Picture This: Ted Christopher Remembrance Slide Show From Photographer Fran Lawlor

Ted Christopher (Photo: Fran Lawlor)

Longtime local photographer Fran Lawlor has been chasing Ted Christopher around the tracks of the Northeast from behind lenses of cameras since he was a child.

Lawlor has put together this slideshow in remembrance of his many moments capturing Christopher at the track and beyond. Check it out below.


  1. Well done. If there were pictures of the white (Pit Bull) Sk that started it all for Teddy back in 84. That would have made the journey down memory lane complete. Maybe Scott Running the Stafford PR Director can go though the albums I left at the Speedway. Im sure that there are several of them there. Still great Job Fran. Your dad and Howie Hodge probably have the biggest collection of short track racing pictures ever assembled.

  2. Beautiful

  3. Great job

  4. Outstanding job. Some real memories in those pics. We will never forget T C

  5. Thanks for the great pictures –

  6. Thank you for the pictures, so many fond memories.

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