Home Again: Ryan Preece Scores Victory In Whelen Mod Tour NAPA Spring Sizzler 200 At Stafford

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  1. Congrats to Ryan Preece and the whole #6 team, good job. One thing I took from reading the article was the amount of preparation Ryan puts into his car along with his team. Although in the past they’ve run Troyer cars, sounds like they might now be building their own, based on the Troyer design, or at least do allot of their own stuff. Anyway you look at it he dominated the race for a well earned victory.

  2. Great job Ryan. Rob p. I don’t believe that they build their own cars, the cars are Troyer but Ryan and the team build them out. Don’t forget when you receive a new car there is still allot that needs to be done before it hits the track.

  3. Yes sir, my pick, you go Ryan!

  4. Ryan is becoming the new Reggie Ruggiero. I haven’t seen so many fans pulling for one driver since the “Reggie” days.

  5. Came home a solid block of ice.Thawed out in the shower.Ryan Preece continues to amaze.Just like I said,on rails most of the day.Got that late caution thankfully.I love to watch him pick off cars charging to the front.There its nothing wrong with Troyer and ditto LFR.It’s about who is best at setup and all other aspects of racing.Ed Partridge has a very good team and undoubtedly the best shoe I have seen in a long time.He will be full time in other series soon enough.Unfortunately we won’t see much of him on the NWMT.Also said Rowan would have a good day.Aint I just the best.

  6. What a boring wreck fest. The last 50 laps were a parade with Ryan checking out. Congratulations Ryan for excellent pit strategy to win

  7. Here is some of my take-away from Sunday:
    It was cold.
    The 6 car was extremely fast, and handled like a dream.
    2 missed the setup
    44 missed the setup
    75 had a long, terrible day
    25, 38, and 78, need to return to a driving school classroom. All 3 were horrible. Between the 3 drivers, every blade of grass at the speedway, was run over at 1 time, or another.
    01 was a little faster, but needs to get through the turns a little quicker. (I did enjoy her ignoring the black flag near the end of the race, but did finally pit when the black withe the white stripe,(no longer scoring her car) was displayed.
    Was pulling for Mike Jr, to win the SK race. He ran well. (Now I see he was dropped to 12, due to underweight) Still a great run for the family to enjoy.

  8. All came down to pit strategy and when the cautions came. Dowling didn’t expect a caution at the end and Preeece did.

  9. It was cold. It rained earlier. The crowd was great, especially given the weather.

    Lots of attrition. Many good cars taken out or hobbled. As art said before, sometimes it seems to be more about staying out of trouble.

    Here’s a couple observations:

    44 did not nail the setup as many had hoped. Really do hope they get that situation fixed for it’s wasting a great driver.
    The long run was tense, many cars ran out of tires and were struggling, Preece and Pennink in particular. After they reloaded with tires, it was pretty good.
    The 6 driver is pretty good. He can really put that car in places.
    Can’t believe the 23 was allowed to stay on track, it was half the speed of the 01.
    Expecting the 16 to show up any time now. Not getting much visibility, but staying out of big trouble.
    It was cold, the steady wind out of the north made it feel even colder.
    It really sucked to see Silk and Pitkat go out.
    The 75 was the 75. Nailed it again.
    The 64 was doing great, looking at a top 5, got dinged and hobbled.
    Nice run by the 3.
    2 was damaged, never right after that, lost a bunch of laps.
    Nine cars on the lead lap at the end.
    Of the survivors, looks like tire strategy was the crucial technical differentiator.
    I had the heat blasting in the car all the way home. Took off my coat in the car so the heat could get to my body faster.

  10. Wish Doug Colby had stayed out of trouble, him and Ryan were putting on a good show. Should have run the mods first, before the other events. Glad rain held off

  11. I predict the sun will come up in the morning, some time in the morning.

    Don’t make fun of me if I’m wrong.

  12. Really missed seeing the Garbarino team at Stafford…

  13. art, stay modest my friend. 😉

  14. Bobby Gee me too.

  15. The 2 hottest cars at Stafford were the 2 and 15. What do those cars have in common?

    The drivers are the wrenches. Bigly YUGE factor.

  16. The 2 car driver wrenches on the car? Thats news to me. I thought he sold houses. You are god that knows all though.
    Here’s the question of the day. The 6 car was ready to go a lap down and the car he is racing happens to spin. Hmmmm. At Thompson he spun himself out for a caution. Hmmmmm. Seems like when the cautions are not falling for the 6 schedule he makes them fall. Just sayin. The 15 car was fast…….again.

  17. Whoops… make that the 6 and 15. Good eye.

  18. Modified Guy says

    Billy, I agree on all your points.
    Chase maintains the car but doesn’t make the decisions on the set-up, but he is learning from one of the best chassis guys around aka Rob Fuller

  19. Lot’s of cars were fast, … again… as expected… 7NY, 2, 3, 6, 07, 46, 89, 51, 64. Heck, the 18 and 26 were unusually fast.

    Billy, what’s your point? Is it unusual for the 15 to be fast?

  20. Those cars are fast? The 6 on tires won by over a second. The 15 was a straightaway ahead of third who was also on fresh tires. Those were the only 2 fast cars. The rest are going to have to come up with something quick to race them with. I was at Thompson and the 15 was fast. Did not make it to a Stafford but after blowing up the track record, the 15 would classify as a fast car. I just recall you going on and on how the 15 LFR house car is never a threat to win. Just repeating what you were preaching. Mod guy: Fuller is way ahead in the set up department no doubt. The issue is who can work with him. Every time I go to the track he has new guys because he ran off the ones that were there last week. I have spoke with guys that have tried to work on his cars and the dude is just Hitler at the track. It was a while ago so maybe he’s calmed down some but you can’t win races without a good team.

  21. I thought Phil Moran was the full time wrench and crew chief on the Duce…………

  22. Modified Guy says

    I agree Fuller is tough to work for and that could hurt the team in the end. From what I can see he still has a few of his core team members. Part of the challenge is getting a commitment from people willing to work on the car during the week and taking the time off for the races. Look at what happened over the winter, both Phil Moran and Tommy Baldwin (two top teams) posted on Facebook looking for help. The older guys are starting to fade out and there’s less younger guys to backfill them.

  23. i guess the 51 had cold brakes again now silk was the victim.By the end of the year maybe someone else might have that happen next to him

  24. Billy says “the car he was racing just happens to spin Hmmmm” What race were you watching?Also after virtually everyone who was running halfway decent passed the 6 he recovered enough to follow the train.Emerling was leading at the time and was nowhere near lapping him.He certainly needed the caution to save the great race he had run.If you don’t like Preece that’s fine nobody is forcing you to join his fan club.if he does something wrong go for it.You sound like a fool and crybaby.BTW dareal Momma always said modesty is the best policy,or was it honesty?Hmmmm

  25. Dareal and Alice you both wished the 2 stayed out of trouble he was the one that caused the trouble. He destroyed the 82 which was running fifth at the time and put that car out of the race. I wish he stayed out of trouble or at least wreck himself and not another car.

  26. Relax Art. No one said anything about not liking him. If you are going to tell me that he doesn’t create a caution when he needs one your blind love is apparent. He’s actually been called out a few times for that. Heck if it works more power to him. If that caution didn’t come out he was toast.

  27. Billy, I didn’t see the 6 ready to go a lap down at all. At worst, the 6 needed tires and fell out of the lead, but was never worried about going a lap down. The field needed tires, just about every car was going through the turns with the back end hanging out like a dirt car. MANY cars were losing it, tires going away. When that caution came out, the field came in for tires. If you think the 6 falling out of the lead looks like going a lap down, that’s your opinion. Using that reference, I guess when the 15 isn’t in 1P, it must be a back marker.

    LM, if you read these forums much, you will see that I, and maybe a couple others, opine that the 2 can’t drive in traffic. Am I right or am I right? As the field gets tighter and tighter, it’s only going to get worse for the 2. The 2 doesn’t play well with others. The 6 on the other hand slices the field like a sushi chef. A master at driving through traffic and not leaving carnage behind.

    Shawn, any word on Woody? Is he okay?

  28. darealgoodfella,
    Woody is fine.

  29. humphry says

    Look out Billy, you have the two rabid wolves after you now. Better get your rabies shot!

  30. Dareal you throw so much BS out there no one ever knows what you are really trying to say. Just Sayin’

  31. Billy, don’t go accusing or chiding someone of blind love. You pray to LFR three times a day.

  32. LM, I don’t try to be all things to all people the time. Only the smarter ones get my stuff.

  33. I would personally like to see the race go back to the 80 lap sprint race, hang-em out on the hood and drive it like you stole it. No issue with tire wear, no issue with fuel. Only my opinion.

  34. No problem Billy.I happen to agree about Thompson and wouldn’t any racer worth his salt do what he could to help himself?The answer is yes.But not the case at this years freezeler.He did nothing wrong.Sorry I got all out of shape.Thought you were one of the haters.We all post comments here and sometimes it’s hard to understand the written word verses the spoken word.No need for rabies shots Humphrey were just talking racing here.BTW the NWMT is about distance and speed not short sprints.We have all aspects of racing, the long run,short run and staying out of trouble, tire management.In other words the whole ball of wax.I believe that’s what makes it so hard to win on this tour.It’s all good boys and girls.

  35. First off, I have to agree with Darreal, Coby can’t navigate through traffic at all and ends up punting more than passing. Chase should always be considered a threat to win, he’s driving a
    “House” car therefore gets the best LFR has to offer. He along with Preece, work on their cars during the week, I consider this an advantage for them. But, racing is a TEAM sport. You can have the best of the best equipment, but if you don’t have the team behind you, you’re not going to do well. Rob Fuller is rumored to be hard to work with, and this may prove to be the 15’s downfall later in the season, but if Rob is paying the team, then they should just do their jobs. We are a long way from the end of the season, many races left and many chances for teams to turn their season around, but also to screw it up…time will tell. Wish ALL the NWMT Teams good fortune going forward.

  36. Race 413. says

    Also have to agree with Darreal, Coby is more a punter than a passer.watching for someone to repay the favor. Sunday was a cold damp day. When it’s cold like that the track is also cold. When the track is cold cars don’t hook up, and that’s where the drivers come in. The better drivers with more experience do better on a cold track. We are only 3 races into the season , with many races left it will be interesting to see how the teams adjust going forward which cars will get faster, which will slow down and how the points will fall.

  37. Race 413. says

    Who ended up getting the TC13 bonuses. I know in the SK race Rocco picked up 2 leading lap 13 and winning, and MCJ picked up the bonus for finishing 13th thanks to Stafford pound per poition penalty. But who got the tour bonuses?

  38. humphry says

    OK Art, fair enough. Been to enough WMT tour races in my life to understand the concept. Just looking to go back to the original format of 80 laps for the Sizzler. Sometimes these distance races become follow the leader, tip toe around, conserve tires, fuel and get very boring. Only 9 cars finishing on the lead lap, not a good day for the concept.

  39. Just wait… the 2 is going to go back to using the super deluxe flux capacitor so it can drive away from traffic and other cars, like it used to.

  40. If Colbee were anywhere near me on a restart, I’d be scared 💩-less. Nobody needs to repay any favors. Just traffic alone will help Colbee take himself out. At this point in a driving career, he should be much better in traffic.

    Chase is all the driver Fuller never was and wished he could be. Fuller is gonna have to learn do as his driver tells him. The sooner the better.

  41. humphry, you’ve got the SKs and VMRS for that format.

  42. Billy, if that caution didn’t come out, lots of cars would have been toast. Plenty of cars were sliding through the turns. It was a matter of when, not if, there was going to be a caution.

  43. Race 413. says

    Hey Darreal, what happened to LFR being the best race car ever built? And Rob Fuller being the modified guru? Little bit of flip flop there or did you finally realize the truth.

  44. Race 413, what makes you think I’m thinking like that and flip flopping? And what are you considering the truth?

    BTW, what’s the 413 about?

  45. Crazy in NY says

    I would personally like to see the race go back to the 80 lap sprint race, hang-em out on the hood and drive it like you stole it. No issue with tire wear, no issue with fuel. Only my opinion

    Not the only one. I share this thought. These 200 lap snooze festivals are a waste. Even if they made it a 100 lapper it would be better. The cold weather didn’t help the racing any.

  46. 35 to 50 laps is the way it’s done all over the country for weekly shows.VMRS and ROC are two tours that do 75-80 consistently.NWMT is tougher to run because of the travel, schedule, two day shows, and extra distances run.I hope I’m not in the minority of people who can appreciate the challenges of this format.Riverhead and Wall run 35 lap weekly shows for tour mods as do the New England tracks for SK racing.I think that is ample opportunity to see that style of racing.And so close to home.Nothing wrong with that, but the problems of 150-200 lap races to me make for entertaining race seasons.I hope we never lose this concept and am willing to take fairly long drives to follow it.Otherwise it’s our local track every week and that would get old for me.

  47. So I guess my question is Art, how do we make WMT racing more exciting between the initial green and checker? How about segments that pay points to force some racing in between? I know leading a lap and the most laps pay points but I think there needs to be more. I don’t know what the answer is but I am open for suggestions.

  48. I think a Tour Type mod is overkill for <<100 lap events. Tour Type mods have outgrown the weekly 35-50 lap scene, which is why there are SKs and such. Yeah, I know Riverhead does it, but Riverhead is an enigma, an anachronism. VRMS is trying to fill that void, and it is what it is. I don't see a travel tour doing all that travel for a race that's over in no time. And the crews like being involved with the pit stops required with the longer format. The longer races require strategy to survive to be in a competitive position at the end. I'm excited for the Loudon 250, that will take quite a bit of planning, strategies, and contingencies.

  49. Just to let everyone know what the country thinks about the talent in the modifieds, speed51.com did a short track draft for the top 51 drivers in the country 25 years and under and only one modified driver made it. Patrick emerging at # 38. True slap in the face. Three girls made the list.

  50. humphry says

    I know that you can’t compare the WMT & World of Outlaws (both traveling tours) however, the WOO 30 lap A main pays as much if not more than the majority of the WMT events no matter what the distance. They also travel all over the country and there is no tire strategy (other than picking the correct compound for given conditions) and no fuel strategy. Balls to the wall and turn it loose for 30 laps.

  51. humphry says

    Just to clarify that is the WOO Craftsman Sprint Cars………

  52. humphry,I think if they did stages we would be complaining about competition cautions.I don’t know what the answer is but it seems to me the cars that are hooked up can run flat out do as long as they can.As far as the outlaws go I think any race car in any division that blisters a right rear tire is toast and will have to slow down.dareal Wall and some tracks upstate NY also run tour type mods although I don’t know if it is weekly.

  53. Race 413. says

    Franky, if you log on to Speed 51 often, you’ll notice they focus allot on southern late models, ARCA, and dirt racing with a little coverage on NWMT. That’s why their story was biased against the Modified drivers. In the northeast mods rule, down south it’s late models and super late models. If you did a Motorsports media poll, the modified drivers might fare better. As far as race distances 200 laps at Stafford is only 100 miles, and besides New Hampshire is one of the longest races on the schedule. Even if they lower the lap count your still going to pay the same amount to attend the race, and the racing is still going to be the same boring follow the leader race. The 1 tire rule seems to only add caution laps, they should just allow them to change their tires and get it over with and get back to racing. Given the weather Sunday you know there were going to be allot of cautions cause these cars don’t hook up on a cold track. Expect the racing to get better as the weather gets warmer.

  54. Old Observer says

    I thought it was a reasonably good race, lots of racing through the pack, different strategies, the ending wasn’t dramatic but you never know how everything will play out till the end. A 50 lapper would have been worse than the SK race.

  55. The shorter all out sprint races are just that. No tire changes, refueling to consider. Thinking not needed.

    The longer format requires tires and perhaps refueling. It needs strategy, planning and thinking. And calculating risk. Always anticipating that yellow flag to open pit road to come in for tires. It’s a thinking persons format. I was watching cars, wondering when they were going to lose it, when their tires were going away (made worse by the cold weather), who was going to fall back and who was going to take over the lead positions as tires went away, and then watching the good cars that fell off recover after the fresh tires. In order to compete in a long format race, they must first survive, and be there at the end with track position. In order to be there, all the pit stops must work, and the calls when to pit must be right. It’s for thinking people.

    There really isn’t a such thing as a 50-80 lap all out mod sprint race. These events would be littered with yellows. Just look at the SK series, there’s your sprint racing you speak of. As it is, with a long race format, drivers are driving like it’s the last lap from the first drop of the green, taking themselves and each other out right at the beginning. With SKs, here’s the all out racing you seek, but it is rare they string together >5 laps before a caution. If they make it to three laps, you KNOW a yellow is gonna happen any second. This last SK race was one of the worst of the worst. These races are nothing more than a bunch of restarts with a couple laps scattered in between. The SK series can be competitive, but the wrecking needs to be dramatically reduced to get some racing between all those yellows.

  56. Crazy in NY says

    ………..and the racing is still going to be the same boring follow the leader race……….

    Written by someone who was never at one of the 80 lap Sizzlers. The miles they race is irrelevant to the quality of the show in my mind. Counting yellows is bad enough but the single file parade in the center of the race just wastes tires and gas. Every race comes down to the last 2 dozen laps or so .
    Lap 1xx are rest room and concession stand laps. The ROC big race went from 200 to 250 last year with the ownership change. 250 was the traditional length of that race but that was a different era. Going from 200 to 250 made the race longer but not better.

  57. We all have opinions and are entitled to them.However why would someone travel a considerable distance from home,leave early in the morning,get home late at night, spend $200 or so on the day with gas, admission,food and drink and waste their time if they thought the experience is only worth a few laps?I have fun and enjoy the show,and stay in my seat until the race is over.I have indeed seen some ho-hum affairs but for the most part there is racing going on for position all along the so called train.How many times are we looking at 2 or 3 cars racing for position and miss an incident somewhere else?During the race I don’t go for food,restroom,or cigar till the race is over.When I stop getting juiced about the whole deal I will stay home and do something else.I think racing can always be made better but at the end of the day it’s already a solid tour.NWMT is the only tour I follow. ROC for me can’t compare.They have good racing,but other than one or two teams couldn’t compete on the NWMT.I have gone to a couple to see Hirschman and visit some upstate tracks like the cool track in Chemung.

  58. humphry says

    All I can honestly say is this, in all the years I attended the Sizzler when it was 80 laps, the place was packed SRO, cars went home because they did not qualify and I never witnessed one boring race. BTW, there were pit stops during the race as well and the racing was non stop, and you ask why? Because there was no time to screw around if you wanted to win. Only my opinion.

  59. So anyways… Team #6 did a great job. Stayed out of trouble, prepared a fast car and made the right strategic decisions.

  60. Crazy in NY. I raced at Stafford from 1987-2015, and do remember the 80 lap Sizzler’s and the first 50-60 laps we’re follow the leader boring races. Times have changed and now they run 200 laps, same story boring till near the end. Strategy plays a part now. They should do away with the tire rule and let the guys get their tires and race. The guys who can’t afford tires, that this rule was meant to help, still don’t run up front, and in most cases aren’t even mid- pack. If you spin 4 times park it. Then maybe we can see some racing

  61. Rob p., those cars that can’t afford tires don’t even need tires… they are so slow they don’t use their tires up. And if they did, it doesn’t matter, they are so slow and non-competitive.

    It would be interesting to let do all the tires they want. That would reduce the pacing, more racing.

  62. humphry says

    How about if you go two laps down as well park it and get rid of the rif raf.

  63. The one tire rule is as good an equalizer as there is.Jamie the jet said here on racedayct that he couldn’t afford to hire a pit crew.One tire per stop eases that problem, you still need a crew but one tire per stop is a lot easier.I think it’s a good thing for the tour.BTW if you get rid of the rif raf the place would be empty on both sides of the catch fence!

  64. Dareal you bring up a good point,slow is slow. As far as tires the teams were allowed 11 tires for Sizzler weekend, why not give them 16 tires (4 sets) and let them race. Maybe limit them to 2 per stop, that way you can do rights, lefts or rears. This would bring the teams back into strategy and they wouldn’t run a bunch of caution laps each time. Maybe for example the Sizzler say can’t pit till lap 40, and each team must pit at least once. As for Humphrey, let’s go with if you bring out the caution 3 times or go 3 laps down your done. And get rid of lucky dog. Still need to address the single file, follow the leader racing. Maybe do stages or competition yellows( no putting). Something must be done.

  65. Seriously, has anybody seen Doug a.k.a. welding wonders
    a.k.a. Sybil.?

  66. Crazy in NY says

    How about if you go two laps down as well park it and get rid of the rif raf.

    Calvin Carroll went down two laps at Myrtle and fought his way back to finish 8th on the lead lap.
    Please don’t say stupid stuff.

  67. art, the one tire rule equalizes what? There is no way the one tire rule helps Tomaino, Cole, Heagy, MacDonald, Fifield and a couple others at all. Those cars are not going to use as many tires as the top cars in the race. They still have no chance of cracking the top 10 unless there is massive attrition of the top competitive cars. They also can’t afford the best chassis, shocks, engines, carbs, and flux capacitors, which puts them at a huge disadvantage, regardless of tires. The cars mentioned above already do not have a chance at being competitive, so why hobble the competitive cars with tire restrictions to “equalize” with the non-competitive cars? It’s already as if there are two different series on the track for the same race, even with this tire limiting. And it’s that tire rationing that results in the tire conservation in the middle of the race, aka: boring freight train.

    As long as the car can maintain speed, it can stay and collect points regardless of laps down. There were some really slow cars at the Sizzler that should not have been allowed on the track. I kinda like the lucky dog, it incentivizes some cars to race to get back on the lead lap. If a car is slow and the lack of speed causes it to go numerous laps down, then perhaps it is not maintaining the minimum speed and needs to be black flagged.

  68. Just Me says

    11 tire rule was made to keep costs down. You’re adding another $700.00 for another set. The purses are low enough, no need for additional expenses.

  69. 5 laps down …park it. 3 spins resulting in a caution … Park it. If you’re that bad at every race maybe you don’t belong here. Go to stage format to provoke more side by side by side racing. Oh forgot one if you can’t maintain a minimum speed…park it, and set minimum speed closer to the real speed these guys are running. Fifield was so slow a Stafford late model would have out run her.

  70. There’s an old saying ” speed costs money…how fast do you want to go?” Racing is a sport of money. For the most part there are 20-22 cars that are fast the other 15 are considered field fillers. Even so these ” field fillers” should be able to run within 2-2.5 seconds of the leader. Pole was 17.419 I think, Fiefield qualified in the mid 22 second range, slower than most Stafford Late Models. She was allowed to race only because of the 33 car field. The field should be reduced to 26 cars, and even then cars should be able to stay within 2-2.5 seconds of the leaders. Personally I’d be embarrassed to have run the whole race and finish like 14 laps down. These guys should look at running an SK LITE, then maybe they’ll have a chance

  71. DOUG where are you. Site ain’t the same without you

  72. How much do you guys want to thin the field?How bout 80 laps and 8 cars?Seriously, how can you have unlimited tires?You have to save your tires throughout all series of racing that I’ve watched.dareal,I think it’s easier to change one tire at a time for some teams.I don’t mind it at all.It’s a different strategy, thats all.People that field cars for this tour shouldn’t be black Flagged so quick.Race cars spin and scary guys are out there.Every tour from Monster on down has backmarkers and midpack cars.Thats racing.BTW Melllisa wasn’t the slowest out there and unlike some other stars that we know didn’t punt anyone into the wall.

  73. Fast Eddie says

    I think the whole idea behind tire change limits and mid-race breaks originally was manpower. Not every team has a half dozen friends willing to be their pit crew at every race. That gave more teams an opportunity to race. I have no problem with multiple laps down, as that becomes another facet of the race. Example: A competitive team gets caught up in a minor incident early in a race. They now have the challenge of repairing the car and getting back out for points. If other cars have problems later in the race, there is still a chance for the team with early problems to move up in position. I really think there needs to be reasonable minimum speed rules though, not only for the quality of the race, but also for safety. Lapped cars are one thing, but “rolling chicanes” are dangerous.

  74. humphry says

    Only reason Calvin Carrol was eighth was he got the lucky dog X 2. That’s not racing. OK, three laps down, two spins, can’t keep minimum speed park it, I can by that.

  75. Crazy in NY says

    OK….Make the case for Preece,Pennink, or Coby getting down 2 laps and parking it.
    This ought to be good.

  76. Just Me says

    Ron P., Chase qualified at 17.721 and the slowest person (Gary McDonald) time was 19.713. Not sticking up for Fifield (who finished 20th), but if you only take the top 26 cars that will be the beginning of the end of the tour. Those so called field fillers, have fans that attend races,, sponsors that support the tour, etc.

  77. Fast Eddie says

    I remember the World Series a few years ago when the championship was between Silk and Szegedy. Silk led the points by only a few points, crashed hard early, and lost about 9 laps. The way the cautions fell he made about 6 back. A late caution had Szegedy mid-pack and he got caught in a wreck, putting the championship back to Silk. Unbelievable finish to the championship!

  78. Fast Eddie, that was an incredible race and turn of events. That should have been televised!!!!

    Hey, I’m not saying get rid of the slow cars, just let the fast cars compete with all they can. Maybe not all the time, but once in a while, let ’em rip, all the tires they can eat. It won’t change the finish order of the race, but there will be racing every lap.

  79. Crazy in NY wrote, “OK….Make the case for Preece,Pennink, or Coby getting down 2 laps and parking it.
    This ought to be good.”


  80. humphry says

    I said ” OK, three laps down, two spins, can’t keep minimum speed park it, I can buy that”.

    As long as they can keep the minimum speed they are good. Not just limping around being a menace or “rolling chicanes”.

    How was that, good wasn’t it, took a page right out of the shuck and jive dareal playbook.

  81. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal, I understand your “unlimited tires” angle, but I’m thinking that might lead to “the team who can pay the biggest tire bill wins.” Maybe a compromise would be to increase the tire quantity for certain events, which would also offer additional team strategy options as well.

  82. Just Me says

    How much more tire strategy do they need? They have 4 change tires which one has to be from their practice set, they can only change one at a time (at Stafford) and they have an option of using a 500 (soft) or 630 (harder) right rear. Look at strategy that was used by the Preece and Dowling. Dowling pitted on lap 51/52 for fuel & RF tire and laps 101/102 for a LR & 630 RR gambling there wouldn’t be a caution with less than 40 laps to go (500 RR usually only holds up for 35 – 40 laps). Precce gambled that there would be a caution near the end and his strategy won as he put on 3 tires with 50 laps to go.

  83. Fast Eddie, and I realize that all-you-can-eat tires would move that dividing line of the haves-and-have-nots will move up the food chain. But then, the last laps of every race, aka: go time, is that all out sprint we so desire.

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