Who Have You Missed So Far On The Unmuffled Podcast? Catch Up Now And Hear Them All  

So who has appeared on the Unmuffled podcast since January?

Well here’s a list of who you’ve missed through the first 15 episodes if you haven’t signed up yet.

Rob Summers, Ryan Preece, Doug Coby, Matt Swanson, Justin Bonsignore, Jimmy Blewett, Rowan Pennink, Chris Pasteryak, Jon McKennedy, Andy Seuss, Woody Pitkat, Todd Szegedy, Ronnie Williams, Eric Goodale, Timmy Solomito, Chase Dowling, Dan Wesson, Cory DiMatteo, David Arute, Glenn Korner, Derek Griffith, Glen Reen, Ray Evernham, Keith Rocco, Jacob Perry, Timmy Jordan, Jimmy Wilson, Kyle James, Sean Foster, Sid DiMaggio, Todd Owen, Al Stone III, Joey Ferrigno, Bryan Narducci, Mike Christopher Jr., Marcello Rufrano, Ben Dodge, Stash Butova, Johnny Walker, Tony Membrino Jr., Brent Gleason, Troy Talman, Tim Bertrand, Josh Vanada, Jack Arute, Shawn Waddell, Mike O’Sullivan and Shane Bailey.

Not bad for the first 15 shows. For a $5 a month pledge you’ll have access to our weekly Unmuffled podcast through our Patreon RaceDayCT page. And all our previous shows are available to you if you sign up today.

Unmuffled Episodes

Episode 1: Sid DiMaggio

Episode 2: Ryan Preece, Jacob Perry and Sean Foster 

Episode 3: Woody Pitkat, Jimmy Blewett, Bryan Narducci and Ben Dodge

Episode 4: Justin Bonsignore, Mike Christopher Jr. and Joey Ferrigno

Episode 5: Andy Seuss, Ronnie Williams, Marcello Rufrano and Stash Butova

Episode 6: Doug Coby, Keith Rocco and Johnny Walker

Episode 7: Tony Membrino Jr., Brent Gleason and Troy Talman

Episode 8: Ray Evernham, Rowan Pennink and Timmy Jordan

Episode 9: Chris Pasteryak, Jimmy Wilson, Kyle James and Shane Bailey

Episode 10: Josh Vanada, Tim Bertrand and Al Stone III

Episode 11: Jon McKennedy, Todd Owen, Todd Szegedy and Cassie Rocco

Episode 12: Ryan Preece, Matt Swanson, Derek Griffith and Glen Reen

Episode 13: A Dedication to Ted Christopher – featuring Keith Rocco, Shawn Waddell, Mike O’Sullivan and Jack Arute Jr. 

Episode 14: Rob Summers, Cory DiMatteo, Dan Wesson, David Arute, Glenn Korner and Sid DiMaggio 

Episode 15: Timmy Solomito, Eric Goodale and Chase Dowling

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