Crew Chief Stash Butova To Oversee Driver Calvin Carroll On Whelen Modified Tour In 2018

(Press Release from Calvin Carroll Racing )

Stash Butova (Photo: Sids Vault Productions/Tiesha DiMaggio)

Two-Thousand seventeen NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (NWMT) Sunoco Rookie of the Year Calvin Carroll of Andover, NJ got a jumpstart on his racing season during the recent week long run in the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway.

Debuting a new Troyer chassis and fitted with a Robert Yates spec motor built by Bob Bruneau, Carroll ran steady and smooth across the five days of action and capped off his Speed Week with a solid sixth place tally in the Richie Evans Memorial 100.

Carroll and the No. 25 Power With Prestige team which is owned by his father, Joe Carroll, left the Sunshine State with enthused optimism as they now prepare for the season opening NWMT Safety Kleen 150 at Myrtle Beach Speedway on March 17.

“I felt it was a very important week for us. We treated it more as a test session, running at the same track every day for five days. We improved daily even if the results didn’t show it. The car got better each day and it really showed on the last day. It made the whole week worth it finishing towards the front that night,” said the 17-year old Carroll.

However, it wasn’t just the week of racing that has Carroll pumped about the upcoming season but more so the addition of noted crew chief Stash Butova who has signed on to guide the upstart beginning with the Myrtle Beach race.

“I’m super excited about it. I really feel he (Butova) will not just help me but our whole team this year with better results. He seems really the same way to be working with me and it’s the same with me to him,” said Carroll.

When it comes to Modifieds, Butova has an impeccable reputation of working with great talent and garnering positive results. His teaming with the Carroll was firmed last week.

“Right before Speed Weeks I reached out to the Carroll family knowing that they were looking for a crew chief. We started talking and it just made sense this would be a good fit that we get together,” said Butova.

Butova first met up with the Carroll team during a NWMT event last season at Stafford Speedway. Having a keen eye for talent he felt that Calvin could bud into a solid performer on the Tour.

“What I saw in the team was a good, hard working family. But I always felt there was that something missing and I could tell that Calvin had potential,” explained Butova.

“I feel that they understand my record working with other drivers who won races and championships and all that stuff. But when you hand over the reins to someone, key is trust and as long as the family gives me the full trust and Calvin believes in me I think everything will be fine.”

In 2017 Carroll locked down the Rookie of the Year, was the NWMT Hoosier Tire Most Improved Driver and finished 12th in points. He had a best finish of third during the 150-lapper at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He also tested an ARCA car at Daytona and was approved for Superspeedway races.

“One of my fortes is I’m good at nurturing young talents in bringing them up. The thing that intrigues me the most with Calvin is unlike a lot of other young kids he actually does all of the work on the cars himself for the most part,” said Butova.

“So he has an understanding of the technical end of it. From that standpoint we need to translate that into his driving and we want to make that whole good combination.

“Once we can establish running up front, communication on pit stops and then more importantly finishing top-10, then finishing top-5s and essentially learning how to win because it will take a few times to learn how to win before you can win.”

For Carroll, one of the ups for 2018 is returning to many of the same tracks from last year where he will look to improve.

“I’m really looking forward to getting back to many of the same tracks from last year because that will be a big plus for me,” said Carroll.

“Not only do we have our notebook to go off of but now we’ll have Stash and all of his knowledge to work off of. Knowing what to except when we return will be a big plus for me.”

Expectations from both Carroll and Butova are of course upbeat but understandably it will take some time to become acclimated to one another. Given Butova’s background and the excellent work ethic of Carroll, the anticipation of good outings may come sooner than later.

“Running in the top five is one thing but when you’re trying to win and race against guys like Ryan Preece, Eric Goodale and Timmy Solimito, they have talented teams and are talented drivers. But there are still ways that you can strategize to still win,” said Butova.

“It’s not going to happen overnight but I think that you build as a team and when you start running better you are more optimal to get more team members to improve what you have. I’m excited to get started,” he continued.

“I think that legitimately running consistently in the top-10 and time trialing up front and then contending for a win. I feel that any driver, any crew chief – that’s what they want, is just an opportunity to go and compete against the best and if we can do that it will be a pretty successful year.”


  1. “fitted with a Robert Yates spec motor built by Bob Bruneau”
    What’s that mean? RYR spec motor purchased through Bob Bruneau or a Spec engine rebuilt by Bob Bruneau as an authorized rebuilder?
    You know Stash Butova? I don’t. Developer of young drivers? Who? A couple things found.
    Ronnie Williams last year at Stafford for one.
    Frank Ruocco in 2005 for another

  2. Doug, after you ran street stocks in the 80’s (Is your name really Doug because I only know of one Doug that ran back then and he’s definitely not you), did you go Rip Van Winkle and then wake back up and start going to the races again 2 years ago? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it sure seems that way. You go on these long-winded essays sounding like someone that’s been around the track forever but you never heard of Stosh? The guy started off back in the late 80’s working on Moose Hewitt’s cars. Let me stop there… you might not of ever heard of Moose LOL

  3. Is there anything else I’m doing wrong Joe?

  4. Liz Cherokee says

    Stash Butova is a very handsome young man!

  5. Does anyone know if Stash will continue to work with Ronnie Williams in his new SK ride at Stafford?

  6. Paul,
    My understanding is that Stash will be working with Eric Berndt in the SK Modified division at Stafford Speedway in 2018.

  7. Stuart Fearn says

    Doug – you put your foot in your mouth on this one i got to tell you. Stash is a modified crew chief legend in and around Stafford and the Northeast in general. He and his brother Steve prepared all the cars for Frank Roucco and won many races including the championship one year at Stafford.
    In the developing talent department he gets full credit for running Ronnie Williams family operation to a 6 win season at stafford in Ronnie’s first or second year competing in SK (not sure). Stash is proven all over for about 30 years.

  8. Yes I get it. The way I phrased it it sounds like I’m mocking him. That was not my intent. I wanted to learn more about the guy and thanks to a couple folks here it’s going pretty well. Thanks.

  9. You reading this Stash. You have two pit insiders going to bat for you. And a woman, that in this forum is like sighting a unicorn calling you a stud. I never thought I’d read that here. Nice late winter pick me up aye.
    Now if we see the Bulldog or Carroll make a marked improvement we’ll know it wasn’t something that just happened.

  10. I don’t know anything about this driver other than, what I’ve read here. So please don’t read this as being negative, I wish him nothing but success. BUT. I don’t get how a 17 year old driver, who’s still learning about driving, and racing modified’s, can become qualified to race on super speedways with ARCA. It’s sad how much of a hurry parents of these young drivers are in now. I know the day’s of a young driver, putting in the time, gaining valuable experience, and maybe winning some races before moving up are long over. It’s like these families have a business plan from the time their child is 5! Karts till 9, dwarf cars till 12, SK light’s at 13, Mod Tour of some level by 15 or 16, win Daytona by 20. Who cares if their in over their heads. But they have the $$ and the dream, so it’s excepted. It’s a big reason for the decline of NASCAR. But we already know that 🙁

  11. You nailed it Bostonian but you missed the train. The young drivers with family money, the ability to buy rather then learn and build their equipment is here. Maybe having people like Rocco, Jeff Pearl, Todd Owens and Barry Fluckiger mentor these guys to a great handling cars is good. Maybe we lost something in the guys that built their own cars and raced them. They exist but are a dying breed. But we are past what you may have wanted. Junior with money, purchased expertise and support is the future.

  12. Mary Aintliein says

    Stash made Ronnie Williams and got… well thrown away, that’s a nice way to put it. NO loyalty any more. Steve the spotter same thing, not good enough! If i aint liein i don’t think the Williams put a clip on that car ONCE in the past 2 years Steve made Ronnie Williams too! Like the old saying goes ‘ Be careful what you wish for Not to mention others. Good luck Stash somebody has to tell the truth.

  13. “…..You nailed it Bostonian but you missed the train. The young drivers with family money, the ability to buy rather then learn and build their equipment is here. ……..”

    Now we hear from him. Where were you when the 01 floundered about in season 1?
    Let’s pretend your opening comments here weren’t prickly……. ( mirror mirror on the wall…)

  14. Roger that Crazy. Again apologies. Poorly worded. My default for anyone that contributes to the show at Stafford is thanks!

  15. Doug – “The thing that intrigues me the most with Calvin is unlike a lot of other young kids he actually does all of the work on the cars himself for the most part,” makes it sound like your conclusion about “young drivers” is not really accurate here. I also have worked with a couple of younger drivers over the years, and I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to make generalizations like that.

  16. I agree RichC that generalizations are mostly unwise. But I’ll put it up to the thread for debate. I tried to make an observation about a trend I believe is pretty well accepted and that may be positive in many ways. And let me parse the quote you yourself highlighted: “unlike a lot of other young kids”. Isn’t the author of this press release saying the same thing?
    Look, clearly there are guys doing all their own work or most of it. I’m just speaking of trends. Maybe others care to weigh in on what they think.

  17. And to make your point RichC one of the local SK teams I favor, DJ Burnham, the racing farmer is an example. Obviously they are not building their own engines or chassis. But I’m fairly sure they and especially DJ’s brother work tirelessly putting everything together in their time away from their very demanding jobs of farming. Moreover the entire clan spends endless hours setting the car up, experimenting and adjusting with what used to be 4 grain scales. If I’m wrong on that someone can correct.

  18. Doug, I agree with your response, I just think that there are more of these kids working on the cars than many might believe. There is ALWAYS family money involved, because – RACECAR. How do you make a little money racing? Start with a lot. So there will always be Daddy’s (or Mommy’s) money involved with new racers.

  19. “Mary”, you have no clue what you are talking about. How about the truth. First, a crew chief and spotter don’t Make a driver. Stash sets up a good car, but the driver has to have the talent to drive it and say what adjustments they need to make to be successful. Stash was setting up cars for Tyler Hines and Jeff Boisjolie and how many wins or even top 5’s do they have?? So your first point is wrong. Next, Stash was not thrown away by Williams. He got Ronnie the ride with the 50 team, he is the crew chief for Ronnie’s Thompson Mod, and was his crew chief on the 21 tour team until he and Joe the owner had a fight at New Smyrna. That is why he’s now with Calvin. So Again: Fake news by Mary. And as far as Steve, I’m sure you were at Seekonk when he missed an early race incident and it cost Ronnie the front right suspension and from there Steve said he should step aside. You know all of this, right Mary. I’ve been around this team since Wild Thing Karts and they work hard. By the way, Ronnie is in his shop and the Mod Tour team in Long Island 3 nights a week, he works hard on his cars. He’s not just a driver. I know this because I talk to them, I know them and I think Ronnie is not just talented, but the most competitive and humble person you will ever meet. As you can see you hit a nerve with your blathering and someone needed to set the record straight. As Mark Twain said: Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it. Was that your intent? I know Stash and he would say your post is garbage. As I write this, Stash is at Williams Shop working on the Thompson car. Doesn’t sound thrown away to me. Connect the dots.

  20. Bill Realist says

    Any idea how much $ it takes to get one of these gurus to “help you out “? In addition to all of the latest and greatest equipment. The days of someone who knows what they are doing helping you because they see you have talent and want it really bad for a pit pass and a hamburger are sadly all done I guess.

  21. Ouch SK Mod Fan, the famous Mark Twain quote. Telling the truth then telling the audience they aren’t worth the time telling the truth to. Now that’s prickly. But great information. As for Ronnie Williams working 3 nights a week that’s part time isn’t it? Just kidding. Everyone loves Ronnie Williams. Well except Mary obviously.

  22. Doug, I had to speak up. I met Ronnie at New Smyrna and what a great ambassador for the sport. Talk to him sometime. The kid is a deans list Junior at Bryant University taking business and finance classes. Smart and talented. I guess he can get more done than most doing just 3 days a week in the Shop “part time” . (Ha ha)

  23. I’m glad you did speak up ModFan cause that was the most informative entry in the thread. Question, did you get any information on how Ronnie felt the effort in New Smyrna went?

  24. darealgoodfella says

    Well, the most interesting post is from Liz.

  25. Thank you racedayct. It’s been approximately a year since I found the web site and enjoyed all the banter on what’s going on in local circle track racing. Made mistakes interacting with folks in your forum for sure but that’s over. I have never been more fired up for a season or more educated on what’s going on going into the Sizzler. I’ll be watching Eric Berndt to see if Mr Butova can make a difference in his game. Eric is a hard nosed veteran and feature winner and hopefully can return to victory lane after a struggle last year. Carroll is on my radar as well.
    Knowledge, knowing what goes on behind the scenes is critical to really enjoying the races. If you sit there knowing the extent of all the drama that is going on when a guy has a finish that’s unexpected it just makes the experience more enjoyable. Hope more people can come on board and enjoy the inside scoop.

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