Longtime Racer Norm Wrenn Jr. Purchases Lee USA Speedway

The Valenti Modified Racing Series at Lee USA Speedway in Lee, N.H. last May

Longtime racer Norm Wrenn Jr. announced Tuesday that he has purchased Lee USA Speedway from track owners John “Red” MacDonald and Judy MacDonald.

The MacDonald family had owned the track for the 33 years.

Wrenn had been in negotiations last spring in an attempt to purchase the New London-Waterford Speedbowl from Bruce Bemer.

Wrenn, of Nashua, N.H., who is in his 40th year in the propane business, has been racing competitively since 1983. Along the way Wrenn has competed in Pro Stocks, Modifieds and Pro Four Modifieds. Wrenn won his first Pro Stock race at Lee USA Speedway in 1993.

“No changes, no staff changes, no race division changes, the recently announced schedule for the 2018 season is in place and we are prepared to go with it,” Wrenn said in a release announcing the purchase of the track.

Wrenn’s son – Norm Wrenn III, will focus on day-to-day operations of Lee USA Speedway with current general manager Joe Bassett staying in that position.

The track is expected to remain as part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

Norm Wrenn Jr. said he expects to begin upgrades at the facility.

“Looking at upgrades in the VIP Tower, track lighting, and the public address system,” Norm Wrenn Jr. said. “Lee always has been a well-maintained racetrack. A clean facility. We will strive to continue that.”

“Putting fans back in the grandstands is important to our future. We have a strong need to be sure families are entertained and race programs are over at a respectable hour.”

Norm Wrenn Jr is the fourth owner of the speedway, which was built by Robert Bonser in 1964. Charlie Elliott, Ken Smith and Russ Conway took over the track in 1983 before it was purchased by Red MacDonald in 1986. MacDonald is a New England Racing Hall of Fame member. His son Eddie MacDonald is longtime regular with the K&N Pro Series East.

“Judy and I have loved running the race track for the past 33-years,” Red MacDonald said. “We have been really fortunate to have some of the best people in the business work year after year for the love of the sport and the speedway.

“We are sad in some ways to let go and happy at the same time that the Wrenn’s assure us that they will take it to the next level and that is exciting to us. That makes the transition a lot easier for us knowing that they will continue to run it as a racetrack and that’s all we ever wanted when it was time. Joe Bassett will continue as General Manager and our staff will stay intact. That means a lot to us.”

The 2018 season at Lee USA Speedway begins in April with the American-Canadian Tour ‘Governors Cup 150’ on April 15, with the Late Model Sportsman, and Northeast Classic Lites, also on the opening card.


  1. Nice to see. Lee speedway will continue to be a racetrack and not get turned into condominiums.

  2. Allan Rieser says

    Dreams can and do come true. Hope to see you again, always been fun at the track .

  3. Third paragraph. A dagger and reminder of what could have been that would have solved so many problems.
    Lee, USA is a great track with great tradition, stable management, perfect distance and nice web site. They are so lucky to have a guy like Wrenn to step in and maintain the tradition. He’s got courage cause Lee really has car count issues it looks like and attracting more people we all know is the single biggest challenge these days. Expensive Super Mods, what’s up with that? 10 car features. Man that Wrenn guy has stones.

  4. Glad to hear it is in the hands of a racer! I’ve seen some great racing there and am very happy to know that will continue! A big THANK-YOU to the MacDonald family for the fun I’ve had there in the past! And THANK-YOU to the Wrenn family for continuing the Lee USA legacy!

  5. darealgoodfella says

    Good for Lee USA Speedway and Wrenn.

    Didn’t Wrenn try to buy the NLWSB?

  6. All the best to the new owners!!!! Looking forward to meeting them. Glad the facility will remain a great track with great people!! And thanks Red and Judy for the great ride the last few years……..Les Sanborn….The Rod Father

  7. Will also be excited to help promote this years program with the new owners!!

  8. What could of been says

    He will take this already great facility and make it even better. To think that could of been our beloved Speedbowl if it wasn’t for a over confident selfish person.

  9. When does the construction start on the new grandstands the Speedbowl announced they were putting up?

  10. That Ed is the 64 million dollar question.

  11. Ed Train, all lip service my friend, that’s all Waterford is, all lip service!

  12. Dareal did you stop reading after 2 paragraphs or what

  13. Good to see that Lee will continue in good hands. That said, I thought Lee pulled a dirty move in scheduling the MRS on the traditional Star 125 weekend almost causing Star to cancel it. Then immediately rescheduled when Star decided to keep the date. Tracks that close need to work together. Obviously, that is no reflection on new ownership. I still won’t attend MRS races there this year over that stunt though. Not a lot of race cars in the region to keep both tracks going forever. The next few seasons will be interesting.

  14. Old Observer says

    He has been trying to buy a track for over a year so you know he wants to keep the racing going! That is great news. Maybe Star & Lee can work together in the future to set some common rules so guys/gals that want to race twice a week with the same car can & then the Fri only or Sat only can do there thing too. Good luck & enjoy the Racing!

  15. Bill Realist says

    The key to this is to somehow get the 350 super division really rolling. They are in a good spot with them. Pretty inexpensive with crate motors and I believe spec shocks. No transmission expense. Those things look like a friggin race car and can put on a hell of a show. Much different and a much more exciting type of car than people can see weekly anywhere else. That car is something people without any knowledge of racing at all can get excited just looking at. As for star, it’s been waiting for the final nail in the coffin since just before bobby MacArthur took it over then failed years ago. The northeastern speedbowl if you will.

  16. Bill, spoken like someone who hasn’t been to Star in some time. They have better Super car counts than Lee. The Star 125 crowd, Classic crowd and their Halloween Howler deal pack the place. I’d buy Star over Lee any day.

    I hear cries for a WMT race at Lee in the future but I don’t see it. Lee grandstands are tiny. It would be cool but not sure it could be pulled off.

  17. Bill Realist says

    NH Mark- I only went there 5-6 times last year so you may be right maybe I don’t know. Lee has a much nicer facilities IMO. Star is a much racier track I must admit. So I guess it may be better. That alone unfortunately won’t cut it in today’s entertainment market.

  18. Can you talk more about the Super engine program. Don’t they have three engine categories, 1 built , 2 crate. Each requiring a Dyno Sheet test from one of the two authorized engine builders. Are you talking about reigning in the expensive bells and whistles? Also what’s up with the two purse structures. One if there are 9 cars and under and one for 10 and over?
    It’s great seeing more ink on the northern tracks and getting to know them.

  19. Crazy in NY says

    Long races at Lee are problematic because the place just shreds tires. Roughest surface in the northeast maybe. Beautiful facility though but the racing at Star is much better IMHO.

  20. Fast Eddie says

    Lee & VMRS tried a couple of variations that worked pretty well for the most part to help the tire issues. One was regular heats with twin 50 features, and the other was 25 lap heats with a 75 lap feature. Both were good events although I thought there should have been only two 25 lap heats and not three. The reason for the change was tire wear. The previous 100 lap races I saw were parades for the first 50-60 laps. As much as I would enjoy a WMT race at Lee, I can’t see that happening with the existing surface because of the tire wear issue. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though!

  21. Bowlstrong says

    I hope this crazy weather doesn’t slow down the construction crews putting up the new grandstands at the Waterford Speedbowl. 😆😆😆

  22. Yah, right, Speedbowl has to take the old ones down first. You are a funny guy……..

  23. Tires are an issue but both ACT and PASS go 150 laps there.

  24. darealgoodfella says

    I thought the grandstands were falling down already. Maybe this wind helped blow them down.

  25. How great is it to be in the Star, Lee cradle. Friday night at Lee and Saturday night at Star. Both seem to struggle with car counts. And the real confuser comparing the points and rosters is there is surprising little crossover. Did I get that right and if so why aren’t more people racing both tracks? Why aren’t the names of the divisions and rules the same to encourage crossover?

  26. There is no crossover in NH for the same reasons there is no crossover in CT. I’ve always been a Seekonk guy but the Pro Stock wars at Star were just as legendary 25yrs ago. The market up here is a small niche of Super fans and racers now. As evidenced by all three southern NH tracks hosting the ISMA tour in 2018. Both tracks have changed their premier division on multiple occasions recently which never really helps. The weekly racing is more of a struggle here than say CT or even Beech Ridge for whatever reason. I’ll be interested to see what the plan is for Lee beginning next year. Mr. Wrenn was pretty motivated to buy a track so I got to assume he has a vision.

    Talking about 4th of July races, I think the Seekonk Open is more or less the main 4th of July event now as its run the Wednesday leading into the 4th week. I’ll be curious to see if Lee and Tri Track mend fences or if that door is closed with Star and Tri Track having been partners for several years now. I assume Lee will stay a Friday night track but that is something to watch too. A move to Saturday would be the death nail for one of the tracks IMO.

  27. I always assumed the lack of crossover in the FULL TIME Ct tracks was because of track distance disparity and the Speedbowls current disfunction. Star and Lee are right down the road from each other, one 3/8 mile, one 1/4 as I understand it and they can’t unify rules and division names. Ironman and Six Shooters, front wheel drive cars the same. Roadrunners and Four cylinder pure stocks the same. Supers are the same..My God if these tracks aren’t going to work together with 10 to 12 car features who will.
    So many great tracks up north. It’s a shame we can’t get them involved more in the conversations just so we know what’s trending in New England. Front wheel drive cars that are plentiful and put on a good race. Why not consider it at CT tracks? We call it modified country but it should be with an asterisk. Modifieds, Supers and Late Models depending on the track. 28 cars at Lee for the ACT show and a great crowd. Tell me that’s not a great event to see if you live in the area. I see why Waterford added an ACT event. I’ll bet the place is packed.

  28. Lee has much less stand capacity than the bowl that’s why it looks full. Waterford won’t pack the place for the ACT race, if they have one. Gotta install those new stands first!

  29. Anyone care to coment on Rocco’s seemingly end of his speedbowl reighn? Wonder who besides Izzo and the regulars will be going for the championship.

  30. RaceDayNH says

    Doug, you are right… there is a ton of great racing up in NH and unless you frequent the tracks, you most likely won’t know much about them. Besides a select few marquee events like when the wmt goes to Monadnock or the SBM at Star, you arnt gonna see a whole lot of press… White Mountain does a great job with the full fender stuff and brings PASS, ACT and GSPSS. Speedway 51 has been doing a great job putting together new shows with VMRS and PASS. There is dirt track racing at Legion and the flat track at NHMX… You mentioned front wheel drive divisions. Last year Monadnock’s Mini Stock and Lightning Stock had big car counts with the minis matching the nemst rules and the lightning matching rules from Claremont wildcats and the Hudson/Star enduros. Also you can do a great back to back with Claremont Friday night and Monadnock on Saturday… I promise this is my first and last post promoting NH racing

  31. Chitt Show says

    Pretty bad sign of the times at the Speedbowl when the driver with more wins than anyone else ever there doesn’t want to race there. Maybe the race director shouldn’t have lied about having point fund checks before the banquet. Why would anyone want to race for a championship when all you get for it is a $12 trophy? So the only decent full-time SK Modified teams at the track in 2018 are Todd Owen and Dylan Izzo. Should be an exciting championship between two guys. Nobody else worth mentioning that is racing full-time.

  32. Thanks for the info Chitt. Didn’t know Owen was racing there this season. Nobody’s racing this season anyways. Stands aren’t being worked on. Some kind of car show at the mall in a couple weeks. Optics daidiot would say. I thought about going to the bowl this season but now that Rocco won’t be there in victory lane every week I’m not wasting my hard earned money. There’s nothing better than the same driver winning week after week. I predict the end of the speedbowl thanks to Rocco’s departure. Another of the thousands of nails in the coffin.

  33. I’ve never been to a weekly Lee show. Been to a couple October fests and thought were pretty good. Went to one tri track race there and was hands down the worst tour type race i’d ever seen in my life. Not sure a WMT race would be any better unless they had a different tire.

  34. Great comment RaceDayNH. Wish you’d be a regular. Would you happen to know anything about Unity. The new owner last year said they were going to dirt in 2018. Is that happening?

  35. Rocco and the controversy continually swirling around the Speedbowl aside the track just gets no respect no matter what it does. They’re moving ahead with plans it appears, promoting drivers on the web site, the show at the mall is exactly the kind of thing Sean Foster in his series talks about. Fan outreach. To this point no construction should have happened because it was WINTER. Now not so much. It’s showtime. Play your cards or fold.
    Got it. The current management is hard to like and no one appreciates the chip they carry around on their shoulder. I won’t be making my one time trip of support there this year as long as they have an association with Ryan Gilbert. But if they do something right what’s the harm in recognizing it.

  36. RaceDayNH says

    The new owner has health issues and the transition to dirt was taking longer than anticipated… So at minimum they are taking 2018 off to retool… Spoke with Nick Berry at an ice race at the NHMX flat track a couple of weeks ago and he seems to think it’s still gonna happen. That guy is tuned in with anything dirt in New England (as he started the Sprint Cars of New England series when he was 15)

  37. Doug, will be doing a drive by Monday to check on the progress. Don’t expect much though……….

  38. Rich, the speedbowls demise is of their own making. No one else is to blame.

  39. That explains the web site being frozen at 2017. Thanks. Please consider providing more news from the north if you are in the mood. There’s plenty of northern New England people that contribute here and I’m sure they’d appreciate it as well as the CT crowd.

  40. Thanks humphry. This is really show time. All eyes will be following your reports in March and it’s very much appreciated.
    Aside from supporting people that race there and the Speedbowl fans like rich and Just Wondering I don’t think I care either way. It’s the drama. Will they, won’t they. The stands, environmental concerns, noise complaints, the building department. And yet they go about the lead up to the season like it’s no big deal. It’s either going to be overcoming of the near impossible or an epic fail that leaves race teams holding the bag and very angry.

  41. Don’t worry the bowl will open and all you haters will be crying in your cornflakes. Humphry stop wasting your time with your “updates”. They mean absolutely nothing as far as the upcoming season is concerned. Wait and see…

  42. Thats called sarcasm. Keep up.

  43. Rich, not a speedbowl hater, spent many, many years there in many different capacities in racing, just a realist. By the way, updates mean a lot at this stage of the game since opening day is now just over 60 days away. Between you and Mark Andrews, writing checks with your mouths your butts better be ready to cash, we will see. Will they open this year probably, but I can see the BS press release that will be coming about opening day. Willing to bet me it will have to do with the extreme weather conditions that have impacted the North East that was not conducive to construction?

  44. Chris P. says

    The silence from people running the track is unfair to the teams that have supported them. We all see the news and get that the track owner is in trouble with legal stuff and his money is tied up. The people running the track announced in November they were putting up new grandstands. We also all saw the stories with town officials saying in December and January that no steps were being taken to do any construction. We’ve all been around the track long enough to know that the grandstands are an issue with the town every year. We’ve also all heard the stories that the track made an agreement with the town to build new grandstands before 2018. It’s 2018 and it’s really not hard to figure out there won’t be new grandstands at the track before May 5. So what’s happening? The people running the track should be telling teams what is going on.

  45. Ya rich gotta throw the black flag. Stop the updates. No, no, no. Love the updates. It’s crunch time. Gotta have the updates. Don’t count me in your haters. I’m strictly a gawker. Was a supporter, now in the neutral camp. Best of luck.

  46. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, what extreme weather? There is plenty of construction going on. A couple huge developments in my town. Global warming is helping. Construction is booming. It’s construction season, full throttle.

    If the track opens, it will be with existing grandstands, perhaps some closed off. But there is no construction of the magnitude inferred by the previous press releases, reports, etc. going to happen and be complete by May 4.

    What will be left running at the ‘bowl?

  47. Come on guys, they will use any excuse they can to save face for not opening. The fans and competitors will by the weather BS hook, line and sinker!

  48. Good point Chris. Do we know they aren’t telling teams how things are going?

  49. RaceDayNH says

    No problem Doug… if I see any NH topics/questions I’ll weigh in if I have some info that’s worth while… But obviously this site is geared more toward CT and Tour Mods

  50. That is a top PR team they have down there on the shoreline. Of course they are telling the teams, yea right, baffling them with BS………

  51. darealgoodfella says

    Some chatter on FB… looks like ‘bowl grandstands pushed out to 2019.

  52. The Town still has to approve the extension and sign off on the permit to operate, final say is not the tracks. I guess we will see who wins this round.

  53. Noise issue…….poof………..gone.

  54. The “noise issue” was never going to have any relevance on the track opening in 2018.

  55. A ray of hope and here they come out of the woodwork.

    Doug, noise issue has been around for decades now and it will always be.

    Darren, could impact the hours of operation though………….

  56. darealgoodfella says

    Makes me wonder how long the town is going to let itself be punked.

  57. Technically true but;
    “We are happy to announce that the proposed changes to the Waterford Noise Ordinance, which would have disrupted our operating times and schedule have been completely thrown out”

  58. Kyle Souza, Nascar Hometracks reporter tweet 2/20
    “New London-Waterford Speedbowl’s George Whitney told me last night that the track “has a meeting this week & will start moving forward.”
    Pretty thin aye?

  59. darealgoodfella says

    Wonder what dictionary is being used to define “start”?

    It would appear that the NLWSB has announced they are starting numerous times already.

  60. As I said I’m neutral. Just a race fan passing on stuff I read if anyone is interested.

  61. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn, looks like it is time for you to have communications again with the good folks at the Waterford Town Hall and see how things are progressing with the permits and other municipal approvals needed for the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

    Two months away from opening races and nothing going on. Wasn’t this supposed to start in October 2017?

  62. darealgoodfella,
    At this point I’ve stepped away from covering this situation, or any other involving the Speedbowl. Current management only wants coverage from media outlets with which they can control the story 100 percent. It’s an unfortunate situation that will leave them with little or no actual live weekly coverage from any media outlets – whether it be web or traditional newspaper print – if or when there is a 2018 season.
    I can only say what I knew from what multiple town officials told me as of late January, that – at that point – there were no permits requested or plans submitted for any type of grandstand replacement before the start of the 2018 season. My understanding of the situation is that nothing has changed in regards to that. Where that leaves the 2018 season is a guessing game. In January I was told by a source close to the owner that he did not plan on signing a lease agreement for 2018 operation of the facility by any group unless there was assurance from the town that they would let the track open for the season with the current grandstand in place. I was also told by the head of the building department at that point that the town was not “on board” with letting the track open in 2018 with current grandstand in place. There have been some changes within the building department and the previous head of the department who expressed that the town would have issues with the track opening with the current grandstand has since retired. If I had to make an educated guess, I would surmise that at this point the group that managed the track last year is likely trying to attempt to get the town to give them clearance to operate the facility with the current grandstand in place.

  63. Do you live under a rock? This site is done covering Waterford. If you’re so concerned why don’t you make a call yourself, you know, to put your mind at ease.

  64. The plot thickens. The sketchy details indicate a path of no firm commitment to stands renovation and limping the the old ones through another year. Make absolute sense. Whitney maybe with no lease, hedging his bets and trying to patch a leaky ship while paddling mightily toward shore in the bow with head held high like all is as it should be. In the background all the press releases,mall show , rules release providing the appearance that everything is just peachy. Seriously, can this get any more entertaining? Except for the teams preparing cars. It’s a nightmare. And looking more and more like last year.

  65. OK drive by completed and guess what? As I anticipated nothing has changed, stands still intact. Go figure.

    Shawn, what you say in paragraph 2 does not surprise me one bit. I would be hard pressed to believe that the new person will take a different position that the previous, especially with the Town Attorney being in the loop and providing advise.

  66. Mark Andrews says

    Humphry……I wouldn’t worry about what checks I write.if in fact the stands are not replaced by opening day I stated I would apolagise and will do so if necessary.but not until then.d’s real you are an idiot.tons of comments from your limited mind about construction methods and weather.now you contradict yourself yet again…the track does need a professional media or or person…..I will agree the lack of information to racers is a serious problem that has and will affect car counts.rocco leaving…….if he does won’t affect the place at all…a lot of fans like to see him face.me included but this season proved yet again he is human…….at all tracks.and if not for a scoring controversy…..Kyle James would be the champion.James.Owen.were right in the thick of it weekly.

  67. darealgoodfella says

    It has been a mild winter. Birds aren’t showing up at the bird feeder, they have plenty of natural food to forage. The shore has been almost snow free, and much warmer than compared to up here in the north. And up here, construction season has started already, thanks to global warming.

    Rocco leaving Waterford? Ouch!!! The list of those that left Waterford keeps getting longer.

    The Town is being lobbied hard to let the track open in its current condition. It might even be more serious than lobbying, downright threats. The town needs and wants the track to operate for the town benefits with revenue, jobs, and people visiting the area spending money in town. If the track closes, the town and all surrounding businesses lose all those sales. Not good. That is the leverage the track has over the town. The town does not want nor can it afford a business in town to cease operating. My town has lost a couple very large tax paying businesses and it hurts. Waterford does not have much as far as businesses, and the track is an important source of revenue.

    Whoever that new building person is for the Town of Waterford, he better look over the history of the track, consult with his predecessor, the town attorney, and other boards, commissions and selectmen. If the track does open as-is and an incident happens as a result of decrepit facilities, the town will be in trouble. Especially given the long, well documented history.

    So at best, the track opens as-is.

    Hey, faux 🤠, 👋!

  68. Why do it? Why make predictions, invest yourself in it, stand by it like it even matters. Over the last year each of us has made predictions and been slapped around by reality that was nothing like what we said. And we never learn. Humphry may be the closest and the most reasonable but even his latest predicting delay but construction appears to be less likely.
    Right now if there were to be a renovation the materials I would think would be on site and humphry would be reporting them. Someone, somewhere would be reporting the existence of a big pile of aluminum and steel. Enter Shawn with clearly another slap back to reality from renovation fever and an avenue toward the greatest likelihood.
    And all those details. Engineering reports, attorney communications, leases, obtaining insurance, changes at the building department. If the Speedbowl issue were condensed to a pie chart it would barely register a sliver of knowledge. And humphry’s reports are the sliver. We know nothing and yet predict and stake reputations on it. Reputations that are for the most part anonymous from all of us with no financial stake other then a ticket when you come right down to it. It’s a fools errand a year in the making. Watch and enjoy. Unless of course you race there in which case may want to wait on ordering parts.

  69. darealgoodfella says

    Congratulations and thanks to Norm Wrenn.

    May there be many more 🏁 at Lee USA Speedway.

  70. darealgoodfella says

    In science, and many other disciplines, the null result is often extremely valuable. That the source has provided nothing about the often mentioned construction and rehabilitation speaks volumes about how nothing is happening and will not be happening for the 2018 season.

    The town is going to be punked yet again. The town is in a very tough spot, damned if it does, damned if it doesn’t.

  71. I can see some do not know very much about the demographics of Waterford.

    The fans and racers are a transient population who arrive, do their thing and go home. They don’t arrive early to shop/eat or shop/eat after the races (businesses/restaurants are closed by that time) and the area businesses see a negligible increase in revenue if any from these individuals. Don’t forget the track is seasonal.

    The property is taxed based on its assessed value. Taxes are not prorated based on whether it is seasonal, operational or not. Just like your house, if it is a rental property and you don’t have a tenant, you still get taxed the same amount regardless. If the track decides not to pay the taxes, the Town will take a lean on the property and be the first paid prior to issuing the permit to operate or upon sale of the property.

    Truth be known, the town would do handstands if the property was sold to a commercial or industrial developer tomorrow. The assessed value of the property would most likely significantly increase once the developer completed the project providing additional tax revenue to the Town. Plus, no more dealing with the BS they are going through with the current individuals.

    I don’t hear area Town businesses coming out in droves supporting the Speedbowl and saying they are concerned about the loss of revenue if they don’t open so I don’t see the track having any leverage against the Town for anything. The town is not in any position except, protecting itself from potential liability so there is no dammed to consider.

    Bottom line, just do what you agreed to and you will get your permit to operate issued.

  72. darealgoodfella says

    Businesses are taxed also, known as corporate income tax. Based on the revenue the business produces, not exclusively property valuation. Do you people pay attention to the news and the recent law that was passed to reduce the corporate income taxes? That is not property taxes. If businesses were taxed solely on property taxes, they’d all have the headquarters incorporated and addressed in some swamp with zero value. 🤣🤡 Many businesses do not own or even need property… do you think that means they do not pay taxes?

    And the concessions stands at the track… notice on the menu “+tax”. See? That is tax revenue. Yes, the state collects it but then doles it back out to the towns.

    I know teams that indeed do support the local economy. Hit the diners before arriving and maybe on the way home. I know I frequent the local businesses for at least a snack for the ride home. All that adds up. And I see racers in the convenience stores too.

    A town like Waterford needs every revenue source it can get, seasonal or not.

  73. Looks like we got a battle of the idiot minds on our hands. The original idiot and now Humphry.

  74. First off dareal you are mixing apples and oranges when it comes to taxes so don’t confuse the issue which you are infamous for as well as talking in circles.

    And what diner in Waterford, notice I said Waterford do they frequent after the races on their way home? Remember you said spending money in town……..

  75. Walter Ray says

    Double edged sword here for the town.

    To assume the customers of the Speedbowl, whether it be teams or fans, don’t spend money with local businesses is false. No doubt people going to events at the track are spending money at businesses in the area weekly. It might not be millions of dollars going back into the economy, but they’re spending money and you know local businesses appreciate that.

    Do the town fathers want to see the track gone? There are probably some that do and probably some that don’t. Waterford has evolved into an upper middle class community with a reputation for low crime, good schools and welcoming commercially developed areas with nationally known brand bases involved. Some might argue that Speedbowl doesn’t fit in these days in what the town of Waterford has evolved into.

    And then you have the owner bringing such a dark cloud on the place. That dark cloud isn’t just associated with the track, but also the town. Think the town leaders like it that over the last 12 months when the town of Waterford is mentioned on the news it usually has to do with a sex trafficking case against someone who owns one of the most recognizable businesses in town? When it comes to the town working with the Speedbowl and helping them to get things done, you have to imagine the town is not going to do them any favors at this point.

  76. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, I’m not mixing apples and oranges. You think the tax revenue is exclusively property tax and you are wrong. There are other taxes that the operation of the track generates for the municipality. Get over it. Corporations file and pay income taxes.

    As far as a diner, do your own Google search, there are plenty. To think that people come to the track and leave without dropping a penny outside the track is absurd. Even when I bring a cooler, I usually have to stop for something when I get near the track and get it before I go to the track. I might be stopping for another soda, bag of chips, etc. And the gas stations and convenience stores I stop at have racers and race fans in there. The cars parked at the stores have decals for the various cars racing at the track. These are the fans and racers coming or going to the track. Saying that the surrounding businesses do not benefit from track events is absurd. All those sales generate sales tax revenue for the municipality. The long weekend events… people need motels and food. There’s a Shell station north of the ‘bowl I usually stop at when going and leaving. So don’t say people don’t spend money in the area.

  77. Favors, no I’m not seeing any favors either. It’s about insurance. If they use the existing stands there will have to be an updated structural analysis from a qualified engineering firm and a specific action plan to address areas that can be repaired successfully. Or even if they can. Then town approval then INSURANCE. These building department guys aren’t some rubes from Podunk you slap on the back, tell a joke to and they do you a solid. They’re highly trained pros and not risk takers. By the way, make sure you get gas for the snowblower cause winter isn’t done with us yet.

  78. What’s the matter, we getting a little heated up are we. I don’t have to google anything my friend as I already know the answer and wanted to see your clueless response.

    BTW, the Shell is east of the track. Anything else you want to know, I have lived in that area all my life.

    Doug, seen a lot of snow in March/April, matter of fact saw 14″ on Easter Sunday many years ago.

  79. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, the Shell I am talking about is NNW from the ‘bowl, at the intersection of Rtes 82 & 85. You should go exploring and travel north of the track sometime, it’s nice up there.

  80. Three stage Cub Cadet. It’s the bomb. Blows right though the State road pile of slushy, wet ice and snow. Gotta stay ready. But we don’t care so much do we since it always melts right quick and we know racing is right around the corner. How’s it feel humphry being the one sliver in the pie chart of actual factual information in a sea of speculation? It’s like we don’t even have to write anything new. Just go back a year, copy what was said then and paste. You’re reports are literally the only thing new. Gotta keep it civil or Mr Shawn will delete the entire deal.

  81. Oh yes right at the Salem traffic circle, know exactly where it is. Subway and D&D right across the street.

  82. You are correct Doug keeping it civil, just feel people deserve the truth even though they can’t handle it sometime. I will continue to watch and report.

  83. darealgoodfella says

    What truth is that? From RaceDayCT reporting back a month or so ago, the meeting with the town, it is clear that there was no plans by the track to do anything. That some of you still do not understand what that means is astounding. It means that these drive-bys to see nothing going on are moot. Since there are no plans, there can be no construction. How do you not understand that? Even the reporting by the ‘bowl’s preferred media outlet proved that there was nothing to support construction. In their report, the ‘bowl reps were sent away to come back in the future with real plans. It was all for the optics. Has the preferred media outlet reported on that follow up meeting and the submission of actual plans to the Town yet?

    humphry, save the mileage on your car. There will not be any construction.

  84. 3 stage cub cadet is the bomb.Was going to buy one this year because I was sick of my crummy Simplicity.Then I bolted some rubber on the impeller blades and now the piece of junk throws snow across the street and never ices up.Saw it on you tube.

  85. Turbo charged my old 12 horse Noma with rubber ends made from an old tractor trailer mud guard and it does work as advertised on youtube. But sometimes after 30 years you just need a new blower. Big Bertha was just tired. As for Cub Cadet, there is no substitute.
    It’s official. Keith Rocco in Mark Panes Troyer on the Stafford web site brings the car count to 16 for the first Stafford 80 Open. Three months away and 16 cars. That’s pretty good aye.

  86. darealgoodfella says

    Congratulations and thanks to Norm Wrenn!!!!

    🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁

  87. Lee and Star Supers. Are you married to them? Are they an unbreakable tradition in that part of the State the would be a deal killer if they went away. How about a regular crate modified top division. SKish or Lightish. I’m seeing the Supers on video and have to say they are amazing how fast they get around but the competition seems weak. A couple laps, they string out then it’s individual battles or follow the leader. Think that’s why Stafford dropped them. Amazing to see at first then not much happens. Am I wrong on that? Are the crowds good cause they seem sketchy. Seems like weak car counts and weak crowds on regular shows. Special shows look robust. What’s the future for Lee and Wrenn and Star for that matter? The status quo or something new.

  88. Speedbowl update; looks like a ghost town, everything still intact, nothing has changed. Sorry if you were looking for better news but can’t deliver any.

  89. Hard Hat Harry says

    They are supposed to have fans in the new grandstand 8 weeks from tomorrow. Obviously there are no new grandstands going in. Pretty clear that the evidence from months ago that this probably was never going to happen was on point.

  90. And the drama builds like last year. You can cut the tension and anticipation with a knife. All the predictions of doom and no racing. Then the shock an awe of a lease and the Blast Off announcement. Looks like plan B or nothing but most of us were wrong last year. Patience grasshoppers. We’ll know when we know but in the meantime the reports of no news is actually current news of no change. That doesn’t mean no action because of what may or may not be going on behind the scenes. Still the undisputed provider of the only thing we know for sure-humphry. Thanks.

  91. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, that is all FAKE NEWS!!! You are at the wrong track. Buhleave me! The stands are going to be the best, ready to go at the end of April, buhlieve me. The stands will be the biggest ever, nobody will have better stands, buhleave me.

  92. darealgoodfella says
  93. darealgoodfella says

    While we are waiting for humphrey’s next report, let’s revisit these fine publications:




    Both publications are talking about great advancements and yet nothing has happened. Seems reasonable they would keep their fans and racers informed of all this excitement. So how are those demolition and construction permits doing?

    Does anyone believe the grandstands, as presented in those links, will actually happen in time for May 4, 2018? LMFAO!!!!

    So who has been feeding the line of 💩? Just remember, this work was supposed to start right after Smacktoberfest.

  94. There are those that are swallowing the BS that the speedbowl promoter is spewing hook, line and sinker and there are those that know it is all just that. I am still waiting for the face saving attempt press release that will be coming soon blaming everything from the weather to the white house for not being able to move forward with opening day.

  95. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, at this point, there is no way to save face. None-what-so-ever. These folks are that are advocating the ‘bowl are beyond redemption.

    It’s looking like two options:

    1. Track does not open.

    2. Track opens with portions of the grandstands closed off.

    And none of this should be a surprise, or news. After all, I’ve been calling this for many, many months.

    Hey 🤠!!! 👋 👋👋

  96. I think there have been many individuals on this site making the same prediction however, if you feel compelled to take credit for it be my guest. Just be careful not to break your arm patting yourself on the back………

  97. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, are you kidding me? You are as foolish as those that are still advocating the ‘bowl construction. You still have leader line sticking out of your mouth.

    I called the proposed construction absurd in the very beginning. There wasn’t enough time, even when it was announced way back then. Not only wasn’t there enough time, the conditions. Here’s a facility in deplorable condition, apparently does not earn enough revenue to afford a decent maintenance program. It has had problems with the stands, and the history of these issues goes back years, perhaps a decade or more. When an old facility like this gets touched, it triggers all sorts of code requirements and effectively, almost the whole place has to be updated. It was never going to be a simple project of just replacing the grandstands. Then throw in the Bemer problems, and that takes things to an even greater degree of difficulty. Bemer is the owner, he has to fund capital projects, not the renter. George is not going to pay for anything. You and the rest totally fail to understand that. Given the totality of Bemer’s problems, he’s probably better off letting it go bankrupt than spending a dime on the place. At his age and the problems he’s facing, rebuilding the ‘bowl is no longer the fun it could have been or the priority, and he’s got the ick factor. Teams, fans and sanctioning bodies are not going to support the track as long as Bemer owns it… that has been made perfectly clear.

    I put this all out there in the very beginning and I was called ‘negative’. You people were yapping it up about staying positive. Yeah, well, I’m real and pragmatic. That’s why I’m right. While you and the others were watching for the construction equipment convoy to roll into the ‘bowl parking lot, I’ve been laughing my callipygian ass off.

    Two months to go… Are you sick of all the winning yet?

  98. humphry, was wondering. In your drive by’s did you see cars by the trailer or any tracks in the snow if there was snow on the ground. How about that piece of heavy machinery you mentioned a while back. Finally beside your anticipation of a delay announcement if you had one guess what would happen what would it be?
    Ya I know it’s thin but nothing else is happening so I thought I was ask.

  99. Joe Lajoie says

    Dareal, with all this talk you’ve blown your cover. You’ll be so easy to spot at the races this year. The King of Trolls/Legend in your own Mind will be arriving at all the races in a chariot with rose petals being thrown at your feet because you, yes you and only you proved everyone wrong on a racing blog. You must be so proud. Giving autographs will surely be a challenge with that broken arm from patting yourself on the back. I hope that arm sling doesn’t detract from your crew chief duties of the Matchbox cars you play with underneath the stands.

  100. Doug, there was a red car parked away from the trailer, the snow was plowed on the access road and around the trailer. The backhoe was not there, the bucket truck was in the same place it has been.

  101. I know at some point I have predicted every single outcome that may or may not have happened with the Speedbowl and it has generally proven right or wrong at various times but not always in line with current events. The best thing that has happened for all of us is that the entire Speedbowl section and all our dumb predictions including but not limited to our accidentally correct ones have been deleted. Moreover I would like to thank Mr. Shawn for allowing this nonsense to continue with regard to the Speedbowl to show how futile our comments are.

  102. Joe Lajoie hasn’t said much about dalegend but the last comment was classic. Thanks to Shawn for keeping the nonsense going. I was hopeful that along with the bowl coverage, it would end.

  103. darealgoodfella says

    Like I really care about what the ‘bowl Deplorables have to say? LOL!!!!!

    humphry, what about the tire tracks? What kind of tires?

  104. And what direction were the tire tracks going. North, south. east,west? Daidiot will have a field day with this.

  105. Notice I am ignoring the tire question. Next thing dareal will tell us is he owns a tire store. With him it is a no win situation.

  106. darealgoodfella says

    humphry said: “Notice I am ignoring the tire question.”

    I love when people reply to the very thing they say they are ignoring.

  107. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, were there any cigarette butts near that red car?

  108. darealgoodfella says

    There are many snow dances going on in New London, hoping for another crippling snow storm. Need any and all excuses as possible.

    Do plans have expiration dates? If a plan is not manifested by a certain time, do the plans have to be re-reviewed and re-approved?

  109. With all the criticism of dareal he states the obvious fact that capital improvements would be on bemers dime.Since he has many dimes in the bank the fact that nothing is happening speaks volumes.Everyone is just speculating and some are pipe dreaming.

  110. darealgoodfella says

    art, some, and maybe most, things are obvious to a small few. Most are oblivious to the obvious. Some have a keen sense of the obvious.

    Read the puff piece about the meeting between George and the Waterford Town officials. George presented a five year plan. How nice!!!! George was sent away and told to get real. George is the renter, or so it is said. Could also just be a frontman. George, as a renter or Bemer employee, ain’t doing a five year improvement plan. As it is, the bleachers and everything else (concessions, lavs, access, environmental, remediation, etc.) that needs to be changed per code as a result is a seven figure job. A renter is making that investment? George ain’t paying that bill. Is that just too obvious?

    Bemer’s priorities have changed, he isn’t too interested in playing cars anymore.

    May 4 is getting closer and closer. So exciting!!!

    Cheers for Lee USA and Norm!!!!!

  111. You gonna be there opening day playing with your matchbox cars?

  112. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, do you still think that shunning the ‘bowl is the wrong thing to do, and people should patronize the track to generate more money to benefit Bemer’s victims? Do you really believe that?

  113. wmass01013 says

    Dareal this is America, people have the choice to go where they please or NOT, U make the choice to NOT GO AND DESPISE THE PLACE, other choose to attend races, I don’t think ANYONE approves of Bemers Actions but because they choose to attend the track all u can do is make jokes and continue to ridicule people who choose too, no one KNOWS if the place will open or not, WE GET IT U DONT LIKE BEMER OR WATERFORD, LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  114. darealgoodfella says

    Sure wish Norm Wrenn would have bought the ‘bowl when he tried sometime before Bemer.

    Congratulations to Norm Wrenn.

  115. wmass01013 says

    That I do agree 100% WITH YOU

  116. When Bemer bought the bowl it was in to much financial trouble for a prudent investor to get involved with.Bemer has deep pockets and didn’t care if he ever made a nickel.Probably not the case for most mere mortals like Norm.

  117. darealgoodfella says

    See wmass01013, there’s hope for you.

  118. darealgoodfella says

    art, I agree. Looked like Bemer wanted it for a hobby, not a massive profit center. He wanted to play cars. Given his age, and the YUGE $$$$$ 💰 💰💰💰💰💰 needed to remediate the place, he was never going to see a return on the procurement cost and remediation costs. The place barely covered its expenses, has been in disrepair for decades, racers didn’t get paid purses, and so on. No way it was going to pay for itself and the remediation in a few years, before he would look to retire and liquidate.

  119. Bemer, a propane company owner, didn’t buy the bowl for a massive profit center? Thanks captain obvious. We have a genius in our midst.

  120. Most of us strive to have a comfortable life and make ends meet.It must be nice to play cars or whatever tickles your fancy with no financial woes.I think whatever revenue the bowl generated was fine and he could easily make up the shortfall.But at the end of the day money sometimes can’t buy you out of serious trouble

  121. darealgoodfella says

    wmass01013, you and the rest of the Deplorables don’t want the news about the ‘bowl discussed, just like Trump doesn’t want Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Casinos, Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, Trump divorces, Steele Dossier, Trump scandals, Trump Golfing, Trump racism, Trump narcissism, etc. discussed. Get over it. LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    The demise of the ‘bowl under Bemer is fair game. It affects the paying fans. LET IT GOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  122. wmass01013 says

    I don’t care if THE bOWL IS Discussed but you are obsessed with every negative comment over and over, again NO ONE KNOWS if they will open or under what circumstances, we all KNOW the needs of the place , will the town let slide or will the place stay closed is a question we all cant answer until SOMEONE OFFICIAL says YES OR NO, so lets enjoy Myrtle Beach, although u do know the final result of every car running already, and go from there

  123. darealgoodfella says

    wmass01013, if you don’t care if the bowl is discussed, stop complaining when it is discussed. doh.



  124. The Norwich Bulletin says


    George Whitney from the NLWSB is officially announcing that because of today’s 18 inch snowfall in Waterford the track will not be able to put in new grandstands this year.

    George Whitney says: “We had all the equipment ready on Monday and we were going to start demolition Tuesday, but because of the unexpected snowstorm we will not be able to put in the new grandstands this year. We are really sorry, but now we will not be able to put the new grandstands in. We are all very upset. Since December we had planned to start this project today. It’s really unfortunate. We’ll do it next year maybe.”

    The general manager of the track also announced that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has committed to run in the Late Model division at the Speedbowl in 2018.

    “We are excited to have him racing here this year and we think our fans will love seeing him compete.” George Whitney said.

    Whitney announced that the track will sell Speedbowl logo refrigerator magnets, pencils, thongs and mouse pads on opening weekend. All profits collected will go toward creating a track point fund.

  125. You call your dumb emojis and blabbering about trump discussion?

  126. darealgoodfella says

    humphry is going to do a drive-by on Wednesday.

  127. darealgoodfella says

    Okay, I just can’t stop laughing at the SPEEDBOWL ANNOUNCEMENT above.

    🤣 🤪 😂 🤪 😝 🤗 🤠 🤡

    🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁

  128. darealgoodfella says

    The SPEEDBOWL ANNOUNCEMENT apparently forgot to mention the gift cards are still available. Get them by the dozen!

  129. I am not wasting my time driving by on Wednesday. 15″ of snow on the ground there, we all know nothing has changed. When I do drive by though I will let everyone know.

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