Stafford Open Mod 80 Rules And $24K Purse Announced

(Press Release from Stafford Motor Speedway)

For the first time since the late 1970’s, non sanctioned open modified races are included in the Stafford Motor Speedway schedule.  The two events, both set for the traditional “Sizzler” distance of 80 laps, will pay $3,500 to win and $660 to start, with a total purse of $24,000 for 26 starters.  Both events will be held in conjunction with Stafford’s 5 weekly racing divisions on Friday June 8th and Friday July 13th.

“Open modified racing is back at Stafford in 2018,” explained Stafford General Manager Mark Arute.  “We decided to put these events together to give all the open modified teams an opportunity to run Stafford in a non sanctioned event with a strong purse.  We should see a great field of Modifieds for these events and expect many of our weekly SK Modified® guys to double up and run both races.  The 80-lap distance has worked well in the past for these type of cars and these races are a great addition to our 2018 schedule.”

The 80-lap features will have a draw for qualifying starting position and will use a plus/minus system of handicapping from the qualifying for the 26 car feature starting line-up.  Each registered team will be allotted 6 tires for the event with no restrictions on changing tires during the 80-lap races.

The rules package for the Open Modified events have been carefully crafted by director of competition and former Modified and Late Model competitor Tom Fox to include multiple motor packages used throughout northeast modified racing.

“We worked with multiple teams and engine builders to come up with a good package for this event,” explained Stafford Director of Competition Tom Fox.  “The end result are rules that allow a wide variety of teams to participate while also promoting a high level of competition.  Between the rules package and the $24,000 purse, these are events to circle on the calendar.”

Modified drivers throughout the Northeast are looking forward to this new event.  2017 Modified Racing Series Champion Anthony Nocella already has both the June 8th and July 13th event on his 2018 schedule after winning the May VMRS race at Stafford last season.

“I saw those two races on the Stafford schedule and they definitely got my interest,” said Nocella.  “We always like racing at Stafford, we’ll be there for those shows.  We have a lot of fun at Stafford, it’s one of the nicest tracks that we race at and there’s a lot of prestige that comes with a Stafford win.  We’ve had some really good cars at Stafford lately so we’ll be looking forward to running in those races.”

Jimmy Blewett, whose last NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour victory came at Stafford in August 2016, is also looking forward to the open modified events.

“I believe we’ll be at Stafford for those two shows,” said Blewett.  “I think they’ll be different shows because there will be a lot of different drivers.  I think the VMRS and ROC tours have a lot of drivers with a lot of talent who just can’t afford to run the Whelen Modified Tour.  When there are open shows like Stafford is going to have, it opens up things for those guys who can’t afford to go Tour racing and they can show their talents against guys who run the Tour.”

Teams interested in running the June 8th and July 13th events are required to register for participation in the events.  Registration is now open, teams can register online at by following this link:, or by calling the track office at (860)-684-2783.  Rules for the two Open Modified 80 shows can be found here:

For more information, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at



  1. One huge glaring question,is NASCAR spec engine allowed and if so, will there be a weight penalty? If yes and no, big mistake imo.

  2. The purse doesn’t move the dial for me. Much lower than I expected. No WOW factor. Stafford is competing directly against Tri Track for cars on the open circuit. Come on Stafford, show us the money!!

  3. Fast Eddie says

    Well… So much for any of my theories about purse and participation. I’m currently guessing they will draw 22 – 26 cars. I believe the purse is a little more than the VMRS and MTS, so I’m guessing a good group of VMRS teams will show. As for WMT and ROC, we’ll have to wait and see who enters. They’re still good test sessions for WMT teams. Hopefully my car count is lower than Stafford’s on race days.

  4. “Tour-type engines must be used. SK type engines with 4 barrel carburetors are not permitted.”

    Thou shalt not infringe on our successful SK modified division sayeth the Stafford.

    Not exactly run what you brung is it. More like make sure you know what you brung and it better conform to our rules.

  5. Penalized 4 what says

    Dear Penalizer,

    Please explain what makes the spec motor so superior to other motor combinations ?

    Last time i was at all the open Tri Track races, they didn’t win any of them?

    if people really want to keep complaining about this SpEC motor, I hope one of the Tour teams makes a Giant Steel Head motor and just beats everyone to shut this whole “spec motor” bs.

  6. Just Wondering says

    I agree with NH Mark, the purse is basically the same as a VMRS or MTS race without any other incentive of a points fund at the end of the year. Sure you are running less laps but still buying 6 tires. I think they need to pump up the purse like the TTOMS if they really want an exceptional car count like the TTOMS used to pull in at the NLWS at their end of the year events. $3500 to win is not going to do it, now make it $7,500 or more and spread extra throughout the field and Stafford will have a definite winner in car count and front gate incremental attendance. I like the pre-entry idea that was us fans know if its worth the trip up to Stafford for the event.

  7. I wonder where the 24K purse is coming from. Oh wait I know…gonna be an expensive show to go to for both competitors and fans and it isn’t truly an open show.

  8. I say pay the sk’s half this purse (cut every position in half) every week and then pay the 24k purse twice for the 80 laps…. we don’t need another division – if you pay a 12k purse every week the best drivers will be there most weeks and then the outsiders will come for the 24k the other two shows… pay your regulars what the deserve stafford !!!

  9. I think they will do fine and will have more than 26 cars show. Don’t like 6 tires though.

  10. P4W, the spec motor is allowed to run an 830 cfm carb, the 18 degree engine is allowed to run a 390 cfm. Against the 23 degree engine they don’t have the carb advantage as the 23 is allowed any cfm carb but the spec is a lighter engine and engine location in the car is also more advantageous. The spec engine is assessed a 150 pound weight penalty vs most other engine packages on the Tri Track Series, hence my question.

  11. The purse is very disappointing, $3,500 to win is nothing for the distance. They need to increass the overall purse and put up at least 5-7k to win if they want the participation they expect.

  12. Old Observer says

    It’s an experiment, let’s see how this years races go & hope for a better purse & rule changes for equality, if necessary, next year . Just be happy Stafford is trying something different. Have fun & see you at the races!

  13. No spec motors. Rules state GM or aftermarket steel blocks.

  14. Good catch Bob, thanks.

  15. TTOMS June race at Seekonk $10,000 to win. Haunted hundred $6000 to win. Stafford SK5K, $5000 to win. I’m a Stafford fan but isn’t this very disappointing. Are they back loading the purse so Hirschman doesn’t show up with guns blazing and walk off with a monster winners share?

  16. darealgoodfella says

    SPEC motors are not mentioned in the rules, so it looks like no SPEC motors, which probably eliminates the NWMT teams from showing up, unless they have an 18º engine laying around that they want to revive.

    Like I said before, these Stafford Open shows are looking like TTOMS on steroids. The TTOMS series has been pretty much exclusively a bullring series where HP is not a factor. Now those cars are stepping out to a track where HP is a factor. Hence, TTOMS on steroids.

  17. Fast Eddie says

    Humphry, I was thinking the same thing. My thought was the winner’s $$ would be at least $5K. The $660 to start seems comparable to TTOMS start $$. I didn’t notice before they’re starting 26. There is no info about a possible consi, so I’m guessing the heats are “in or out”. The “plus/minus” is hard to keep tabs on in the stands, so announcing will be critical to let us know who’s where with the heats. I’m also curious as to the heat length; maybe 15 laps?
    Old Observer, absolutely! IMO Stafford has a knack for running successful events, keeping them as the best New England track. Hopefully these will be successful and be on future schedules!

  18. I’ll be at Stafford for these shows.Hoping for a big turnout.Maybe the purse and distance travelled will keep some ROC teams home.Maybe the purse won’t matter.We will see.Wish TTOMS would visit this iconic track next year, most of the drivers have raced there and I think it would be a huge turnout at both gates.

  19. the purse is lower than expected for sure. a $5k to win, with $750 to start over 26 cars could be done for a $30k total purse. do that plus sell lap money and i think they’d get 40 cars. either way, Showtime going is great. any race he is in is a better race for sure. hope he wins both. i doubt Colby will enter. he’s the king of the WMT. the Wealthy owner Modified Tour. that scam gets 6 good cars and 20 others that arent competitive but the owners have deep pockets. Jimmy put it best in this article. there are lotsa very good drivers in other tours that avoid the WMT because it’s WAAAAAAY too expensive. worst Modified racing there for sure is the WMT. i’d love to see Stafford and Thompson eliminate running those scam shows altogether. why pay a $25-30K sanctioning fee? do more people attend it better racing and better cars in the open comp races!

  20. Trying something is better than nothing, I give stafford credit ; still missing the whole issue,this would be good races for the SKs . More cars better show and a purse that would seem to be pretty good for that division. mod tours will someday be a thing of the past.Why promote it this was Jack Arute dream division for the SKs to deliver what he wanted and the fans wanted, side by side racing …..

  21. darealgoodfella says

    I hope Stafford gets the big score board screen working for this to keep track of placements. That board was awesome.

  22. Just Wondering says

    I too am awaiting the publishing of the ticket price. IMO anymore than $25 will be too much and will make me stay home regardless of the car count. Maybe Stafford can do their regular weekly teams a favor and not raise up the pit entry price for these two open shows.

  23. Old observer, its hard to create a major modified event in this day and age, You can’t start small and hope it takes off. You need to come out of the gate with an event and purse that gets people talking. The purse offered has a direct result on the drivers that show up which in turn dictates what type of crowd turnout they get. Now maybe Stafford is happy with a normal Friday crowd at $25 or $30 to get in. That could be the case. Maybe that is a financial success for them. Not sure teams will haul in from NY and PA like they do for TTOMS. The allure of running Stafford didn’t help MTS at all. Almost any of these cars could show up for the VRMS races there too and race. Its not like these open races are the only opportunity for teams to run Stafford. Those VMRS car counts are solid but not off the charts. Listen, this will be a fun event for the locals but not marquee events of the summer as it stands.

    Sidebar: This weather sucks.

  24. “I hope Stafford gets the big score board screen working for this to keep track of placements”.

    Timing and scoring for the faster divisions and non-WMT tours usually show up on the Race Monitor app. Access to every available race in the USA is $5/year.

  25. o.k. guys. It’s nice to want 5K or 7K to win, but who do think is going to pay for it?? TTOMS 10K at Seekonk, Haunted House, Stafford SK5K all have sponsors. Unless sponsors come forward for these open races, the track and the fans are footing the bill. If you want better purses, we’re going to pay for them unless some sponsor comes forward.

  26. darealgoodfella says

    Stafford needs to set up a space on their web page to show what teams are registered for these shows.

  27. wmass01013 says

    STAFFORD always has an entry list for WMT MRS and Mts events last year, I am sure they will update as entries arrive daily as with other Mod events

  28. For the past few years, SMS has published entry lists for all tour races before each event. I use them to set up my scanner. I’d be surprised if they don’t do the same for the open shows.

  29. If tour type mods are at Stafford the starting price is $30. Hopes of a $25 ticket are likely futile.
    An open SK race does exist to some degree. It’s call the SK5K at Stafford.
    SK’s are excluded and for good reason. They are the premier division at Stafford and having guys switching parts around in the pits to make an open feature is worse then a bad idea.
    Yet another home run for Barry.
    Question: is 6K or 10 to win ala the TTOMS events to attract fans or race teams. Don’t only a few teams think they can actually win. Doesn’t paying more down the line mean more to get cars to show up. Is the announced purse the starter purse to be added to if a race sponsor and lap sponsors are found?

  30. wmass01013 says

    Don’t forget TTOMS started out having fans pay the purse in sponsoring laps and cars

  31. Fast Eddie says

    Maybe sponsor involvement is in Stafford’s game plan. Who knows? Maybe the purs will increase before raceday. Here’s a relatively inexpensive sponsor idea: The 4 Quarters Bonus. An extra $150 to the leader and $100 to a random top ten car at laps 20, 40, 60, & 80. A $1000 investment by a sponsor. NAPA? Sunoco? Lincoln? Hoosier? Dunleavey? N.E. Patriots? Anybody? It gives the potential to get the race winner over $4000, with a little extra to cars in the top ten.

  32. wmass01013 says

    Bigger purses attract more and better teams, fans will show if they see better teams entered, now TTOMS was LongIslandModManiac who started getting fans to pay to support the WMT race at riverhead and grew to TTOMS, will Stafford add $$ if they get a sponsor ? who knows up to them, that’s CALLED PROMOTION!!!

  33. It seems to me Bob Npt has hit the nail on the head.Ideas about tracks letting people race for free is not the answer.Back and front gate take will not cut it either.It’s sponsorship plain and simple.We’ve been talking about this for weeks now.This is the way capitalism works.Companies who think they have something to gain by sponsoring is the only way to fund racing.Other than that the front and back gates have to fund everything.Tracks certainly are not going to run in the red to keep someone from paying $35 instead of $20,or giving a discount to race teams.If it aint a win/win it’s nuttin.

  34. Crazy in NY says

    Dareal keeps saying steroids, Claremont 100 laps 6k to win 1000 to start.
    Stafford is 80 laps ,3500 to win and 660 to start so where are these steroid you keep speaking about?
    If you don’t have a steelhead don’t bother showing if you want a shot at winning.
    The backgate fleecing will net around 20 cars I’m guessing,

  35. darealgoodfella says

    Crazy, the TTOMS runs on small, bullring tracks that are not horsepower tracks. The Stafford Open races will exclude the SPEC motors (the NWMT cars) and will therefore be an event for non-NMWT cars, the cars that regularly run smaller tracks that are not horsepower tracks, hence, the Stafford Open events will be TTOMS on steroids, because these cars will now have to draw on horsepower that they didn’t have/need to run the little bull ring tracks. Stafford has straights that allow for full throttle runs, that need horsepower, that are not possible on the bull rings that are one big left turn. The cars that are going to show up at these Stafford Open events are not going to be regulars of Stafford, Thompson, Loudon, and the big tracks, etc. They will be bull ring regulars. Running at Stafford will be like running a super speedway for these cars, hence the steroids reference.


  36. It’s early and the promotion and build up to the open shows is still in the embryonic stage. At this stage it feels like an MRS show. A few more people but not like a WMT race. I’ll bet anything as the months tick by the brain trust at Stafford winds this thing up with a whole personality of it’s own including a catchy name and hopefully sponsorship. If they could spin up a grudge and trash talking between a couple teams that would feed the excitement as well.

  37. It is a kick in the face to all the SK teams who run there every week especially since all they would need to do is bolt on a carb and maybe buy tires if a different compound is used. Some of the SK teams have backup cars they could prepare for these events. Just don’t see the logic you would think they would want their top division represented but that’s typical Stafford for you you can’t race a Stafford dare stock anywhere else same with LLM and Late models even their SK needs changes to be legal elsewhere what are they afraid one of the SK guys might like running open shows only mark arute and Tom fox know the real reason and my bet is they ain’t talking # let the SK’s race

  38. I wonder if Rob Fuller is putting a deal together so that Chase Dowling will be ALLOWED to race the open shows or Valenti or any other mod series because we all know it would be a conflict of interest for chase to run anything but an LFR car…come on Fuller …grow up…let chase race. I really think that with the right car chase could easily be a serious contender just don’t see it happening due to Fuller’s ignorance

  39. Race dude. says

    Let’s see… $3500 to win. Now you have to buy 6 tires if they are $100ea= $600 probly looking at 30 gallons of fuel @ 10/ gal = $300 6 crew and driver at I’m guessing $40 ea= $240 plus from the multiple engine combinations I’m going to guess that the top 3 can look forward to teardown so you’ll have to pay to have the motor reassembled who knows how much that will cost but let’s say $800 so basically your looking at $1500 to win. and breaking even elsewise when you do the math it’s a toss up do I race or not hopefully most guys decide race

  40. Rob P, the SK drivers are already paying customers. Stafford won’t make money by letting a bunch of drivers already there race in the main event. They want non regulars. Raising the ticket price $10 a head will cover a $24k purse and then some. This is still a cash cow for the track. Bringing in a race sponsor only enhances the profit margin, not the race purse.

  41. I would like to see a true OPEN show. Limit the displacement set a maximum gear rule set a minimum weight rule and turn them loose. Would also like to see them allow more tires say 10 that gives you 2 sets and 2 spares. It would be a shame to see someone destroy their car because the track limited them to 6 tires. Hopefully the admission prices are reasonable so maybe they fill the stands. Also with all the different engine options I really can’t see the SMS tech department accurately being able to tech these cars

  42. Crazy in NY says

    Dareal when the MRS races at Stafford and Thompson is that the MRS on steroids? A small field ,
    and a less than desirable purse doesn’t make it “steroid” worthy in my view. Caprice?
    When the Tour visits Riverhead is that the WMT on Slim Fast? and…. the rules say no SK Mods.
    I didn’t see a ban however of wet sump motors. It’s a SK if Stafford says it is? That NASCAR stain runs deep at that place I guess.

  43. Rob p. Really? 10 tires?? It’s only 80 laps, not a marathon. Even the WMT cars don’t change tires before 80 laps.

  44. I figured 10 tires based on the practices and heats using 1 set then bolt on a set for the feature with 2 spares. I just don’t think 6 tires are enough for the first show even though most likely these guys have raced here before let’s meet in the middle and say 8 tires with a guarantee that the same tires will be used for both shows. Keep in mind just because your allowed so many tires doesn’t mean you have to buy them.

  45. sk’s can run this race, just can’t run both on the same night. So if you have a spare car or you choose to run with the mods. I hope they are on the same tire, too bad they don’t give a weight break for sk engine. They would also get more cars if they had a B main. Still think this race should be for sk’s – don’t need another modified division at stafford to get fans and cars, just need bigger purse so guys can afford to run a whole season

  46. It would be more practical for the track to add 2 or 3 more $5000 to win SK races they don’t need another division that will be mostly MRS cars give the money to the guys who supports the track you may be able to run the open if you have two cars but not every team does they could run the SK race first and the open last maybe throw in some fireworks or a short intermission this would give them time to tech the SK’s then the teams could bolt on a 4 barrel and be good to go everybody wins. # let the SK’s race

  47. Race dude. says

    Give the money to the SK’s run a couple more high paying shows there are enough tour or tour type races already

  48. Track won’t make money on more high dollar SK races. The track will make money on an open show with increased ticket prices,increased pit admissions and increased grandstand admission along with a reasonable purse for them to payout. This is a money maker for them. That’s the racing business.

  49. Like it hate it SK’s engine are out for the open race.
    “Tour-type engines must be used. SK type engines with 4 barrel carburetors are not permitted.”

    From a practical standpoint is carb switching make any sense at all? Stafford is a horsepower track and aren’t SK engines designed specifically to maximize output with the two barrel. Maybe an engine guy can weigh in on that. Seems like running an SK with a four would be futile.
    But how about the bigger issue. For many of us we look forward to the SK feature in the special show and don’t think seeing our top guys running around in 20th place is a good idea.

  50. Stafford charged $30 for the SK5k the last two years with a better then average crowd so I’m guessing they did OK. But no question it’s the tour shows that are the big money makers. After all if you have a steady diet of SK big shows they become the weekly racing series with a high price tag to get in front or back and no one will want that.

  51. The Earth is flat says

    Lap money, lap money and more lap money…
    Auction off lap money to fans and sponsors.

  52. Just Wondering says

    Doug going by the $30 that was charged for the SK5k, which paid $5k to win, and the open shows are going to pay $3.5k which is 70% of the winners share, it stands to reason the grandstand ticket price should be $21? I doubt that is ever going to happen but it sure sounds good to this fan. lol

  53. Henry Lecomte says

    To me its not an open show they are not allowing anyone they in my oponion are picking and chosing It wont be a show If Keith,Chase or Ronnie williams are not in this show and they shouldnt have to build a new car just to race it I stopped going to Stafford over a decade ago for reasons like this and will not be coming back with BS races like this I work hard for my cash and if Im gonna piss it away I might as well hit the slots.

  54. You know what I think is a great deal Just Wondering. It’s the special night for the SK Lights at Stafford. Extra distance for the SKs, the SK light big race and a ticket price around $20.

  55. WeeklyRacer says

    Haha typical loser! Hit the slots henry. You’ve been missing some of the best racing in the country for the last few years. Dislike Stafford or not the racing has been second to none in recent years

  56. Just Wondering says

    Doug, didn’t Stafford hold an event with a special SKL race last year? I seem to recall a SKL event that people were complaining about an SKL owner having a ringer SK driver race his car? Just Wondering how did that work out?

  57. Henry L. I believe that Rocco and Williams have MRS cars Dowlings fate is in the hands of Rob Fuller because he can only drive an LFR car. Don’t seem fair to chase but that’s what happens when you deal with an egocentric idiot I feel bad for the SK racers who only have 1 car with a little creativety the tack could work the schedule for the night so that the SK guys could run both events. For example… Run the SK based on points no heats. Then run all the heats and the other features this would leave time for SK tech and finish the night with the open
    #let the SK’S race.
    Come on people give these guys a chance join the movement call or email the track…maybe they’ll give in and do the right thing…let the SK’s race

  58. Rob p your obviously not a fuller fan,but if the guy works for him in shop repairing LFR car’s he should probably drive a LFR car ,Rocco works for Pettit but probably not for long if he decided to use a TA engine, just my thought. Happy New Year let’s go racing

  59. Sure Just Wondering it’s the Dunleavy’s Modifiedz Night this year on May 25. 40 laps for the lights, 50 for the SKs plus fireworks. Was $20 or around there last year and it was a great show with a packed pit area and great crowd. The controversy fizzled when the event was postponed last year because of rain and Tony Membrino who was going to drive in the Light race eventually did not. If you decide to come up I’m thinking you won’t be disappointed.

  60. Seems like there are solid reasons for Stafford to not include the SK’s since they were insignificant in the TTOMS events last year on smaller tracks for the most part. I know one thing. If Stafford decided to exclude them they’re staying excluded.

  61. Just Wondering says

    Doug, sounds like a night I may just make the trip up to Stafford. Actually I along with my buddies arelooking into a Stafford season pass since it is looking more and more like the Speedbowl may be opening late considering the lack of info coming out and the weather not helping matters either.

  62. darealgoodfella says

    The Stafford SK Modified® is a brand to itself. Stafford doesn’t want the brand getting all muddied up and distorted.

  63. When Ryan Preece worked for CD he drove a troyer car on the tour actually 2 troyers for 2 different teams .Mike paquette didn’t pull a nuttie then. And yes I’m not a robot Fuller fan there’s a reason he moved back up north and it wasn’t so he could sell race cars.

  64. No CD ,s on tour

  65. I would like to see a vote by fans and competitors – should these 80 lap races b for sk’s or open mods – I think the sk’s put on a better show

  66. it looks like these races are a VMRS/MRS race without Jack B and co..

  67. Question Steve: a lot of people come to the regular shows including myself to see mostly the SK’s run 40 laps of incredibly competitive racing. Maybe the best modified racing available today based on different winners, side by side duels and cars running in packs. I’m flashing back to Christophers last race when he Galko, Owens and Preece ran under a blanket for many laps at the end finishing in a group at the checkered flag. Why would you mess with that?

  68. Gotta agree with Steve but the vote should be wether or not to allow the SK’s to run the open shows as I’ve said before not every SK team has a spare car and with some creative scheduling it would be possible for a guy to run both shows with 1 car
    # let the SK’s race

  69. Doug that is exactly my point – why bring in another mod series when you have the best in New England – pay the Sk this great purse and the cars and fans will follow. JMO.

  70. VMRS/MRS same series just no Valenti as the sponsor

  71. The million dollar question is who is going to tech the engines after the race to make certain everyone is playing within the rules especially with the multitude of engine packages to select from?

  72. Brought that subject up before Humphrey cannot see the SMS tech guys doing it maybe they’ll try to get tech’s from the multiple touring series. The rules are very technical for each combination so it looks like whole engine teardown.

  73. Come on man. Are these open shows ever really enforced properly. Like ever. They pick some basic stuff to check out, give them a gold star and pay them the money. And I don’t have a clue if I’m right but it make sense.
    Gotta give the WMT the nod as the best modified racing in the region based solely on popularity. I don’t get it but full stands don lie. But for a weekly series nothing can be better the 40 laps of SK dynamite.

  74. wmass01013 says

    Entry list for both already up on Stafford website

  75. wmass01013 says

    In the end really does tech matter in an open show as long as someone in not just blatantly running illegal, open shows are a 1 nite fun fest for fans in my opinion.

  76. darealgoodfella says

    Tech does matter… to the contenders. If someone gets away with a big carb, extra cubes, or a non-compliant flux capacitor and takes the big payout, then yeah, tech does matter.

  77. darealgoodfella says

    Open shows are a run for the cash, a non-points race. It’s all about the win, not pacing for points. SO yeah, teams are definitely incentivized to step far into the grey with the hopes of not getting caught.

    Stafford needs to realize there will be tons of negative blowback if tech is not straight up.

  78. The deal with this race, especially the first is no one has any idea of what to expect. If they get a good list of entrants it’s almost a must see. Ideally I’d like Hirschman to show up loaded for bear and seeing as how he’s in the list of SK drivers enter the SK race as well. Then again he was is the listing last year and never showed up in an SK.

  79. I agree Rob P, if the rules are going to be enforced the way they are published then the top five should be prepairing for a long night. If not then why bother to publish all these elaborate rules.

    Wmass, i’ll bet it would matter if you finished 2nd to a car that had a cheater engine and was not teched properly. Big difference between $3,500 to win and $1,600 for second. You might want to rethink your comment and come back down to reality.

    Add this to the list of what’s wrong with short track racing!

  80. With the purse the way it is, I’d rather see only one open show, which is a 100 lapper, allow 7 tires, and combine the purses. That would be something special.

  81. wmass01013 says

    But several people have said they would like to go back to mod madness Stafford used to run what u brung race!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. If they are going to have a run what you brung race then there are no rules. Big blocks, small blocks, fuel injection etc. No tire rules, no weight rules and I really believe you won’t see that as these are not the old days.

  83. Just Wondering says

    I agree, run what you brung. Make it $7.5k or more to win and let the boys and girls have at it. Only stipulation in no super mod type cars and no alcohol for safety reasons. If a tour type mod wants to put a wing on top, go for it.

  84. Is it even possible to have a comprehensive technical inspection for two events with a wide array of different specifications?

  85. wmass01013 says

    All I was trying to say is this is an open comp race. lets have some fun and enjoy no points racing with whoever shows up but already people worried about TECH all night with this rule and that rule, lets just race, teams know whats going on, if yur afraid some team using a cheater motor, stay home!

  86. darealgoodfella says

    Who won’t have a cheater motor is more like it.

    And the flux capacitor, don’t forget the flux capacitor.

  87. darealgoodfella says

    Cheat or be cheated.

  88. If this is an open modified race then tell me why they have not included the WMT NASCAR spec engine? Let’s face it, this is an open race for modifieds with 18 or 23 degree engines only according to what the rules say. So how is this an open race?????

  89. What wmass said. Agreed. Can’t wait.

  90. Doesn’t open mean non sanctioned, non points, multiple engine and chassis configurations.

  91. Dumb question: does the spec engine have aluminum heads and how many teams in the WMT actually run the engines? Actually two dumb questions.

  92. darealgoodfella says

    The 18º engine cars can’t compete with the SPEC engine cars. That was evidenced by the fact that 18º engines were laid to waste on the NWMT by the SPEC engine. So this Stafford show is for the good old days of built engines, NO SPEC engines.

    I think the NWMT is the only Mod series using the SPEC, all others are using the used and obsoleted 18º engines that are no longer competitive on the NWMT.

    So the NWMT tour cars (that are just about all running the SPEC) usually don’t show up at these open show shindigs, and those that did would dominate just as they did when the NWMT was transitioning from built to SPEC engines.

  93. Doug, yes the WMT spec engine has aluminum heads and I would guess the majority of the WMT teams run one. Do your self a favor, go on the Stafford web site, pull up the rules for this race and read the rules for the engine/carb combinations you can run. If you think you are confused now you will really be scratching your head when you are done. You will probably see why I have such a strong opinion about post race tech.

  94. The 2 Open shows at Stafford replace the 2 MTS events held there in 2017 (or the 4th WMT and 3rd VMRS races held in 2016). MTS car counts, although not spectacular, were bolstered by a few WMT cars (as MTS allowed the WMT SPEC engine). I’m glad to see Stafford trying something new and look forward to attending both Open shows. However, allowing the SPEC engines to compete and boosting the purse would likely make these events even more interesting. With respect to tech inspections – if the WMT can’t find the “flux capacitors”, I don’t think Stafford will be able to catch everything, either.

  95. darealgoodfella says

    If you wander around the pits it is obvious and easy to see who is running what engine.

    Just have to go in the pits. If you went in the pits, you’d know this.

  96. Crazy in NY says

    Dumb question: Why talk about an engine package that supposedly isn’t allowed? As to tech…really.
    The staff at Stafford can’t puff motors, check carbs with gages, etc? Why couldn’t the track employ some of the same staff that the TTOM uses as they travel from track to track? So … I ask again.
    Who determines what is an SK Mod..the track? An SK with a 4bbl isn’t going to have a snowball chance in hell at a win but the better ones may run top 10. A lot of people wringing their hands over something that is a long way off. Take some deep breaths….relax.

  97. Prickly as usual Crazy but never confusing on where you stand.
    I do know how you feel about tech inspections humphry and plan on using my best footwork to avoid crossing swords with you on that issue again.
    I spent a lot of time on the rules this morning. That spec engine is mentioned all the time in this comment section. Tons of information about it 5 years or so ago when it was rolled out but recently nothing. There is nothing I can find on who runs the engine and who doesn’t but I assume it’s main stream now in the WMT. It’s foundation is the LS2 all aluminum block and heads that is not allowed at Staffords open but allowed in the TTOMS.
    OK so Stafford’s open is no SK engines and steel blocks only. Spec motors are out but we don’t have a clue on who actually uses them in the WMT so if it’s not so much the WMT cars could be in play. My big question now is that 4 head part numbers are qualified to use “ANY” carb. 3 GM Bow Tie numbers and one Dart. Who is likely to use those heads and will the carb rule be huge? Or will it simply balance the horsepower advantage with the more exotic head combinations? Also of note is Staffords weight rule based on a formula involving cubic inches whereas the TTOMS gives gross weight minimums based on engine type.

  98. I’ll answer my own questions by admitting I know nothing but know who does. That would be Tom Fox.
    He knows the WMT and VMRS cars intimately. He knows their lap times, who has spec motors, who runs what heads and knows what the carb differences mean to each engine. He must know a lot of WMT cars don’t run the spec engine and he trying to lure those that don’t to the show. He may be excluding the spec engine because it’s not that popular or he knows the guys that have it won’t come anyway because of the handicaps he would have to give them. In my humble view he is the singular most qualified guy to oversee writing rules that will get the most cars and for them to run as equally as possible.

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