Local Racer David Secore Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault Charge

Dave Secore in victory lane at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Secore Motorsports)

David Secore, a local racer from Union, was convicted Monday in Rockville Superior court of a sexual assault on a teenage girl stemming from an incident in 2014.

Secore, 47, accepted a plea agreement on Monday in Rockville Superior Court and pleaded guilty to first degree unlawful restraint – a felony – and fourth degree sexual assault – a misdemeanor.

Secore was arrested on July 6, 2016 and originally charged with felony first degree sexual assault and first degree unlawful restraint. The victim, who was 17 at the time of the assault, said the assault took place during a party at Secore’s home in 2014 when she was 17 years old.

According to the Journal Inquirer of Manchester, Assistant State’s Attorney Elizabeth Leaming indicated the plea bargain will have Secore receive a six-year sentence – which will be suspended after one year in prison – and five years of probation. Secore, who is free on bond, is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 18.

Secore was the 2013 champion of the DARE Stock division at Stafford Motor Speedway and has two career victories at the track. He ran in six events in the DARE Stock division in 2017.


  1. This guy gives racers a bad name. Hopefully Nascar will step in and revoke his racing license or the tracks will make it known that he’s not welcome NO MEANS NO!

  2. darealgoodfella says

    Hey Rob p., what do you think about Bruce Bemer and the Waterford Speedbowl situation?

  3. This guy gives racers a bad name. Please……

    He gives himself a bad name. Are all Catholic priest pedophiles? How about teachers are they
    all sexual predators? Does Bruce Bemer represent the majority of track owners?
    Easy to just throw wild unproven accusations out like it’s nothing Seems to be a specialty on this site

  4. Hey dareal,why not try to beat that dead horse one more time?You are an obnoxious pseudo-intellect.There is no greater troll poster than you.I would love to meet you in person at the Speedbowl.You are too busy polishing your idiotic”flux capacitor” to realize how much people dislike your comments.

  5. 450mike should speak for himself.Anyone who doesn’t appreciate someone’s comments are free to comment on this great website.I wonder why he would want to “meet in person”someone he doesn’t like?Don’t put words into the mouths of all the poor people that “dislike his comments”.And merry Christmas to you anyway if it aint out of keeping with the the situation.

  6. darealgoodfella says

    Yo, now keep it real… when you see a young black male wearing hoodie, you assume he’s a great kid and not a drug dealing gangbanger, right? What would you really think if a bunch of black kids, black families showed up at your favorite local track? Now let’s not forget that until recently, Confederate flags were the norm at racetracks. You really want to go all nuts over someone for making the similar stereotype or generalization? Well, looks like most of you can add hypocrite to your list of skills.

  7. Easy now DAREAL.OUT OF LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. darealgoodfella says

    art, weak people posture like they are speaking for others. They are cowards and are afraid to stand on their own, so they have to make it look like they are part of a larger pack or tribe, like Nixon and his “silent majority”.

  9. Daidiot, one sick twisted individual. Article about a driver going to jail for assault. And he turns it into black-racist thing.

  10. Daidiot is the definition of “troll”.

  11. To my knowledge there is only one pack of hyenas that travel in a pack. That have identified with each other as a group, coordinated attacks as a group and played off each others comments in support of each other with virtually no disagreement between them. The three are dareal, Art and NH Mark. And there is no hyena more craven and cowardly, who seeks the approval of his cronies, that jumps in to support his cronies any more frequently then dareal. In my view anyway.

  12. darealgoodfella says

    No rich, it’s about stereotyping, generalizing, and hypocrisy.

  13. An individual that happened to race committed a felony. Not the first, won’t be the last. He was judged by his peers and sentenced. There is no great meaning or connection to racing.

  14. darealgoodfella says

    Rob p., would you like to see a boycott on Waterford? Should all racers and fans stay away from the place as a statement against Bemer?

  15. darealgoodfella says

    450mike, if you don’t like me, why would you like to meet with me?

    I have no interest whatsoever in meeting you.

    I am okay with people not liking my comments, it is to be expected. More so, I’m glad my comments contradict many others on this site. I’m so glad I’m not like them.

  16. darealgoodfella says

    Kevin T., please explain the “out of line”.

    As far as stereotyping and generalizing goes, Trump does it all the time, with Muslims and Mexicans being his favorite targets.

    If you are going to be offended by particular instances of stereotyping and generalizing, but not others, then you are a hypocrite, at least, and probably a bigot of some sort.

    Kevin T., please explain your concern.

  17. See, Art making a point to defend dareal. Dareal sighting Arts comment and playing off it. And Ironic isn’t it criticizing a tribe mentality as he uses his own tribe member to make a point. Where’s NH Mark?

  18. Trump, Muslims, black, white accusations of bigotry. Most people, even those with strong political opinions have the courtesy and good sense to leave them at the door. And why do they do it. CAUSE IT’S NOT A CABLE NEWS COMMENT SECTION.

  19. darealgoodfella says

    450mike still doesn’t know what a flux capacitor is. 🤣😂🤣😂

  20. Ok let’s say this guy should have his credential revoked. Maybe he can race at the speed bowl. Yes that’s right I said it my opinion is that as long as bemer owns the bowl people should stay away why give a pediphile your money. There are other places to race. Is there even a sanctioning body associated with that place? If no one shows up maybe he’ll sell the place and somebody respectable will take it over. But the story is not about the bowl it’s about a 43 year old dude that assaulted a 17 year old girl then copped a plea to avoid serious jail time. 1 year in jail and 5 years probation is a joke and now he IS a sex offender and they have no place at a racetrack that promotes family entertainment let him go sit at a perverts anonymous meeting somewhere our youth is our future it’s time we started protecting them

  21. Oh good. Now daidiot has brought Muslims into the mix. His excuse for being so dumb is that he wants to be “different”.

  22. Day real the answer concerning bemwr is yes. Boycott. Drive him out. As far as stereotype if I saw a black guy in a hoodie approaching me I would think it my brother from another mother. I learned a long time ago not to stereotype. 99.9% of the people around are good hard working people Bemer and Secore do not fit in this category. Crimes against youth are serious crimes and should carry serious consiquence. Just because Bemer can afford high dollar attorneys doesn’t make him any less guilty than Secore so if you want to go to his racetrack and help pay his legal bills go ahead…count me out.

  23. And before anyone says it. No this has nothing to do with the current movement in this country. This stems from my up bringing where NO means NO. Merry Christmas to all

  24. Datroll is in the house!

  25. darealgoodfella says

    It’s fun seeing what gets you people all over-torqued.

  26. Viva race fan says

    Bemer still hasn’t been convicted . So let’s wait that 1 out. This guy made a mistake and will pay with time and probation . He will has stipulations that he may not be able to return to racing per his probation stipulations . Did the article say he has to register ? He will have classes in and out of jail and his life will change. Maybe lose where he lives have to sell everything you owns. Lose all his friends let his parents down. So I don’t think racing is going to be on the top of his things to do right now. Is his division NASCAR sanction ? Well we won’t know for a long time if this man I ever race again. And we won’t know anything about mr. Beamer until his day in court. So before everybody calls the kettle black. Maybe worry about their family in the upcoming holiday. And try not to get caught up in the drama of all this and have a blessed Christmas.

  27. Stuart Fearn says

    Thank you Shawn for keeping us informed. If you had not published this to the racing community many many people might not have know David Secore is a convicted rapist. Copping a plea deal makes it not less of a crime and heinous act to rape a friend of your own daughter.
    Please people tell everyone you know, especially your daughters, nieces, friends, etc about this creap. He is 100% creepy child rapist by his own admission. I’ll stand up and say it outloud, this rapist should never show his face at any race track again. Anyone he befriends him in any way will also be considered guilty.
    I thank god I followed my instincts back in 2015. Right after the drivers meeting at Stafford one friday I see this rapist talking one-on-one to my then 18 year old daughter and fellow competitor. I bolted over, interrupted the conversation, and send his lying ass away in about 10 seconds. So glad I did that and I’m hoping everyone can find the courage, strength, and intestinal fortitude to do the same when he comes strolling around a year from now.

  28. Crazy in NY says

    …..and soon we’ll get to pay to enjoy this drivel . Can’t wait. Good luck with that Shawn.

  29. I have to ask. If the Speedbowl can’t cobble something together in the near term are the critics happy that it will mean the end of racing there forever? That’s the greatest odds. Bemer has his 25 million settlement offer on the table and the civil trial isn’t starting until 2019. The civil cases may never end until there is nothing to go after. Fail next season, the property being the low value white elephant it is, the stands being the issue that they are it would likely be over. Who’d catch that falling knife? Whitney takes a powder and there just to many balls to juggle to make racing there work. I would just ask the naysayers if they are good with that?

  30. sour grapes of wrath says

    An individual that happened to race committed a felony. Not the first, won’t be the last. He was judged by his peers and sentenced. There is no great meaning or connection to racing. ****
    Doug, if only this were true. there are other drivers who have committed similar crimes and been allowed to race at NASCAR sanctioned tracks after serving their sentence’s. so do we find our who sponsored Secore and tell those businesses we will never trade with them??? some people will read this story and decide Stafford had a predator in the pits and did nothing so we will not attend races there or support anyone onvolved in “racing” . If they are a registered sex offender they aren`t allowed to be around children. I am almost certain some drivers, crew and employees at all three tracks may fit this profile and we are unaware .Bemer has admitted to behavior as an end user aka “john” but has not been convicted of the pending charges .At this time he is allowed to own and run a business for profit (is the bowl making money if you include expenditures ? ) I doubt it. I am frustrated at hypocrite’s who state they will not support or allow a creep and or anyone supporting the track to “profit” when the reality is its simply not possible to isolate these people .you buy a ticket to the movies. you buy a sandwich? you do any business with the government ?. how about local business. predators are luring everywhere. where do you draw the line ..convicted murders who were paroled, rapists ??.sorry for the rant. PS the story has merit as it is related to racing ..however people will draw there own conclusions.

  31. I’m good with that Doug. That’s a straight and sincere answer too. Like anything else, all the negative that comes from that place reaches a boiling point. I understand some wasn’t their own doing but dang, I can’t handle anymore. Plenty of other great facilities all over New England. All good things come to an end. The place does have nine lives. i will give them that.

  32. Viva race fan says

    Not everybody on the registry is a pedophile. Some of these people have internet crimes. Some of these people have crimes with their spouses. So don’t say everybody on the registry is a child pedophile if you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t say nothing. See everybody is so quick to judge before the facts are proven. Mr. Beamer was asked to put up 25 million because of some greedy lawyers we’re going to get the biggest part of the pie. Time will tell what will happen with that case. Let’s not all judge and let the facts lay where they are. There’s a lot more people involved as I read all the information that was provided mostly through this website and links that people gave. He looks more like a John to me then anybody that we think is out looking searching for those people. I’m sure there’s nobody at the local race tracks it’s ever gone on Craigslist or Backpage to meet somebody that’s how I see this. But he has money so they’re going to exploit him from his cash I’m very interested to see where this goes. Keep the faith people not everybody a messes up is a bad person. If it wasn’t for mr. Beamer the Speedbowl wouldn’t be in the condition it’s in now and if he wasn’t in the situation would be brand-new grandstands and racing would be going on as planned. I don’t think mr. Whitney can afford to do that so I my heart believe there won’t be no racing to the speed Bowl next year cuz what does mr. Beamer gain from running a track where people put them down. So if we were more supportive and let the jury lie where it will tell the facts and pushed the guy out the door so quickly we would be racing this year.

  33. I read this for news about racing . All this other BS and personal attacks is not what the majority of us want to read. Does anyone else agree?

  34. Here’s a guy NH Mark, from New Hampshire I assume is OK with a track in Connecticut closing after 66 years or so. And he can’t handle anymore. Somehow like daidiot, he’s being affected. The stupidity seems to be contagious.

  35. Lets see if sour grapes can get this.Murderers,your ok once you complete parole.Rapists and all other criminals,after parole your good to go.Most offenders can petition the court for relief from disabilities so they can vote and rejoin society.People who commit sexual crimes against children, if they can survive incarceration they have to complete parole and then it only gets worse.The police watch them.The social media posts announce whenever and wherever they move.This will happen even on the chance he gets probation,wich I don’t think is possible given the circumstance of his long time participation in these disgusting crimes.It’s over.I don’t know how people can be so ignorant of this.Just go on line and type in sexual predators near me.See what you get.In these cases the American way of paying your debt to society is out the window.I know the precious bowl is at stake here but come on,be reasonable.When the court allows a sale we will see if someone steps up and saves a local racetrack.Until then closed mouth great manager George is as good as it gets.

  36. Not only did this guy serve alcohol to minors at his party, he also did that to his daughters friend. Seems odd that he raced half of last season with this going on as he was absent from Stafford for a while. Probably so drunk he didn’t even remember doing it.

  37. Viva race fan says

    Jh you may need to re read the comment . He said the guy was talking to her after a drivers meeting ?

  38. Rich, I am still affected. One less track to visit each summer. Just like I’m affected if Seekonk, or Thompson or Stafford or Monadnock or Star closes. In the case of Waterford I no longer care if it closes,. Just one man’s opinion. I’m perfectly fine with you feeling otherwise. I’m an adult and can respect others opinions and stances. My stance is just how I feel now. I completely understand many are fighting the good fight to keep it open. Best of luck with that.

  39. Thanks Stuart finally someone is seeing the truth.

  40. Viva race fan says

    For all you Fox heads who only read race-day CT. This sexual assault thing is out of control from Harvey Weinstein to our wonderful government who has laws passed in a slush fund so there’s sexual misconduct are covered up and people are paid off and not allowed to talk about it due to an agreement. As taxpayers we have paid millions and millions of dollars to the victims for these corrupt politicians you can look it up this is all true. Sexual assault is so wide in this country there’s very few people who are immune from it. If you don’t think you have ever made any type of sexual assault just two people standing there talking about a man or a woman is a form of sexual assault.

    It’s so funny how people judge there’s so many people walking amongst us every single day that has committed a sexual assault type crime some of them caught some haven’t . So if you were lucky enough to get away with it get on your knees and thank the Lord you’ve never had to go through the process. It’s funny though so many are so quick to judge and give their so-called unbiased opinion.

    So as far as this guy getting his butt in trouble he has been singled out and somebody step forward and press charges and now he’s to service time. I think America’s just on the tip of how bad sexual assault is that it’s going to blow wide open it’s going to come to our local government , bosses, policeman, and so many many more. What is happening in the world is opening the door for equality for both men and women and it’s honorable that people step up and put blame on something that will affect their life for the rest of it so maybe there’s a little bit of closure for the victim and their families.

  41. Seems to me if you have to struggle getting by a few years with this uncomfortable arrangement they have going at the Speedbowl hoping it makes a sale and long term survival more probable then why not lighten up a bit for the sake of the local fans. Whitney fails and it’s likely a death sentence.
    As far as Secore goes I’d simply say that in all the years I followed local racing I have never been aware of a high profile convicted felon coming back after a prison stretch. And with the crime involving a young lady in an image conscious sport trying to attract young people. Please, Stafford would never allow it even if he had the resources to restart his racing effort which is also unlikely.

  42. It is a thin blurred line we flirt with. Yes, there probably are criminals amongst us at the racetrack they don’t do background checks at the gate. But in this case the guy plead guilty and it was in the media. He committed a serious crimes and as I’ve said before should not be allowed in a facility that promotes family entertainment we have to protect our youth. They are our future.

  43. You can unpack that deal from Viva let me know. That was one big fat spicy meatball.

  44. Great comments dareal
    You good man!
    Glad to call you a friend

  45. “It’s fun seeing what gets you people all over-torqued.” And there you have it. Darealidiot’s whole purpose in commenting. That, my friends, is the definition of a troll.

  46. To all the folks that latch onto theme of this article, that see the accusations going on the the media. That are fixated on the Bemer situation and this guy Secore I’d just say this. These people in society and in the racing community are the rare exceptions. Take comfort that you are surrounded mostly by people with no criminal intent, with no record, with no sinister thoughts. They are overwhelmingly average people just trying to live their lives, enjoy themselves when they can, raise their families and do no harm to others. The exceptions generally have a day of reckoning sooner or later and it follows them forever.

  47. Mark A Stanton says

    People whose job it is to report on racing and help promote the sport do a dis-service with articles like this, and Bemer……Isn’t there some supermarket rag that handles that?

  48. darealgoodfella says

    Promoters are not journalistic reporters.

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