New Look: Craig Lutz Scores Whelen Modifed Tour Pole For Stafford 150

Craig Lutz (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

STAFFORD – Craig Lutz made his competitive introduction with Goodie Motorsports Friday one to remember at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Lutz, making his first start for the Jeff Goodale overseen No. 46 car, scored his first Whelen Modified Tour pole in qualifying Friday for the Stafford 150 at Stafford Speedway.

Woody Pitkat started the first seven events of the season for the team. He was released by the team following the Eastern Propane & Oil 100 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 15.

Lutz, of Miller Place, N.Y., had a fast lap of 18.345 seconds around the half-mile oval.

Lutz is making his 28th career start with the series.

Three-time defending series champion Doug Coby of Milford will start second. Coby had a fast lap of 18.365 seconds during the group qualifying session.

Ryan Preece, coming off his first career NASCAR Xfinity Series victory Saturday at Iowa Speedway, was third fastest in qualifying at 18.400 seconds.

Brendon Bock of Franklin Square, N.Y., Shawn Solomito of Islip, N.Y. and Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Mass. rounded out the top-six in qualifying respectively.


  1. knucklesmahoney says

    So much for Woody. LMAO

  2. Woody is the man

  3. knucklesmahoney says

    Woody is the man aye? Ever wonder why the 88 packed up shop? He no longer has an SK ride at Stafford? The 46 and him are no longer? Might wanna look into those before declaring him “The Man”.

  4. James Scott says

    A very nice night for Mr. Lutz!

  5. Good job Craig lutz. Very good to see. he’s a good kid

  6. Knuckles do you really think the 88 packed it in because of Woody?? Craig Lutz I’m sure would have taken that ride if it was available,that team got driven out buy nascar. As far as stafford, deep pockets took that ride and is doing well good for him Woody will be back with a new team, so I guess a couple people still believe in Woody And I guess Tommy Baldwin must have believed in him too Craig might have brought someone along who knows how to set up a race car too

  7. As the Island turns. says

    Knucklesmahoney, Do you really believe that Doug the listed crew chief for the 46 car was capable of putting a set up in that car that put it on the pole??? If you do, I regret to inform you are mistaken although I am certain Doug would like to take credit for it, that is just not the case. Craig and his dad who is a former racer COMPLETELY changed the set up in that car with their own knowledge and help from a friend who is a very successful SK Modified driver at Stafford Motor Speedway. I guess you don’t live on Long Island, talk down here is if Craig wants to have success in that car he and his dad need to continue to oversee the setup for the team, if I was Doug I would start looking for a new job, just a matter of time before he gets the boot, wonder if that will be via text message, time will tell. Buzz Chew shut down because of a rift with NASCAR, nothing to do with Pitkat, when Buzz said he was shutting down his team he did, he didn’t change his mind less than 24 hrs. later and decide to change drivers. It is my understanding that Pitkat did not want to run the SK Modified at Stafford on a weekly basis, and suggested the team look for someone else. Congrats to Lutz on the pole, always like to see the Island boys do well. Lastly, have to wonder how Jeff Goodale would have done as a driver with someone else doing set up for him???

  8. Douglas Ogiejko says

    You my friend, couldn’t be any more mistaken. Anytime you want to head down to my shop, you are more then welcome. I will gladly show you the time and effort spent on our cars. I’ll also pay for your pit pass for the race of your choice. Come hang out with my team and see how it all works. I’m always open to constructive criticism. I’ve been silent in all of this FB, internet mumbo jumbo in the past weeks. But this one, I won’t let go.

  9. Sorry Doug ,I’m going with as the island turns , no way that car had the same set up, I’ll give credit to Craig but he’s not that much better than Woody

  10. Douglas Ogiejko says

    Your are correct, it didn’t have the same set up. Unfortunately I’m not going to be tied up in specifics but the car is not the same as it was at Thompson or Louden.

    You should really get past the whole thing and maybe give some credit where credit is due. 🤷🏼‍♂️ That’s my thought anyway. Feel free to contact me in private and I will gladly go every single minute of Friday and what exactly took place and how that resulted in the day that it did. I think myself or anyone on the team would be the best source. We were there.

    Unfortunately after this I won’t be able to play in the sand box anymore. I have cars to prep for Thompson and Bristol.

  11. As the Island turns says

    Anyone that was at Thompson in June or Loudon in July knows the car was a handful for Pitkat, I was simply pointing out that Doug as the crew chief should not take credit for the set up in the 46 car at Stafford on Friday and that comes from right out here on the Island. I hope you are indeed preparing the cars for Thompson and Bristol, as those of us that were at Thompson in June saw what I would refer to as a joke, you show up at the track without the car even nut and bolted, the 46 car was not allowed out for practice as the “kill switch” was not working and the 46 car had to start last in the feature because of an unapproved adjustment, that being the throttle linkage hitting the hood. It is my understanding it was Pitkat that made the call to fix the throttle and start last, not the crew chief. I could continue but I think you get my point. As far as Bristol, TN goes you cannot skimp on prep at that track someone could get hurt, been there many times, be prepared it rains everyday and the WMT goes out last when a rain delay comes into play. It may even be 11:00 pm makes a long day for WMT teams when most arrive at 6:00 am, hope you are prepared for that, it isn’t much FUN! I do not need you to pay for my pit pass, I am able to buy my own as I have done for many years, I am simply pointing out that the drivers always seem to be blamed for the performance of a team when that is not always the case. For example look at the improvement of Dave Sapienza this year, I am sure he will agree the Grasso brothers are a big part of his success this year. Good Luck to all the Island drivers at Thompson, I will be there cheering some of you on!

  12. Douglas Ogiejko says

    You have an awful lot to say. I really think you should stop by my shop so we can discuss this in person as adults. I’ll be there all day tomorrow, tomorrow night, Tuesday and Tuesday night. Since I’m pretty sure I know who you are, there’s really no reason to keep this going.

    As far as Stafford, please tell me who should take the credit? As far as I know I was in the shop scaling on Tuesday and I’m pretty sure there was no one else there. Same goes for the track? Could be wrong.

    You are correct on all your points with Thompson and Louden. Luckily we’ve righted those issues, regrouped, reset, and as far as I’m concerned proved what we can do.

    Thanks for the info on Bristol. It surely is aggravating that it’s rained the past 2 years I’ve been there. But, it is what it is.

    Come say hello. Like I said I’m open to any options, good or bad. You should call more of your sources though. No smoke and mirrors here bud. 👍🏻

  13. Well Doug I know you worked your butts off on them cars and I couldn’t be happier for you guys.its bill and people have no idea what it takes to put a race car on the track.Much more than just showing up with your helmet and fire suit.

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