Ryan Preece Featured In Special Joe Gibbs Racing Lip Synch Battle Video

Ryan Preece (right) with fellow Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Benjamin (left) as part of his appearance in today’s Joe Gibbs Racing lip synch battle video (Photo: Joe Gibbs Racing video)

Driving for one of the most prominent organizations in motorsports certainly has its perks.

For Ryan Preece, getting the chance to compete in at least 10 races for the Joe Gibbs Racing NASCAR XFINITY Series program in 2018 is the chance of a lifetime for the Berlin driver.

And that title of Joe Gibbs Racing driver comes with some responsibilities. Some obviously more fun than others.

Preece, the 2013 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion and regular competitor in recent years at Thompson Speedway and Stafford Motor Speedway, is one of the drivers featured in a special Joe Gibbs Racing lip synch battle video released today.

Check out the video below and see if you can find Preece going all Hollywood for the camera.


  1. Dolla Dolla $$$$ says

    Nothin like sellin your soul to the devil

  2. I was waiting to see who would post the first negative comment. Congratulations Dolla Dolla.

  3. The things we do to race. Just kidding. This is a great thing for Ryan hopefully he can string together some wins and end up as a full time driver in 2019

  4. Selling your soul? I dont get it. Looks like fun to me. Better than a typical 9-5

  5. Let me think a minute…. You get to drive racecars, have some foolish fun, AND get paid? Sounds like a pretty good gig to me!! πŸ™‚ Good luck Ryan!!

  6. It’s carpool karaoke. The racing version of the Late Show’s Jame Corden. Very hip, very social media and youth friendly. Harmless, fun and smart.

  7. Ryan Have fun race well and run some tour modified races. I am done with the modifideds with out you in there.

  8. Now that’s more like it, people. Very entertaining video. Best of luck, Ryan. I know New England fans will be paying a lot more attention to the XFINITY series when you’re out there. You put on a great show at Loudon. Can’t wait to see more.

  9. All in good fun and perhaps required these days. Perhaps this is a topic that Sean Foster will touch on in his series or will weigh in here.

  10. A win for Ryan is a win for all race fans and competitors from New England, what we need rite now….

  11. Hopefully Ryan preeces success may get some other young racers from new England to venture down south. Look at the success Kaz Gralka has had I know it’s only trucks but it’s the first step that gets his foot in the door.

  12. Great PR!! Looks like everyone had a blast!! Just bought tickets for the Spring race weekend in Richmond… Hoping since it is a Dash for Cash Xfinity race you’ll be entered in it Ryan Preece? I love it how the schedule changed and it wound up right between the Ice Breaker and Sizzler weekends???? Hope to see you in the #6 at both of them?

  13. darealgoodfella says

    That’s hilarious, and exactly what needs to be done today. Denny Hamlin and KB were pretty good too.

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