Competitive Spirit Fuels Chris Our’s Passion for Motorsports

(Press Release from Our Motorsports)

Former Whelen Modified Tour team owner Chris Our (Photo: Nicholas Teto/Yankee Racer)

ARCA Racing Series car owner, Chris Our, has little time to spare. Running his family-owned Robert B. Our construction company – one of the largest on the east coast – keeps him on the move for countless hours a week. But long days are not enough to deter him from pursuing his passion to win races with his Our Motorsports team.

The former NASCAR Modified team owner took aleap of faith last year and ventured into the ARCA Racing Series on a part-time basis, with modified notable Andy Seuss behind the wheel.

A second-place finish at Talladega was enough for Our to bring his program to the next level and add more races to the 2018 schedule.

“Good results are great motivators,” said Our, who prefers to stay out of the spotlight, “Andy did such a great job at Talladega and that showed me we’ve got a strong foundation to build upon.”

And it showed in last month’s test at Daytona, where Seuss and company put up impressive speeds.

“I was really pleased with what we accomplished at the test, especially for being a small team,” Our said, “I feel that we will be competitive, which is what we want for our sponsors.”

Canto Paving and Ferguson Waterworks are the two primary sponsors for the Lucas Oil 200 this Saturday at Daytona International Raceway. The two companies are familiar with Our through business relationships, and see value in what he’s looking to do with his team.

“We’re pleased to have Canto and Ferguson join us for Daytona,” he said, “they share our passion to win and we’re going to work really hard to bring them to victory lane.”

Our Motorsports, while having the necessary resources, consider themselves a smaller team on the series. But that, according to Our, doesn’t mean they’ve got an uphill battle.

“Honestly, I feel really confident that we can run with anyone on Saturday,” he said, “we may not be the biggest team and have the fanciest shop, but we do have two things that can bring us to the front: a great driver and a team with a lot of heart.”

Andy Seuss talks about racing in the ARCA Series for team owner Chris Our on this week’s edition of the Unmuffled podcast on RaceDayCT. 


  1. Good luck guys !!!!! It is sad that nascar’s Jimmy Wilson and his rules ran Chris and so many other teams out of the modified tour . Looks like arca knows how to treat racers like human beings so they can have fun as well as race . Hear that Jimmy !!!

  2. I now have a “favorite team” on the ARCA circuit! Good luck to the NH driver and MA race team!

  3. Well said jeff good luck guys!

  4. Good Luck at Daytona as well as the rest of the ARCA season. You guys are making New England proud. Great to see the team stilled involved in racing and not soured by their negative experiences with NASCAR and the Mod Tour.

  5. About time they got some ink. They ran Daytona and Talladega last year and almost nobody in New England noticed.

    The rules on the tour are the same for everyone. Take it or leave it. Probably helps that his driver is hard working young man who stays out of the news for all the wrong reasons and is enjoyable to work with.

  6. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, rules are rules, but Chad Little and Jimmy Wilson have done wonders reducing car counts. There has been quite an exodus during their reigns.

  7. This is a press release from Our Motorsports. Written by Our Motorsports to promote Our Motorsports. That as written may seem like shameless self promotion but is actually critical to virtually any race team in any series to gain attention as the reaction here clearly proves. And how great is it that there are sites like this one, Speed51 and others that get it out there for all of us to read.
    Our Motorsports finished tied for 43rd in points last year which is inconsequential. More importantly they had three starts in 2017 with the Talledaga second and another top ten which is outstanding. I didn’t know or care about these guys before. Why would anyone since it is a three race team with a car built in a boat shop in North Carolina. Now I too have someone to root for from the region if not based in the region.
    And to get more fired up about Our and Seuss check out this ARCA promo.
    Be prepared and read up on the ARCA drivers and enjoy the race even more.

  8. ARCA has been around forever. It ain’t a new series. These guys ran upfront last year. Plenty of TV time for them too. They have done well for themselves.

    I will disagree with DaReal though. Chad Little didn’t help the series but car counts are better under Jimmy and still trending in the right direction. Yes there are a lot of part time teams but that’s the new normal in racing. Now that ROC released there short schedule with five of twelve at Lancaster I wonder if we will see more of those guys.

  9. ARCA, I’ve signed up. Is there a better racing web site then ARCA? I love the chicks, geezers and if you can add some people of color it just does not get any better. And ARCA has them all.
    White lap crash, fire, a car landing on it’s side and a couple more white lap crashes……yikes. Andy Seuss’s finish disappointing but I learned about Natalie Decker who went from the pole to a wreck to twentieth plus and persevered through all the trouble to end up fifth.
    I watched the ARCA race on youtube and clicked back and forth from the ARCA web site to learn more about the drivers as the race progressed. Man if the NWMT could do that maybe twice a year say in New Hampshire and at Bristol with a great web site as good as ARCA’s it would increase interest geometrically.
    You tell me experts. Is there any better web site then ARCA to inform and build fan interest?

  10. Worst race I have ever seen.

  11. Sharpie Fan says

    At least it was a “short” race.

  12. It’s the JV team. First race of the season, put them on a super speedway, sprinkle in some inexperienced drivers, a dash of untested equipment, throw in a good dose of nerves and accidents can happen. They did for sure.

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