Picture This: NAPA Spring Sizzler Open Practice Day At Stafford Speedway

Mike Christopher Sr. and SK Modified division driver Mike Christopher Jr. work on the car during practice Saturday at Stafford Speedway

STAFFORD – With a chill to remember winter still lingering in the air, the sounds of motors firing filled the pit area at Stafford Motor Speedway Saturday in preparation for next weekend’s NAPA Spring Sizzler.

Check out below for some view from the pits Saturday at Stafford.

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  1. Just checked lap times from today’s practice. Keith Rocco 18.563 in SK. and Tom Fearn 21.084 in LM. fastest. Noticably missing both Ronnie Williams and Chase Dowling, but may be running MRS at Monadnock.

  2. Joey finally got a new firesuit!!!

  3. Grease stains within minutes.

  4. Blind as a Bat says

    Certain people in pit area going through tires before pits where even open.I am sure everyone knows who they where.JOKE!!!!!!,and their trailers where already parked inside.Dont give people such as myself a reason to talk about special treatment.

  5. Not Blind as a Bat says

    35 sk lite? I’m wondering how a driver with a season of MRS and MTS racing, at least half a dozen of SK races at waterford and a full time SK ride at waterford is eligible to run a lite?

  6. weeklyRacer says

    anyone can run SK Light, just cant run both. Gonyaw ran an SK a few years back.

  7. The 01 sk light either has a real BIG motor or a real BIG gear in the rear end he runs a 19 flat with old tires the first time out WHAT A JOKE1!!!! Arute wake the hell up! there will be a lot of lights at waterford by week 3 that whole party is a joke!!!! by the way 3 lights were faster then the rest of the regular lights and the other 2 cheat too!!!! Prove it? how did that birth cert. work out for you!!

  8. In the defense of the three fast lites, the track was super fast Saturday. They also have above average chassis set up know how in Butch Shea, Ken Barry, and Rocco. Rocco went an 18.56 in the SK. On the other hand, Narducci probably does have a cherry picked house motor. The way the rules were initially intended, the track would swap out motors when one seemed overly competitive.

  9. Not Blind as a Bat says

    If the 01 has a big motor or even a cherry picked house motor then what does the 35 have? He was almost two tenths faster than the 01. Scam I will agree with you – if Arute doesnt get a hold of these problems and the season hasn’t even started yet that division will start to see cars leave. But do you really think Arute will do anything to the 01 when you connect the dots of RAD, Owen, family being a nascar official? Probably not

  10. Easy Bat. Two one hundredth of a second. An 18.99 to a 19.01. 88 was a tick behind with a 19.05. The rest of the field, that was there anyway, was at least two tents off of those three, though. Still there were some absentees that can figure into the mix. Just hope legitimate tech keeps them honest.

  11. cheatalinski says

    Bob then you woke up right? The 01 is cheating everyone and there brother knows it except you! Everywhere he has raced he hasn’t just won he has dominated! There were only 6 sk’s faster then him. Everyone know’s the 35 will cheat period! The 01 is uncle Arute’s new boy That whole crew gets special treatment ask anyone! There trialers get police escorts to the track and are there the day before! they get FIRST pick of tires a week before!THEY know what will be inspected! and oh by the way even Owen run’s pretty good huh? ! A drunk kid once said ‘There soaking there tires every week’ cheaters gonna cheat bob now go back to bed………. I think there are a few sk light guys who will take matters into there own hands if Uncle doesn’t but like a good Uncle does he play’s favorites allways has.

  12. Blind as a Bat says

    There should be a good field of Lites,until several get tired of the house cars antics.Then off to the Bowl they will go.Do ypu really think TECH will call any of those cars out out something,????????????????????????.That whole thing is such a Joke,they have an open door to do what ever they like.

  13. The local speed shops can’t keep the tire traction enhancement fluids in the shop… sell right out.

    Somebody must be using it.

  14. Anyone can go to Hoosier tire and buy tires anytime they want and pick out tires, getting them from the track truck isn’t an advantage

  15. GetOverYourself says

    Havent even turned a lap yet and the haters are out!

    Also anyone can pull their trailers in night before, just gotta ask.

    Go take your meds cheatalinski/blind as a bat

  16. Martin Luther III says

    Maybe Narducci is just good and the car handles better than anyone elses, ever think of that? From what I saw on Saturday, he was driving in way deeper than everyone else. Car looked perfect. Maybe Todd and Butch have it figured out. The kid proved last year he was good and killed them at Thompson again this year. Also he passed tech every time he was in tech last year and this year at Thompson. Maybe all of you keyboard warriors can get your facts straight and pick up the pace and catch him.

  17. Blind as a Bat says

    You guys have to be part of the clan or just that blind.By the way he failed tech at thompson last year,and they let it go.,over on compression,and more than just a little

  18. In The Know says

    Blind as a bat you’re just that. The 01 never failed tech at Thompson both races or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve been present for each tech inspection and passed each one with flying colors. So you’re the one blind to the whole situation. Get a life!!

  19. Blind as a Bat says

    In the know,you know what you what to know,Flying Colors,HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!.Lets just drop the whole thing and see how the season shapes out,,good luck to all Teams.Focker Out.

  20. In The Know says

    Furthermore B.A.A.B at the World Series they checked cam lift, removed headers, valve covers and carburetor checked all tolerances that were all at specs passing inspection. So clearly you weren’t present because if you were you wouldn’t be spewing false information. That is unless you’re part of another sk lite team and you’re just hating on the 01. Very sad if that’s the case. In the future have your facts straight before you spew false indiendos.

  21. Blind as a Bat says

    In the know,you need to check YOUR facts,i know exactly what happened,so stop trying to cover this up,move on and lets see what happens,,enjoy the season.Nothing sad here buddy,living the dream.


    Many people think bats are blind, but in fact they can see as well as humans.
    Maybe you should consider Blind as a Mole. At least that would be more accurate than your comments.

  23. Too many people don’t let the facts get in their way.

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