Top Starter: Jon McKennedy Gets First Career Whelen Mod Tour Victory At Myrtle Beach Speedway

Jon McKennedy celebrates his first career Whelen Modified Tour victory in Saturday’s Performance Plus 150 at Myrtle Beach Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

On Feb. 13 Jon McKennedy celebrated opening night of Tour Type Modified racing at World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway by scoring his first victory in a NASCAR sanctioned event.

Saturday at Myrtle Beach Speedway the Chelmsford, Mass. driver kept the 2018 theme of firsts going.

McKennedy scored his first career NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour victory in Saturday’s season opening Performance Plus 150 at Myrtle Beach Speedway.

“It feels great, I feel like this is way overdue,” McKennedy said in a release. “Over the years, I was never really able to put 100 percent effort into the Tour. When [team owner Tommy Baldwin Jr.] called me, I just knew it was going to be a great deal. I’ve won races from Florida to Canada. It feels good to finally get the monkey off my back.”

McKennedy. was making his 34th career Whelen Modified start dating back to 2006.

“Tommy gave me a great opportunity to run this car, and I’m glad I could make the most of it,” McKennedy said. “We’re really off to a good start together. It’s great to be in good equipment and have some great knowledge behind us.”

Before Saturday McKennedy’s best career finish was a fifth place run on Aug. 4 of last year at Stafford Motor Speedway. That fifth place marked McKennedy’s only top-five finish in series history before Saturday’s victory.

Jimmy Blewett of Howell, N.J. was second, filling in for Ryan Preece with the TS Haulers team. Preece was competing with the XFINITY Series at California Speedway Saturday.

“I can’t thank [team owner Eddie Partridge] and his wife Connie enough, I’m just happy to be able to come out here and help them,” Blewett said. “This is a car that Eddie and my grandfather own together. We came here in the dark, with no notes. But we got ourselves pointed in the right direction fairly quickly today.”

Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. was third.

Doug Coby, who is chasing his fifth consecutive series title and sixth title overall in 2018 was 14th.


  1. Great job Jon. Congratulations on your first WMT win!

  2. Gotta give a big thanks to Denise DuPont and racedayct for providing the live updates. I have no idea why you do it cause it must be tedious and distracting. Cooking my famous chicken, quinuo, kale stew for the family viewing of The Shape of Water tomorrow has never been so enjoyable. Let me know if you want the recipe.
    Did something special just happen? Maybe someone that saw the race can weigh in but judging from the updates it sounded like a ton of lead changes took place with some from not so expected folks running up front.
    All you NWMT experts I ask you. Is McKennedy the guy that so many said was OK for the B team tours and not a prime time guy now in the club? Is the NWMT stronger by a large percentage since Rob Fuller is a force here and Tommy Baldwin is back?

  3. Great race…

    Funny how a full field of cars and a bunch of very good non regular NWMT drivers (eg: Hirschman, Myers, McKennedy, Blewett, etc) show up and Colby is a non factor…

  4. darealgoodfella says

    Troyer 1-2-3.

    McKennedy & Baldwin is a match. Coby better watch out for McKennedy. Baldwin brings great cars. Baldwin got the driver he has been looking for.

    The 75 hit a bull’s eye… mid-pack in practice & qual and back of the pack in the race, barely on the lead lap.

    Sure would like to see Hirschman run the entire season. Colby needs the aggravation.

    What happened to Colby? He had the fast car in practice. Wear out the flux capacitor?

    Great job by Blewett.

    The 16 missed the setup?

    Thompson should be awesome.

  5. Phil, it is early but great observation, going to be an interesting season.

  6. In all fairness to Colby and others, I think the one tire per stop made pit road a bit crowded. Also, it seemed that cars went hot to cold real quick. Was interesting from a fans perspective, but it probably made for some tough pit road decisions….

    Great race though, and great job by the track to run the tour first. Race started and finished in daylight. Hope this becomes a regular stop on the tour..

  7. Lots of part time teams run up front. Look at the 44 last year. Emerling too. That shouldn’t be a surprise. History has shown Coby(not Colby) will be just fine.

    Good win for Jon and Tommy. Probably won’t be the only one this year. Good to finally kick of the 18 season

    Anyone know what tour races the 44 and 60 are running this season?

  8. Modified Guy says

    Coby only changed 1 tire on the last stop, that had hurt him big time.

  9. Mid pack for the 75, first race, shake the cob webs off, it will come. Spec engine under the hood, thought they did not have one. Do you want your egg raw, scrambled or over easy?

  10. Jon Mckennedy has been and still is a great racer in mods and supers.Knows how to turn a wrench also.Was born to late.He should have been barnstorming back in the day with Evans and Jarzombek.Colbee seems to be a few jiggawatts short.Hard fought top 10 today for Ryan.Best JGR car today!

  11. NH MOD CHASER says

    Good to see Dave Sapienza have a solid run.. Congrats

  12. Ray Skoglund says

    McKennedy has always been a very good driver.
    From what I’ve heard a nice guy too.
    Great for him and Team.
    And don’t worry about Coby.
    He’ll be fine, and in the mix at seasons end.

  13. Cautions this year 5 for 16% of the race. Last year 8 chewing up 30% of the race. Last year only 15 cars completed 151 or more of the 155 laps run with numerous cars listed as (crash). This year 23 cars completed 148 laps or more. Last year 9 lead changes involving 7 drivers. This year 10 lead changes involving 9 drivers. Great start aye.
    Interesting comparisons to last year. Carrol and Lutz out with rear ends last year finishing 28th and 29th. This year they improve to 8 and 9, Carrol surviving an early spin, getting a free pass, rallying and getting a top 10. Stash working his magic? Mr. Consistency Justin Bonsignore of the old guard 6th last year 5th this year. Rob Summers, another strong qualifying effort and top 10 finish. What is there about Myrtle Beach that allows Rob to run strong? Dave Sapienza, another quite guy with a strong 6th. Great start Dave. Coby not a factor? Ran top 5 a lead a lap. Reports of his demise are greatly exaggerated. Rob Fuller and Chase. No experience at Myrtle, no problem.
    Denise DuPont:
    “Our understanding is that the Jimmy Blewett driven #6 is actually a Blewett owned modified setup by Blewett for the Partridge team.”
    Say what?

  14. Colby is a cheese…Coby is a MWMT Driver. Great to see MC Kennedy win in the 7NY. And Showtime finish 2nd two great underrated drivers.

  15. Speed51:
    “Jon McKennedy: The Massachusetts native has a partial schedule planned with a chance for more races behind the wheel of the famous No. 7ny for Tommy Baldwin Racing. McKennedy told NASCAR Home Tracks that his hope is to be able to run the full season, but more funding will be needed”
    Patching together a full season with Baldwin and others. Baldwin doesn’t even know how many races he’ll go to. Hopefully winning will allow him to up his ante and put McKennedy in a better place to compete for a championship. So far Baldwin and McKennedy’s winning percentage this year is 100%.

  16. darealgoodfella says

    art, I love reading your comments… just so right, so obvious. Baldwin has the DNA from those barnstorming days from his Dad, so Baldwin and McKennedy can be a bit of a modern retro Mod experience. We shall see, they have my attention.

    humphry… Rust? How can a team that’s been around for decades be rusty?

  17. Dareal, let’s talk about the blue 75 with the spec engine they didn’t own according to you. You are not dodging this one and don’t try to change the subject.

  18. Fast Eddie says

    Jon, you’re right; you were overdue for a WMT win! Hopefully the win gives the Baldwin team more event opportunities then originally planned, as in $$$. Let’s see, McKennedy, Blewett, and Hirschman on the podium. Guess it was a tough night for the “regulars”.

  19. darealgoodfella says

    Great race stats… looks like only one car DNF’d, 20 cars finished on the lead lap, several not too far behind, only 7 off the lead lap. Not too many yellows either, only 5. Very good for the first race of the season and so many new teams and combinations. Doesn’t look like any rust or cobwebs.

    Next up, Thompson.

  20. Baldwin does know how many races he is going to. He announced his schedule weeks ago. He stated again yesterday he is sticking to that schedule.

    Just because a team isn’t running for points doesn’t make them a non regular. Hirshmann, Blewett, Myers, McKennedy will all be around plenty. Santos, Emerling, Zachem as well. For the life of me I can’t understand why it matters when I’m sitting in the grandstands watching a great race why it matters who is running all the races. Should I not watch Preece on tv because he is only running 10 races for JGR? Did we not just have the best points race ever last year. Jeez.

    Phil, did Coby not beat stacked fields on his way to 5 championships? Please… He had one so so race on a track he doesn’t like and you are ready to write him off. Thompson will be a different ballgames. Tire strategy way different. The 5x champ will be just fine.

  21. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, I need a little more than your say-so that the 75 had a SPEC. But even if it did, I did qualify my statement with they would have more money than brains. Even if they had a SPEC, they practiced and qual’d mid-pack, and finished behind mid-pack. No change in expected performance. Didn’t I say they were a mid-pack car? Do you want to debate what shade of blue? I noticed they are using Bob Bruneau, so we know it’s good power. LOL!!! Still have to know how to use that power. Power can only compensate so much.

    The v4 finally put a SPEC in, one of the last competitive cars to convert, and they went out and won their first race with the SPEC, at Loudon. They were close with the built against a field of SPECs, but the built wasn’t going to compete against a SPEC car. So you think the SPEC will propel the 75 to the top 3 or top 5 from a perennial mid-pack car?

    Congrats to McKennedy & Baldwin. May they find more sponsorship to run the full season.

  22. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, there’s a huge difference in being at the track and watching on TV. If I am paying bucks to go to the track, and CT tracks are notoriously the most expensive, and a haul to Loudon from CT add$ up (6 hrs and a tank of gas for me), then as a paying customer I guess I can rightfully have some sort of expectation of seeing the top drivers competing. You have no say when it comes to watching on TV, you put nothing at risk. People are Preece fans, that’s not quite the same as a Modified fan.

    If you go to a baseball game and the team fields all the bench players, I bet you’d be a bit miffed that you didn’t see all the A-team stars playing.

    Geez, I’d love to see Emerling, Santos, McKennedy, Silk, Hirschman, Blewett, and many others running every race. More competitive cars, the better the racing.

  23. My sarcastic swipe at Doug,oh I mean Colbee,doesn’t mean he is finished at all.Very shortly we will all be at our old stomping grounds,Thompson and Stafford and the flux will be flying.We will see what shakes out at two of our fastest and best tracks for this tour and two venues that host half the races.As George Forman would say” Oh them body shots is tellin”.Holy jiggawatts spring is finally here dareal.

  24. As usual you are not man enough to admit you are wrong, that would be a medium blue metallic with silver chassis! And since there were no photos on the internet of the car, how exactly would I know the color? Bob Bruneau is one of the approved spec engine builders BTW.

    Enough of the excuses and qualifying statements, be a man, stand up and take responsibility for the BS you spew especially when you are 100% wrong. As Kevin O’Leary would say on Shark Tank, you are dead to me!

  25. Fast Eddie says

    NH Mark, you may have been referring to my”regular” statement. My definition of “regullar” is a team that is running the whole tour, as opposed to one of the part-time teams out there. I have a great deal of respect for ANY team that participates, even if their budget only allows them to be at a few events. Thanks to part-time teams we have a huge variety of possible competition scenarios, depending on who shows up for what race. I’m thinking with the WMT unification, a third category has developed. I guess you’d call them “most-time teams” due to them being at most but not all the races.
    P.S Wait ’till #75 get in more familiar territory!!

  26. Ya I’m jumping on Eddie’s bandwagon and giving a huge who cares about part time, most time and full time. It’s about the car count for a given race, the number of teams that can compete for the win and how many surprises pop up. Surprises are good. Emerling was arguably the only surprise last year. We’ve already had one now after one race.

  27. Dareal in the #2 car it’s all about the engine but in the 75 the engine is nothing,and I would bet that before season is over there may even be a LFR 123 finish, one race doesn’t make a season

  28. Great job Jon McK! I think you’re a great tour addition.

    For all those predicting Coby’s demise and retirement, I think the 2 will continue to be a major factor. Can’t wait ’till the Sizzler!

  29. darealgoodfella says

    In other news, McKennedy/Baldwin won at Caraway today.

  30. I heard it was 15 bucks to get in. Must be nice.

  31. Bingbangboom says

    Nobody recognized the 51 dominated the race?

  32. darealgoodfella says

    Bingbangboom wrote: “Nobody recognized the 51 dominated the race?”

    You wanna explain what you mean by “dominated”?

    Dominated the race?

    Did the 51 lead the most laps, by far? Nope.

    Did the 51 win the race? Nope.

    The 51 led for 26 laps, the 60 led for 77 laps. The 60 had almost 3X the lead laps as the 51. Looks like the 60 dominated over the 51. The 60 finished in 3P. The 51 finished in 5P. Looks like a few other cars dominated OVER the 51. So where do you draw the line that demarcates domination? The 51 did as well as it usually does, a top 10, maybe a podium finish, no win. That does not achieve race dominating stature. Last year, the 51 was pretty much invisible and bewildering how it finished well since it was FAR from dominating. Are you also going to claim that the 51 won the race and the results are rigged? Is your last name Trump?

    To the credit of the 51, it is perhaps the most consistent car on the Tour, and if they can find a way to turn the wick up just a little more, it will collect some wins.

  33. Humphry, just an FYI I am also and authorized spec motor builder as anyone can put them together if they so desire. Just gotta purchase the parts from RYR. Bob does make some great HP. Always enjoy reading everyones comments.

  34. WeldingWonders says

    From Robert Yates Racing Engines web site.
    “The Spec Engine is not a “sealed” engine and NASCAR rules do allow teams to assemble, disassemble and rebuild the Spec Engine but no modifications to the components are allowed other than what is stated in the current rule books.”

  35. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, please tell how you think you are 100% correct.

    Just remember my qualifier… “more money than brains.”

    Car converts from built to SPEC and still runs mid-pack to sub-mid-pack. Then consider my qualifier.

    What am I supposed to admit? 🤣🤪😝🤔

  36. Alot of people have known jon can wheel a car congrats to him on a diffrent note caraway race 8 cars thats bad

  37. WeldingWonders says

    My questions for Fastang if he would be so kind are, does it cost in the neighborhood of $18,000 to rebuild a spec motor. Are they more finicky to rebuild and does a rebuild last two years. Finally with a spec engine is there a wide range of performance to be achieved in a rebuild depending on the work performed or do the rules make rebuilds all pretty uniform.

  38. darealgoodfella says

    WeldingWonder, you should ask Doug. Doug has asked all those same questions over and over.

  39. I’d like to know who came up with $18000 to freshen a spec engine I’d believe $8000 is more like it unless they’re replacing allot of parts. As for Coby 14th place finish just look at Harvick a 31st at Daytona and then a win had him 2 ND in points and Coby has allot of tracks that he does well at coming up. Anybody know what’s up with Brady’s 00? Maybe we’ll see Mckennidy in it at some point. All in all it was a good race great to see the 7NY in victory lane.

  40. 6 pm6Rob p says

    Wednesday March 21st at 6PM The touring race from Myrtle Beach will be on NBCSN for anyone who wants to watch

  41. WeldingWonders says

    Good call Rob. I checked the emails I exchanged with a NWMT owner. These are some of the things he said.
    -“The speck is in existence for one reason. Nascar. This is a cheap engine that they marked up and took a cut on. This same engine has been around for many years. It was popular in the hot rod industry. The cost was 18,000.00 complete. It is now 32,000.00 for the same exact engine which allows Nascar to get dividends on every one that is sold. ”
    -“It is a “gas guzzler” simply because it has a 750cfm carb. This engine does not have the internal parts and pieces capable of producing a lot of power so to make up for that they bolted on a huge carburetor. The built engines use a 390cfm. ”
    “The built motors cost roughly 48,000.00 so they are more expensive. The block on the speck engine needs replacing every 5 rebuilds so that is a huge expense every other season as well”
    -“I could go either way on a preference”

    Yes I know, no name so why believe it. He just didn’t want the first quote getting back to NASCAR with his name attached. It was the block replacement I remembered as being inordinately expensive. Maybe Fastang will weigh in if he rebuilds the engines.

  42. darealgoodfella says

    The SPEC is nothing more than a glorified crate motor that went for a fraction of the current price years ago before it was “chosen” by NASCAR. There is a block option that lasts longer, but is more expensive. The SPEC is pretty much a disposable engine with no resale value. And it is a fuel pig.

    Congratulations to McKennedy and don’t forget to watch Wednesday eve.

  43. I don’t build/rebuild but was being sarcastic since anyone can build the spec motor. Engine builders will tell you that in the short term the Spec is cheaper but in the long run the built motor will cost less. I know where there was a built motor that was 10 years old still running well on the Tour. You will never see a spec motor last that long. Yes approximate cost Spec: 32k Built 42k. I am also told that it costs more to rebuild the spec than it does to rebuild the built motor. Don’t forget that you must purchase a $900 barcoded alternator for the spec motor.

  44. Just witnessed a spec delivered, soup to nuts, plumbing, tickling $43k. Just another way for NASCAR to take advantage of the car owners and line their pockets in the process. Remember, you can re-work a steel block quite a few times before it is taken out of service, can’t say that for an aluminum block.

  45. WeldingWonders says

    So my question stands and can’t be answered by anyone except an engine builder. In the SK Lights crate motors can be rebuild with approved enhancements that increase marginal performance. The enhancements can cost a lot more. Is there a range of performance enhancements at an increased cost in the spec motors.
    The war is over for the Tour and maybe the ROC and the RYR engine won. 32K vs 48K with weight advantage and you know you can win with it. Trying to convince people the built motor is a better value is like trying to tell the American consumer to buy American cause the products last longer then the Chinese products do. How’d that go for us?

  46. darealgoodfella says

    CONGRATULATIONS to Jon McKennedy!!!!

  47. Dougdacheater says

    You cannot enhance a nascar spec engine in anyway. You cant even change the nuts and bolts.(ask woody)

  48. WeldingWonders says

    Ya I don’t think a person with a screen ID and two sentences is the last word on spec engine enhancements. Like the crate engines they come out of production as capable engines that I’m guessing are reliable as advertised. But like the crate engines or any engine for that matter processes and tolerances can be improved. Line boring and decking paying closer attention to detail. boring out the cylinders within the rules. What do I know. Nothing except you can always improve a complex mechanism by doing the little things better. In the absence of an expert the only thing we know so far is how little anyone knows about spec engine rebuilding other then what RYR says in a one paragraph blurb.

  49. Just watched the NWMT race on NBCSN Troyers 1,2,3 love the paint scheme on the 6 a nod to Maynard Troyer. Chase ran as expected but when your driving the “house” car you should run good . Bonsignore ran well considering he’s only got a few races in the LFR car A couple of front-runners had so so finishes but the season is young and from what I saw looks like it’s gonna be a very competitive season. Congrats to Jon for the win and good luck to ALL the teams going forward

  50. darealgoodfella says

    Somebody with a screen ID has a problem with someone else with a screen ID?

  51. darealgoodfella says

    There are experts here.

    I can teach, but I can’t make them understand.

  52. Why the sarcasm welding? You asked a question, people have tried to fill in the blanks, evidently not good enough for you so since you seem to discard what people have said, call RYR yourself and enlighten us.

  53. darealgoodfella says

    WeldingWonders, check with Doug or some of your other alter-egos.

  54. WeldingWonders says

    I think it’s more frustration then sarcasm humphry. If you could just do me a solid, review the comments once again and let me know who with clear knowledge of the spec engine rebuilding process clarified the situation? And what’s up with the reference to seeing a spec engine delivered. That sounds pretty cool. Care to expand on that?

  55. darealgoodfella says

    Congratulations to Jon McKennedy and Tommy Baldwin!!!

  56. Dougdacheater says

    Look doug, If you want to build your own Spec engine you can. It comes in a kit. They highly recommend you wash all the parts before you put it together. That is about the extent of what you are allowed to do. Im not even sure you are allowed to hone the block. Im sure guys do, but thats about it. It comes with every nut and bolt, and you arent allowed to change anything. Nothing! or the nascar nazis will kick you out quick. There’s two blocks, an aluminum that lasts about one season (unless you over heat it) and a steel block that can be rebuilt 3-4 times, anymore than that and you’ll have to cut to much. The carburator is in the kit, fuel pump, everything. All you really can do is tune it on the dyno with jets and timing. They are garbage motors out of a pick up truck that need 400 more cfm out of a carburator to make 28 more horsepower than the best built motor in the field with a choked down 390 carb.

    Go On and read about it. I dont have my tour rule book at my office or id explain more.

  57. Dougdacheater says

    Found a copy….

    20D – 4.1 General Engine Eligibility
    A.The eligible engines must be production engines as determined, selected,
    and approved by NASCAR. All major components (engine blocks, heads, etc.)
    must be produced by the manufacturer for sale in a regular product offering. Prior
    to being used in competition, all major engine and component parts must be
    submitted, in a completed form/assembly, to the office of the NASCAR
    Competition Administrator on or prior to September 2, 2015 for consideration of
    approval and approved by NASCAR. Each such part may thereafter be used until
    NASCAR determines that such part is no longer eligible.
    B.As an option, Teams may compete in the NASCAR Whelen Modified
    Tour/Whelen Southern Modified Tour with a NASCAR-approved “Spec Engine”. If
    used, the “Spec Engine” must be completely assembled using only NASCAR-
    approved “Spec Engine” components without any modifications. All parts, pieces
    and components that are used in the “Spec Engine” must originate from an
    approved NASCAR supplier. If used, the “Spec Engine” may be purchased in kit
    form to be assembled by the engine builder of the Team’s choice, or may be
    purchased as a completely assembled engine. NASCAR-approved “Spec
    Engine” kits and assembled engines are available directly from Robert Yates
    Racing Engines, LLC. Weight adjustments (if any) will be made through NASCAR
    Technical Bulletins and/or announcements.
    Robert Yates Racing Engines, LLC
    159 Bevan Drive
    Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
    Phone: 704-660-7015
    Email: [email protected]
    C.Modifications Permitted
    (1) Wash and clean all parts – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    (2) Fit Bearings
    (3) Fit Piston Ring End Gap
    (4) Match Gaskets – Gasket material only
    (5) Carburetor Jetting
    (6) Distributor Timing

  58. Dougdacheater says

    (7) Carburetor floats designed for road courses, acceptable to NASCAR
    Officials, will be permitted at road course Events only.
    (8) The use of the crankcase windage tray supplied by the NASCAR-
    approved supplier is optional. If used, it must remain as supplied from
    the NASCAR-approved supplier with no modifications.
    (9) A maximum cylinder overbore size of 0.005 inch will be permitted on
    the NASCAR-approved “Spec Engine” block. The 0.005 inch overbore
    pistons, piston rings and wrist pins must be purchased from and remain
    as supplied by the NASCAR-approved supplier with no modifications.
    (10)The installation and fitting of valve guide liners will be permitted. The
    valve centerline and valve angle must remain the same as supplied by
    the NASCAR-approved supplier and manufacturer.
    (11)A bonding agent (epoxy) may be used to assist in adhering the
    emulsion tube plugs to the carburetor metering blocks, if needed to
    help prevent fuel leakage only. No other modifications to the carburetor
    metering blocks will be permitted. The carburetor metering blocks must
    remain as supplied by the NASCAR-approved supplier and
    (12)Decking (milling) of the engine block cylinder head surface to ensure
    proper sealing will be permitted. The engine block cylinder head
    surface may be decked (milled) up to a maximum of 0.005 inch. When
    installed the top of any piston must not be more than 0.015 inch at any
    point above the engine block cylinder head surface.
    (13)As an option, teams will be permitted to use the engine valley tray
    cover mounted breather system available
    only through Robert Yates
    Racing Engines
    . If used, it must remain as supplied from the
    NASCAR-approved supplier with no modifications.

    Theres 3 pages of stuff you cant do, like Hone the block

  59. darealgoodfella says

    The rulebooks are available online for free.

    I’m sure Sybil/WeldingWonders/Doug et al. knows this.

  60. Modified Guy says

    @ Rob P, What makes you think Chase didn’t run good. (Finished 4th) Did you know his strategy was to lay back, stay out of trouble & save his tires? I believe the reason he didn’t finish any better was because they changed too early.

  61. WeldingWonders says

    The last 25 laps of the Myrtle Beach Race
    Dowling was fast. Until his tires gave out then he wasn’t. He did well hanging on for fourth and is now in first place in the presumed full time driver/team standings.

  62. Modified guy. I wrote chase ran as expected but when your driving the “house” car your expected to do well. Never said he ran bad this was a track he hadn’t run before so 4th is a good finish. I like Chase think he’s very talented and destined to win.

  63. Dougdacheater thanks for the info maybe now you can guide us through building an engine that would save teams allot of coin if they could assemble the motor themselves

  64. Crazy in NY says

    Chase did a great job. Ran strong but the experienced guys were a little better at the end. Look for good things from this kid.

  65. WeldingWonders says

    Based on humphry’s suggestion I did fire off an email to RYR. Respectfully as a fan asked them what percent of teams in the NWMT order kits vs completed engines. Is the spec motor indeed the favorite of the top teams on the tour. Asked if there is a range of performance output that can be achieved with the engines based on who does the assembly and what processes they employ. They probably won’t respond but they definitely won’t if you don’t try. I just don’t believe a spec engine kit or otherwise is an erector set any jamoke could put together and achieve maximum output. As for trolling for experts to chime in here what’s the harm. Never know when some tech working for one of the major builders may decide to provide some expert perspective.

  66. Look at this way do you want a guy like bruneau putting it together who may be able to massage something he’s very good or a guy working for Yates.I know who I’m picking

  67. Totally agree with you crazy chase did a great job ran up front all day and got a good finish especially if you consider that this was his first race at that track. Performance wise he was the best LFR car but also the house car so he should be good compared to other LFR cars. The kid has talent and has proven he can win. What I don’t care for is Fuller demanding he only drive LFR cars this could lead to allot of missed opportunity as there are so many modified touring series as well as weekly SK racing I think he will be strong on the NWMT and his first win will come soon. As for Stafford it will be interesting to see if he can put an LFR SK in victory lane only time will tell

  68. WeldingWonders says

    I think Rob Fuller would say he is Dowling’s employer, has put his and the reputation and brand on the line and has given Chase the opportunity of a lifetime given his age. He;s providing state of the art rides in the SK’s and NWMT. Where there is no conflict with LFR Chase is free to drive for others on a limited basis. Seems reasonable.

  69. Crazy in NY says

    If the terms and conditions are that he only drives an LFR and he agreed with that so be it. Not for anybody here or elsewhere to be concerned with. After one race I wouldn’t get too worked up over
    what’s a better car, Troyer, LFR or Spafco. As we know the tire management deal at MB is critical.
    Baldwin/McKenndy got it perfect. The 6, 60 15, 51 and other were off a tick or two. That track is crazy abrasive if you see it up close. TV doesn’t do it justice. Chase could win at Thompson and I’m picking at least a top 5 for him.

  70. WeldingWonders says

    There was one shot in the youtube video showing a closeup of the track surface and it was a great image of exactly what everyone was describing.

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