly in my view seeing as how it’s anonymous. And the worse part some of your unprovoked attacks are simply foul. Like urine in cereal. Why? What’s the point? Disagree all you want but you don’t have to be a disingenuous, spiteful clod while you’re doing it.

  14. Modified Guy says

    The one tire per trip down pit road is the future for the modifieds . Rather have that then a midway stop like at Loudon.

  15. Sharpie Fan says

    Ryan, thanks for a classy post-race interview. I hope that gets played over and over.

    Stafford, thanks for broadcasting the race!

  16. Just so it’s clear about my beef with Dareal here is his one line comment.
    “Hey Doug, who peed in your corn flakes?” No point, no reference to a topic, just a foul comment out of the blue.
    I would respectfully suggest that “waiting for moderation” could consider expanding any references to human waste to the list of banned topics.

  17. When you’re hot you’re hot…… at Iowa Preece was lucky the 7 couldn’t get a caution and had to pit under green, and then last night the hack in the 58 spins Santos in the 44 setting up a Coby / Preece restart.

  18. Doug,
    While I do appreciate you pointing that, I am fairly strict about what we let go through as far as the use of certain terms and references. And while I do understand your point, and I’m not going to say that reference was in good taste, it’s a fairly common saying and I don’t think we have to police things to that point.

  19. Would anyone care to weigh in on the group qualifying format? Was it a success? Did the entire nights program flow nicely?

  20. Thanks Shawn for for the rapid response. I’ll confess a bit disappointing. Decades seeing your articles in the major area newspapers of the time. You’re response. References to human waste in an isolated attack with no reference to anything is acceptable with you. “Hey Doug, who peed in your corn flakes”. That’s a common expression? ” Hey Doug, who peed in your corn flakes” . Peed in your corn flakes is a common expression. If I said I hate n_____s that would be a common expression as well. Shame on you.

  21. I think we should vote on banning the real dumb fellow from this site for one year just because . If we flood shawns site with peed in you’re cornflakes comments he won’t have a choice . Let the games begin!

  22. darealgoodfella says

    Modified Guy, do you think the intermission will go away at Loudon, replaced by 3-man pit stops, and similar one tire per pit trip protocol?

  23. Doug, maybe it isn’t a familiar saying to you but Shawn is correct, it is common. I certainly wouldn’t compare it to anything hateful. Dareal was just calling you grumpy. Suggesting it might be a hateful saying is a dangerous road to go down. I’m quite sure DaReal meant it in an innocent manner. Just a bunch of race fans talking racing here. Let’s not get to serious. Let’s have a virtual handshake for you two and move on to Thompson. Peace!

  24. great race last night. I was on the fence about going and was convinced to go late in the day. I am glad I did go. I will say the weekly divisions weren’t that spectacular. The car count in all divisions seem to be down a little. Stafford went from around 30 sks at the beginning of July to about 20 in the beginning of august. That is not a good trend. Where was berndt? I was hoping to see Preece in an SK, does anyone know if he is going to run it anymore? It is always enjoyable to see a first time winner and kopcik has had his share of bad luck this year.

    Seeing Preece qualify second then have to go to the rear at the start made for a great show. Thanks for posting what the infraction was as i didn’t catch Stafford announce what the issue was. The final restart between the 2 and 6. I believe the 2 only pitted for one tire while the 6 had at least two tires. I think that may have contributed to Preece getting a much better start. Preece was passing cars low, high and both in some corners he was the show. Not sure what I think about the 1 tire per pit stop. What are they trying to accomplish, save teams money encourage teams with less crew to participate? While it added some drama with drivers on different strategies, I found it hard to keep up with who had newer tires and what wheel those new tires where on. I am pretty sure Santos changed all 4 during the night. A shame he got spun near the end but he was blocking pretty bad. I believe the 1 tire per stop may have caused some lineup issues and additional caution laps. The group qualifying may have sped up the show slightly which i applaud but it was tough to figure out who was where as they updated the scoreboard after each group not during and its tough to hear the lap times announced over the cars on the track. Overall a great night for the tour. I cant imagine too many people leaving disappointed with the mod feature.

  25. knucklesmahoney says

    Paul: I agree 100%, the driver of the 58 is a hack. He’s been racing for years, only has a handful of wins here and there. He really has no driving talent, obviously more money than talent there. And the announcers play him up like he’s the best driver around, when in fact he’s not even in the top 20 in talent in the mods.

  26. knucklesmahoney says

    NH Mark: I agree. Let’s not start down the road of censoring minor things because one person got a little butt hurt. I agree wish Shawn on this one.

  27. wmass01013 says

    I have to say 1 thing bad about the race, THE RACE DIRECTOR!!!!
    several restarts waved off as he was telling cars they needed to be inside or outside in 20th place, please if they start 20th or 21st 50 laps in does not matter and WHY??????? after both Red flags was the delay, all cleanup was done and nothing was happening, was he waiting for pizza delivery??? when all drivers out of cars and cleanup done put the yellow back out and lets finish!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Dareal, 4 tires beat 1 tire. That simple. Put 4 tires on the 2 and you flux capacitor would have returned. If you can’t see that you need to remove your head from your gludiuos Maximus. Keeping it clean Shawn.

  29. wmass,I agree. Only thing almost as bad is a 2 1/2 hour ride home at 11p.m.Brian, Phil Moran was the one who put the deuce out there with bad tires.Preece’s pit strategy was smarter.

  30. darealgoodfella says

    Brian, the 2 has gone entire races, like these shorter events at Stafford, without taking tires, and winning. Clearly the tires are not related to the flux capacitor. The tire longevity and management of the 2, in the past, was remarkable. They would dominate Stafford at the end on the same tires they started with, hence flux capacitor ≠ tires. As long as the 2 stays out in front, gets a good rhythm going, and doesn’t have to eat up the tires racing, it does well. But if it has to race, it’s all over. Without the flux capacitor, the car has to be run harder, raced harder, and that uses up tires.

    So why didn’t the 2 take tires? Throw the crew chief under the bus? They had all the same opportunities as the rest of the field. The 6 took tires and put itself behind every time. The 2 doesn’t make those mistakes, or shouldn’t. Did the 6 run the 2 too hard, and the mistake of the 2 not taking tires cost it the win? The 2 knew the 6 was coming, I was watching it. The 2 led most of the night, with just one tire. Flux capacitor was there and active.

    If the 2 would have taken 3-4 tires, it would have lost positions because of all those stops and have to race back to the lead, in traffic, against the top cars, something it is not good at doing. So it was the safe thing to do, just one tire, and stay out front, reduce racing for position and hope to hold on to it.

    The 2 is not good at all in traffic. The 6 is superior in traffic. No contest.

    And the 51 is due. I’m calling the 51 for Thompson.

  31. Preece reminded me of Ron Bouchard, Richie Evans, and Jimmy Spencer last night. No matter how things change in the sport, it still takes a wheelman to drive the car at it’s limit lap after lap. Many of his competitors just ride around and around without ever reaching the limits of the car. He is in a rare club in this regard and his future should only get brighter from here.

  32. That’s a good point NH Mark. “who peed in your corn flakes” clearly is more grade school recess taunting then Klan meeting hate speech. I stand corrected.
    To be clear Shawn is a busy guy, has to consider issues of censorship and this is all probably nonsense to him. As opposed to you NH Mark and knucklesmahoney who are purposely going to bat for Dareal. Dareal and his use of human waste in comments. Completely out of the blue, related to nothing. Have a grudge, be in a bad mood, let er rip. It’s not Dareal that is “grumpy” or “butt hurt” for bringing it up out of the blue. Indeed, I’m at fault as you two see it.
    So I will simply have to accept that there are fewer lines that Dareal, NH Mark and knucklesmahoney won’t cross. Many others as well I suspect. Civility is a line that’s fun to cross whenever you get the notion right guys. Human waste in, decorum out. I think it’s kind of cowardly and low class but I’m outvoted.
    Nonetheless I will continue to go by the “face to face”rule. I will strive to never say anything in text that I wouldn’t say to the persons face. Outdated maybe to you guys but aren’t we all just slaves to our upbringings and values. I won’t apologize for that.

  33. darealgoodfella says

    Brian, when you have the big flux capacitor, you don’t need all those tires. Or so they thought. Then Preece comes along and shatters that comfort zone.

    Walt, you bring up a great point. I was fortunate to see Richie Evans and Jimmy Spencer race modifieds regularly. Those guys DROVE the cars and made competitive opportunities happen, without junking the field or their own cars. That’s what Preece does.

  34. My thoughts, it was a good race that I enjoyed, and from what I saw the place was packed. However, I think Walt wanting to put Preece, who is 25 or 26, in the Ritchie Evans category is a stretch. He has always been a very good driver, and is probably running with more confidence than ever before. Plus, since he is not running for a championship, he can gamble more than the 2, 3, 16 and 51. Yes he can drive from the back the front like no one else, but Friday night he was very lucky too. Without the hack (good one knuckles) in the 58 car dumping Santos, it is Coby and Phil Moran who out fox everyone and win by just pitting once. There is a very good Joe Coss interview with Coby on twitter, Coby said they had a strategy… and they got beat.

    Without a live timing and scoring system, watching group qualifying is like watching practice. Except, you have Ben “who’s the tail that wags the dog” telling you how exciting it is. If the tour is going to get away from time trials, why not run heat races?

    Then we have a comment above, “Wow,a no hate zone!” This from the guy who for years has taken constant shots at the Fifield family and their 20 year old daughter, and hails himself as the president of the “I hate the MTS”. Even going as far as to call / email their title sponsor. It is no coincidence that by switching two letters in his name, you get a rodent no one likes!

  35. darealgoodfella says

    Zeke… if Preece wasn’t going to miss the mod race in New Hampshire because he is running the xfinity series again, he would indeed be competing for a championship, even though he already missed a race.

    Look at the standings… halfway through the season, Preece ran one less race, he’s in 5th place, one point out of 3rd place, 26 pts behind 1st place. If he wasn’t going to miss another race, he would indeed be running for the championship.

  36. Wikipedia:
    ” During his days racing modifieds, he was nicknamed “Mr. Excitement”[2] for his aggressive racing style.”

    My recollection of Spencer was exactly as described. He was very aggressive with a unique style almost manhandling a car to bend to his will. More then once he riled fellow drivers in the Winston Cup at the time of making ill advised aggressive moves. Great driver, exciting and successful but smooth not so much. As I recall.

  37. Preece at this stage can do no wrong. The bandwagon affect is in full force and rightfully so. My view he’s a really good driver but a better representative of the sport. A year ago when he was in substandard equipment fulfilling his contract in the Xfinity Series his support was more mixed. Like Evans, Spencer and all the other great drivers he’ll be judged by his career which currently is in the middle part of the first half and short on the longevity the great ones always seem to have a lot of.

  38. Zeke must have been on a long food line fri nite.Preece was not “lucky”,he drove to the bumpers of many stout cars and then passed them smoothly and cleanly.To say
    Preece isn’t running for a championship is truly the remark of someone who doesn’t read or who doesn’t know anything about the way Ryan approaches his profession and the loyalty he has to the Partridges.I don’t think any fans like group qualifying,but only an idiot would think heats are coming back.It is not anyone on these threads that embarrasses the Fifield family, they can do that without my help.If it weren’t for Zeke no one would have mentioned her lackluster nothing performance.Thought there was some improvement coming.That’s obviously not the case.Sorry to pee in your Sunday corn flakes Zeke but there is nothing wrong with calling a promoter or sponsor to voice my concerns unless we live in Russia.

  39. Art/ dareal, I don’t care how he approaches races, unless he pulls off a 1998 Mike Stefanik (9 wins in 12 races) he is not going to spot the 2, 3, 16 and 51 two races in a 16 race schedule and win the championship.

    As for Friday night, Ryan certainly passed more cars than anyone in the race, but Coby had a half a straightaway lead with under 10 laps to go…. without a caution Ryan was going to finish second. Luck plays a huge part in racing at all levels, at Iowa he was lucky Allgaier didn’t get a caution and had to pit under green, and Friday he needed a caution and got it.

  40. darealgoodfella says

    Bill O’Reilly was eliminated when his sponsors were inundated by customers and eventually pulled out support for BOR. When customers say they aren’t buying your stuff anymore, sponsors listen. Hannity is getting hammered, his sponsors are being told by their customers to back off or else. Nothing like democracy and capitalism at work in the good ol’ USA.

    I’m glad Preece got the xfinity ride in Kentucky, but I sure would like to see him NOT miss the NHMS Mod race so he can win the championship. Missing two races will be very tough to make up. He’ll need other cars to have some bad luck. The 3 had some bad luck at Stafford and tumbled.

    Anybody see Liz? I’m thinking she has one doozy of a sangria headache.

    All this talk about corn flakes… I think I’m going to have breakfast for dinner. Corn flakes with chocolate milk is delicious.

  41. darealgoodfella says

    Zeke, it is very rare for the last 10-15 laps to go without a caution, or a couple cautions.

    It would have been very lucky for the 2 if there was NO CAUTION in the closing laps that would have made the 6 continue to hunt down the 2. It was close, but certainly not a forgone conclusion. Instead, the expected caution happened and his maximum glutei was delivered right to the 6 for a beating.

    Nobody forced the 2 to NOT TAKE TIRES. They rely way too much on that super flux capacitor.

  42. Zeke of course you are right. Luck plays a huge part in racing and it was a great observation about the caution. I was watching Rowand in 3 car who I thought ran a great race nearly staying with Preece on occasion before succumbing to an crash.
    What a great night with the race, Preece in the spotlight and a fantastic crowd. Indeed racing is alive and well at Stafford anyway.
    These are heady times for the Preece devotees and apparently it’s risky not being enthusiastic enough. Any slight cloud to the Preece mystique, that I’m pretty sure even he would say is silly, is crushed.
    I’m gong to go back a year to see if I can and dig up some rousing comments for Preece to see if he was held in such high esteem when things were not as good. It could be interesting.

  43. Guys,The 6 is running for the owners championship.It certainly isn’t what they were after when the season started but it is what it is.As I have stated here many times Ryan Preece had the title locked up by World Series time 2013.When Doug was interviewed I believe by Shawn right here he said something along the lines that Ryan would pick a spot mid pack were he could safely run a 15th or so finish for the championship.As we all saw he qualified up front and ran a torrid pace all day wheel to wheel with the leaders.Only a late charge by Rowan kept him from winning the race.So I think its unfair to say he’s taking risks since he personally won’t win the title.I will admit I am a Preece fan but I am not comparing him to other drivers,I think that the time will one day come for comparisons and we shall see then.

  44. darealgoodfella says

    art, come on, you gotta admit that if Preece didn’t miss another race, he is indeed in championship contention. And that you would LOVE to see him win a championship having run one race less than the rest of the field.

  45. I’ll confess to being a history buff and willing to do some digging. As promised I’ve checked the archive and have some great quotes from all of you frequent contributors that I plan to share as long as management allows it. Do your comments stand up to the test of time? We’ll see.
    Art, I don’t get the picking on the chick deal but you you do have your moments. Great comment.
    Dareal, I’ll be back.

  46. A quote from Dareal. Seems reasonable.

    ‘It would have been very lucky for the 2 if there was NO CAUTION in the closing laps that would have made the 6 continue to hunt down the 2. It was close, but certainly not a forgone conclusion. Instead, the expected caution happened and his maximum glutei was delivered right to the 6 for a beating.’

    Let’s see how he felt about Coby a year ago. More to follow.

  47. Preece we all agree is a talented guy. Have we all agreed on that when times were tough. Maybe not so much. My research in the early stages seems to indicate a monumental sigh of indifference to Preece last year almost bordering on a big fat who cares. He starts the Sizzler in 2016 and you would have thought him invisible. More to follow with quotes from your favorite contributors in their own words including Art, Dareal and WMass among others.

  48. dareal,I certainly will admit that.Doug,I’m already sweating from your Bright lights.I just hope you don’t break out the rubber hose.I agree I should get off the chick deal and I do try but my cage gets rattled and I lose it.Mea culpa.

  49. darealgoodfella says

    With the rate at which Preece is collecting points, he could have 325 points if he did not miss that race.

  50. Modified Guy says

    @darealgoodfella, I know the top teams are pushing for live pitstops. I don’t see NASCAR changing Loudon, but don’t be surprised that in 2018, all races except Loudon will be one tire per trip down pit road.

  51. Not surprisingly I’m not the only one that has been roiled by Dareal’s antics.
    Paul, April 22, 2016
    “Dareal moron. Question and I need a answer.
    The 2 car won 1 race and no poles in 2014.
    They went to LFR in 2015 and won 7 races and 8 poles.
    Same crew, hauler, owner and crew chief.
    One question.
    Spin this one you opinionated POS.
    And BTW my name is Paul StFrancis. I live in Hudson MA and I will be at Stafford if you would like to come out of the shadows and meet at the food stand in the paddock. I won’t hold my breath because people like you are spineless cowards. You can continue to live behind this fake name and accomplish absolutely nothing. I will have a blue dodge hat on and work boots. I am 54 years old. I will be with my son Joel an he is 19. Please feel free to introduce yourself to us and we can continue this conversation behind my pick up in the parking lot.”

    Dareal’s response to follow . Bet you can’t wait aye?

  52. Bethany responding to Dareal’s mocking a taunting in the same string 4/22/16

    “Wow. This is amazing. I don’t know you but you have been asked several direct questions that you avoid. Then you say what if the 2 car didn’t exist. Wow. Wow. This is the car that has dominated since the car change. It’s that simple. You are now wanting to avoid the car that won the most races, poles and laps lead. Maybe in your world you can act like that car doesn’t exist but in reality it’s here. In a big way. LFR is a better car. Period. You ever hear of Burt Myers? Ask him, Doug, Todd, Donnie, Bobby or any driver, which drives better. That’s your answer to the question and no one else (especially as un qualified as you seem to be) can decide. I will never visit this site again. You have disgraced this site and more importantly yourself.”

    Wow. I’ve only scratched the surface and already one challenge to meet and another person frustrated and chased away. In the same string.

  53. One theme is abundantly clear in checking the archive. Most people, the vast majority make entries with a spirit of good will and to some degree a knowledge that there is a lot they don’t know. Dareal stands alone. A Jekyll and Hyde. Dr. Jekyll, knowledgeable, insightful and with an astounding knowledge of the Whelan Modified Tour. Then there’s Hyde. Arrogant, taunting, mocking and at times foul and crude. Never admitting that he may not know all that can be known about every topic. A person that in one string can elevate the conversation making great points then destroying it as he descends into mean spirited attacks on anyone that has a different opinion.
    History puts things in perspective and words do have meaning even in a comment section.

  54. wmass01013 says

    wow somebody did pee in yur cornflakes!!!

  55. Doug – We’ve all learned – Don’t feed the trolls … And now you’re starting to sound like one too. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Most of us do and I for one am tired of sifting through winey to get to racing. Dareal can fall in to both categories. Get used to it.

  56. darealgoodfella says

    Geez, wmass01013… I am eating lunch and read your post… now I have to clean my screen and keyboard!!!

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  57. darealgoodfella says

    wmass01013, BTW, I’m not having corn flakes for lunch.

  58. darealgoodfella says

    Ryan Preece is driving a Troyer, whipping up on the LFR, BIGLY.

  59. darealgoodfella says

    The 3 is a home built chassis, whipping up on the LFR, BIGLY.

  60. darealgoodfella says

    The 51 is a SPAFCO, doing quite well.

  61. Rodney King says

    People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older people and the kids? … It’s just not right. It’s not right. It’s not, it’s not going to change anything…

  62. darealgoodfella says

    If only a chassis can help a driver drive in traffic, without a flux capacitor.

  63. darealgoodfella says

    It has become clear that Phil Moran and Mike Smeriglio do anything to get and keep Coby out of traffic.

  64. darealgoodfella says

    The 16 is a Troyer.

    Check the standings.

  65. Dick hurtz says

    Darealgood I guess you didn’t attend the Bud 150 at Thompson on August 12 2015 when Doug Coby was put to the rear For jumping the restart ( Chase Dowling with 60 lap older tires) on lap 95 and he came from the rear back up to the front like Grant took Richmond and went onto win the race .

  66. Mister perfect dareal like Coby getting black flagged @Thompson on a restart
    starting 19th and passing 18 cars and winning the race i can go on and on get
    a clue and stop dreaming about Coby.

  67. FYI dareal if you think Jimmie Spencer you said was a great driver who drove through
    traffic and and was perfect not junking anyone, Mario if hear would make you look like a fool.

  68. darealgoodfella says

    Have you seen his audition tapes for replacing TC as the Tour Clown? Muffed a restart at Loudon, took out the field. Went in on the 6 on the last lap at Loudon, took out the lead cars, and just about every other close confines racing situation where he took out his car and those around him. I could go on and on. If his flux capacitor doesn’t keep the other cars away, he’s going down.

  69. LongTimeFan says

    How long is dareal going to carry on with this flux capacitor nonsense? Give it a break already. You keep on about this mythical flux capacitor, what are you rambling on about? You used to go on about the carb in the 2, nothing has ever been proven in tech. And, for the record I’m not a fan of the 2 car, I’m glad he hasn’t found victory lane yet this year but holy cow does the stuff you go on about get old. Jmho

  70. darealgoodfella says

    Racer, Spencer was not perfect, but he was no where near the frequent wrecker status either. And he could drive in traffic. That’s why he made it to the big leagues.

    LongTimeFan, how do you know nothing was ever found? Did you know about the carbs that were confiscated? Several at one event. Several. The carbs that were recolored? Do you know why a carb needs to be recolored? Well? You don’t know everything, and just because you don’t know it doesn’t mean it never happened.

  71. Fast Eddie says

    If memory serves me correctly, at one point when there were multiple cautions close together around lap 80, I think Preece pitted three times in two cautions, and I believe he got one tire each time. That may have been the biggest difference late in the race and probably had a lot to do with the “great forward drive” Coby said he had, particularly on the last couple of restarts. Sometimes he who has the best tires, wins.
    And for the record “Who peed in your cornflakes” must be a Connecticut thing.
    In Boston it is “Who p–sed in your Cheerios?” {:-)

  72. LongTimeFan says

    @Dareal I didn’t come on here claiming to know everything. Someone piss in your cornflakes this afternoon? All I was saying was your constant drivel about the flux capacitor is getting old. I know nothing of confiscations or the recoloring of carbs, never saw a release stating penalties. If what you insinuate did happen that’s pretty big news, no? I’d think it would be fairly common knowledge amongst the teams in the paddock as no one can keep a secret. So NASCAR showed favoritism to the 2 team by confiscating these carbs but not handing out penalties? That’s a hell of a coverup, and I’d think would be a great story in and of itself that I’m sure Shawn would’ve been all over. Can you lay out exactly what the infractions were, and where they took place? Why do you think these carbs were confiscated but no penalties announced? Lets hear the conspiracy theory. Ok, back to the regularly scheduled flux capacitor talk everyone…here’s to hoping Thompson is another good race on Wednesday!

  73. I know Preece is not Evans yet, but what I saw on Friday night was why I fell in love with modified when I was going to UCONN from 77-81 and working at RGM racing enterprises for Chuck. All the greats or potential greats can manhandle and carry the car like Preece did. As Maynard Troyer said about Jimmy Spencer back then, “You need to set up the car completely differently for a guy who can drive the car that hard. Most drivers don’t come close to the limit of what the car can do.”
    That’s what Preece is doing now and he’s going to the next level as a driver and car set up specialist. Let someone else get in the 6 and see what happens. Nothing even close.
    Congratulations Ryan! Thanks for reminding me why I fell in love with the modified years ago.

  74. Ryan is a great driver and i hope he gets the big ride good for him and he should be
    glad there is not another deral that dosen’t like him or all he would be talking about
    is no one could have come from the back twice like he did without the biggest ever
    flux capacitor ever made.

  75. darealgoodfella says

    LongTimeFan, things happen and never makes it to the news. Again, just because you don’t know about or it didn’t show up on the internet does not mean it didn’t happen. So your extrapolating, inferring, inducing, deducing, via questions is just that.

  76. darealgoodfella says

    Looking forward to Preece putting on another driving exhibition on the Thompson banking.

  77. I also am looking forward to Thompson.Big time track that requires extra giggawats from the flux capacitor to be successful.Long Time should attend just to see what it’s all about!

  78. darealgoodfella says

    Hey, anybody hear from Liz?

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