Drivers At Stafford Speedway React To Kevin Harvick’s New SK Modified Contingency

(Press Release from Stafford Speedway)

Kevin Harvick (Photo: Dylan Buell/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Since the March 23rd announcement of Kevin Harvick and KHI Management’s participation in Stafford’s SK Modified® contingency program, SK Modified® teams and drivers have been buzzing with excitement.

We caught up with a few SK Modified® drivers to talk about the Harvick sponsorship and the status of SK Modified® racing at Stafford.

Keith Rocco

On Harvick: “I think it’s pretty spectacular to have someone like Kevin Harvick join Stafford Speedway. It’s huge to have someone like him on board and to do something like that for Ted is great. Kevin and all those Cup guys, they pretty much all started out where we started so for him to remember the grass roots level is pretty awesome.”

On Stafford SK Modified® Racing: “Stafford puts on a show second to none, from the facility to the crowds to the social media. They go above and beyond in everything they do so that makes everyone want to bring their best game to Stafford. Everyone is there to win and no one holds back with their equipment. If you want to win races and put your name in the spotlight, Stafford is definitely the place to do that and put your name in the spotlight.”

Chase Dowling

On Harvick: “Coming from the Cup level of racing back to the short track side of racing with Stafford, all those guys started on a short track somewhere so it’s pretty cool to see Kevin Harvick remembering where he came from and putting something back into the program. For someone like Kevin to do something like that for us at Stafford means a lot. It’s pretty cool for Kevin to be helping us out in the SK Modified® division and doing something to remember Teddy. I think all the Cup guys knew Teddy and it’s awesome for Kevin to be doing the contingency in his memory. Teddy made a huge impact on our sport, especially at Stafford with all the wins and championships he had.”

On Stafford SK Modified® Racing: “In a word, the SK’s are great because of hunger. You have young guys mixed with veteran drivers who are all hungry to win races. No one comes to Stafford to just ride around. I think with the rules that we have in the SK Modified® division, it keeps the competition pretty close and we’re able to put on some great races because of that.”

Rowan Pennink

On Harvick: “It’s awesome. Any time you have something extra to race for is great. Especially coming from a guy like Kevin, to think of Stafford with all the history of the track, and to be doing the contingency in memory of Ted is pretty awesome.

On Stafford SK Modified® Racing: “I think it’s a combination of things: 1) The level of competition that shows up at Stafford every week is unlike any other weekly short track in the country; 2) Stafford is a tough track to get a hold of and with all the cars being so close and with a little less horsepower than the Whelen Modified Tour cars, it makes for a great show every week. Being a rookie at Stafford can be tough, but once you get the hang of the track and contending for wins, Stafford becomes one of the most fun tracks to race at and I love racing there every Friday night.”

Ronnie Williams

On Harvick: “It’s great that someone that successful in the top series of NASCAR like Kevin Harvick is willing to help out short track racing. I know a lot has to do with the media and Twitter and it was pretty impressive that Stafford was able to get Kevin’s attention. I think Stafford is one of the best tracks in the country with competition second to none and it’s pretty cool for someone like Kevin Harvick to recognize that and put up the bonus money in memory of Teddy.”

On Stafford SK Modified® Racing: “When you show up to race at Stafford, you know you have to be on your game because there’s about 10 to 12 cars that can win on any given night.”

Stephen Kopcik

On Harvick: “Obviously the fact that someone like Kevin Harvick is putting up a bonus in memory of Teddy is awesome. I remember his comments from Phoenix a couple weeks ago and it’s pretty cool that he’s doing this and trying to make others realize that they need to support the grass roots level.”

On Stafford SK Modified® Racing: “What makes Stafford the best is everyone involved at the track from the racers, to the crews, to the management. The results on the track are all a product of everyone involved.”

For more information, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at


  1. See Chase mentioned in the article. Any word on a possible SK ride?

  2. Modified Guy says

    I can tell you he has a LFR ride, I’m just not a liberty to say whose car.

  3. Still think it’s cool what KHI is doing in memory of TC. THANK YOU KHI Kevin, DeLana and Keelan Harvick. This bonus means so much to many drivers and fans alike.

  4. WeldingWonders says

    Geez Mr. Stafford press release. You asked Chase what he thought about the SK’s. Would it kill you to throw us a bone and provide an idea of what’s in the works? Second thought I guess you did. Reading between the lines it would appear that you wouldn’t ask him about the SK’s if there were no prospects in the pipeline.
    And according to Modified Guy who tends to be on target there is good news afoot. Can you say Modified Guy if the ride is competitive or an unknown quantity?

  5. Modified Guy says

    When Chase and team are done going through the car, putting in his motor, shock, springs, etc., I would think it should be very competitive.

  6. He is registered on the Stafford web page in the SK’s driving the #36 for Kevin Starchak’s Wicked Motorsports.

  7. Race 413 says

    Come on modified guy. It appears you know some peivelaged info. Can you at least tell us when an announcement will be made.

  8. Agree with race 413 please give us more info. Chase is a great kid, when I saw that the 15 had been withdrawn without explanation I jumped to a conclusion, the wrong conclusion if what I’ve heard is true. I guess Glen Johnson’s mom is really I’ll, Glen made the right decision to wirhdraw. FAMILY FIRST now rumors abound regarding Chase and the upcoming season. I truly hope he has found a ride. He’s a great kid with allot of talent, it would be a shame for him not to be out there. In other news talked to Les, owner of the #50 SK they have an upcoming track rental on the 13th along with some other teams and are looking forward to the season. Ronnie had a great practice at Thompson in his own car with Stosh Botova turning the wrenches. Good luck to both Chase and Ronnie along with all the competitors for 2018.

  9. It already was reported what he is driving. Go to Stafford face book page

  10. Race 413. says

    Yeah cause we all know if it’s on Facebook it must be true. Lol just busting ya thanks for the info.

  11. Just wondering has Kevin Starchak fielded a car in the past. If so what number and who drove it? If not what a way to come on to the scene with one of the hottest drivers around. Best of luck

  12. It’s funny my wife has a friend who if she reads something on Facebook it’s the word of God. My wife and I used to say” well it’s on Facebook so it must be true” as a joke now you say it here lol

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