Jimmy Blewett To Run For SK Modified Championship At Thompson Speedway In 2018

Jimmy Blewett (Photo: Fran Lawlor)

When it comes to his racing calendar for the 2018 season, longtime Modified competitor Jimmy Blewett describes his plans as “playing it be ear” for much of what he’ll do.

But there is one thing he’s sure of.

Blewett, of Howell, N.J., said he will chase an SK Modified championship at Thompson Speedway in 2018.

“I will be racing Thompson in the SK [Modifieds],” Blewett said. “I can’t let it out, let the cat out of the bag who I’m driving for yet. And I’m also putting a new SPAFCO car together with Kenny Barry to run a few shows at Stafford in the SK [Modifieds].”

Ryan Preece revealed Tuesday that Blewett will be his fill-in driver for the two Whelen Modified Tour events he expects to miss in 2018 because of his commitment to the Joe Gibbs Racing XFINITY Series program.

Beyond those events with the Ed Partridge owned TS Haulers team, Blewett said the rest of Tour Type Modified schedule for 2018 is up in the air.

“I’m going to try to field my own car as much as possible, if I an get the crew to do it,” Blewett said. “… Kind of just going to have fun this year. Race around. I have an open car that I can run [the Valenti Modified Racing Series] with, that I can the ROC Tour with, so we’re looking to maybe run a few of those races as well, just because we don’t have the crew to do the [Whelen Modified Tour] full-time. I’ll fill in the blanks at my home track, Wall Stadium.”

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  1. the more we modified fans can see Showtime race, the better off we all are!!

    can i get a “Hell Yeah”?

  2. SPAFCO, nice you go Showtime!

  3. Fast Eddie says

    Great news! the last few times I’ve seen him run I thought his maturity and increased talent level was very noticeable. I think his dirt racing experience helped him a bunch on pavement. With all his experience at Wall, maybe he could run the TriTrack events.

  4. Henry Lecomte says

    Go Jimmy Go

  5. Definitely a welcome addition to the Big “T”. Blewett has improved in recent years probably due to his dirt track experience. Should be some entertaining events between him and Rocco.

  6. “Big T”. If you say so. 7 events or so? Committing to “the season” at Thompson. Just not as much impact as it used to be.

  7. He will be a mid pack runner.
    He is GOOD but the boys in ct are really good..He does try though
    Showtime is not him. Showtime is LA Lakers way back

  8. Just for you Phil ” HELL YEAH” Blewitt is fun to watch when he’s dialed in got to agree with Doug 7 races does not a commitment make. Would be sweet if he ran the full season at Stafford which may happen if KB can get that SPAFCO going good time will tell

  9. Doug for someone who has a obvious knowledge of racing I’m a bit surprised that you don’t know that term Big T is a local name for the track due to the quarter midget track on the property called the Little T.

  10. I’ve heard it Brian. My comment was a poor attempt at sarcasm because Thompson has gone part time and seems to be more focused in other areas. If I offended you sorry.

  11. Second Rob p. Full season at Stafford. Blewett. it would be epic if he had great equipment.

  12. No problems Doug I was just kidding with you a bit. My son races QM at little t and reading as much about short track racing as I possibly can. Was always a huge modified fan but now being on the inside and peaking at big track racing.(compared to little t) Your thoughts on local racing is always spot on.

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